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Discover the perfect centrepiece for your home with our collection of luxury vases. Explore now and find the ideal vase to showcase your style and elevate your home decor.

Modern Decorative Flower Vases

1. Enhance your Home Decor with Decorative Flower Vases

Vases are a quintessential part of the decor in every house. It is like no home decor is complete without a beautiful vase with a gorgeous flower arrangement, real or artificial, along with leaves, vines, and stems. Vases can truly take your home decor game to new heights, especially with the ones that we have in our collection at Nestasia. 

Explore various types of home decor vases at Nestasia. Our wide range of luxury vases is designed in such a way that they can elevate any space and make it elegant. We curate flower vases for living room from several premium-quality materials and of several designs, each crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail so that they suit everyone’s style and individual tastes. From a modern decorative vase to a flower vase, our wide range of indoor vases for home decor can cater to every need. Embark on a delightful journey of home decor transformation with vases online shopping & elevate your living spaces to new heights of sophistication.

Not only do we have vases that are timeless classics, but we also have contemporary marvels that are sure to impress you. Rest assured, we offer you a diverse range of flower vases online that are not only functional but also works of art that can transform any space.

At Nestasia, we understand how important it is to choose the right vase so that it can complement the aesthetics of your home and enhance its overall appearance. You may prefer elegant, opulent living spaces or be drawn to a chic but cute atmosphere. The best part about Nestasia is that our collection of luxury vases can complement every unique style and taste. 

Made with premium quality materials, our flowers are not just made for your beautiful flower arrangements. Instead,  each of the flower vases in our collection showcases extraordinary artistry and becomes the epitome of refinement and luxury. With intricate details, rich textures, and a diverse array of shapes and sizes, our collection offers something for every discerning homeowner.

Visit our user-friendly online store to explore a huge variety of unique vases and let your imagination take flight with the possibilities that you get for stunning flower arrangements. Rest assured, each one of our vases will captivate the eye and elevate the ambiance of your home. With Nestasia's commitment to quality and design, you can be confident that your home decor will radiate an air of sophistication and allure.

2. Explore various types of Vases at Nestasia 

Our wide range of luxury vases is designed in such a way that they can elevate any space and make it elegant. We curate vases of several premium quality materials and of several designs, each crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail so that they suit everyone’s style and individual tastes. From a modern decorative vase to a corner flower vase for living room, our wide range of indoor vases can cater to every need.

  • Metal Vases

If you are going for a sleek and contemporary look for your home, choose our modern vases made of metal. They seamlessly blend looks and functionality, making them perfect for showcasing your gorgeous flower arrangements. But that’s not all. Even if you choose not to display any flower arrangements, these vases are great standalone pieces as well. The metallic finish adds a touch of glamour, making them a sophisticated addition to any room.

  • Glass vases

If you are going for a delicate ambience in your home, choose our glass vases. These vases not only honor the beauty of simplicity but also help your flower arrangements be the focal point. Whether you want a clear glass flower vase or a translucent one with accents, we have the best glass vases online in India that you might want for your unique style.

  • Ceramic vases

You just cannot go wrong with ceramic vases. Whether you are looking for simple ceramic vases online for your minimal or contemporary home or want an eye-catching vase with intricate details, you can get meticulously crafted vases at the best prices too! Most of these indoor vases would look best in your living room, but you can add them anywhere in your home to add sophistication and class to your home decor.

  • Resin vases

What is the perfect way that you can blend functionality and artistry? The answer is our resin vases! Explore unique shapes and textures in our resin vases that can become artistic focal points between all of your home accessories. The best part about resin vases is how durable they are. They make stunning decorative items that can last for years.

  • Clay vases

To add a rustic touch to your home, go for Nestasia’s range of clay vases, which showcase the amazing artistry and exude timeless charm. Each of our clay vases has unique textures combined with earthy hues, honoring meticulous craftsmanship. To add a natural touch and warmth to your space, you should choose a clay vase, that is not only great for your flowers but also as standalone decorative items.

  • Wooden vases

There are several ways that you can go for rustic aesthetics, and besides clay vases, you can also opt for wooden vases. They are the perfect fusion of nature-inspired designs with contemporary aesthetics. To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home, wooden vases can be a great addition to your living room. 

  • Donut Vases

Home decor items with interesting spaces can really elevate your home. Moreover, such decorative items are great for adding a playful twist to your home and adding a touch of intrigue to your living space. Our donut vases are eye-catching enough to be conversation starters and can help you break away from traditional norms for your home decor.

  • Tall vases

Nothing is better than our tall vases if you are going for bold aesthetics for your home interiors. These vases are truly grand, becoming the center of attention wherever you place them in your home. Moreover, their height allows you to showcase your most magnificent flower arrangements, which breathe life into your living space. Nestasia’s tall flower vase for living room are beautiful additions to your decor.

Thus, you can now grasp how you can achieve the decor of your dreams with Nestasia’s premium home decor vase collection of modern vases and luxury vases, which includes premium ceramic vases and flower vases online. We thus offer you the opportunity to effortlessly enhance your home decor. Our modern vases are the ideal addition to your living room, bedroom, or any other interior room because they are carefully created to satisfy the modern aesthetic. Our vases are the pinnacle of contemporary elegance and flair since they are made with high-quality materials and unique designs. Find the ideal vase for enhancing your home decor by browsing our collection today.

3. Explore Home Decor Vases at Best Prices that fit in your home

When you think of redecorating your home, you probably think about changing the wallpaper, changing the furniture, or some similar ideas. However, when it comes to decor, there are very few home accessories that are as versatile and artistic as a floral vase decor. Vases can be the epitome of artistic expression because they can not only display colorful flower arrangements but also transform the look and feel of your living space. Explore the different types of vases that are available at Nestasia that can seamlessly blend with all home design aesthetics.

  • Floor vases

With floor vases, you can build the elegance of your home's interior from the ground up. Floor vases can be magnificent focal points that can grab attention no matter where they are placed in the room. Most floor vases are large enough so that they can be functional as well as catch anyone’s eye. Whether you choose modern vases for your living room floor or a vintage flower vase with intricate details for your floor vases, these vases exude luxury and beauty. These striking pieces draw attention and transform your living spaces, making them perfect for entryways, corners, or as independent décor items.

  • Wall vases

Ultra-modern and gorgeous- this is our motto when it comes to designing the wall vases at Nestasia. Integrate art and functionality into a single decor item effortlessly with our captivating wall vases or planters. By displaying your favorite flowers or succulents in ceramic wall vases, you can create an eye-catching vertical garden. Your walls get a new sense of life thanks to their clean, modern designs, which turn them into genuine artwork of unspoiled splendor.

  • Table Vases

Table vases can act as amazing centerpieces, and these are the perfect blend of style and functionality. They subtly improve the atmosphere of your side, coffee, or dining tables. Pick from a variety of contemporary vases to match your interior design style. Whether it's a stylish glass vase or a luxurious ceramic flower vase, these versatile decor objects ooze charm and offer a perfect base for showcasing real or artificial blooms.

4. Check out Vase Arrangements and Styling Tips

Vases are decor objects that are meant to enhance the beauty of your living space in the most effortless way. You can find premium flower vases online if you are looking for decorative vases or luxury vases, all in our collection of home decor vases at Nestasia. After you buy a premium home decor vase that you like, you can try these styling tips that will help you create captivating displays that transform your home decor.

Choose the Right Vase:

Before you even start with your vase arrangement, the first and foremost thing to do is select the perfect vase. You must first start by considering the theme and aesthetics of your home's interior. For example, choosing a tall vase would be appropriate if you are going for sleek, minimalist, or contemporary designs. However, you should choose vases with bright colors, artistic designs, or intricate details for bold or bohemian aesthetics. Ensure that the vase you are choosing complements the palette and ambiance of your home.

Think about the Proportions:

When starting to arrange flowers in your vase, you should consider the scale and proportions of your decorative vases. The proportions of the flowers, leaves, or stems that you choose should fit well into the height and width of your vase. This is a crucial step so that you do not overcrowd your vase and allow each component to shine.

Symmetry is Important:

Achieving that perfect balance and symmetry in your flower and vase arrangements is necessary for nice aesthetics in your home. The best way that you can create symmetry in your vase arrangement is by having taller elements in the center and shorter flowers or leaves on the sides. Use odd numbers of flowers and branches in your vase. All of these can help create a visually pleasing vase arrangement.

Variety of Colours and Textures:

Let your creative juices flow and choose several different types of flowers in different colours and textures. This will help you achieve a dynamic engagement that is sophisticated and eye-catching. With blooms of different colours and sizes, you can add a lot of interest to your vase arrangement. Go for contrasting colours or stick to a monochromatic palette to add class to your decorative vases.

Consider Natural Elements and Fillers:

A vase arrangement would not be complete without the right foliage to complement your beautiful blooms. But there is another element that you simply cannot overlook- fillers. Branches, leaves, stems, and fillers can enhance the look and shape of your flower arrangement and also help add a more natural touch to it by filling in the gaps.

Varying Heights:

Incorporate several different elements of varying heights in your vase arrangement to create a captivating effect in your home interior. As mentioned before, you should always place taller flowers in the center and place the shorter foliage- leaves, branches, stems, and fillers on the sides. This adds depth and dimension to the overall flower vase arrangement.

Incorporate Unexpected Elements:

Another way that you can let your imagination run wild is by adding unexpected arrangements to your home decor vase arrangement. You can add elements like seashells, feathers, or even tiny decor objects of personal interest to your indoor vases to add interest to your flower vase arrangements.

Consider the placement of the vase:

As you consolidate most of the elements for your vase arrangement into your decorative vase, you should start thinking about where you will be placing your vase. If you want to display your vase on a dining table, ensure that it’s small enough so that you can have an easy conversation from across the table. If you have a floor vase arrangement, you can make it taller, but ensure it doesn’t obstruct any views or pathways.

Rotate and Refresh:

Flower arrangements are always meant to be dynamic; you cannot keep your indoor vase arrangement static. The best indoor vase arrangements are the ones that change with the seasons. You cannot also rotate the flowers in your indoor vase arrangement to fit a specific occasion or match the theme of your living space. 

Reflect Your Personality:

At the end of the day, your vase arrangement should be the mirror image of your personal style and personality. Let your creativity out and experiment with different combinations for your flower vase arrangement until you find something that reflects you as an individual.Vase styling gives you a chance to express yourself and provide your living areas with your unique character.

Use these vase arrangements and stylish tips to make your living space a beautiful and artistic retreat. Your home decor will undoubtedly blossom with the addition of these alluring flower vases, whether you favour the appeal of luxury vases or the sophisticated elegance of modern vase arrangements.

5. Unique vases for thoughtful gifts for your loved ones

Browse through our huge collection of luxury vases that are not only great for showcasing your favorite blooms but are also great decorative vases that you can display as standalone art. Our home decor vases are crafted from the best quality materials that are not just known for their functionality but for their ability to elevate the aesthetics of your home completely.

Delight your loved ones with gifts such as our ceramic flower vases, which are not just great vases for the living room but literally the entire house. You can find all our modern flower vases online, that can make thoughtful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarmings and offer your loved ones creative and contemporary ways to elevate their home decor.

From captivating ceramic flower vases to luxury vases that add opulence to your living room, bedroom, or even office space, our selection caters to diverse tastes, making them perfect decor elements and centerpieces. For a striking focal point in the living area, use a ceramic vase from our collection. Alternatively, you can also go with a sleek, simple style that complements contemporary decor. With our carefully curated selection of home decor flower vases online, you're not simply giving a gift—you're providing an embodiment of style and sentiment, a sign of your care and gratitude for the people who matter most to you.

6. Explore home decor, essentials and gift items offered at Nestasia

  • Home Decor items

At Nestasia, we value your commitment to choosing the perfect home decor, and keeping this in mind, we have brought to you a collection of exquisitely crafted home decor items. Now you can truly immerse yourself in a world of home accessories handpicked to fit all styles and accessories. Whether you're looking for the ideal home décor items or require thoughtful home decor gifts online, our collection has a wide range of choices to fit every need and taste. 

Browse our collection of the best wall decor and wall art if you are looking to express your artistic side. With our alluring candles and warm, dancing flames, you can transform your home into a comforting haven of style and exquisite theme. To display your prized memories or snapshots that you are proud of, choose the best photo frames from our collection. Additionally, to make a style statement in your bedroom or living room, you could choose our captivating mirrors. Our eye-catching decor objects are meticulously designed to catch anyone’s eye and be a conversation starter. These can also serve as your ideal centerpieces. 

You can also adorn your house with our range of beautiful vases that are ideal for both real and artificial flowers. Add a traditional feel to your house with our classic Urli pieces all of which showcase artistry and excellent craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for your own home decor or home decor gifts online, Nestasia is the place for you.

  • Dining essentials

Without the right dining essentials, how would you elevate all your dining essentials to new levels? Browse through Nestasia's exquisite Dining Collection, where you can find every dining essential you would need, whether you are having a quiet dinner with your family or hosting a dinner party with guests. All of this dinnerware is meticulously created to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to each of your meals. 

Firstly, our elegant dinner sets help you embrace the joy of sharing delicious meals with your loves ones. Our Dining collection also includes a varied range of bowls, like serving bowls, soup snack bowls, and section bowls, alongside a collection of plates and platters that include dinner plates, snack plates, pasta plates, and more. Complete your table setup with our fine cutlery and glassware, perfect for any occasion. Embrace the joy of dining with Nestasia's exquisite selection.

  • Kitchenware

The kitchen is the culinary heart of your home, and it is important that you adorn it with the best kitchen essentials. At Nestasia, we have a Kitchenware collection that includes all kinds of kitchen necessities that you might need to upgrade all your cooking and eating occasions. Cookware, kitchen jars, kitchen racks, kitchen tools, lunch boxes, and bakeware are all part of our thoughtfully picked selection. All of these kitchen essentials at Nestasia are made from the best quality materials so that you can get the best performance out of them and they can last for years to come. 

Thus, we not only offer you kitchenware with which you can make your cooking effortless but also many functional storage options.  All of the products in our kitchenware collection come in a variety of styles, ranging from minimalist styles to bold, elegant designs, which are meant to add a touch of individuality and personality to your kitchen decor while keeping your food fresh and accessible. 

You can discover the perfect combination of style and function in our Kitchenware Collection. Whether you're seeking kitchen storage solutions or necessary equipment for culinary discoveries, our collection offers a wide choice of options. To transform your kitchen into a stylish and practical retreat, browse our online store. Put your faith in our commitment to excellence and let our assortment of kitchen accessories transform your dining and cooking experiences.

  • Bathroom essentials

When we come home after a long day at work, all we want to do is indulge ourselves in a luxurious bath or a hot shower and let go of every anxiety from the day. To help you truly relax and rewind, whether it is the end of a day or the start of a work day, Nestasia’s brings to you a collection of bathroom accessories that will always help you feel refreshed. 

Our extensive collection of bath essentials is the perfect fusion of aesthetics and utility. We have crafted each product meticulously so that you can feel tranquil and rejuvenated after every bathing experience. Our luxurious collection of bath accessories includes bath setsexquisite soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders. These bath accessories are a combination of sleek, modern designs and functionality that will last for years to come, thus effectively enhancing the ambience of your bathroom. With the help of Nestasia's thoughtfully designed bath collection, you can transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

  • Stationery items

In our busy lives, we simply cannot afford to live without good stationery. To cater to all your needs, Nestasia brings you an excellent collection of stationery online, with which you can enter a world filled with inspiration and creativity. Being a well-known home decor brand, we cannot forget the very important part of your home, which is your daily needed stationery items.  

Thus, you can find several functional and intriguing products in your stationery collection, which include DIY painting kit, notebooks, key chains, USB fans, and desk organizers. Each one of these products is designed in such a way that it brings style, fun, and utility into your daily lives. Whether you make those creative juices flow with our DIY Painting kits or write down your hopes, dreams, and aspirations in our quirky notebooks, there are immense possibilities to explore with Nestasia’s stationery collection.  

Whether you're searching for stationery online or home décor gifts, Nestasia has a vast range of options to fit every taste. You can find the ideal decor accents for your living spaces or surprise your loved ones with one-of-a-kind gifts they're sure to treasure with the help of our large selection of home decor gifts online. You can start shopping right away and infuse some creativity and excitement into your life with Nestasia's exceptional stationery selection. Learn about the joy of stationery and unique home décor that enlivens your space and captures your imagination.

7. Discover various designer rakhi & rakhi gifts available online at Nestasia

Raksha Bandhan is an extremely important festival in our Indian culture, where we celebrate the deep bond between brothers and sisters. As in every other festival, gifting is a big part of Raksha Bandhan too. But sometimes choosing the perfect gift becomes hard because there are so many options out there. You might find it difficult to find one specific gift that fits in with the style and preferences of your siblings. To help you avoid all of that dilemma, Nestasia brings to you a range of premium, luxury Rakhi Gift Hampers, each of which is handpicked to fit every style and taste. Each one of our Rakhi gift hampers includes luxurious and opulent gift items like home decor, mixed with festive feelings and heartfelt wishes, with the aim of spoiling your loved ones with affection and best wishes.

In the modern day, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is not just confined to the tying of Rakhis to your brother. Nowadays, we blend modernity with tradition and tie lumba rakhis to our sisters-in-law or bhabhi. Tying a lumba rakhi to your bhabhi is a great way to make her feel part of the new family. Adorned with beads, threads, and embellishments, the lumba rakhis at Nestasia are great for expressing your love for your bhabhi on the festival of Rakhi.  

Brothers hold a very special place in our lives, and our designer rakhis are especially made to celebrate the beautiful bond between you and your brothers. From Nestasia’s collection of designer rakhis, you can pick anything ranging from minimalist designs to bold patterns, depending on what designs your brother likes, and tie it on his wrist.

If you are also looking to celebrate the spirit of togetherness this Rakhi, choose our couple's Rakhi gift sets. These would be the perfect choice for you, as each of these couple rakhis is intricately crafted with meticulous attention to detail and not only symbolizes the love between you and your brother but also between your bhaiya and bhabhi.

Celebrate the precious relationship between siblings this festive season with an element of style and thoughtfulness. You can make Raksha Bandhan extra special with Nestasia's enticing selection of designer rakhi and rakhi gifts. Our wide selection of couple rakhi choices, rakhis for brothers, and lumba rakhis includes traditional options and innovative styles that capture the essence of this deeply significant festival.

With our rakhi gift cards, you can extend your heartfelt wishes while giving your loved ones the opportunity to select the ideal gift for themselves. These rakhi gift cards open up a world of options, allowing your siblings to select a gift that suits their individual tastes.

Explore Nestasia's extensive selection of designer rakhi and rakhi gifts to enjoy the pleasure of a seamless online buying experience. Your Raksha Bandhan celebrations will be genuinely remarkable thanks to our Rakhi gift collection, which combines tradition and modern trends. With the exquisite selection of rakhi essentials offered by Nestasia, you can deepen your relationship with your siblings and make priceless memories.

8. Why Choose Nestasia?

Discover the exquisite allure of the home decor items and home accessories at Nestasia. You can enhance your living space, from your bedroom and bathroom to your kitchen, with our range of captivating home accessories. Besides that, if you are looking for presents for your loved ones, regardless of the occasion, we have got you covered with the most exquisite home decor gifts online in our collection.

You can choose from a wide variety of home decor gift items that range from timeless photo frames that are great for showcasing your cherished memories to scented candles to infuse aroma in your home and charming baskets that you can use for decoration as well as storage. Illuminate your living space with magically decorative yet modern lamps, and adorn your walls with eye-catching wall art and wall shelves. Add beautiful wall mirrors or vanity mirrors to your bedroom that reflect your style and personality. If you want to add a touch of nature, you can explore our collection of indoor planters.

At Nestasia, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect home decor items, which is why each piece is made with meticulous craftsmanship, showcasing an unparalleled fusion of quality, design, and distinction that breathes life into every corner of your abode. With our home decor items, Nestasia redefines home aesthetics, helping transform your houses into personalized havens of sophistication.

9. FAQs

How do I clean and maintain the vases?

Gently rinse your vases in warm water with mild soap to prolong their lifespan. A gentle brush can be used to remove tough stains. You should always avoid using abrasive or harsh chemicals since they may ruin the finish. Before putting the vases back on display, thoroughly dry them. The best way to keep your vases clean is to regularly dust them with a soft cloth. Vases should be kept out of the sun and high heat to avoid fading or cracking. These easy steps will help you keep your vases looking beautiful and enjoy their appeal for many years to come.

Can I customize the vases with different colors or designs?

Although we understand why you would want to customize your vases, our vases are presently only available in pre-made colours and patterns. This guarantees our craftsmanship to be of the highest caliber and consistency. However, our broad selection includes a variety of alluring styles and designs, so you're sure to discover something that fits your aesthetic and flawlessly matches your environment. Discover vases that complement your style and add a touch of sophistication to your living areas by exploring our collection.

Are the vases packaged securely to prevent damage during shipping? 

Absolutely. It is vital that we preserve the craftsmanship and the overall integrity of our vases, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. Thus, we ensure that each vase that we ship is encased in a protective layer of bubble wrap/foam/thermocol so that it cushions the decorative items and minimizes all risks of damage. Our packing supplies provide a safe cocoon that protects the vases from potential accidents and are specifically made to endure the rigours of transit. Your preferred vases will be delivered to your door in perfect condition, ready to adorn your living spaces with their beauty, thanks to our dedication to secure packaging.

Are there any special care instructions for delicate vase designs?

You need to pay absolute attention and handle these vases gently when cleaning them. Avoid putting flower vases in areas of the home where people would walk or places where they may get knocked over by children or pets. To avoid scratches, wipe down with a soft, lint-free cloth and, if necessary, apply mild, non-abrasive cleansers. To avoid fading or cracking, protect it from intense sunlight and temperature changes. To further protect the vase from surface scratches, consider putting soft padding underneath it. You can maintain the beauty of your fragile vases and take pleasure in their subtle appeal for many years to come by following these safety procedures.

What sizes are available for the vases? 

Our selection of vases has been carefully chosen to include a variety of sizes, ranging from small, medium, and large, assuring the ideal fit for your individual preferences. Each size category caters to different design aspirations and spatial needs, allowing you to easily find the ideal vase to complement and enhance your home decor. From the charming allure of small vases that add delicate accents to your spaces, to the versatile elegance of medium-sized vases that strike a balance between subtlety and presence, to our large vases that make a bold statement, we have got you covered!

Can we add decorative vases in the kitchen? 

Absolutely. A great way to add charm and beauty to your kitchen is by including decorative vases. Choose vases made of durable materials, such as metal or ceramic, that can resist the kitchen climate. Use these vases to display dried flowers, fresh herbs, or even bright kitchenware to offer a touch of natural beauty. Choose patterns or designs that go well with the aesthetics of your kitchen and display the vases on shelves, countertops, and the center of your dining table. To maintain their appeal and prevent potential harm, just make sure they're placed safely away from cooking surfaces. 

What is a vase used for?

Vases are frequently used to hold cut flowers and may also be placed solely as a showpiece. Vases come in various sizes to support the types of flowers and the number of flowers that they are holding. Vases in Nestasia come in several shapes, and materials and have been crafted to suit all aesthetics, be it minimalistic, or with more ornate detailing.

What material options are available in vases?

The vases by Nestasia have been crafted with high-quality and premium materials that ensure longevity and enable daily usage. Nestasia has a range of translucent and transparent glass vases in various colours while some also feature gold detailing and are equipped with gold metal frames that make the vases look stylish. The handmade clay and ceramic vases add a touch of timeless beauty to the interior while resin flower vases feature quirky and vibrant forms to brighten up the corners.

How do I choose a flower vase for the living room which will make a suitable home decor item?

A tall glass flower vase or clay flower vase will look good with a single stem while a flower with a stout form can be used for placing a flower bouquet. Choose a flower vase for the living room decor based on the number of flowers or the type of flowers you are going to place in the flower vase. Since Nestasia has vases available in various colours, you can also contrast them according to the room's background.

What are the different types of vases for flowers?

The different types of vases for flowers available at Nestasia are cut glass flower vases that beautifully reflect the ambiance light, cylindrical glass vases that are perfect for long-stemmed bouquets, bowl vases that are ideal for shorter flower stems or for placing vase fillers, modern & minimalistic clay vases for flowers that feature neutral tones and unique forms, and wall-mounted vases to decorate any plain walls.

What are large vases called?

Large vases usually refer to floor vases or urns. The floor vase not only adds tonnes of elegance but also creates a stunning focal point for the space. Dull and drab corners or the entrance doorway is unquestionably the finest location for a floor vase, and it's even better if you can pair the vases with contrasting or same-colored smaller vases.

Besides vases, what other types of home decor items can you purchase at Nestasia?

Besides vases, Nestasia offers a range of decor items like resin and clay showpieces that'll brighten up the interiors with their additions. We also have wall hangings and artificial flower stems, flowers, and leaf vines. Whether you're opting for a modernistic decor or an opulent festive one, Nestasia has decor objects and showpieces for all.

Are ceramic vases durable?

Nestasia's ceramic vases are a great decoration option as they look extremely elegant. The ceramic vases are made of high-quality ceramic clay that has been fired at high-temperature to ensure durability. Our clay vases are extremely sturdy and perfect to permanently deck up the corners. However, if the ceramic vase falls from a greater height, there are chances of breakage and cracks.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Vases

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Vases Pricing

Product Name Price
Scandi Pedestal Floor Vase Pink Rs.3439
Tall Floor Vase Grey Rs.3439
Basket Design Mini Vase For Living Room Blue Rs.713
Cloud Ceramic Flower Vase Rs.2890
Sage Green Ceramic Pot For Flowers Rs.1843
Soft Vintage Ceramic Flower Vase For Home Decor Pink Rs.751
Ceramic Mini Bag Vase Mustard Yellow Rs.689