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    A cup of sweet tea a day keeps the grumpy in you away! Stuck in the middle of too much work, need a break - perhaps, consider getting up and having some tea. Or, coffee. Whatever works for you! One can always go for cold refreshments including fruit punches, milkshakes, or lime water as they give an instant shot of sugar, revitalizing the mind wholly.

    Nestasia has a wide collection of teapots to suit every occasion and look after your refreshment needs. From traditional teapots to modern, quirky designs - we have one to amuse all and any. The Teapot Set for One is a combination of elegance and innovation. With a tea kettle and a large teacup, one can easily use it to spend essential quality time with oneself while reading a book, listening to songs, or watching a movie maybe.

    The Glass Teapot with Infuser is the perfect partner to be with on a cozy holiday afternoon when you wish to enjoy healthy and aromatic flower teas. You can also prepare rose tea or lavender tea first thing in the morning - to freshen up the mind. The process behind making one is quite easy. Just extract the flower petals carefully and place them in the infuser. After a few minutes of soaking in water, you have a cup of relishing flower tea ready to be sipped.

    Nestasia’s Flamingo Teapot is a big hit these days. Having feather-like inlays embedded on its glazed exterior, the teapot comes in aesthetic tones of pink and white. Quite the apt piece to add a pop of fun to your table decor!

    Who said a teapot can be only used to serve tea? Our stock of jug-resembling teapots brings a twist to this conventional notion. The Peach Glass Teapot, the Florid Glass Teapot, or the sleek-designed Modern Teapot - each can act as serving ware for keeping chilled juices at the table. Parties, get-togethers, or festivity, the glass teapots can sport any occasion confidently. Throw an array of refreshing beverages in glass teapots and ensure that all guests stay hydrated.

    For people who love to emphasize their room decor and set a dominant highlight to the surroundings - ever thought about using teapots as accent pieces? Well, now you can. The jocular Little Birdy Teapot or the vintage-reminiscent Jardin Kettle Teacup Saucer - either can help with inserting the desired decor flavor into your space. Why not try our Ombre Tea Set Pink? Radiating a shabby chic vibe, it uplifts the visual appeal of the table or shelf it’s added to. Remember, the kind genie which came out of a magic lamp in the famous Arabian Nights? Nestasia fetches you a fascinating Fancy Tea Kettle that is modeled to attain a lamp’s shape, with a fitting lid.

    Let us quickly end with one last product recommendation. The Teapot with Filter, made of ceramic, comes in a unique form. An inbuilt-tea filter sits on the lid’s top, making it convenient for one to infuse tea leaves or extracts. Moreover, we also have traditional teapots in store for people who share a warm bond of curiosity with everything ancient.