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Snack time without the perfect chip and dip pair is incomplete. Be it the classic fries or oriental sushis, snacks will definitely taste bland without the tangy ketchup or the fresh wasabi. To make those mid-day meals and evening meals more exciting, Nestasia has a range of ceramic bowls with sections that let one perfectly plate their meals.

Serving food in beautiful bowls elevates the dining experience and makes it more elegant and stylish. A lovely serving bowl not only enhances your dining experience but also tempts you to savour the delicious treats. Is it not? Hence, a variety of kitchenware items have been made accessible at Nestasia to enhance your meal experience. There are many varieties that will meet the majority of your culinary needs, from serveware to tableware. Such items serve as nothing less than the focal point of your dinner table. And if you're looking to buy beautiful and practical sectioned bowls, Nestasia is the place for you.

The sectioned bowls will not only catch your eye but also be able to accommodate your various needs, whether it is a birthday party or just a routine dinner. These vibrant bowls, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes, let you serve meals in a really opulent way. When there are several visitors, these bowls make the meal process simpler. These serving and salad sectioned bowls come in very handy for serving everything from delectable veggie salads to tempting appetisers. Some of these bowls can occasionally even be used as kitchen accessories. In addition to this, the sectioned bowls present the food aesthetically and maintain a clean presentable setup.

The ceramic bowls with sections also comprise sectioned dip bowls that’ll let one serve distinctive types of dips or chutneys in one dish. The 2-part or 3-part bowls let each served dip retain its unique taste and prevents the sauces from getting mixed. Nestasia also has sectioned snack bowls with 2 compartments, where snacks can be placed on the larger section, while the smaller section can be used for placing the dips or sauces of choice. The sectioned snack serving bowls are ideal for serving dumplings with spicy chutney, boiled or sauteed vegetables with mayonnaise, nachos with salsa, chicken nuggets, or vegetable nuggets with ketchup.

The sectioned bowls by Nestasia feature a variety of colours, patterns, textures, materials and finishes. The section bowls with matte finish lend a modernistic touch to the table while those with a glazed surface look opulent on the table. If minimalism is your aesthetic choice, you can opt for the section bowls that feature monochromatic pastel colours of yellow, blue, pink. If you wish to set up a bold and bright table, opt for section bowls in orange, green, teal and red colours. The colour of the section bowls can also be coordinated or contrasted with the cuisines that will be served to guests. Nestasia also has ceramic bowls that feature vibrant flower patterns to bring a cheerful vibe to the table and make meals more exciting and droolworthy. 

Nestasia has sectioned ceramic bowls featuring bright flower patterns that will beautify the tablescape and can be used for serving vibrant fresh fruit salads. Several sectioned bowls also feature wooden handles that make serving an easier feat while lending a farmhouse aesthetic to the table. The wooden handles attached to the ceramic bowls allow ease in serving of dishes and also add a unique look to the the table among other plates and bowls. 

Nestasia has section bowls that feature a metallic tray and separate bowls can be placed into the allotted sections that’ll unify to form a stunning sectioned bowl. The 3-part bowls have compartments to place snacks on either side of the bowl while the compartment at the centre of the sectioned bowls is usually allotted for the yummy dips and sauces.

The section ceramic bowls by Nestasia are an easy and go-to option during gathering where each individual may have a different preference and you may have to serve multiple options. The sectioned bowls are also the perfect ‘me-time’ partners as a single ceramicware is all one needs to have their favourite chip and dip pair within their reach.


Product Name Price
Rectangle Tray with Glass Bowls Set of 3 Rs.1460
Metal Tray with Glass Bowls Set of 2 Rs.1040
Square Tray with Glass Bowls Set of 4 Rs.1565
Rectangular Metal Tray with Bowls Set Rs.2575
Emerald Charm Tray And Bowl Set Of 7 Rs.1422
Pine Green Glossy Ceramic Bowls And Tray Set Of 5 200ml Rs.1790
Pine Green Glossy Ceramic Bowls And Tray Set Of 4 200ml Rs.1450