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Explore unique gifts for Grandfather at Nestasia 

Over the years, the practice of gifting has certainly evolved. As a cherished and time-honored tradition, the act of giving gifts is a powerful way of expressing love and appreciation for your loved one. Especially when you’re gifting them to someone who has been in your life from the very start. When thinking about what gifts for grandpa would make him feel cherished, Nestasia offers a wide range of promising gifting options to choose from. In the tapestry of human relationships, gifts serve as tangible tokens that symbolize our sentiments, making them a cornerstone of meaningful connections. Whether grand or modest, extravagant or simple, gifts hold the capacity to convey emotions that words often struggle to articulate. In the realm of relationships, the importance of gifts for your loved one takes on a profound significance, acting as a language of love that strengthens the bonds. As we explore this captivating aspect of human connection, it becomes evident that the act of giving gifts is not merely a societal convention but a deeply ingrained way of expressing affection and creating lasting memories. Hence, it’s needless to say, choose wisely. 

Useful gifts for grandfather 

When thinking of useful gifts for grandfather, make sure to keep in mind his considerations, interests, preferences and needs. And while every person’s preferences are different, we can all agree that they mostly revolve around basic requirements according to age and convenience. Keeping this in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the most useful gifts for grandfather you’ll easily spot at Nestasia online. 

You can never go wrong with warm and fuzzy blankets, cushions, new cushion covers, and rugs as gift ideas for grandfather. Not only are they warm and perfect for the winter season, but they can also be added to the lineage of the family, passing through generations. And to add to that, they will also help your grandfather personalize his space, adding a touch of character to his home. Luckily, soft furnishings at Nestasia not only fulfill all the criteria mentioned above, but also make gifting a tad bit special with intricate designs, embroideries, and material choices.  

Birthday gifts for grandfather 

Combining a pinch of practicality with a thoughtful blend of consideration is all you need to choose unique gifts for grandpa, especially on his birthday. Some of the best birthday gifts are those that evoke a certain sense of nostalgia. Hence, a family portrait, framed in a beautiful, flower-motif photo frame, will be the best gift for your grandfather on his birthday. If he enjoys the outdoors, a gardening gift set from Nestasia will be THE perfect gift for him. For the tech-savvy grandpa, a tablet loaded with family photos, videos, and perhaps some of his favorite e-books or music can be a delightful surprise. Practical gifts like a cozy comforter or throw blanket are timeless choices that blend style with functionality. Alternatively, if he has a sweet tooth, a basket of gourmet chocolates or a selection of his favorite teas or coffees combined with a glass teapot from Nestasia can add a touch of indulgence to his special day. Ultimately, the key is to choose a gift that reflects his personality and brings joy, making him feel appreciated and loved. 

Anniversary gifts for grandfather 

As the title suggests, anniversary gifts are the ones you give, not just keeping one person in mind, but the couple. Do consider gifts that celebrate the bond that your grandfather & grandmother share, such as nice dinnerware, dinner sets, bowl sets, tasteful trays, platters, glassware, and much more. Not only will dinnerware be liked by both of your grandparents, but it will also forever be cherished by the family as a part of the traditional lineage. A better way to give anniversary gifts is to combine seasonal gifts with them. For the couple celebrating their anniversary in the warm months of summer, a glassware set will be perfect for them to enjoy their cool beverages in. On the other hand, winter couples can surely use some matching cup sets to sip their coffee/tea. Nothing like a gift that radiates warmth in the cold months of winter. For your convenience, glorious glassware sets are now available online at Nestasia. With ample variety to choose from, we bet you’ll find the perfect set as a gift for dadaji & dadiji. To make things better, Nestasia also takes pride in displaying a rich collection of cup and mug sets, which are sure to add a touch of warmth to your grandparents’ anniversary. 

Explore Unique Christmas Gifts Online At Nestasia

Christmas and gifting go hand in hand. The season of merriment, fun, and frolic is the best time to celebrate the sentiment of joy. Christmas gifting is a heartfelt tradition that embodies the spirit of giving and joy during the festive season. The holiday season signifies the act of selecting the perfect gift, which later on becomes a thoughtful expression of love and appreciation for your near and dear ones. Whether it's a carefully chosen gift that aligns with someone's passions or a personalized gesture that holds sentimental value, the essence of Christmas gifting lies in the joy of making others feel special and appreciated. From cozy blankets and trinkets that twinkle to culinary delights and celebratory hampers, the options for gifting at Nestasia are diverse, to say the least. Beyond the material aspect, the true magic of Christmas gifting is the warmth it brings, fostering connections and creating lasting memories. With festive spirit in our hearts, it's time to express gratitude, spread cheer, and celebrate the spirit of generosity that is the very definition of the holiday season. Explore the always-expanding range of gift hampers, individual gifts, and sets at Nestasia that fit right in with the Christmas spirit. 

Explore Other Categories At Nestasia 


Nestasia’s stemmed luxury drinkware range is crafted with precision and care. Each glass is made from high-quality crystal or lead-free glass, ensuring exceptional clarity, brilliance, and durability. The craftsmanship behind these glasses enhances the drinking experience by allowing you to fully appreciate the colour, aroma, and taste of your favourite beverages. While we’re on the topic, these glass sets also make for some of the most elegant and unique gifts for grandfathers. The delicate stems of Nestasia's wine glasses and champagne flutes are a testament to the brand's attention to detail. These premium glasses are not only elegant but also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip. 

Anniversary gifts 

With each passing year for a married couple, it becomes more and more important to keep the spark alive. The queue for anniversary gifts at Nestasia - a carefully curated set of gifts for him/her to keep togetherness fueled with surprises and excitement. From bath sets to planters and coffee mugs, organizers to vanity pouches and jewellery boxes to sling bags - we’ve got you covered for the perfect gift for your loved one. 

Birthday gifts 

Turn every birthday into an unforgettable adventure with our collection of exquisite birthday gifts. From unique birthday gifts that spark joy to thoughtful birthday presents that celebrate each milestone, our selection adds a special touch to your celebrations. From exclusively crafted birthday gifts for women and men, our collection caters to diverse preferences. As you explore Nestasia to send birthday gifts online in India, discover the perfect present that not only commemorates the day but also reflects the uniqueness of your bond, making the birthday truly extraordinary.

Dessert Plates 

There are only 2 types of people in this world, ones who have a sweet tooth indulgence and the ones who don’t. For the large chunk of people who do like desserts, Nestasia’s dessert plates are all set to make desserts more delectable. Sweets are the ultimate happy endings to any meal at any given point. And what makes these happy endings even happier is the expertly crafted and curated range of dessert plates at Nestasia, available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and designs. What makes Nestasia stand out from the rest of the brands in the market is our commitment to bring you premium-quality dinnerware, that is bound to make your meals merrier. 

Pasta Plates 

Imagine this. A well-set-up dinner table, decked with all your favourite delectables. You pick up your favourite beverage from the table to raise a toast to togetherness with your loved ones. And lastly, you get served your favourite creamy pasta on a plate that compliments the entire meal setting. Like what you imagined? Now let’s make it a reality! Explore the wide collection of premium pasta plate sets at Nestasia. In addition to classic round-shaped ceramic pasta plates that provide ample space for your favourite pasta and other dishes, we also have square-shaped pasta plates, rectangles, ovals, and other assorted shapes. For those who appreciate modern aesthetics and like a more sleek and unique shape, the contemporary square shape of the pasta plate suits them best. For those who like their pasta to stay HOT, our deep pasta bowls and plates are ideal choices.

Lunch boxes 

Boasting a plethora of exceptional features that prioritize your comfort and well-being, lunch boxes at Nestasia are all set to forever change your lunchtime at work. Assuring food safety, thanks to 304-grade stainless steel, the distinctive compartments and clip locks/air seals ensure that your lunch is properly organized and secure within. The flavor and freshness of your food are preserved by the innovative warm water insulation. With no scope of accidental leakage, thanks to a well-built leak-proof construction, Nestasia’s premium range of lunch boxes is all set to be your forever work buddy!

Lunch Bags 

Essential for those on the go, lunch bags from Nestasia seamlessly blend style with functionality. These compact carriers keep meals fresh and accessible, featuring insulated interiors to maintain the ideal temperature for your favorite snacks and beverages. With a variety of designs, from chic to quirky, lunch bags not only serve a practical purpose but also make a fashion statement. Easily portable, they accommodate various lifestyles, whether for school, work, or a day out. Durable materials ensure longevity, while convenient compartments and pockets organize your culinary essentials. Elevate your daily dining experience with lunch bags – a small accessory making a big impact.

Farewell gifts 

Goodbyes are complicated. Be it a colleague at your work or a friend moving across the world, bidding adieu to your loved ones has never been easy. Although the bigger picture says otherwise, making someone feel special during their farewell can be challenging. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but giving your loved ones a unique farewell gift can truly express your love and appreciation for them. The more your gifts remind them of the memorable moments you’ve spent with them, the better. Thoughtful and meaningful gifts, such as a potted plant or a handcrafted piece of art, can symbolize growth and lasting friendships. After all, creating unforgettable memories is effort-taking at first but worthwhile in the end. Unique farewell gifts that are a reminder of the impact they've had on your life are always a YES! Whatever you choose, the key is to make it personal and thoughtful, reflecting the special bond you share. 

Laptop Bags 

Your office essentials deserve to stay organized. With so many things on your plate throughout the day, leave the sorting and organization of your everyday office staples to Nestasia! Whether it's a meticulously crafted vegan leather laptop bag, a timeless 2-way bag, or an array of finely detailed laptop sleeves, laptop bags at Nestasia are made to make your everyday office experience more convenient. Nestasia spares no expense in using premium materials, intricate detailing, and innovative designs to create enduring pieces that transcend trends. 

Why Choose Nestasia?

Arriving from the thought of quality, utility, and beauty, Nestasia’s promise is high-quality products that serve the purpose, and look elegant in the process of doing so. Our specially curated ranges of everyday-use articles are made by our in-house artisans with a keen eye for detail, making them look the best while being fairly priced. And, not to mention, our impeccably seamless online ordering process and fast delivery of goods make it the number ONE choice for online shoppers of decor, dining, and other categories of products. 

Gifts For Grandfather FAQs

What do grandpas want for their birthday?

Keeping in mind their taste and preferences, grandfathers thoroughly enjoy gifts that carry sentimental value. Something that reminds them of a nostalgic feeling of comfort and time gone by. 

What do grandparents need for Christmas?

Great gifts for Christmas combine beauty with practicality. Soft furnishings such as blankets, cushions, and rugs can make good gifts for grandparents.

Is it important to give gifts to grandpa?

Your grandfather is someone who has seen you grow up and helped you at every stage of life with his wisdom and experience. Gifting him something nice is a great way to tell him that you love him and are thankful for his presence in your life. 


Product Name Price
Mint Ribbed Knitted Throw Rs.1460
Eco Friendly Jute Lunch Bag Black And Red 15 x 10 Inch Rs.705
Eco Friendly Jute Lunch Bag Black And Beige 15 x 10 Inch Rs.705
Eco Friendly Jute Lunch Bag Black And Teal 15 x 10 Inch Rs.705
Eco Friendly Jute Lunch Bag Beige And Red 15 x 10 Inch Rs.705
Ceramic Planter Rs.405
Bohemian Planter Rs.360