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When it comes to champagne glasses, one can always picture them vividly. From their long elegant stems to their effortlessly elegant gloss finish, champagne glasses are synonymous with celebration and refinement. Designed to enhance the sensory experience of indulging in effervescent joy, these elegant glasses serve as the perfect companions for gatherings. Crafted to showcase the effervescence and aromatic nuances of cocktails & mocktails, their unique shape ensures the release of the drink's exquisite bouquet. Whether toasting a milestone or reveling in everyday triumphs, champagne glasses elevate the ritual of sipping anything, embodying the spirit of festivity and sophistication. Explore the extensive range of champagne glasses online at Nestasia. 

What Are The Different Types Of Champagne Glasses Available At Nestasia?

Flute Glasses

Tall and slender, the flute is the most common yet the most elegant-looking Champagne glass. Its shape preserves the bubbles and allows for a more controlled release of the aromas. Pick your fancy-looking flutes from Nestasia today! 

Coupe Glasses

Characterized by a shallow, wide bowl, the coupe glass has a vintage charm. Coupes can also be used for different desserts, especially sundaes because of their width and comfort in holding them. They are also extensively used for serving cakes because they are just that convenient.  

Tulip Glasses

Similar to a flute but with a slightly wider bowl and tapered rim, the tulip glass concentrates the aromas, enhancing the overall tasting experience. When we say champagne glasses, we mean business at Nestasia! Sift through different kinds of tulip glasses and get your favourite ones online. 

Stemless Glasses 

Also called tumblers, stemless glasses are a more modern and casual option, but classy nonetheless. Nestasia’s stemless Champagne glasses lack the traditional long stem. They offer a contemporary aesthetic and are also super versatile.

Vintage Champagne Glass

These glasses are often ornate and may have a wider bowl than a traditional flute, making them suitable for enjoying vintage or aged Champagnes with more developed flavors.

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Why Choose Nestasia To Buy Champagne Glasses Online? 

Arriving from the thought of quality, utility, and beauty, Nestasia’s promise is high-quality products that serve the purpose, and look elegant in the process of doing so. And, not to mention, our impeccably seamless online ordering process and fast delivery of goods make it the number ONE choice for online shoppers of decor, dining, and other categories of products. All in all, at Nestasia, we promise to make your baking experience an unforgettable memory you’d want to keep reliving. 

All FAQs Related to Champagne Glasses Answered

Do champagne glasses make a difference?

Yes, they do. Champagne glasses have the ability to transform any gathering into a scintillating soiree of sophistication. 

What glass is used for champagne?

Flute glasses are most commonly used for champagne because of their convenient stem design that helps retain temperature. 

Why do you hold a champagne glass?

Holding a champagne glass properly enhances the overall tasting experience and preserves the characteristics of the sparkling wine. The long stem serves a few essential purposes such as temperature retention and aroma preservation.

What are traditional champagne glasses?

Traditional champagne glasses typically refer to the classic flute and coupe styles. These two styles have been associated with champagne consumption for many years and have their own charm and historical significance. Modern preferences and evolving tastes have led to the introduction of various other champagne glass styles, but the flute and coupe remain iconic and timeless choices for those seeking a traditional and classic presentation.


Product Name Price
Rose Stemmed Glass Mauve Set Of 6 150 ml Rs.1585
Crystal Textured Champagne Glass Mauve Set Of 6 150 ml Rs.1445
Crystal Textured Champagne Glass Grey Set Of 6 150 ml Rs.1445
Crystal Textured Champagne Glass Blue Set Of 6 150 ml Rs.1445
Stemmed Glass Blue Set Of 6 150 ml Rs.1585
Champagne Glass Set of 2 Rs.590
Textured Luxe Champagne Glass Purple Set Of 6 150 ml Rs.1350