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From dry fruits to chocolates - keep your favourite snacks neatly organised with our collection of section bowls.

Discover Versatile Section Bowls Collection Online At Nestasia

Nestasia brings you an exquisite collection of section bowls, perfect for adding elegance and functionality to your dining experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our section bowls are designed to enhance the presentation of your culinary creations. 

Whether for serving snacks, appetisers, or dry fruits, these bowls offer versatility and style. Made from high-quality materials, they ensure durability and timeless appeal. Explore our diverse range of designs and colours to find the perfect match for your table setting. Elevate your dining aesthetics with Nestasia's section bowls – where every meal becomes a celebration.

Our Stylish Section Glass Bowl Sets For Modern Kitchen

Party Snack Bowl With Tray Set

Nestasia’s set of 5 glass party snack bowls comes with an elegant tray, spoons, and forks, perfect for stylish entertaining. Ideal for serving a variety of snacks, each bowl showcases your culinary delights beautifully. Crafted from premium glass, this set ensures durability and sophistication, making it a must-have for any gathering. Elevate your hosting with Nestasia.

Ceramic Bowls Tray Set

Our set of ceramic snack bowls with a tray combines elegance and functionality for your entertaining needs. Perfect for serving a variety of snacks, these bowls are crafted from high-quality ceramic, ensuring durability and style. The coordinating tray offers an easy and chic presentation, making this set an essential addition to your hosting essentials. Elevate your gatherings with Nestasia.

Chip And Dip Bowls

Elevate your snacking experience with Nestasia’s chip and dip bowls. Perfect for casual gatherings or elegant parties, these bowls are designed to stylishly present chips, veggies, and dips. Crafted from high-quality materials, they ensure both durability and aesthetic appeal. Make every occasion special with Nestasia’s versatile and chic chip and dip bowls, ideal for any table setting.

Things To Consider While Buying A Glass Bowl

1. High-Quality Materials

Ensure the glass is thick and resistant to chipping or cracking, which is essential for longevity and safety. High-quality glass should be food-grade, free from harmful chemicals, and able to withstand temperature changes. Investing in superior materials guarantees that your bowl will maintain its appearance and functionality over time.

2. Stylish Designs

Choose designs that complement your kitchen decor and dining aesthetic. Stylish glass bowls can enhance the presentation of your meals, making them more appealing. Consider patterns, shapes, and finishes that add elegance to your table setting. A well-designed bowl not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication to your home.

3. Durable And Long-Lasting

Select bowls that are built to endure daily use without losing their clarity or structural integrity. Durability is key to ensuring that the bowls can handle regular wear and tear, including accidental bumps or drops. Investing in long-lasting glass bowls saves you from frequent replacements, providing both economic and practical benefits.

4. Versatile For Different Meals

Look for bowls that are suitable for various types of meals, from salads and soups to desserts and snacks. A versatile glass bowl should have a shape and size that accommodates different dishes, making it a practical addition to your kitchen. Versatility ensures that your bowl can be used for multiple purposes, enhancing its value.

5. Microwave And Dishwasher-Safe

Ensure the glass bowl can be safely used in the microwave for easy reheating of food. Additionally, it should be dishwasher-safe to facilitate hassle-free cleaning. These features add convenience to your daily routine, saving time and effort. A bowl that meets these criteria is both practical and efficient for modern living.

Explore Other Home Accessories Online At Nestasia

1. Ceramic Planters

Transform your indoor garden with our ceramic planters, designed to blend elegance and practicality. Crafted from premium ceramic, these planters are durable and stylish, enhancing interior decor. Their versatile designs accommodate a variety of plants, making them perfect for modern living spaces. Elevate your home greenery with Nestasia's chic and reliable ceramic indoor planters.

2. Luxury Decor Accessories

Elevate your interior design with Nestasia’s luxury decor accessories, crafted to add sophistication and charm to any space. Our curated collection features high-quality, stylish pieces that seamlessly blend functionality with elegance. From ornate vases to intricate sculptures, each accessory is designed to enhance your interior aesthetics. Discover the perfect luxury decor items to transform your home with Nestasia.

3. Kitchenware

Discover our kitchenware essentials, meticulously chosen to elevate your culinary experience. Our collection includes high-quality cookware, versatile bakeware, and stylish lunch boxes designed for both functionality and aesthetics. From durable pots and pans to sleek cutlery and dinnerware, each item promises durability and timeless appeal. Upgrade your kitchen with Nestasia's essential tools for cooking and dining.

What Makes Nestasia An Outstanding Choice For Elegant Home Decor?

Nestasia stands out for its exceptional blend of quality craftsmanship and stylish designs in home decor. Offering a curated selection of elegant pieces ranging from timeless classics to modern accents, we ensure each item enhances your living space with sophistication and enduring beauty.

FAQs On Bowl Sets

1. Are glass bowls safe for storing food in the refrigerator?

Yes, glass bowls are generally safe for storing food in the refrigerator. They are non-reactive and do not leach chemicals into food. However, ensure the glass is thick and designed for temperature changes to prevent cracking or shattering.

2. Can I use serving bowl sets with trays for outdoor events?

Yes, you can use serving bowl sets with trays for outdoor events. Choose durable materials like plastic, acrylic, or melamine for outdoor settings to prevent breakage. Ensure the set is lightweight and easy to carry for convenience during outdoor gatherings.

3. Are section ceramic bowls suitable for baking?

Yes, section ceramic bowls can be suitable for baking certain dishes like casseroles or desserts. They provide even heat distribution and can withstand oven temperatures, making them versatile for baking and serving purposes. Always check the guidelines for specific temperature and usage recommendations.

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Section Bowls Pricing

Product Name Price
Rectangle Tray with Glass Bowls Set of 3 Rs.1460
Metal Tray with Glass Bowls Set of 2 Rs.1040
Square Tray with Glass Bowls Set of 4 Rs.1565
Rectangular Metal Tray with Bowls Set Rs.2575
Emerald Charm Tray And Bowl Set Of 7 Rs.1485
Pine Green Glossy Ceramic Bowls And Tray Set Of 7 200ml Rs.2385
Pine Green Glossy Ceramic Bowls And Tray Set Of 5 200ml Rs.1790