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Gifts For Female Friends
Celebrate the wonderful lady friends in your life with adorable gifts from our collection of gifts for female friends. From thoughtful surprises to chic presents, we've curated an assortment that allows you to express your admiration for these incredible women in the most memorable way.

Gifts for Female Friends

Unique Gifts for Your Female Friend! 

From celebrating your accomplishments - big or small, to seeing you cry and giving you the best advice when you needed it the most, your female friend has stuck with you through thick and thin. They are your ride-or-die! You have shared your life’s best moments with them as well as the worst. They know it all. Therefore, these superwomen deserve something special. You could spend hours rattling on about how special your best friend is and how much she means to you, but when it comes down to choosing the perfect gift for her, that’s when you might hit a bump in the road. And you’re not alone here; finding a gift for your friend can be an anxiety-inducing experience. There’s a lot of pressure that comes along with selecting the perfect gift for your perfect bestie. Don’t fret; we’re here to save the day and solve all your indecisive feelings.

Explore Special Gifts Online for Your Female Friend at Nestasia

Sling Bags: Ditch the hassle of carrying your essentials in your hand or an oversized bag. A sling bag is the perfect replacement for your needs. Not only are they easy to carry around, but they are also functional at the same time. By including a shoulder sling bag in your outfit, you can up your style game. Shop from Nestasia’s unique collection of sling bags that are the perfect game-changer for your entire look. 

Water Bottle: Whether you’re looking for stylish water bottles or cute sipper bottles to complement your everyday style, or premium bottles or stainless steel bottles to enhance your home decor, we have it all. Our water bottle collections also make for a good gifting option. Gift your female friends a high-quality, premium water bottle from Nestasia that matches their personalities and makes them miss you a little more.

Key Chain: Another thoughtful gift for your female friend can be a cute keychain that will remind them of you each time they see or use it. At Nestasia, we have some really adorable collections of keychains that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones' faces.

Hair Accessories: If your bestie is a fan of all things pretty and elegant, then a hair accessory would do wonders for her! A hair accessory is a perfect item for any girl or woman. In addition to their functionality, hair accessories like headbands, hair ties, small hair clips, and cute hair clips can also be a fashion statement. These hair accessories for women, like cute hair clips, can add a pop of colour or texture to your hair that will make your overall look more interesting and eye-catching.

Eye Mask: Sleeping is an essential part of the day. After a long and hectic day, our bodies require an ample amount of rest to recharge for the upcoming activities and work. Therefore, sound sleep is necessary to rejuvenate our senses and minds. An eye mask is the perfect choice for undisturbed sleep. Shop from Nestasia’s collection of delicate satin eye masks that aim to give you a good night's sleep. 

Notebook: Notebooks are essential products that are used by people of all ages. Whether to pen down a heartfelt note or to list down important dates and events, notebooks come in handy for everyone. Nestasia has some cool collections of sturdy and eco-friendly notebooks that blend in with your personality and make you fall in love with writing even more.

Best Gifts for Your Female Friend: Thoughtful Selection for All Occasions 

Women’s Day Gifts: Women truly are one of a kind, and therefore, they need to be loved, cherished and celebrated every day. The love they provide for their families and the sacrifices they make for them are unconditional. Nestasia has a specially curated list of gifts for these superwomen. We believe in the magic of little things and the joy they bring. We are all about adding a dash of colour, charm, and whimsy to your everyday life. Whether it's through our hand-painted ceramic planters, intricately designed bags - tote bags, potli bags, sling bags, or quirky decor objects, each of our products is crafted with love and attention to detail, making them truly one-of-a-kind. For the jewellery lover - our intricate and practical jewellery boxes will keep her favourite pieces organised and easily accessible, like a treasure trove of sparkling gems. For the ones who are globetrotters - our cute and compact travel kit for little trinkets will keep them organised and stylish on their next adventure, ready to explore the world. For the home fragrance fanatic, our delightful range of scented candles, from soothing lavender to refreshing citrus, will transport her to a world of mystical scents and soothing aromas.

Birthday Gifts: Birthdays are a reminder of the beautiful days and years you have passed and how far you’ve come in your life’s journey. Celebrating these days becomes beautiful when you have the company of your friends and family. Birthday gifts play a significant role in making your friends and family feel extra special. Nestasia has a humongous collection of birthday gifts. If your female friend loves to fashion a scarf, then you can explore the entire collection of silk scarves and winter scarves from Nestasia. If she loves to carry her essentials along with her, then sling bags and tote bags are the best fit for her.

Anniversary Gifts: Anniversaries are probably the most important and special days for women (after birthdays, of course!). It is an occasion that commemorates a special bond between a person and their better half. These special occasions call for special gifts as well. If you have a female best friend and want to make her special day even more special, then shop from the exclusive range of anniversary gifts from Nestasia to add to the joy of your female friend. Be it a beautifully handcrafted eco-friendly tote bag for regular use or an exquisite dinner set for that elaborate feast at home, Nestasia offers a wide range of anniversary gifts that will leave you spoiled for choice.

Mother’s Day Gifts: Is there anyone more special than Mom? We think not. And if we could spend every single day of the year spoiling her rotten, we would. Oh whoops, hang on, we already kind of do that! Then again, when an occasion like Mother’s Day comes along, we really can’t help but go that extra mile to make her smile. Mom’s hugs are maybe the next best thing to her food, and generally, we’ll cheat our way into anything that gets us a little extra helping of both! Shop for coffee mugs, kitchen tools, and much more from Nestasia to surprise your beloved mother.

Friendship’s Day Gifts: Celebrate the true essence of friendship with your best friend. Nestasia has the best gifts for female friends online. Our handpicked selection of gifts for your best friend will surely leave them spellbound. Friendship Day is a special occasion to honour the precious bonds we share with our friends and to express gratitude for their unwavering support and companionship. Nestasia brings you unique products that are perfect to commemorate your bond with your best friend. Shop for the best gifts for your female friends online at Nestasia and make the day extra special.

Wedding Gifts: Attending your best friend’s wedding? And not sure what to give her on her THE day? Shopping for a wedding gift isn't always easy. However, practical gifts like a new bed cover and cushion cover set, dinner sets, or a serving platter are great, and home items are always a no-fail option. There are also gifts that are perfect for the newlyweds to create memories with, for example - photo frames. Nestasia has some really cute photo frames that are sure to make your friend fall in love with them. Explore our entire range of wedding gift options to make your friend's special day a little extra special.

Discover an array of home decor and gift items available at Nestasia

Home Decor Items: 

What makes a house a home? A beautiful and pleasing decor that renders a warm and welcoming feeling. Let your personality reflect in your home with our exquisite collection of home decor products that will accentuate the overall beauty of your humble abode. Using home accessories like pleasant-smelling scented candles, quirky wall art, beautiful lamps, elegant furniture, decor objects, or abstract and bold wall decor pieces, you can give your home a touch of luxury and elevate its aura. 

Dining Essentials: 

Looking forward to an elaborate brunch with your friends and family but do not have proper dining ware? We’ve got you covered! Nestasia has an amazing collection of beautiful dining essentials that are going to enhance your dining experience. Be it dinner plates, serving bowls, fancy crystal glasses, coasters, table mats, or trays, we have all kinds of dining essentials that are perfect for all your meals.


Whether you cook a little or a lot, having basic kitchen tools is essential for every succulent meal. Not only do kitchen essentials make cooking exponentially easier, but they also make it a lot more pleasant. Shop for cooking pots, lunch boxes, jars and containers, baking essentials, etc. to revamp your kitchen.

Bags and Pouches: 

Even if accessories are not your thing to carry inside, your bags and pouches are essential for both men and women. Not only does it help keep all your essentials in one place, but it also enhances its longevity. Be it everyday use tote bags, a more fancy handbag, a laptop bag, or a travel pouch, Nestasia has a wide collection of amazing bags and pouches that will compliment your style and personality. Discover a wide range of stylish and practical bags and accessories at our store. From tote bags to laptop bags, we have it all. Whether you're looking for a casual sling bag for everyday use or a smart lunch bag for work, we've got you covered. We also have a variety of cardholders to keep your essentials organised.

Bath accessories: 

An organised and appealing bathroom is one that has all its components kept in their proper places. Be it for personal use or for gifting purposes, Bathroom Sets can prove advantageous to all. It not only makes the bathroom look neat and tidy but also makes it look more pleasant. Toothbrush holders, towels, dispensers, floor mats—you name it, we have it.

Soft furnishing: 

Experience the epitome of comfort and style with luxurious soft furnishings at Nestasia. In search of the perfect curtains, cushions, and other pieces of soft furnishing to complement your house? Find the products that make the perfect match for your house. Soft furnishing is the art of transforming a house into a cosy and stylish home. Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort with our high-quality products. Elevate your decor with our vibrant cushion covers, cosy throws and blankets, pretty bedsheets, and much more. We have unique gifts for all and every occasion. 


Bid adieu to clutter with Nestasia’s jewellery organisers so that you can finally flaunt your bedroom decor to your guests rather than garner attention with your messy dressing table. Keeping all your hoops and hair clips in one place can be a task. Finding them at the same spot - an even bigger task. Nestasia’s storage and jewellery organisers are appealing as well as very practical. They are a one-stop solution for all your decluttering needs.

Check out Diwali gifts & hampers online at Nestasia 

Snack Bowls: Snacks are an integral part of any gathering. Be it watching a movie together or sitting in a group relishing gossip with our friends, we always need something to munch on to keep us entertained throughout. However, serving these scrumptious snacks properly and making them look presentable is equally integral. Get Bowl-ed over by the exquisite collection of soup snack bowls from Nestasia. From sophisticated to artistic, our soup snack bowls are very versatile and can be used for any and every occasion. These can also make a perfect gift for female friends or your female bestie, be it for their birthdays or anniversaries. 

Platters: Ceramic platters have an earthy charm that translates into food that looks even more delectable. For dining at home with friends and family, a serving platter is an essential item that every table requires. A platter that is beautiful and at the same time practical is the perfect dining essential for use at home as well as for gifting purposes to your friends and family. Shop from an array of gorgeous ceramic and wooden platters from Nestasia to put a smile on your loved ones' faces. The assorted and elegant platters make for a luxurious diwali gift. 

Decor Objects: Maybe you have a unique mirror that brightens your day-to-day, or perhaps you've got some well-placed decorative objects that make the space feel like you. Either way, you've likely created a cosy, comfortable space for yourself to relax and hang out. And once you understand exactly how amazing that is, you probably want everyone in your life to enjoy that same experience.

Potpourri: Potpourri is a classic range of petals in different colours to freshen up your space. Vibrant potpourri in a ceramic or glass bowl will make it look beautiful and bright. Nestasia’s range of potpourris also comes with a bottle of aromatic fragrances that tickle the nose buds favourably. The potpourri can be used for aesthetic adornment at parties, events, and other occasions. The decorations also make stunning table centrepieces. Potpourri can help the interiors smell fresh 24x7 and also make for stunning centrepieces on the table. The potpourri flowers can be placed in ornamental dishes or potpourri bowls to create a beautiful presentation. Our potpourris feature naturally dried flower petals and botanicals that can be infused with any essential oil of your choice, even if our bottle of the aromatic fragrance has been used up. Apart from just being a decor accessory, the potpourris can also be used as room fresheners and car fresheners. The potpourri can also be placed inside cupboards and suitcases to get rid of any odours, or musty smells. Crafted of natural dried flowers, potpourri's composition of scented dried flowers can also make for great party favours and ‘thank you’ presents.

Jewellery Box: Jewellery boxes are a lifesaver. If you love to hoard your precious jewelleries and do not have one assigned place to keep them, then jewellery boxes from Nestasia are here to come to your rescue. Our elegant jewellery boxes are sturdy and durable and have enormous space inside to keep all your essentials safe.

Ramen Bowl: We hear you, ramen lovers! We know how important it is for you to slurp your ramen from the right ramen bowl. Therefore, Nestasia has a quirky collection of ramen bowls for all ramen lovers. Slurp your way through our vivacious ramen bowls today.

Party Game: A gathering with friends and family is incomplete without party games, be they card games or board games. It is a part of every Indian festive tradition to play games in order to keep the spirits of festivity high. Shop for your favourite online at Nestasia today. Be it a wooden card box or wooden tic tac toe, our fun games are sure to add to the joys of your festivity.

Diffuser: Create a harmonious sensory atmosphere with a handpicked selection of scented candles and diffusers from Nestasia. For a gourmet fragrance, opt for vanilla or lavender diffusers. For a more tantalising taste, go for lemongrass. Nestasia has some beautifully crafted ceramic oil diffusers that can also be used as decor pieces for an aesthetic look at home. These home accessories are the perfect gift for your female bestie. 

Cushion Covers: Add a pop of colour with Nestasia’s intricately handcrafted cushion covers, which are a quintessential piece of every home decor. Be it for the purpose of everyday use or to be gifted to your friends and family during special occasions or festivals, they make for an ideal home decor product. Ranging from abstract and colourful to sophisticated and subtle, Nestasia has an array of elegant cushion covers. These home furnishings can be used as small gifts for your female friends or as gifts for your close female friends.

Why Choose Nestasia?

Quality over quantity - a motto that Nestasia swears by. All our products boast premium quality and are eco-friendly. We are a customer-oriented brand that believes in satisfying its customers and living up to their expectations. All our home decor products are intricately handcrafted to ensure the best of everything. 

Speaking from the point of view of pricing, our products are affordable and easy to access without compromising on their quality. We truly believe in enhancing the lifestyle of our customers, so we understand the importance of making our products available within their reach. A luxurious lifestyle and a style statement shouldn’t be expensive at all. 


What kinds of gifts are available for female friends at Nestasia?

Nestasia has a wide range of thoughtfully curated gifts for female friends. If your friend is a fashionista, then our collection of sling bags, scarves, and hair accessories would be the perfect gift for her. If you are looking for something with more utility, then jewellery organisers, table mirrors, lunch boxes, and coffee mugs would make ideal gifts.

How can I find the perfect gift for my female friend on the Nestasia website?

Nestasia has an amazing collection of gifts that cater to all occasions and everyone. If you are particularly looking for a gift for your female friend, then you can search for it on the search bar by typing “gifts for female friends”, and you will be redirected to our gift collection that is tailored for this particular category. This category is also available under our gifts drop-down menu.

What are some popular gift ideas for female friends that other customers have loved?

Jewellery is a very popular gift item among women. Other gift options are scented candles, tote bags, handbags, scarves, indoor planters, etc.

How long does it take for the gifts to be delivered to my address?

Unlike priority mail, standard delivery takes approximately between 8-10 working days. Plus, you also need to count additional time for pick-up and drop-off.

Are there any discounts or special offers available on gifts for female friends?

Women are special and do not require any particular festival or occasion to celebrate themselves. However, there are a few occasions, like Friendship Day, that pave the way for special discounts for women.

Can I gift tableware items to female friends?

Absolutely! You can gift tableware items to your female friends. Tableware items have greater utility as gifts, especially if your friend is newlywed or has shifted to a new house. She would definitely need these, or, if your friend is a home decor enthusiast, gifting her tableware would be a treat.


Product Name Price
Sling Bag Black Rs.949
Sling Bag For Women Purple Rs.949
Crossbody Bag Pink Rs.949
Sling Bag Brown Rs.949
Travel And Makeup Pouch With Double Zip Pink Rs.610
Multipurpose Quilted Vanity Pouch Brown Rs.610
Double Zipper Makeup Pouch Green Rs.610