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    Cups, mugs, jugs, tea sets, and bottles among other drinkware are some of the most used items in a household. They form an extremely important part of everyday dining. Hence, a huge variety of options are available for the same at Nestasia, in the spirit of making every home special. Ranging from tea cups, and coffee cups to tea cup sets, cups and saucers, and glass cups, the list is huge and ever-continuing giving you innumerable options to choose from!

    Nestasia has a wide range of products to elevate your everyday collection of cups, mugs, and drinkware in the most elegant way, making every sip as refreshing and renewing as possible. Visit our website to explore an array of exclusive products and shop for your favorites. 

    Mug & Cup

    Nestasia offers to its audience a huge collection of mugs and cups to choose from. Our range is designed keeping in mind the taste and preferences of every individual, no matter to which age group they belong, and which aesthetic they like. Some of the major game-changing features of Nestasia’s products are the durability and comfort they guarantee, both with everyday and occasional use. 

    Cups and mugs from all our collections, Ikebana, Earthy, Aspen, Taro, and Serenity to name some, come in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. To make one’s selection simple, one important thing that distinguishes a mug from a cup is the shape of the two. Mugs usually are of a bigger size than a cup.

    Size and Shapes

    Nestasia brings to you a variety of mugs and cups in different sizes and shapes to choose from. We have a myriad of options in glass mugs, microwave-friendly mugs, tea mugs, cappuccino mugs, ceramic mugs, and much more. The handle of each mug is different giving them a unique look. These mugs also come with different accessories. You can choose a mug with a straw, a mug with a lid, or a mug with a coaster, among many other varieties. 

    Colors and Patterns

    Nestasia has an endless option in mugs and cups with different colors and patterns. From colorful and dual-toned printed mugs, aesthetic single-colored mugs, cute coffee mugs, glass mugs, ceramic tea cups, to cups and saucers, and tea cup sets, the list of choices remains endless.

    There are various color tones to select from as well. The collection includes Ombre mugs, white mugs, black mugs, orange mugs, leaf green cups, terracotta-inspired cups, turquoise cups, Longpi mugs, bottle green cups, and more. These come in both matte and glossy options.  

    We also offer a variety of patterns to select from. These include pretty floral prints, cute prints, cartoon prints, quirky texts, textures, and various others. 

    All of the mugs and cups are uniquely made with some jazzy and soothing colors to match every mood and occasion. 


    Each cup and mug at Nestasia is made keeping in mind, multi-tasking, as one of its main priorities. All of the products are game-changers when it comes to versatility. Hence, these could be used for a couple of purposes. 

    The cups could be used to not only savor tea but also to drink soup and other beverages. In our multi-functional mug, you can bake a cake, or turn them into pretty candle holders, or use it as a soup bowl, or make cup noodles, or even carry it to the office to make a pretty desk plant pot. 

    The accessories that come along with the cups and mugs make them easy to use for both kids and adults alike. For instance, the mugs with straws make it easy for anyone to have their drinks without the worry of spilling them. Irrespective of their geometrical shapes or size, the mugs and cups are very comfortable to hold and sip from while also adding a chic touch to the dining décor.


    Browse through Nestasia’s collection to explore a wide range of drinkware products. Our drinkware category includes bottles, flasks, tea strainers, party games, drink dispensers, teapots, kettles, and much more. Our products are designed elegantly and uniquely to provide a great teatime experience, keeping individual taste and choices at the top of our priority list to make your home special. 

    Sizes and Shapes

    Nestasia offers multiple size and shape options in its drinkware range. The drink dispensers, kettles, jugs, bottles, and flasks come in numerous shapes and sizes ranging from small and medium to larger ones. These also come with various accessories, such as lids, coasters, spoons, cups, cup warmers, trays, stands, and more. Most importantly, all of the drinkware comes in unique shapes that add an elegant personality to them. 

    The bottles and flasks offer ample designs that range from farmhouse to chic. We have an exclusive collection of glass bottles, ceramic bottles, mini water bottles, thermos bottles, vacuum flasks, and much more. 

    Colors and Patterns

    At Nestasia, a wide range of color palettes are available in drinkware as well. These include plenty of choices from soft aesthetic pastels to deep hues. Additionally, you can choose from both mattes to glossy color options. Along with the single color options, you can also choose from ombre and mixed shades. 

    Apart from the various colors, there are also plenty of patterns to explore. These include bunny ear bottles, cat ear bottles, teddy bear bottles, drink dispensers with a variety of stands, jugs with lids, and much more. 


    Nestasia’s drinkware is available in various quirky shapes and designs to make them an important addition to the dining table decor. Their unique designs add elegance to any setup. thus providing a high-end dining experience. Along with that, all of the items are multi-functional. This increases their overall efficiency. 

    Price of cups, mugs, and drinkware

    Nestasia has a collection of mugs, cups, jugs, tea sets, bottles, and other drinkware in various price ranges. All the mugs, cups, and drinkware items come with multi-functional benefits and could be used individually or made into sets.