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    1. How long does the paint last for paint by numbers?

    The paint in the paint-by-numbers kit will last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. The paint-by-numbers kit comprises high-quality acrylic colours that do not fade from the painting. It's advisable to frame the painting to prevent any dust from settling on the surface of the painting.

    2. Can you put food items in a paper gift box?

    Dry or properly wrapped food items can be kept in Nestasia's paper gift boxes. Our easy-to-assemble paper gift boxes with intricate filigree work, are ideal for keeping food items like wrapped chocolates and candies, nuts, and dried fruits. Since the gift boxes are made of paper, it's advisable to not put any food items that may spoil the paper. The paper gift boxes make for adorable and thoughtful gifting options.

    3. How do you arrange butterfly wall stickers on walls?

    The 3D butterfly wall stickers are an easy and elegant way to deck up walls and beautify the interior. Arrange the butterfly wall stickers in a circular form or any shape you desire. The butterfly wall stickers with each individual butterfly sticker give you the freedom to arrange the wall stickers. The butterfly sticker set consists of varying sizes, wherein they can be arranged in a particular order or be stuck in a cluster on the wall.

    4. How long do wall stickers last?

    Nestasia's wall stickers come with high-quality adhesive that is long-lasting and doesn't leave any residue on the wall. Our wall stickers are expected to last at least a decade or two and just require the occasional dusting for maintenance. The foil stickers will not only beautify the interiors but also help to hide cracks and spots on the walls. The stickers are great for adorning cupboards, shelves, walls, or interior garden spaces.

    5. How do I choose a diary?

    At Nestasia, we have diaries comprising both ruled and unruled pages in one, for easier functionality. If you wish to carry a diary on the go or take some notes while travelling, we also have pocket diaries that are extremely handy. The hardbound diaries with a linen cover look extremely classy and may also be used as an educational notebook, journal, or a workplace diary.

    6. How do I choose a passport cover?

    Similar to a book cover, a passport cover is a protective necessity. Your passport will typically fit into a pocket on either side of the cover. It's an easy technique to protect the document from damage. And fortunately, the cover won't take up much space in your carry-on or suitcase. We have several colours of passport covers available, with varying embroidered motifs, enabling you to choose the passport you wish.