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The world of desserts is like Alice’s wonderland, with new surprises in every bite! And if you have a dominant sweet tooth, it is no surprise that you need a dessert to wrap up all your meals. Of course, these desserts, being so special, deserve to be served with the best presentation at the end of a scrumptious meal, and that brings us to dessert plates. But why do we use special plates just for desserts, and what's the deal with them?

It’s a known fact that desserts hold a special place in all of our hearts. Whether it’s a classic Indian sweet or a French gateau, we have all craved desserts at some point in our lives. When we envision desserts, the perfect plate of visual and culinary delight comes to mind, served on a unique plate that highlights and enhances the experience of the dessert completely. This is the reason that they are served separately from the main course- it’s not just about the taste; it’s about the experience.

Considering how special desserts are, it is only natural that they are served on special plates. These special plates, simply named “dessert plates,” are the red carpets of desserts. They are not just visually appealing to enhance the look and experience of desserts but are also practical, enabling you to serve desserts of various types. Dessert plates are all about making desserts look even more amazing and turning dessert time into a mini celebration.

Various types of dessert plates online available on Nestasia

At Nestasia, we strive to bring you different types of dessert plates to fit all your different needs so that you can enjoy various types of desserts whenever you please. Whether you are a host trying to impress your guests with a range of different kinds of desserts or just love baking at home, we bring to you the ultimate multifunctional dessert plates that will not only elevate your table settings but also be pieces of exquisite tableware that you are sure to cherish.

Ceramic Dessert Plates: Nestasia specializes in premium quality ceramicware, and our dessert plate collection is no different. On our website, you can find exquisite, high-quality ceramic dessert plates, each meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail. We ensure that these plates are not only beautiful but also durable so that they can last for years to come.

Oven-safe Dessert Plates: Who doesn’t like warm pies and souffles? If you love baking and serving warm desserts or just prefer warm desserts at the end of your meal, Nestasia has got you covered. We bring to you oven-safe dessert plates that can not only handle hot desserts but also withstand these temperatures to keep your dessert hot and enhance its presentation.

Decorative Dessert Plates: Nestasia brings to you a beautifully crafted and meticulously curated collection of decorative dessert plates that are not only great when you are hosting but also when you want to add something new to the presentation of your desserts. Each of our decorative dessert plates showcases unique, artistic designs, vibrant colours, and intricate patterns. You can even display these plates as pieces of art when not in use.

Modern Dessert Plates: If you prefer modern and minimalist as your table decor aesthetic, we have got something for you as well. You can choose from a selection of contemporary dessert plates with sleek and simple designs and add them to your tableware, enhancing the clean, sophisticated aesthetics of your crockery.  

The dessert plate collection at Nestasia can thus cater to several styles and preferences, making it easy for you to choose the plates you like. You can find the perfect dessert plates for your baked goods and enhance the presentation of your culinary creations, elevating your entire dining experience. Whether you're hosting a special occasion or simply indulging in a sweet treat, Nestasia has the right dessert plates to suit your needs.

Shop for quirky and colorful dessert plates online from Nestasia 

“All’s well that ends well” is something that we have heard quite often. We, at Nestasia, believe this saying is perfect for meals too. If you end a meal with the perfect dessert, both in terms of taste and presentation, that would be the perfect meal. This is why Nestasia’s online store brings to you an expertly crafted and curated collection of unique, colourful, and quirky dessert plates that are not only functional but also unique and charming. 

Our collection consists of dessert plates that come in various shapes, colours, and designs, each catering to different needs and experiences. This way, you can not only explore different types of dessert plates but also add a touch of uniqueness to your dining experiences. From heart-shaped plates that look unique and are incredible for serving pastries and other sweet treats to plates with different prints such as fruits, flowers, animals, and even mandalas, the creativity showcased in our dessert plates is non-pareil to other dessert plates you would find online or offline. Best for all seasons, with their unique designs, prints, and high-quality materials, dessert plates from Nestasia are must-haves in your dinnerware collection. 

You can match these dessert plates to your decor or personal taste because they come in a variety of vibrant colours, from cheery yellows and greens to calming blues and sophisticated pastels. The quirky, vibrant dessert plates from Nestasia are the ideal option to make your dining experiences genuinely memorable and aesthetically pleasing, whether you're seeking to brighten up your tea time with baked goods or add a splash of colour to your desserts.

Why buy dessert plates online from Nestasia 

Nestasia stands out as the ideal choice when you are looking for tableware, especially dessert plates to add to your dinnerware collection. With an expertly crafted and curated range of dessert plates available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and designs, Nestasia stands out from the rest of the market when it comes to unique dessert plates. Our easy-to-use online store allows you to navigate easily through our extensive collection of dessert plate, offering a seamless shopping experience.

What makes Nestasia stand out from the rest of the brands on the market is our commitment to bring you premium quality home accessories like kitchenware, bakeware, decor items, bags, and dinnerware, including dessert plates. Each of our products is made from premium quality materials, and we ensure that they are perfect for utility as well as beauty, like our brand commitment to QUB (Quality, Utility, Beauty).

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What is the purpose of a dessert plate?

The main purpose of a dessert plate is to offer a dedicated area for plating and serving desserts in the best way possible after a whole meal. Dessert plates transform the experience of having sweet dishes after a fulfilling meal as they enhance the look of the desserts themselves. Generally, dessert plates are smaller than main course plates or dinner plates as they are intended to highlight the dessert itself while allowing for portion control.

How big should dessert plates be?

Though dessert plates can be of any size, they normally range anywhere from 5 to 7 inches, which is 12.5 cm to 17.5 cm in diameter. This size is smaller than regular dinner and main course plates. The smaller size helps with the portion size of desserts and keeps dessert servings modest while still allowing for a beautiful and eye-catching presentation.

What plate is best for dessert?

Generally, dishes made exclusively for desserts would be best for serving desserts. Plates exclusively designed for the purpose of serving desserts, that is, dessert plates, not only come in various shapes and sizes but also in various designs to go well with different kinds of desserts. Generally, dessert plates are made of porcelain or ceramic, and some specialized plates are made for cakes or pies exclusively.

What are the specifications of a dessert plate?

A dessert plate's features can change based on the manufacturer and the consumer's preferences. They usually have a diameter of 5 to 7 inches (12.5 to 17.5 cm), making them smaller than dinner plates. They could be made of plastic, glass, porcelain, ceramic, or even ceramic. Depending on the desired style, dessert plates may have ornate rims, patterns, or textures.

Where is the dessert plate placed?

In a formal dining setting, dessert plates are typically positioned above the main dinner plate. They can be placed on the side or brought out when dessert is served in more informal settings. The dessert will be served in an elegant manner if it is placed properly, and diners will have easy access to their sweet treat without the table being cluttered.

What is a dessert plate called?

It's common to just call dessert platters "dessert plates." Nevertheless, they may also be referred to as "salad plates" in some situations because these smaller plates can occasionally be used for both salads and desserts. Specialized dessert plates with patterns are made for certain sweets and may have unconventional titles like "cake plates" or "sundae dishes." Depending on their intended usage and aesthetic, the name may change.

Dessert Plates Pricing

Product Name Price
Ocean Ceramic Dessert Plate Blue 4 Inch Rs.250
Era Embossed Small Dessert Plate Set Of 6 Light Green 4.5" Rs.1250
Philocaly Linear Patterned Ceramic Dessert Plate Black 6 Inch Rs.305
Philocaly Linear Patterned Ceramic Dessert Plate White 6 Inch Rs.332
Trellis Gloss Ceramic Dessert Plate Black 6 Inch Rs.305
Era Embossed Small Dessert Plate Set Of 6 Beige 4.5" Rs.1250
La Mode Printed Ceramic Dessert Plate White 6 Inch Rs.305