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Take your love for Oriental cuisine to the next level and dine in style with our range of premium ramen bowls.

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Ramen lovers know how important it is to have the correct ramen bowls for savoring them. A perfect ramen bowl must not be too shallow to make eating with chopsticks easy. Along with that, they should have the perfect height to prevent the soups from spilling or splashing. At Nestasia, you would find an array of ramen bowls. The bowls come in different sizes and quirky shapes that you can choose from. In addition to that, you would also find noodle bowls, curry bowls, and serving bowls. All our bowls are unique and made fashionable keeping up with the current trendy designs, and pairing them with a subtle touch of elegance.

You can serve a variety of food items in these bowls apart from ramen. This includes creamy pasta, noodles, fried rice, curries, fruits, soup, veggies, and even Indian meals like biryani, and more. Buy ramen bowls you are looking for from Nestasia. Choose from a wide range of ramen bowls, noodle bowls, and curry bowls.

 Size and colors of ramen bowls

A bowl of ramen surely tastes better in a visually appealing ramen bowl. If you want to select from a huge variety of ramen bowl shapes and sizes, Nestasia has got you covered. There are the traditional round bowls, flower-shaped bowls, boat-shaped bowls, abstract hat-shaped bowls, plant pot-shaped bowls, and more. The bowls come in various sizes. This makes it easier to choose the perfect bowl you need. 

Along with the different shapes and sizes, there are also various pretty colors and patterns that you can select from. The color choices range from fun and bright shades to eye-pleasing nude shades. There are both glossy and matte options that you can explore as well. The choice of colors includes shades of white, black, red, yellow, green, pink, and more. You would find these colors coming in monochrome, dual-tone, ombre, and other printed and textured combinations. 

The variety of designed and textured bowls is endless as well. These include various abstract designed ramen bowls, teardrop designed bowls, floral bowls, seasonal fruits ramen bowls, bowls with quotes and words, and more. There are also various cute ramen bowls that kids would love for sure. These include cute cat design bowls, animal-printed bowls, and swan-designed bowls.

You can mix and match the ramen bowls and create your own decor with prints and monochrome-colored bowls. On the contrary, you can also shop for similar ceramic ramen bowls of various sizes to uplift your tablescape.

Usage of Ramen Bowls

When we talk of ramen bowls, the first thing that comes to mind is having ramen in them, of course. But Nestasia’s extensive range of ramen bowls is great at multitasking. Apart from just ramens, you can use our bowls to serve a couple of other foods as well. This includes cereals, creamy pasta, Cantonese, veggies, soups, curries, as well as rice, and biryani. The small bowls could be used to serve popcorn, chips, and more for all of those perfect Netflix and chill weekends.

You can match these bowls with similar plates and club them with your dining decor as well. It could be used as a serving bowl on a dining table. Additionally, the classy and fashionable bowls can also be tweaked and used as plant pots for office and bedside tables. You can also store miscellaneous items in the bowls.


Nestasia gives you complete value for your money. All our bowls are visually appealing distinct pieces that are highly durable. They can blend easily into every occasion and leave your guests impressed. 

Ramen Bowls Pricing

Product Name Price
Aloha Ceramic Snack Bowl 360 ml Set Of 6 Rs.1240
Asphalt Grey Ramen Bowl 800 ml Rs.1220
Ruby Red Ramen Bowl 600 ml Rs.350
Feliz Ramen Bowl 800 ml Rs.800
Monochrome Soup Bowl 500 ml Rs.835
Sleek Ramen Bowl 400 ml Rs.755
Ocean Ramen Bowl White Small 550ml Rs.715