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    Throw Blanket

    Throw blankets are knitted or textured blankets that can be used for styling a living room, couch, sofa, armchair, occasional chair, bedroom and more! They can be styled in many ways. For a a clean and crisp well put together look, one can fold the throw blankets or neatly fan it out on the couch or sofa. Another way to style it is to literally throw it on the couch for a splash of colour and a lived in homely and cozy look.  

    They are textured, knitted, colourful and even patterned throw blankets that one can add to the bedspread to add colour and complete the look of the bedroom, or used on an armchair, ideal to snuggle in to read a book or use while watching a movie on the sofa. 

    A wide range of colours and textures are available for knitted throw blankets online on Nestasia. Choose from patterns like polka dots, hearts, cable knits, cats, geometric patterns, animal patterns and more in pastel and festive colours of yellow, red, pink, blue, green, white, black and more! 

    The throw blankets are all made of 100% natural cotton and wool that can be used in different seasons and is also good as a light blanket with cold air conditioning. One may also keep it as their office blanket for the time it’s freezing indoors.