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People around the world have been drinking tea for centuries, yet the teapot came into existence only around 500 years ago. So, how did people drink tea before the teapot? And how did the teapot come to be? Experts generally agree that the teapot dates back to around 1500 AD, with the emergence of Yixing teapots in China. A teapot is a container that is designed to store water that is either boiling or extremely hot. Tea is brewed in teapots before being poured into individual cups for drinking. Black teas, herbal teas, green teas, and a variety of speciality teas can all be brewed in teapots. They are available in an almost infinite variety of forms, dimensions, and materials. It is important to distinguish between teapots and tea kettles since the former is only used for steeping tea while the latter is used to heat water.

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The only thing that can make a good cup of tea better is having one of the best teapots to pour it from. Since teaware is some of the ultimate functional decor, why not choose one that fits your taste and style? With so many different types of teapots and materials to choose from, we have the best to enhance your tea-drinking experience while also adding some flair to your kitchen or dining room. We’ve got luxe picks, minimalist designs, and traditional pots to suit any and every taste—just have the kettle ready to go.

Glass Teapot

Hot water and glass might seem like two things that don’t go together, but they can actually work like a charm. Glass teapots are made of heat-resistant borosilicate, which is less fragile and more resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass.

Ceramic Teapot

Ceramic teapots are the most versatile and wide-ranging in terms of design and durability. This category covers everything from sturdy earthenwares and glazed stoneware to porcelain and bone china, which is more delicate and fragile. 

Cast Iron Teapot

Traditional Japanese teapots are made of cast iron, which has great heat retention. However, cast iron teapots, like pots and pans, are heavy and require extra maintenance. If you’re looking for cast iron, one with enamel can help make cleaning and caring for it a little easier.

Tips To Choose The Right Teapot/Kettle

You want to make sure a tea set with a kettle will do your tea justice, in addition to making sure it is well-made and designed to last for years. Here’s how to make your choice.

1. Material

Popular materials for teapots include glass, cast iron, porcelain, ceramic, and stainless steel. Because of how a material’s qualities affect their favoured tea, serious tea consumers may prefer one material over another.

2. Porosity

For instance, the flavour of a quality green tea will neither be enhanced nor diminished by a porcelain teapot. Any teapot online, most likely one made of glass, will serve the needs of less discerning drinkers very well.

3. Heat retention

Heat retention is an additional factor to consider. For teas that require longer steeping durations, certain teapots retain heat more effectively than others. Consider ceramic; because of its excellent heat retention, the water in it will stay hotter longer than water in glass teaware. Also, explore a coaster set for your tea cups.

4. Size

It’s important to consider size as well. Purchasing a teapot designed to brew several cups of tea when you only need one cup of tea may be difficult. Teapots with infusers built into them are popular because they guarantee a precise fit. However, if you select a teapot without an infuser, you can simply buy one separately.

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FAQs Related To Tea Pots Answered

How Many Teapots Do You Need?

The number of teapots you need entirely depends on your preference, lifestyle and the variety of tea you enjoy sipping. For example, if you like to have a variety of teas, like black tea, green tea, or one that is infused with herbs, then it is suggested to use more than one tea pot to avoid the blend of different teas with one another.

How Long Do Teapots Last?

The duration of your teapot's lasting depends on the kind of care you provide for it. The more you are careful with its handling and storage, the longer it will last irrespective of the material it is made of.

For What Purpose Are Teapots Used?

A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or a herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water, and for serving the resulting infusion, which is called tea. It is one of the core components of teaware.

What Can Teapots Be Made Of?

Teapots are generally made of clay, porcelain, glass, or cast iron. You can opt for one based on your preference. 

Can Teapots Go On The Stove?

It's important that you never use a teapot to heat water. Most teapots are not made to withstand the high, direct heat of a stovetop. A porcelain teapot, for example, could crack if you heated it on the stove.

How Do You Store Teapots?

Before putting your teapot away, make sure it is completely dry (inside and out) and, if possible, store the lid separately.

Tea Pots + Kettles Pricing

Product Name Price
Glass Tea Kettle - Large Rs.1345
Small Teapot Rs.450
Glass Teapot With Filter Rs.1150
Tea Pot With Filter Rs.1097
Pour Over Coffee Pot Set Orange 400 ml Rs.2515
Pour Over Coffee Pot Set Green 400 ml Rs.2850
Textured Glass Manual Drip Coffee Maker Pot 900ml Rs.855