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Spread the festive joy with our curated collection of Dhanteras gift items. Our selection of Dhanteras gifts will bring prosperity to every corner of your home.

Luxury Dhanteras Gifts

What is Dhanteras and its Significance?

Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi, marks the beginning of the five-day Diwali festival celebrated in India. Observed on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Kartik, this auspicious occasion holds immense significance in Hindu culture. On Dhanteras, people traditionally buy new utensils, jewellery, gold coins, and other valuables, believing that acquiring these items on this day brings prosperity and good fortune. The word "Dhanteras" itself symbolizes 'dhan, meaning wealth, and 'teras, referring to the thirteenth day.

People decorate their homes and offices with lamps and rangoli designs, welcoming wealth and light into their lives. The festival's spiritual importance lies in its association with the goddess of wealth, Devi Lakshmi, and the commemoration of Lord Dhanvantari, the physician of the gods. Dhanteras not only celebrates material abundance but also underscores the significance of inner wealth, health, and spiritual well-being. The tradition of buying precious items on this day is a symbolic gesture of inviting prosperity and happiness into one's life.

Dhanteras gifts online as per traditions

Celebrate Dhanteras with a traditional touch by exploring a range of thoughtful gifts online that resonate with those age-old customs. Choose from an array of Dhanteras gift items, including gold and silver coins, utensils, jewellery, home decor, and auspicious idols. As per traditions, these Dhanteras gifts hold immense significance, symbolizing prosperity and blessings for the receiver. Whether it's a Dhanteras gift for home or a Dhanteras gift for husband and wife, buying Dhanteras gifts online offers convenience and a touch of tradition. Embrace the spirit of this auspicious occasion by selecting meaningful Dhanteras special gifts that embody the essence of wealth and well-being.

Explore Dhanteras items & gifts online from Nestasia 

Embrace the spirit of Dhanteras with Nestasia's exquisite collection of gift items. Explore our range of Dhanteras gifts online, including elegant candle holders, platters, Urli sets, incense cones, and incense stick sets, as well as tea-light holders and festive envelopes. These carefully selected Dhanteras gift items beautifully blend tradition and modernity, making them ideal tokens for the auspicious occasion. Whether you're seeking a Dhanteras gift for your home or a special Dhanteras gift, you can conveniently buy Dhanteras gifts online in India through our curated selection. Let's look at these gift items in detail to learn more about the collection.

Home Decor Items

Explore Nestasia's array of Dhanteras gift items, featuring a selection of exquisite home decor. From elegant candle holders, metal jar sets, monk showpieces, Urli sets, incense cones, and incense stick sets to tea-light holders, hanging wall decor, artificial flowers, diffuser sets, and captivating wall art, our collection of Dhanteras gifts comprises them all. 

These Dhanteras gifts online are perfect for both enhancing your living space and gifting on this auspicious occasion. Discover the ideal Dhanteras gift for home, adding a touch of spirituality and charm. With convenient options to buy Dhanteras gifts online in India, make this festive celebration truly memorable with our carefully curated Dhanteras special gifts.

Kitchen Storage Essentials

Nestasia, as a renowned home decor and lifestyle brand, offers exquisite Dhanteras gift items, featuring vintage glass jars among kitchen storage essentials. Crafted from premium quality glass materials, these items make thoughtful Dhanteras gifts online that are ideal for your home or can be a special Dhanteras gift for wife. Discover the perfect Dhanteras special gift by conveniently buying Dhanteras gifts online in India from Nestasia.

Dining Essentials

Nestasia presents a captivating range of Dhanteras gift items that comprise exquisite dining essentials like golden decorative platters, mandala plates, mandala bowls, glass bowls, and tray sets. Our curated collection of dining essentials makes thoughtful Dhanteras gifts online that are perfect for enhancing your home's aesthetic or gifting on this auspicious occasion. Browse through our online platform and find the ideal Dhanteras special gift, whether it's for your wife or to adorn your own space, by conveniently purchasing Dhanteras gifts online in India from Nestasia.

Bags & Accessories

Nestasia's Dhanteras gift items feature a charming collection of bags and accessories that include decorative potli bags and festive envelopes. These excellent Dhanteras gifts online are perfect for adding a touch of festivity to your home or gifting to loved ones. Whether it's a Dhanteras gift for your wife or a special Dhanteras gift for your friends, our collection of bags and accessories is here to make your Dhanteras shopping truly memorable. Conveniently buy Dhanteras gifts online in India from Nestasia and celebrate the occasion with style and elegance.

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This Diwali, step into a realm of opulence and refinement with Nestasia's remarkable assortment of gift cards, gift bags, lavish home decor items, and luxury Diwali gifts. Delve into our curated collection, where tradition converges with elegance, embodying the essence of the occasion and infusing grandeur into your celebrations.

Explore our collection of luxury diwali gifts and rakhi gift hampers that flawlessly blend tradition and refinement. Our curated collection features an extensive array of dining essentials like snack plates, cups and mugs, tumblers, soup bowls, dinner sets, serving bowls, cake stands, glassware, and dip bowls that ensure your festive table exudes visual allure. Elevate any living area with our selection of exquisite home decor items that comprise photo frames, indoor planters, decorative trays, decorative showpieces, vases, lifelike artificial flowers, candle holders, wall art, and candles.

Discover our exquisite collection of kitchen essentials and soft furnishings that comprise everything from jars to cushion covers. Don't forget to check out our captivating wooden board games for endless entertainment and a variety of bathroom sets that are crafted to perfection. Elevate your Diwali festivities with a sprinkle of grace and create enduring memories that match the festival's radiance through our meticulously curated selection.

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  • Dining essentials

Prepare to elevate your dining experience with our splendid collection of dining essentials, which comprises plates, platters, cups and mugs, glassware, cutlery, cutlery holders, snack baskets, fondue sets, cake stands, bowls, table mats, dinner sets, and more. Each piece in our dining assortment seamlessly merges style with utility, thus making it an optimal addition to your current tableware collection.

Get ready to be amazed by our splendid assortment of dining essentials or home accessories that are designed not only to add elegance and charm to your dining space but also serve as impeccable wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or anniversary gifts online for your loved ones. Explore our online home decor platform to pick the perfect item that harmonizes seamlessly with the aesthetics of your dining area!

  • Kitchen essentials

Embark on a journey of practicality and style with Nestasia's remarkable assortment of kitchenware essentials and elevate your culinary experience with a range that is a perfect combination of both functionality and elegance. Our kitchenware collection features a comprehensive array of kitchen essentials required to set up a well-equipped kitchen. From exquisite kitchen storage solutions such as kitchen racks and jars to bakeware, cookware, kitchen tools, lunch boxes, and cooking aprons, Nestasia has it all.

Explore our remarkable array of kitchen essentials online, which are a seamless fusion of style and utility and are crafted to transform your kitchen into a delightful and efficiently organized workspace.

  • Home Decor

Nestasia, a well-known home decor and lifestyle brand, presents an extensive array of thoughtfully curated home decor items that will enhance the aesthetic of your home. Our collection includes showpieces, indoor planters, wall art, mirrors, traditional Urli decor, elegant vases, charming baskets, lifelike artificial flowers, and a variety of other contemporary home decoration items.

Discover our stunning assortment of home decor items, available in modern and classic designs to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences, which enables you to transform your space into an embodiment of your individual flair. Explore our meticulously handpicked collection of online home accessories and home decor items and select the one that mirrors your unique style.

  • Bags & Accessories

Elevate your gift-giving journey with our splendid array of finely crafted bags & accessories that are designed to delight your dear ones. Our collection features a diverse selection of travel accessories, such as crossbody bags, spacious totes, travel-friendly duffel bags, stylish hair accessories, sturdy laptop bags, chic scarves, soothing eye masks, convenient vanity pouches, and insulated lunch bags. These exquisite accessories flawlessly combine style and utility for a truly harmonious experience.

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What can be gifted on Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is a Hindu festival signifying prosperity, and the gifts typically include gold and silver items, utensils, and oil lamps. Traditional presents like silverware, decorative diyas, and home decor items are popular. Modern options encompass electronics, clothing, and accessories. Sweets, dry fruits, and books on Indian culture are cherished gifts. Health-related presents like herbal products align with the festival's theme of well-being. Consider the recipient's preferences when selecting a gift to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

What is most important to buy on Dhanteras?

On Dhanteras, it's really important to buy things that bring good luck and happiness. Some good choices are gold, silver, and special utensils because they are believed to make life better. Lighting oil lamps is also a big deal because it means we're inviting light and good things into our lives.

What should not be purchased on Dhanteras?

On Dhanteras, there's a tradition to avoid buying items associated with bad luck or negative energies. It's advised not to buy items related to mourning, as they might take away good fortune or invite negativity. Additionally, purchases involving loans or debts should be avoided, as they go against the festival's spirit of inviting prosperity. It's best to focus on items that bring positivity and abundance during this auspicious time.

Why do we buy new utensils on Dhanteras?

Purchasing new utensils on Dhanteras is a cultural tradition symbolizing the arrival of prosperity. This practice stems from the belief that acquiring new household items, especially utensils, ushers in good fortune. Bringing new items into the home during the Diwali festival's beginning signifies renewal and attracts abundance for the coming year. Additionally, these utensils are seen as a way to seek blessings from Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth, and uphold customary practices that invite positivity and luck into one's life.

Dhanteras Gifts Pricing

Product Name Price
Hurricane Metal Candle Holder Stand Set Of 3 Rs.3990
Luxe Crystal Votive Candle Holder Stand Small Rs.1290
Luxe Crystal Votive Candle Holder Stand Medium Rs.1550
Luxe Crystal Votive Candle Holder Stand Large Rs.1750
Golden Tall Floor Candle Stand Set Of 3 Large Rs.4790
Crystal Luxury Candle Stand Set Of 2 Rs.4590
Luxe Crystal Votive Candle Stand Set Of 3 Rs.4590