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Small plates are usually used for the purpose of serving small portions of a meal. Nestasia offers multiple choices of numerous kinds of plates for you to explore and choose from. Our small plates and small plate set choices include dessert plates, cake plates, snack plates, fruit serving plates, trinket dishes, spice dishes, bread plates, and more. 

All our distinct pieces come in an array of quirky shapes, and sizes. They are made in colors that can elevate the look and feel of any table setup. From a formal setup to a casual fun setup such as a  kid’s party, or a girl’s night in, Nestasia has plates suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Shapes and Sizes

A well-shaped plate elevates a party look and feel and there is no doubt about that. At Nestasia, we have a huge variety of different quirky-shaped small plates that would leave all your guests impressed. Apart from the traditional round plates, there are small plates that come in various other geometrical shapes. These include small square plates, rectangle-shaped small plates, flat-shaped plates, pentagon small plates, small clear glass plates, and octagon-shaped small plates amongst others. 

Along with this, there are also small plates that come in multiple fun shapes as well. These include alphabet-shaped plates, star-shaped small plates, heart-shaped plates, lemon-shaped small plates, leaf-shaped small plates, flower-shaped small plates, flamingo-shaped small plates, and lotus-shaped small plates

There is also a separate section of small plates that kids would absolutely adore. The choices include various cartoon-shaped small plates, and animal shapes like bugs bunny small plates, bear-shaped small plates, dinosaur-shaped small plates, bread-shaped small plates, fish-shaped small plates, carrot-shaped plates, cupcake-shaped small plates, and pineapple-shaped small plates. Additionally, there are cloud-shaped small plates as well that are too cute to miss. Our crown-shaped small plate is apt for gracefully uplifting a bachelor or a birthday party decor. 

Colors and Patterns

Nestasia has small plates in an array of unique and appealing colors and patterns. The colors include eye-appealing shades of white, black, green, yellow, orange, red, and many more. There are monochrome, dual tones, and prints available to select from. Additionally, the dishes come in both glossy and matte shades. 

The print options include numerous graphic prints, marble prints, heart prints, teardrop prints, spiral prints, florals and leafy prints, strawberry designs and prints, and various other abstract geometric prints.


The numerous range of Nestasia’s small plates could be used for a variety of things. It could be used as a cake plate, snack serving plate, cake serving plate, dessert plate, cookie and biscuits plate, dips and sauces serving plate, and more. It could also be used as trinket trays for serving candies, snacks, and much more.

Our microwave-friendly plates can also be used to bake cakes, cookies, and more. You can also serve various sides such as wasabi, parmesan, chili oil, and many other taste enhancers. Some starters that you can serve on them are tofu, momo, and sushi amongst others. Additionally, these plates could also be used to store miscellaneous items, organize jewelry items, or even hang them aesthetically on a wall. 


Nestasia’s unique small plates provide complete value for their price. Each plate is durable and long-lasting, thus making them a must-have. Our small plates blend seamlessly into all corners of the house, be it a coffee table or dining table.