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Buy cushions, rugs, carpets, and throw blankets online at Nestasia

Soft furnishings are an integral part of any home. With the addition of cushion covers and throw pillows, throw blankets, and a rug, a space can become instantly homely. Our soft furnishings are highlights that will make the aesthetics of your home appealing and lend it a character of its own. Mix and match cushions, doormats, rugs, table mats, coasters, table runners, napkins, throws, and blankets from Nestasia to craft an aesthetic for a welcoming home. The perfect amalgamation of our soft furnishings will create a pleasing atmosphere, and are at the same time comfortable to use and easy to care for. One can also transform the look and feel of the room by simply bringing in some new cushion cover designs in a room, adding a rug, some cute cushions, and a throw blanket from our wide range of soft furnishing products.

Our collection of handwoven and printed rugs in a variety of shapes and colors can help you bring the interiors of your room together and make it cozier and more lived in. Choosing the right carpet for the right space is necessary and can sometimes become a daunting task. A soft rug with a pattern or a border with fringe is a brilliant choice for a floor covering and we have so many options for you to choose from as far as rugs are concerned. A beautiful and stylish carpet/rug can really add some elegance to your house thereby increasing its aesthetic value.

Our rugs exude a pleasant and comfortable vibe which makes them best suited for bedrooms and living rooms. You can now walk around the apartment with a soft and warm feeling under your feet! Our rugs and carpets will fit into the color schemes of all interior spaces. One can also go for floor covering with contrasting designs. A carpet in light and mild hues has a stronger effect on darker floors. On the other hand, a dark carpet is suitable for lighter flooring. The dimensions of the carpet and rugs will also depend on the size of the room. Very large rugs might make a room look smaller.

Our knitted throws and cushions with pom poms add that element of fun and bring your furniture and decor together to create a complete look. Colorful shades or neutral tones, matching or contrasting the interiors create a cohesive look. Create your ideal nook or chill zone at home with some stylish cushion cover designs and multicolored cushion covers with vibrant patterns. Utilize to the fullest our soft pillows as you play games or watch movies together with friends and family.

Nestasia’s throw blankets are available in a variety of styles and designs. Nestasia also has knitted or crocheted blankets that can be used for adorning a living area, bedroom, balcony, or sitting area. The throw blankets will amp up the couch, sofa, armchair, chair, and a lot more. The knitted throws and crocheted throws can be styled in numerous ways. One can fold the throw blankets or neatly spread them out on the couch or sofa. Another casual way to style the throw blanket is to literally throw it on the couch for a burst of colors and a cozy feel.  

There are textured, knitted, colorful, and even patterned throw blankets that one can add to the bedspread to add color and complete the look of the bedroom, or use on an armchair, ideal to snuggle in to read a book or use while watching a movie on the sofa. 

A wide range of colors and textures in knitted throw blankets are available to choose online at Nestasia. Choose from patterns like polka dots, hearts, cable knits, geometric patterns, animal patterns, and more in pastel and festive colors of yellow, red, pink, blue, green, white, black, and more! 

The throw blankets are all made of 100% natural cotton and wool and can be used in different seasons, also functioning well as a light blanket in cool air conditioning. One may also keep it as their office blanket for the time it’s freezing indoors. 

From embroidered cushions to digitally printed cushions, we have it all for you to amp up the home with a varied range of cushions covers. There are several options to choose from, the relevant parameters being textures, motifs, hues, fabrics, and styles. One can jazz up a dull sofa or floor seating area by arranging the cushions in a specific way. Cushions can be seasonal and freshen your home or bring a decorative feel; you can simply change them according to your mood. The cushions will not only accentuate the space but also quickly liven up your home. One can add a few extra cushions for the much-needed back support and a luxurious feel.

Brighten up your doorways with trendy doormats from Nestasia that can are utilitarian and appealing. A good doormat keeps the dirt and dust out by trapping debris from footwear and ushers in some elegance to your main door when it is crafted with vibrant colors and designs. A main doormat with a welcome message also serves the purpose of greeting guests. Choose from a wide variety of door mats online in different sizes & hues to suit your space.

Our multipurpose doormats are suitable as bathroom door mats or welcome door mats. The stylish and durable doormat designs include solids, abstracts, stripes, typography, and geometric patterns. 

Our soft furnishings will brighten up your space and make your home more lively and special. Home furnishings will add that wow factor to your interior while retaining the aesthetics of the place. Make soft furnishings an intrinsic part of your humble abode to transform the look of your space and feature your personality and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose cushion covers?

Cushion covers are the perfect way to easily redecorate the interiors of your room. You can easily choose your cushion covers by choosing the ones that contrast colours of the walls, sofa, or curtains. Nestasia offers a range of cushion covers in an array of colours, patterns, and sizes to suit every home. If you have a minimalistic decor, opt for our solid colour cushion covers while the mirror-work cushion covers make for a more traditional addition to the home.

2.What is the standard size of a cushion cover?

The most common size and shape for cushion covers are square and the standard size for a cushion cover is 16 inches x 16 inches. The finishing touches for every couch, chair, or bed are cushions. When multiple people are using the same furniture, cushions adorned with our stunning cushion covers can bring some individual comfort, punctuate the colour scheme, and brighten up the interior.

3. How often should you replace your door mat?

The door mats by Nestasia can be conveniently washed and cleaned. We would recommend vacuuming the door mats weekly and washing the door mats monthly. It also depends on how much foot traffic is on the door mat; depending on that the mat may be required to be washed more often. Your doormat's sole function is to stop outside dirt and debris from entering your home, thus some regular maintenance is required, such as shaking it out here and wiping it down there.

4. How do you protect a marble coaster from stains?

It is important to use marble coasters with care. It's advisable not to bring the marble coaster in contact with citrus fruits, tomatoes, and any other meals with a high acidity level. Marble coasters can be cleaned with mild liquid dishwashing detergent mixed with water or stone cleaners in addition to wiping soft cotton cloths and clean rag mops. Proper maintenance and cleaning of marble coasters will ensure that the coasters retain their colour and finish.

5. How often should you change kitchen hand towels?

Depending on how often you use the kitchen towels, you should replace towels at different intervals. It's a good idea to change kitchen towels and washcloths annually or every two years. Our highly-absorbent kitchen towels are easily washable and can be placed in the washing machine or hand-washed to remove any stains.

6. How do you choose a table cover?

Choosing the appropriate type of table cover for various events involves taking into account the fabric type, colour, design of the table cover, and shape and size of the table cover. When choosing a table cover, the occasion's theme and interior design are also important considerations. Table covers by Nestasia are easily washable and ideal for daily use or for setting up an elaborate spread during festivities.

7. What type of kitchen towel is most absorbent?

Our bamboo and cotton blend kitchen towels and hand towels have been designed to be extremely absorbent. The kitchen towels are versatile and made to be extremely durable and absorbent. The 375 GSM hand towels by Nestasia have exceptional absorbency, softness, and also dry quite quickly. The hand towel also resists piling and shrinkage. As our bamboo towels are so soft and absorbent, there's no need to rub your skin and cause irritation.

Soft Furnishings Pricing

Product Name Price
Marsala Embroidered 210TC Cotton Bed Cover With 2 Pillow Covers Rs.5690
Set Of 3 Cotton King Size Bed Cover And Pillowcases Rs.5690
Subtle Spring Couch Cushion Cover 16x16 Inch Rs.955
Flower Embroidered Couch Cushion Cover 16x16 Inch Rs.850
Applique Embroidery Velvet Cushion Cover 20x14 Inch Rs.825
Floral Pop Embroidered Cushion Cover 16x16 Inch Rs.850
Spring Saga Embroidered Cushion Cover 20x14 Inch Rs.955