About Nestasia

Make Home Special is not only a motto Nestasia follows but heeds to celebrate creativity and individuality. With products that are as functional as they’re beautiful, Nestasia is a home decor brand with a wide range of uniquely designed, quality products to suit all home decor styles ranging from Contemporary,...

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About Nestasia

Make Home Special is not only a motto Nestasia follows but heeds to celebrate creativity and individuality. With products that are as functional as they’re beautiful, Nestasia is a home decor brand with a wide range of uniquely designed, quality products to suit all home decor styles ranging from Contemporary, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Minimalist, Eclectic and more.

We bring to you an array of ceramicware, glassware, soft furnishings, bath essentials, planters, and faux florals which have been moulded, woven, and designed to perfection by master craftsmen. Be it a sleek mug to carry on the go, gold detailed crockery for festive fine-dining, or planters and vases to provide a home for those vibrant florals, Nestasia is the one-stop-shop for making the home a sanctuary of aesthetics and functionality. In our drive to create a space that not only woos your guests but creates a comforting corner of joy for you too, Nestasia has products that are a result of careful selection, harmoniously blending style, and culture.

Whether it’s double-walled glass cups to help one snuggle up to a warm cuppa with ease, cut-glass textured luxurious tumblers, ceramic cups, and mugs in solid colours, Nestasia has it all to suit your home. And as they say, something’s missing in a room until you have some floral patterns, and omber hues around! Don’t you think so too? With every collection, we believe in bringing to you the best, most trending products that your home deserves so that you can create a home full of joy, a home that’s special.

You can also lay the table spread that suits the ambiance and occasion with glass or ceramic plates and bowls. With crockeries featuring dainty daisies to vibrant orchids, detailed golden rims on white plates to subtle gold splatters on luxe emerald plates, geometrically patterned crockeries to solid minimalist tableware, one can find one’s choice to showcase delicacies on.

Bathroom essentials including the premium ceramic and glass soap dispensers, storage and laundry baskets, bath accessory sets, and organizers are a guarantee of long-lasting functionality and unsurpassable beauty.

We’ve also got your party and picnic essentials sorted with drink dispensers, wooden, ceramic, and marble platters, cookware, USB fans, and heaters to be a handy companion. And if you need tips on how to go about laying that perfect party or picnic spread, you can also click on the “shop the look” section on our home page.

Apart from the stunning kitchenware collection, Nestasia also offers storage essentials like baskets and jars to keep condiments and snack bites fresh and handy by the side while one tunes in to their favourite show, vibes to music, or hangs out with friends.

Our decor items include quirky showpieces for the wall and tabletop, handcrafted candles and votives, exquisitely vibrant faux florals, and intricately designed photo frames to treasure happy moments spent with family and friends. To make a concoction of coffee that sets the tastebud alight, Nestasia has a range of manual coffee makers and drippers that will satiate a coffee enthusiast who wants to craft and achieve that perfect brew.

Give guests a cheery and warm welcome with bright rugs and runners that elevate the ambiance, giving justice to your ‘Home Sweet Home’. To add comfort to an abode, add soft comfortable throws on the sofa, or bask in the warmth of the throw while binge-watching a series. Nestasia offers a varied range of cushions and cushion covers that add oomph to a seating arrangement. The boho handwoven rugs and hand-knotted dhurries in neutral and bright tones feature abstract, geometrical patterns, and add an earthy tone to the homescape that fills the missing piece to one’s interior.

Most of Nestasia’s dinnerware have been sorted into collections namely, Mandala, Nitori, Ocean, Bloom, Azo, Willow, Aurelea, Ombre, Amusant, Elysian, Toujours, Bohemia, Feliz, Rustic, Cara, Marble, Dune, Mizo, Meraki, Sakura, Kids Fiesta, Daisy, Geometric, Vintage Wonder, for ease of browsing through as Nestasia aims to cater to products that fulfill every individual’s choice and taste. Keeping in accordance with the collection names, Aurelea features bowls and plates with intricate details, Mandala includes ceramic bowls and plates with symmetrical and balanced florals with components that are vibrant and elate the table setting. The plates and platters are available in varied sizes which are ideal for big gatherings to serve fritters or a small serving for daily snack-time breaks. Bowls for snacks, dips, ramen and noodles, and cereals come in distinctive shapes, sizes and patterns. The style and pattern of crockeries that an individual chooses is a form of self-expression that Nestasia aims to aid one with.

The wide range of decor objects is a great gifting option whether it's for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Diwali, weddings, or any other occasion. The decor showpieces also beautify the mantle top or add a pop of colour to the study table. The range of decor objects includes dainty showpieces with trinket dishes (multifunctionality for the win!), dino decor objects that are a trend among children, chef decor objects that add a fun element to the kitchen, and rustic metallic showpieces to give a vintage charm to one’s home.

Gardening is a hobby and a passion, and to nurture that budding gardener, Nestasia has a curated range of planters and pots, to give green babies a home they may get nurtured in. Moulded and crafted by artisans to achieve the perfect finish, the planters come in varying sizes and colours so that one can mix and match them with their interiors. The planters come in colours of green, blue, grey, black, peach and are available in both solid colours as well as with colourful patterns and scalloped designs, embossed textures that will undoubtedly get one a dollop of praises.

From everyday essentials to gifts that one can cherish, Nestasia has a plethora of products that are just a click away. A simple addition of a new decor piece to the home, a vibrant bowl on the table, or a colourful faux flower bouquet for a loved one is all it takes to make a difference to one’s home and make it truly special in every way.

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