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Nestasia has curated a range of the best quality products under the Sale section. With exciting deals and irresistible offers, we aim to help you decorate your home in the best way possible with products from different categories. The fact that these products are included in the ‘sale’ section doesn’t mean that their quality or design has been compromised. We ensure that customers get the best quality products that we are renowned for. 

Under the Sale section, we have divided products according to different offers that can be availed by customers. The BOGO offer or Buy 1 Get 1 Offer is a steal deal, allowing you to get 2 home decor items, crockery, and home furnishing for the price of 1. We also have discounts of Flat 30% off on bestselling products with limited stock, and up to 60% off on crockery, home decor showpieces, bags, and other home furnishings. With these discounts and offers online, you can easily deck your home interiors on a budget.

Explore a Range of Offers and Discounts Online


BOGO or Buy 1 Get 1 offer, means that you can buy 2 products for the price of 1. You can rest assured that both products have the highest quality and are crafted to perfection. The BOGO offers from Nestasia span a wide range of products, including plates, bowls, drinkware, dinner sets, bakeware, cushion covers, table mats, and even chocolate moulds. Through this deal, you can add exquisite tableware and drinkware to your dining and home interiors while also adding a touch of elegance to your home with table mats and sofa cushion covers. Customers can experiment with their culinary skills thanks to the addition of bakeware and chocolate moulds, which provide a creative edge. This offer highlights Nestasia's dedication to quality and aesthetics, providing shoppers with a golden opportunity to customize their living spaces with an exquisite and varied variety of goods.

Flat 30% Off

With Nestasia's amazing Flat 30% Off Clearance Sale, indulge in the ultimate home decor shopping spree. This limited-time deal includes a wide selection of luxurious goods aimed at every aspect of your living setting. This sale includes a wide range of household necessities, from the cozy elegance of cushion covers to the sophistication of plates and platters, the appeal of table mats, and the practicality of baking utensils. Discounted mugs and glasses will elevate your mornings. Vases and showpieces will decorate your rooms. Artificial flowers will offer a touch of everlasting beauty.

Nestasia's commitment to quality and style remains unwavering even in this clearance event, allowing you to revamp your surroundings with tasteful selections that reflect your personal flair, all while enjoying a substantial 30% discount. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your living spaces into a haven of elegance and functionality with Nestasia's exceptional clearance sale. Even during this clearance sale, Nestasia's dedication to quality and style is intact, allowing you to transform your surroundings with stylish picks that showcase your unique style while taking advantage of an excellent 30% discount. With Nestasia's great clearance sale, don't pass up the chance to turn your living spaces into a haven of elegance and practicality.

Upto 60% Off

With Nestasia's fantastic sale, which offers up to 60% discount on a variety of household necessities, set out on a journey of savings and style. Explore the world of culinary delicacy with affordable dinnerware from the bestselling Blue Ocean and White Ocean collections, which will give your dining experience a hint of aquatic elegance. Discover the quirky charm of bestselling Chef showpieces that give your living spaces personality. There are travel kit bags that mix functionality and style for the traveller. With discounts on home decor items that suit a variety of interests, you may turn your living space into an oasis of aesthetics and comfort. 

Discounted-priced plates, platters, tablecloths, mugs, cups, and vases that ooze refinement will elevate your table arrangements. Discounted cake stands, baking dishes, and glassware let you bake and present in style while showpieces, tea sets, and glassware add the finishing touches. This sale is a fantastic chance to get high-end home necessities that reflect your unique style while taking advantage of notable discounts of up to 60%.

Categories with Great Deals And Discounts

1. Dining

Get a range of products with amazing discounts and offers from the dining collection. Explore ceramicware and glassware from the Dining collection to elevate your dining experience and crockery collection. With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect pieces to match your personal taste and aesthetic.

Cups, Mugs and Drinkware

Nestasia has an amazing collection of drinkware under sale that will elevate your beverage experience. From beautiful cups and mugs to elegant tea sets and thermos flasks, we have everything you need to enjoy your favourite drinks in style. Nestasia’s selection of water bottles comes in different sizes and designs to fit your needs.


Nestasia also has a great selection of bowls under sale that you shouldn't miss. Whether you need serving bowls for family dinners, snack bowls for movie nights, dip bowls for party snacks, ramen bowls for noodle cravings, bowls with handles for easy carrying, or section bowls for separating different types of food, we have it all. These bowls are not only functional but also stylish and will surely add a touch of elegance to your table setting. 

Plates + Platters

Looking for beautiful plates and platters to add to your tableware collection? Check out the amazing selection of dinner plates, snack plates, pasta plates, ceramic platters, and wooden platters available for sale at Nestasia! These high-quality pieces are perfect for hosting dinner parties, serving up snacks and appetizers, or showcasing your favorite pasta dishes. Whether you prefer classic ceramic plates or rustic wooden platters, there's something for every taste and style in Nestasia's collection.

Table Linen

Nestasia has a great selection of table mats, dinner table runners, coasters, cloth napkins, and trivets available at discounted prices. These high-quality pieces are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and style to your dining table. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner or a casual gathering, Nestasia's table linen collection has something for every occasion.

Dinner Set

Take advantage of fantastic discounts on ceramic Dinner Set collection with various designs and aesthetics. These dinner sets are excellent for giving your dining table a little personality and charm, and they are very reasonably priced. You can select a dining set that suits your taste and style from the various possibilities available. These dinnerware sets are long-lasting and sturdy because of the high-quality ceramic material, so you can use them for many years to come.


You'll be happy to know that Nestasia is currently providing discounts on a selection of premium Glassware if you're looking to update your glassware collection. Everything from durable tumblers and whisky glass tumblers to exquisite stemmed glasses is available. These glasses are ideal for serving drinks to visitors or just relaxing at home with a cool beverage. You may spruce up your collection while staying within your budget with the help of these offers.

Bar Tools

Nestasia has discounts on a range of Bar Tools, including stainless steel and glass straws, stylish wine bottle holders, cocktail filters, and stirrers. These tools can take your home bar to the next level and make your drinks look and taste even better.


Nestasia has a variety of Cutlery options available for sale, including sets of knives, forks, and spoons in sleek and modern designs. These high-quality pieces are sure to elevate your dining experience and impress your guests.

Cutlery Holders

Explore our selection of stylish Cutlery Holders, now available for sale. Organize your dining essentials with finesse using our chopstick stands, providing an elegant solution for keeping your chopsticks within easy reach. Elevate your table setup with our cylindrical cutlery holders, blending form and function seamlessly. These holders not only declutter your space but also add a touch of sophistication to your dining experience.

Snack Baskets

Discover unbeatable deals on our delightful Snack Baskets during our exclusive sale event. Elevate your snacking game without breaking the bank with our discounted collection of versatile and stylish baskets. Whether you're a movie night enthusiast or love hosting gatherings, these snack baskets are a must-have addition to your home. Organize your favorite treats in an appealing and functional manner while enjoying significant savings.

Fondue Sets

Indulge in the art of communal dining with our exquisite Fondue Sets. Crafted to elevate your culinary experiences, these sets bring a touch of elegance to gatherings and special occasions. Designed for both cheese and chocolate fondues, they provide a delightful way to share and savor delectable treats with friends and family.

Cake Stands

Elevate your confectionery creations with our enchanting collection of Cake Stands. Designed to showcase your cakes and desserts in all their glory, these stands are more than just functional – they're a piece of art for your table. Crafted with precision and elegance, our cake stands come in various designs and sizes to suit your preferences.


Our versatile serving Trays are designed to transform the way you present and share food. Crafted with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, our serving trays are the perfect addition to your dining and entertaining experience. Whether you're hosting a casual brunch or an elegant dinner party, these trays offer a stylish and organized way to serve appetizers, drinks, or even desserts.

2. Kitchen

Explore a range of Kitchen products, from cookware to kitchen tools, at great offers and discounts.


Explore the art of baking with our exceptional Bakeware collection, now available at exciting discounts at Nestasia. Unleash your culinary creativity with discounted baking dishes, baking trays, and moulds that are designed to elevate your baking endeavors. From savory casseroles to indulgent desserts, our collection offers a wide range of options to cater to your baking needs.


Embark on a culinary journey with our extraordinary Cookware collection, now available at unbeatable prices. From versatile cooking pots designed to enhance your culinary creations to the timeless charm of cast iron options, our sale offers a gateway to exceptional kitchen experiences.

Jars & Containers

Rediscover the joy of a well-organized pantry with our discounted collection of Jars and Containers. These storage solutions not only keep your ingredients fresh but also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to effortless meal prep as you easily locate your essentials.

Lunch Boxes

Embrace the modern, on-the-go lifestyle with our range of Lunch Boxes. Crafted for convenience, these boxes are designed to keep your meals intact while you navigate your busy day. Beyond functionality, they showcase sleek designs that elevate your style, ensuring that your meals are as visually appealing as they are nourishing.

Kids Lunch Boxes

Elevate your child's lunchtime experience with our delightful Kids Lunch Boxes. These charming containers are not just about food; they're about creating a sense of excitement around mealtime. Let your little ones revel in the joy of opening a lunch box that's as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Kitchen Racks

Optimize your kitchen's potential with our versatile Kitchen Racks, available at discounted prices. Whether you're grappling with limited space or simply seeking efficient organization, these racks provide a solution that merges functionality and aesthetics. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and welcome a well-organized cooking haven.

Kitchen Tools

Unleash your culinary creativity with our range of discounted Kitchen Tools. From spatulas to whisks, each tool is designed to enhance your cooking experience. These tools not only simplify tasks but also embody Nestasia's commitment to quality and innovation, making your time in the kitchen an enjoyable journey of creation.

Denim Cotton Aprons

As you immerse yourself in the art of cooking, protect your attire in style with our Denim Cotton Aprons. These aprons blend the durability of denim with the comfort of cotton, ensuring you're well-equipped for any culinary adventure. Beyond functionality, they add a fashionable touch, reflecting your individuality even in the midst of kitchen chaos.

3. Decor

Elevate your home decor with resin showpieces, ceramic decor accents, intricate sculptures, artificial flowers, furniture, scented candles, and many more at great discounts from Nestasia.

Table Lamps 

Illuminate your living spaces with an air of sophistication using discounted Table Lamps that transcend mere functionality, seamlessly merging practicality with artistry.


Elevate your living experience with discounted furniture pieces, including Coffee Tables that are not just utilitarian but also serve as elegant focal points, exuding character, and charm.


Immerse yourself in the cultural legacy of Urli platters and bowls, now available at enticing discounts. These traditional pieces infuse your spaces with timeless elegance and cultural richness.

Decor Objects

Unveil the essence of your personality through discounted Decor Objects, each carefully curated to captivate the eye and tell a unique story within your living spaces.

Photo Frames

Capture cherished memories in Photo Frames that are more than just holders of photographs – they are discounted artistic expressions that adorn your walls with sentimental beauty.


Embrace the art of floral arrangements with discounted Vases that add a touch of grace to your interiors, serving as sculptural masterpieces that hold nature's delicate treasures.

Tissue Boxes

Harmonize practicality and aesthetics with discounted Tissue Boxes, designed to hold essentials while seamlessly blending with your decor theme.


Infuse organized elegance into your surroundings with discounted Baskets that offer both storage solutions and visual intrigue, transforming clutter into artistic composition.

Artificial Flowers

Embrace the allure of perpetual blossoms with discounted Artificial Flowers that infuse your spaces with nature's delicate splendor, unaffected by the passage of time.

Indoor Planters

Enrich your living environment with discounted Indoor Planters, inviting nature's serenity indoors while adding an element of design finesse to your spaces.

Wall Art

Redefine your walls as canvases of expression with discounted Wall Art, encompassing a diverse range of styles and themes that resonate with your aesthetic sensibilities.

Wall Decor

Elevate your interiors with discounted Wall Decor that exudes creativity and refinement, echoing your personal narrative and enriching the ambiance.

Dried Flowers + Fragrance

Engage your senses with discounted Dried Flowers and Fragrance that add multi-dimensional depth to your spaces, creating an environment of both visual and olfactory delight.

Candles and Votives

Elevate the ambiance with discounted Candles that cast a soothing glow, and delight your senses with scents that fill the air with tranquility and allure.


Reflect elegance and create an illusion of spaciousness with discounted mirrors, available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your decor vision.

4. Bags & Accessories

Step into a world of style and functionality with Nestasia's sale on bags and beauty accessories. Explore a range of products including bags and beauty essentials.


Explore discounted Bags that cater to diverse preferences, from the chic elegance of Sling Bags to the practicality of laptop bags, the versatility of Tote Bags, the cultural charm of Potli Bags, the convenience of Lunch Bags, and the wanderlust-inspired Duffle Bags. Each bag seamlessly integrates fashion and utility, elevating your everyday and travel experiences.

Travel Accessories

Embark on your journeys with discounted Travel Accessories that enhance your adventures. Discover travel pouches designed to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible, ensuring that your travels are as seamless as they are stylish.


Bring order to your life with discounted organizers that simplify your daily routine. Explore jewellery organisers that keep your treasures tangle-free and makeup pouches that hold your beauty essentials with chic elegance, offering functionality with a touch of luxury.


Elevate your ensembles with discounted Scarves that add a layer of sophistication to your attire. These versatile accessories not only provide warmth but also serve as artistic statements that reflect your style.

Beauty Accessories

Delve into discounted Beauty Accessories that enhance your self-care rituals. From beauty blenders that ensure flawless makeup application to hair ties that combine style and functionality and eye masks that offer relaxation, these accessories harmonize aesthetics and well-being.

5. Bath

Indulge in the Nestasia Sale's bath category, where relaxation and luxury intertwine. Explore a range of discounted bath essentials designed to elevate your bathing experience.

Bathroom Accessories

Discover discounted bathroom accessories that combine functionality and style. From convenient dispensers to complete bathroom sets and toothbrush holders, these items add a touch of sophistication to your daily routine, transforming your bathroom into a haven of refinement.


Immerse yourself in comfort with discounted towels, available in a variety of options. Experience the eco-friendly luxury of bamboo towels or embrace the plush softness of cotton towels. Each towel is designed to cocoon you in warmth and absorbency, enhancing the post-bath indulgence.

Floor Mats

Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with discounted floor mats that add both comfort and style. These mats not only prevent slipping but also infuse your space with a touch of luxury, welcoming you to a haven of relaxation.

6. Soft Furnishing

Infuse your home with elegance and comfort in your living spaces with Nestasia's exquisite soft furnishing collection. Explore discounted bed covers that transform your bedroom into a haven of style and relaxation. Elevate the ambiance with rugs that not only add warmth but also infuse your rooms with artistic charm. Discover discounted cushions and cushion covers that effortlessly enhance your seating comfort, adding a pop of colour and texture. Embrace coziness with throws and blankets that invite you to unwind in ultimate comfort.

7. Stationery

Discover the Nestasia Stationery Sale, where creativity and organization merge with discounted items. Explore DIY paint kits to unleash your artistic side, elevate your accessories with chic keychains, capture ideas in discounted notebooks, journals, notepads, and planners, ensure comfort with USB fans and heaters, and optimize your workspace with discounted desk organizers. Elevate your workspace with practical yet stylish stationery essentials that cater to both your creative and organizational needs.

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Embrace the enchanting Rakhi festivities with Nestasia's heartwarming Rakhi Hampers and Rakhi Gift Cards online. In the spirit of celebrating the unbreakable bond between siblings, our Rakhi Hampers have been thoughtfully curated to encapsulate the essence of love, joy, and togetherness. From delectable treats to thoughtful gifts, these hampers are the perfect expression of your affection for your loved ones.

For those seeking the ultimate gesture of thoughtfulness, our Rakhi Gift Cards provide a canvas of possibilities. These cards offer the flexibility for your recipients to choose their own cherished gifts, ensuring that the gesture resonates with their preferences and desires. This Rakhi, transcend distances and express your love in the most heartfelt way through Nestasia's Rakhi Hampers and Rakhi Gift Cards.

Why Choose Nestasia?

Choosing Nestasia for your purchase of products in Sale offers a multitude of benefits that set us apart as a trusted and reliable destination:

  1. Quality and Aesthetics: At Nestasia, we take pride in curating a collection that reflects both quality and aesthetics. Our sale items are no exception, as each product maintains the same standards of excellence and style that define the Nestasia brand.
  1. Diverse Selection: Our sale section includes a diverse range of categories, ensuring that you'll find something for every aspect of your lifestyle. From home decor and furnishings to stationery and gifting, Nestasia's sale caters to various tastes and preferences.
  1. Unbeatable Savings: Our sale prices offer remarkable discounts, allowing you to acquire premium products at more accessible rates. The combination of quality and affordability makes Nestasia the perfect destination to find exceptional deals.
  1. Convenience: Shopping with Nestasia is convenient and accessible, especially with the option to explore and purchase online. Our user-friendly website allows you to browse and select your desired items from the comfort of your home.


1. What categories are included in the sale?

The sale includes a diverse selection of categories, spanning from home decor, furniture, and soft furnishings to stationery, gifting, and more. You'll find options for various aspects of your lifestyle, all at discounted prices.

2. How much discount can I expect on sale items?

Discount percentages can vary depending on the item and the category. Some products might have higher discounts than others. Be sure to explore our website to discover the specific discounts available on different products.

3.  What types of home decor items are included in the sale?

The sale covers a wide range of home decor items including vases, wall art, cushions, throws, and more. You can explore our website to discover the specific items available at discounted prices. All the home decor items feature premium construction and finishes to elevate home interiors.

4. Are stationery items like notebooks and planners available on sale?

Absolutely. Our sale includes a variety of stationery items, from notebooks and journals to planners and more, all available at discounted prices. We also have sets of notepads with planners and journal sets, which also make great gifting ideas.

5. Can I find bamboo towels in the bath accessories sale?

Yes, bamboo towels are part of the bath accessories sale. We offer eco-friendly luxury and comfort for your bathing routine. Crafted from bamboo fibers and a soft cotton blend, these towels not only pamper your skin with their softness but also contribute to a more sustainable bathing routine.

Product Name Price
Leakproof Lunch Box With 4 Compartments Pink 900ml Rs.1650
Rotating Metal Storage Rack White Rs.2835
Scandinavian Striped Ceramic Vase White Rs.2790
Rectangular Ceramic Baking Dish With Handle White 650 ml Rs.795
Toujours Serving Bowl With Lid Rs.2890
Ceramic Baking Dish With Handle Yellow 650 ml Rs.795
Premium Ceramic Baking Dish Green 650 ml Rs.795