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Introduction to Cottagecore Aesthetic

If ditching the hustle and bustle of city life and settling in a rural cottage is your dream, cottagecore aesthetics can be the perfect choice for you and your home interiors. 

So, what is the cottagecore aesthetic all about? The trending cottagecore aesthetic is all about embracing the ease of rural life. Inspired by Western farm life, the cottagecore aesthetic style began to trend on social media in the late 2010s, but it exploded in the mainstream with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, it's one of 2023’s strongest home decor trends, as people from all over the world have started to create their own whimsical and charming cottage-core rooms in their city apartments. However, the roots of the cottagecore aesthetic can be traced back to the Victorian era, when it was popular primarily among the rich city dwellers who used to escape to rural villages to stay in cottages for leisure. 

Since the cottagecore aesthetic focuses primarily on ideas like simple living and finding harmony in nature, the ideal cottagecore-inspired home accessories are always heavy on florals, natural materials, pastel colour palettes, vintage-inspired accessories, and more. Cottagecore aesthetic is also about creating a cozy and inviting space that will help you relax and escape from the chaos of everyday life. 

Are you someone who is looking for a cottage-inspired makeover at your home? If so, why wait to go to the countryside to enjoy the rustic lifestyle when Nestasia’s exquisite cottagecore home decor collection is here for creating your desired rural setup by sitting in the comfort of your home? Let’s delve into the primary elements of the cottage-core aesthetic while exploring Nestasia’s cottage-core collection to transform your home into a whimsical haven.

Pastel or Earthy Color Palette:

The cottagecore aesthetic is all about warm tones and earthy hues. Hence, it’s always better to go for subtle or pastel-shaded home accessories while creating a cottage-core decor set-up in your home. 

If you’re looking for pastel-shaded home decor items online in India, you can explore Nestasia’s cottage-core collection that comprises plates, platters, cups, mugs, showpieces, hand-woven throws, kitchen storage jars, vases, planters, cookware and more. The pastel colour or earthy tones of the home accessories not only add tranquillity to your home space but also take you back to the nostalgic allure of a bygone era. 

Browse through our wide range of soft-hued home accessories and get your favourite picks to create your own charming and heartwarming cottage-core home decor!  

Adorable Floral Designs:

Floral designs and prints are a quintessential aspect of the cottagecore style that add whimsy, charm, and natural beauty to your home. Taking inspiration from rural life and bygone eras, cottagecore features the charm and romance of the countryside. Including home accessories with delightful floral motifs will allow you to impart the essence of blooming gardens and lush meadows, even though you are residing in your city apartment that lacks natural surroundings. 

It’s always better to choose home accessories that feature dainty roses or soft pastel-hued blooms for creating a captivating cottagecore decor setup. Nestasia’s collection of adorable floral patterned dinner plates, snack plates, platters, home furnishings, dinner sets, soup bowls, snack bowls, bath dispensers, napkin holders, tea sets, photo frames, planters, kitchen storage jars, throws, rugs and more features intricate floral designs and prints, making them ideal for setting up an enchanting cottagecore decor setup at home. Explore our wide range of floral-designed premium home accessories online and get ready to create your own cottagecore-inspired setup at home by experimenting with floral designs and colours according to your taste and preferences.

Sustainable Storage Baskets:

Apart from aesthetics, cottagecore also prioritizes sustainability and self-sufficiency. If you’re looking for ways to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, Nestasia’s wide assortment of eco-friendly storage baskets can be the ideal choice for you. 

Embrace the rustic charm of our premium quality Sabai grass and moonj grass kitchen storage baskets that are meticulously handwoven, making them ideal for creating a cottagecore home decor setup.  The storage baskets infuse a nostalgic allure of countryside living and allow you to store your necessary kitchen items, kitchen utensils, toiletries, children’s toys, and more. 

The kitchen storage baskets are also lightweight, allowing you to easily carry them whenever needed. Explore our eco-friendly Sabai grass and moonj grass storage baskets and pick the one that suits your taste and preferences. 

Wooden Platters:

If you want to experiment more with cottagecore aesthetics, you can always start from your kitchen. Bring nature to your home kitchen and lay your hands on natural wood platters or chopping boards that will look excellent on the dining table top of a cottagecore dining room or kitchen!

Are you someone who too wants to get indulged in the cottagecore aura? If so, then Nestasia’s wooden platters or chopping boards can be the ideal addition to your kitchen shelves. Serve delectable dishes, starters, cheese, fresh fruits, and more on the wooden platters and let them remind you of the good old days and create a connection between you and nature. 

Chequered Patterns:

Get ready to transport yourself to the bygone era, where simplicity meets elegance in perfect harmony with Nestasia’s exquisite chequered patterned cushion covers and table mats. If you are someone who wants to bring in the flavours of the countryside into your home decor, the cushion covers in subtle shades can lend a dash of rustic elegance to your interiors.

To complement the captivating cottagecore ambiance, our chequered table mats can be the perfect addition to your dinner table or coffee table. The geometric patterns of the table mats draw inspiration from the idyllic country chequered tablecloths. As you sit down to enjoy your evening tea or meals, the charming table mats allow you to experience the coziness of cottagecore's nostalgic embrace and instantly connect you to the past, which not only feels comforting but also refreshing. Pair the chequered table mats with our teacups with matching patterns to complete an ideal cottagecore table setup.

Vintage Decor Treasures:

Embrace the allure of foregone days with the vintage decor items from Nestasia’s cottagecore collection. From vintage glassware and photo frames to planters and ceramic cups, every piece from Nestasia’s cottagecore collection exudes timeless charm and rustic elegance. 

Our cottagecore collection comprises a thoughtfully curated assortment of vintage home decor items that are designed to complement any rustic home decor setup. Explore our collection and mix and match the vintage decor items with different colour tones of your choice to create an overwhelming cottagecore decor setup. 

Handwoven Throws:

If you want to immerse yourself in the cottagecore lifestyle, get ready to embrace the concept of slow living. Bring in the cottagecore aura to your home interiors with Nestasia’s plushy handwoven throws or throw blankets that are intricately crafted to infuse rustic allure into your living space. 

Cottagecore promotes the usage of natural materials. Our handcrafted throws are made from 100% organic cotton fibres that exude a pastoral aura, making them ideal for any cottagecore decor setup. The handcrafted throws celebrate the art of traditional weaving and radiate a sense of craftsmanship and nostalgia that perfectly complements any cottagecore decor setup.

Each cotton throw from the collection features unique and intricate patterns that will remind you of the golden days when life used to be simple and comfortable. From subtle tones to brighter shades, our collection has something for everyone. You can drape one of these throws over your favourite armchair or couch or wrap it around your shoulder while sipping tea to experience the ultimate pastoral comfort. Browse through our home accessories online and pick the one that matches your taste and preferences. 

Artificial Flowers & Fruits:

Cottagecore is all about staying in touch with nature, which not only makes you happy but also reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety. Whether you’re thinking of starting a more beautiful life or just want to add a cottage flair to your home surroundings, floral arrangements are always the first to start with. Embrace the whimsical allure of a countryside garden all year round with Nestasia’s artificial flowers, artificial plants and faux fruits. Our life-like artificial floral arrangements and faux fruits are crafted to infuse your living space with timeless charm and pastoral grace.

Nestasia’s collection of artificial flowers showcases a wide range of delicate blooms, from dainty roses to wildflowers, that exude rustic elegance in your home decor. Our collection of artificial blossoms is carefully crafted to bring the joy of a blooming garden indoors, which does not even require everyday care and maintenance and looks fresh for a longer period of time.

Nestasia’s intricately designed faux fruits are here to complement the floral wonders! Our collection features life-like fruits that will remind you of bountiful harvests from an old-fashioned orchard. From grapes and pears to oranges and apples, our collection of faux fruits comprises everything you will need to create an enchanting cottagecore setup at home. Whether you’re creating an adorable centrepiece for your dinner table or decorating your window shelf with the colours of the countryside, our artificial flowers, vines and faux fruits will effortlessly transform your living space into a cottagecore haven.

Explore Nestasia’s collection of artificial flowers, artificial plants and faux fruits online as they celebrate the pleasures of simple living and encourage you to stay connected with the eternal beauty of nature while also offering you the convenience of longevity.

Think Beyond Pastels:

Venture beyond pastel shades and start exploring bold and vibrant tones to create a cottagecore decor setup at home. Sounds interesting, right? It’s time to break the age-old convention of choosing pastel shades for a cottagecore setup by exploring some of Nestasia’s vibrant-hued home decor items that are designed to celebrate the essence of the countryside at home.  

The key to a perfect cottagecore set-up lies in maintaining the perfect balance between vivid hues and neutral-shaded elements. To master the art of playing with colours, you should always start by selecting the dominant colours of your choice first and then complement them with contrasting vivid tones through cushions, throws, showpieces, wall art and more. Think out of the box and create your own cottagecore home decor setup and make it unique and spirited as you are.

Why choose Nestasia for cottagecore Home Decor Collection?

Nestasia is your ultimate destination for purchasing cottagecore home decor collections that comprise dinner plates, snack plates, platters, home furnishings, dinner sets, soup bowls, snack bowls, bath dispensers, napkin holders, tea sets, photo frames, planters, kitchen storage jars, throws, rugs, artificial flowers, fruits, and more that lend an ideal rustic look to your home. 

As a home decor brand, Nestasia prioritizes quality, utility and beauty in every aspect of its offerings. From soft-hued home furnishings to floral printed dinnerware and adorable artificial flowers, Nestasia has everything you need to create an ideal cottagecore ambiance in your home. 


  • What types of plates and platters are included in the cottagecore Collection?

  • The cottagecore Home Decor Collection offers an exquisite array of plates and platters that express the allure of rural living and the beauty of nature. Our plates and platters are made of premium ceramic and stoneware, guaranteeing durability and providing a lovely backdrop for the beautiful floral patterns that perfectly encapsulate the cottagecore aesthetic. The small salad and snack plates, which feature cottagecore aesthetics, are ideal for displaying salads and light nibbles. 

  • What does the cottagecore Home Decor Collection consist of?

  • The cottagecore home decor collection is a carefully curated collection of decorative accents, dinnerware and home furnishings that is inspired by the natural beauty and nostalgic appeal of country life. It combines aspects of comforting simplicity, floral themes, and rustic elegance to produce a nice and enchanted atmosphere in your house.

  • Can I combine different pieces from the cottagecore Collection to create my own custom look? 

  • Yes, the cottagecore Home Decor Collection encourages creativity and personalization. You have the freedom to mix and match various elements, such as hand-woven throws, vintage-inspired showpieces, floral plates, earthy-toned planters, and cozy mugs, to curate a personalized cottagecore aesthetic that resonates with your individual taste and style.

  • Are the cottagecore Collection items appropriate for gifting? 

  • Yes, the cottagecore collection features a lovely range of essentials that make thoughtful and endearing presents for people who value natural beauty and rustic elegance. These charming accessories capture the coziness and nostalgia of cottagecore life, whether it's a set of floral dishes for the hostess, a warm hand-woven wrap for a close friend, or a delicate showpiece for a loved one's special occasion.

  • Can different kinds of plants be placed in the vases and planters from the cottagecore Collection? 

  • Yes, the cottagecore collection's vases and planters are made to be adaptable and suitable for a range of plants. The collection provides possibilities to highlight your love of nature and greenery in appealing and elegant displays, whether you prefer little succulents, blossoming flowers, or bigger potted plants.


    Product Name Price
    Farmhouse Round Wooden Platter 15 Inch Rs.1090
    Check Side Table Mat Rs.140
    Kitchen Organization Baskets Rs.1890
    Ceramic Plates Rs.590
    Serena White Truffle Floral Soup Cup 450 ml Rs.415
    Ultra Mod Ceramic Candle Holder 2 Arm Rs.1700
    Carmella Floral Ceramic Serving Bowl 1.5 L Rs.750