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Baking Dishes

A good baking dish is a crucial kitchen essential that will surely become your go-to crockery for both savory and sweet foods. A baking dish is often a square, rectangular, or oval cooking vessel constructed of a material that conducts heat uniformly, such as glass, porcelain, or ceramic, and is the go-to cooking dish for professional bakers and home cooks everywhere.

Most baking dishes, in contrast to some oven-safe frying pans, can endure extremely high oven temperatures and offer additional depth to prevent spills and messes. Most importantly, a well-made baking dish can last for years if proper care and maintenance are done.

Additionally, using the proper baking dish will save time, give your dish an added boost, and be secure to use. Large or layered meals work best in baking dishes because of their depth and raised edges. Nestasia’s baking dishes have been crafted to evenly and thoroughly transfer heat, even to the very core of the dish, whether it is sweet or savory. Ceramic baking dishes are frequently used for casseroles or for hearty bakes like lasagna.

Oval baking plates are particularly useful for baking savory foods like gratins or baked eggs since the ingredients can easily fit into the smooth form of the plate. They’re also an ideal shape for baked pasta dishes like mac and cheese. The sturdy ceramic baking dishes distribute heat equally to ensure that there’s no cracks on the surface. 

At Nestasia, we ensure that baking is made easy with our baking dishes as they are non-porous and naturally non-stick. The baking dishes are equipped with handles for easier functionality, whether it’s for serving or holding the dish. Nestasia’s baking dishes come in different colours, patterns and sizes to suit all aesthetic tastes. Pastel tones of yellow, blue, and green ceramic bakeware makes for a minimalistic addition to the kitchenware. We also have brightly patterned baking dishes that feature intricate Mandala patterns, vibrant flower patterns, and modern abstract patterns to brighten up the table.

Our baking dishes can double up as servewares as well due to their stunning styles and forms. The larger baking dishes can be used for baking pasta, chocolate cake or butterscotch cake and chocolate chip cookies for multiple servings, while we also have smaller baking dishes such as ramekins and pudding bowls for baking a one bowl pasta, or some warm chocolate lava cake.

The baking dishes with wooden handles provide ease in carrying any baked food. The round baking dish is perfect for baking a delicious cheesy chicken pizza or mushroom pizza. The rectangular and square baking dishes can be used for baking sheet cakes while those with more depth can be used for baking lasagna. The rectangle baking dishes can also be used for baking roasted chicken dishes or vegetable risotto. The flat ceramic grilling plates feature raised grill textures on the surface and can be used for grilling breads, vegetable dishes or chicken dishes. The grill plates also have extended handles that allow ease in placing the grill plates into the oven.

Our baking dishes with a glazed finish look stunning on the table top while those with a matte finish look modern. We also have baking dishes in quirky shapes like the heart-shaped baking dishes and pineapple shaped baking dishes while some also feature fun patterns like polka dots and tropical fruits. Our festive-themed baking dishes include the Christmas themes bakeware wishing ‘Holly Jolly’ Christmas. 

Nestasia’s range of baking dishes are versatile and multipurpose and enable one to bake a plethora of dishes as well as giving one the freedom to experiment with dishes. With a wide variety of sizes, styles and patterns, facing a shortage of options will never be the problem. Get your choice of baking dishes and other baking essentials with ease at Nestasia.