Home Décor Vases


    Vases form an essential part of home décor. Nestasia has a wide variety of vases available- be it small vases, tall vases, flower vases, ceramic vases, long vases, abstract vases, flat vases, and modern vases. These vases can be used along with fresh flowers as well as artificial flowers. Flowers like orchids, roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and lilies can be paired along with similar or contrasting colored vases for an aesthetic that suits your home.  Different types of vases can also be clubbed to form a modern vase set which can a décor element to any modern household.  


    Vases are available in various shapes and sizes at Nestasia- small vases, large vases, geometrical vases, hollow vases, long vases, tall vases, ceramic vases, abstract vases, face shaped vases, and a lot more. Differently shaped vases can be clubbed together to form vase sets which can be used in living rooms, bed rooms, and on dining tables, book shelves, side tables, and bathrooms. Small vases can also be used as pen stands on desks as well as a cutlery stand. 


    Colors and shapes of the vases are what make them different. Long vases, tall vases, abstract vases, flower vases, hollow vases, and modern vases are all available in a range of colors to choose from. Black vases, white vases, blue vases, brown vases, colorful vases, yellow vases, orange vases, green vases, pink vases, earthy colored vases, metallic vases and many more are all set to be a part of your homes and add a décor element to every corner of your homes.  


    Vases are basically meant to beautify your homes and workspaces by adding a décor element and interest to them. Differently shaped vases with various colors are capable of adding a jazz to any modern or contemporary households and workspaces. The vases are ideal for gifting someone who loves home décor. These flower vases can be used along with bouquets of roses, orchids, peonies, lilies, or artificial flowers. Vases can add a décor element to any setting when placed in balcony, tables, gardens, or any other corner of the house. Vases are the first element to add to your home when styling your space and it can help in adding color, texture and charm. Vases also make a great gift and are perfect for occasions like weddings, housewarming and even anniversaries. 


    Nestasia’s vase collection ranges from small vases which can be used to keep fresh flowers, artificial flowers, on desks, book shelves, or can be used as a cutlery stand, a pen stand, and a lot more, to medium and large vases which can be used as flower pots but can also be used as décor items. Different colors and sizes of the vases can be clubbed together to form a vase set which can be used in any modern households or workspaces.  


    Nestasia’s vases range from as low as ₹450 to ₹3450 as per the size, shape, and texture of the vases. The vases can be used individually as well as can be clubbed to form sets. Buy vases online at Nestasia and explore discounts and offers, free shipping, cash on delivery, seasonal sales, and minimalistic rates for vases.  

    Some of our bestsellers and their prices are listed below: 





    White ceramic vase 



    Green planter with stand 

    From 550/- 


    Triangle vase 

    From 850/- 


    Face vase 

    From 1090/- 


    Vase for dried flowers 

    From 1250/-