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A cup of coffee can never be truly perfect without the best coffee mugs. Explore our cups and mugs and luxury tea cup sets and get the perfect ones for you!

Shop for Stylish Coffee & Tea Mugs Online at Nestasia

Winters are upon us! And the season of hot beverages is coming in fresh. As you take out your favourite blankets and winter clothes from your bed boxes, it’s time to upgrade your cups and mugs to your newest liking as well. From the moment you start your day to the time the sun sets, tea and coffee are constant lifesavers in the cold winter months. And if you’re an avid tea drinker, you know that tea is best enjoyed with company. Nestasia’s luxury tea cup sets are not only a sight for sore eyes with their intricate patterns and soothing colors, they also happen to bring families together for tea-time traditions.

To effortlessly upgrade your everyday coffee cups & mugs, check out our coffee mug collection online at Nestasia to give your everyday tea-sipping activity a much-needed upgrade. 

A Guide to Finding the Best Material for Cups & Mugs at Nestasia

Ceramic cups

Coffee mugs have long been cherished for their timeless appeal and functional versatility. These are mostly made of ceramic, offering a unique blend of artistry and utility. Ceramic cups & mugs come in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs, catering to the diverse preferences and occasions for which they’re used. Take your home for example. There are different ceramic cup sets for different occasions. For drinking tea in the morning, there are different ceramic mugs, when guests are over, there’s a different cup set used for that. Not sure if you realise it, but for every occasion, there are unique coffee mugs. Whether sipping a morning coffee, enjoying an evening tea, or savoring a hot chocolate, the comfort and warmth provided by a beautiful and stylish coffee mug adds to the overall beverage experience. One of the key advantages of ceramic coffee cups and mugs is their ability to retain heat. The thick walls of ceramic vessels keep beverages warmer for longer, allowing drinkers to leisurely slurp on their hot drinks without constantly reheating them. Moreover, the smooth and non-porous glaze on the surface not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also makes them easy to clean, ensuring a delightful drinking experience.

Ceramic cups and mugs also offer a canvas for artistic expression. Nestasia’s talented in-house artisans craft unique designs, hand-painted patterns, and intricate details that transform these cups into pieces of functional art. The versatility of ceramic allows for a wide range of creative possibilities, from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional. Beyond their practicality and aesthetic value, our stylish coffee mugs evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort, often reminding us of cherished moments spent with loved ones or cozy days by the fireplace. These cups and coffee mug set collections have become an integral part of our daily rituals, holding not only our favorite beverages but also a touch of tradition, creativity, and the enduring beauty of craftsmanship.

Porcelain cups 

Porcelain cups and mugs epitomize elegance and refinement in the world of drinkware. Crafted from a type of ceramic known for its delicate and translucent nature, porcelain designer coffee mugs have been favoured for centuries, celebrated for both their aesthetic charm and practical usage. They are prized not only for their smooth and pristine texture but also for their remarkable durability and excellent heat retention properties. Porcelain cups and mugs are celebrated for their ability to showcase the true colors and flavors of the beverages they hold, making them a preferred choice for tea and coffee enthusiasts. The fine texture and thin walls of porcelain allow for a heightened sensory experience, enabling the drinker to appreciate the aroma and taste of the beverage to the fullest. Additionally, the non-porous nature of porcelain ensures that it doesn't absorb flavors, allowing for a clean and unaltered taste in every sip.

What sets porcelain cups and mugs apart is their timeless beauty and versatility. They are not merely utilitarian vessels but also works of art, often adorned with intricate patterns, hand-painted designs, and exquisite craftsmanship. The delicate and lightweight nature of porcelain vessels makes them a delightful addition to any tea party, coffee break, or elegant dining occasion.

Premium porcelain coffee mug set or fancy tea cup set also has a unique ability to elevate the drinking experience by turning a simple act into a moment of sophistication and pleasure. Porcelain cups and mugs are not just containers; they are reflections of culture, tradition, and the artistry of those who create them, making them a treasure cherished by beverage connoisseurs worldwide.

Glass cups & teapots

Glass cup sets at Nestasia are sure to leave an everlasting impression on your guests when they sip through them. It’s like dress-up for your table. While you adorn the snack table with delectable delicacies, finger snacks, and tasteful table linen to give your guests the best experience, make it even better with unique and fancy coffee mugs made of high-quality glass. 

Teapots, on the other hand, are aesthetic and apt for when you want to make beverage-making a brew-tiful experience. If you want your tea/coffee brewed to perfection, then get yourself an aesthetic teapot from Nestasia. Not only do these teapots compliment glass mug sets super well, but they also make great gifts for literally any occasion you can think of. If your loved ones happen to be beverage connoisseurs who like their tea/coffee brewed to the brim of perfection, you’ve found the perfect gift to give them. 

Explore other categories online at Nestasia   

Kitchenware Online 

In everyone’s home, the kitchen is one place that is probably used the most. It only makes sense to keep it up to date with the latest storage solutions, cookware, and bakeware. Speaking of the latest kitchenware, we have a wide range of conveniences for all cooking enthusiasts at Nestasia. Indulge in cast iron cookware that is famous for its nutritional benefits. And did someone say ceramic cook pots? Check out our extensive range of cookware that’s fit for making finger-licking meals. And for everyone who is a baking enthusiast, from baking dishes to tools, our exquisite bakeware collection is waiting for you! All in all, for everyone who cooks, we have something for you here at Nestasia!

Kitchen Tools 

Kitchen tools happen to be the ultimate tools of the trade. They can literally make or break your culinary experience in your kitchen. From elaborate and multi-course feasts to simple everyday meals, kitchen tools like a fish spatula, rice serving spoon, scraper, egg scrambler, ladles, frying ladle, spatula, whisker, greasing brush, tongs not only help make your food taste better, but also make daily chores related to cooking super convenient. Nestasia’s extensive kitchen tools are made to make meals special. Experience culinary convenience to elevate your kitchen chronicles. 

Luxury Dinnerware 

Dinnerware embodies the essence of shared meals and togetherness. A set of beautiful plates, bowls, or a complete dinnerware collection make meals with your friends, family or colleagues a memorable one. It's a promising way to impart warmth and hospitality as you celebrate while coming together and making memories better. With each use, these dishes will evoke feelings of gatherings, celebrations, and heartwarming moments. It's a lasting reminder of the celebrations and connections that endure, even when distance separates us. Nestasia’s carefully selected dinnerware range infuses elegance and style into their new living space, making it feel like home and enhancing the joy of their everyday meals, whether enjoyed solo or with family. And not just for your boss, Nestasia’s luxury dinnerware can also be used as a gift for a colleague/family member, making dinner-time worth remembering.

Luxury Crockery 

If you happen to be a fan of all the finer things in life, then Nestasia’s luxury crockery collection is meant for you. Dinner table essentials such as plates, bowls, side/snack plates, platters and trays, coffee/tea mugs, and quarter plates are often included in the crockery. Luxury crockery, on the other hand, happens to be made of fine bone china, ceramic, and porcelain materials. You can never go wrong with choosing a dinner set that will adorn the dinner table on holidays or every day. Nestasia’s range of dinner sets is hand-crafted and exquisitely made to make meals special. From earthy tones to new and contemporary designs, there’s so much to choose from. If you happen to have a knack for elegant plates, bowls, and cutlery, you are in the right place! Crockery can hold sentimental value, becoming a part of the family's history. Each time you set the table with these new dishes, you’ll be reminded of special occasions. 

Jewellery Box Online 

Travelling with all your belongings is hard, especially when you have to carry tons of stuff in an unorganized way. Dainty things like chains, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry are especially hard to carry and not lose because of how small they are! Presenting Nestasia’s jewellery boxes. Perfect for everyday use, these boxes come in a variety of different styles to fit your specifications. They are also multi-sectional and great for delicate pieces that need a lot of care to carry. 

Luxury Tote Bags Online

Epitomize the pinnacle of style, sophistication, and craftsmanship with Nestasia’s luxury tote bag collection. These exquisitely designed pieces are more than just fashion statements; they are expressions of individuality and status. Whether it's the meticulously crafted Nahua canvas tote bag or the sleek canvas tote bag, each item tells a story of discerning taste and an appreciation for the finer things in life. Nestasia spares no expense in using premium materials, intricate detailing, and innovative designs to create enduring pieces that transcend trends. And not to mention, each tote bag is hand-crafted and made to perfection by our skilled in-house artisans.

Bathroom Accessories 

More often than not, our bathroom gets ignored while our home stays decked to the brink. Make sure to give it some attention by adding a couple of basics. Dispensers and other bathroom sets not only help you keep your toiletries organized, but also make your wash area look more presentable. Indulge in luxury rugs and towels that are bound to tie the space with textures. Our ever-expanding range of cotton, bamboo, and beach towels is all set to make your drying experience fast and effective. 

Check out premium gifts for your loved ones

The art of gifting is surely not an easy one. If you want to make your gifts count, make sure they cover three main themes for the person you’re gifting to - utility, quality, and presentation. How useful the gift is for that person, the quality of the gift that you’re giving, and of course, how you present it on any occasion. While these moments make a big impact on your relationship with that person, what you give matters the most. Keeping that in mind, Nestasia offers great gift hampers and stand-alone single gifts for your near and dear ones, whatever they may like.  

Why choose Nestasia to buy premium Cups and Mugs online

Arriving from the thought of quality, utility, and beauty, Nestasia’s promise is high-quality products that serve the purpose, and look elegant in the process of doing so. And, not to mention our impeccably seamless online ordering process and fast delivery of goods make it the number ONE choice for online shoppers of decor, dining, and other categories of products.

All FAQs related to Cups and Mugs answered 

Can a mug be used as a cup?

Yes, cups and mugs can be used interchangeably. The only difference, however, is that cups are smaller in size, as opposed to mugs.

What are mugs usually made of?

Mugs can be made of a variety of different materials. The main ones are ceramic, porcelain, glass, steel, and plastic. 

Why do we use mugs?

Mugs are extremely convenient for warm beverages. They help keep the beverage warm for longer periods of time and are also a great addition to your crockery collection. 

Why do people have favorite mugs?

Because the usage of a mug entirely depends on what purpose it serves for a person. For insurance, some people like wide-mouthed cups because they are easy to sip from. Others might like small cups because of their serving size. 

Cups, Mugs + Drinkware Pricing

Product Name Price
Cutting Chai Glass Set Of 4 With Gold Metal Stand Rs.690
Engraved Terracotta Tumblers Set Of 12 100ml Rs.755
Coffee Mug With Lid Set Of 2 Green 400ml Rs.1250
Set Of 10 Sustainable Terracotta Tea Cups 80ml Rs.650
Set Of 6 Terracotta Kulhad Glasses With Cutting Chai Stand Rs.795
Real Bengal Terracotta Mini Kulhad Cup Set Of 12 60ml Rs.650
Couples Coffee Mug With Lid Set of 2 Mint Green 400ml Rs.1250