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Add an artistic touch to your accent walls and brighten up your space with our collection of diverse wall decor pieces.

Experience the finest selection of wall decor solutions with Nestasia

Step into Alice’s Wonderland and take your home decor to whole new heights with Nestasia. Believe us when we say Nestasia is the ideal place to come because of the fine collection of wall decor items and wall decor accessories. At Nestasia, you can deep dive into an enormous showcase of creativity and style where you can go through a variety of wall decor items online and buy the most unique wall decor items.

At Nestasia, we understand how important it is to you that your living space reflects your individuality and personality. Our handpicked collection of hanging decor items, shelf decoration items, wall decor pieces, wall mount decor, and wall decor accessories in general offers you a mesmerizing variety of wall decor pieces that can add a flair of luxury and sophistication to the interiors of your home. Whether you are looking for antique wall decorations or modern hanging wall decor items, our expertly curated collection can meet every need and style.

Welcome to Nestasia, where you can discover the timeless allure of antique wall decoration, the modern elegance of contemporary wall decor pieces, and the charming sensibility of wall mount decor or wall hanging decorative items. Nestasia brings you the best of both worlds, merging classic elegance with contemporary design with unique wall decor for living room.

Nestasia’s user-friendly platform allows you to explore our premium collection of wall decoration items right from the comforts of your cozy home. With only a few clicks, you can shop from our extensive collection of wall mount decor, wall home decor items, wall hanging items, and a varied and exciting range of wall decor pieces.

With our carefully chosen wall decor items, which are designed to entice your senses and serve as stunning focal points, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. Enhance your home's interior design with beautiful wall hangings or decorative items for wall and let your walls tell a tale of elegance and beauty.

Nestasia has an unrivaled collection of decorative items to suit your particular tastes, whether you're looking for items for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even your puja room. Our wall-hanging decor items and other wall décor items for the house are sure to invigorate and turn your living spaces into a sanctuary of style.

Explore wall decor collections at Nestasia

Our wall hooks perfectly blend functionality with aesthetics. These wall decor accessories do more than just adorn your walls with elegance; they also serve a very practical purpose. Have you ever come home from work and just left your keys on the couch or kitchen counter, only to find them missing later? Avoid all of that and organize your space with practical yet chic wall hooks that can hold keys, hats, bags, and more.

Nobody likes empty walls devoid of any decor. If you want to adorn your walls with beautiful decor pieces, consider our wall art prints, each of which tells a unique story. Our collection of wall decor items for living room is so extensive that it can fit a variety of design aesthetics for different interior styles. We guarantee that you will surely find wall art pieces that cater to your tase

Hanging shelves are the epitome of chic and functionality. You can not only maximize the space in your home but also create a stunning display area. The perfect fusion of utility and aesthetics, these hanging shelves for decoration provide a stylish platform to showcase your favorite decor pieces, indoor plants, and cherished keepsakes. The best part is that you can use these versatile hanging shelves to adorn the walls of your living room, bedroom, and even kitchen.

Check out our stunning collection of wall shelves that enhance the style and functionality of your home. Regardless of whether you are looking for a display area for your favorite decor showpieces or need extra space to keep your essentials, our wall shelves are the perfect option to blend utility with your home decor. Our wall shelves have been crafted with precision and come in various designs, materials, and sizes to effortlessly complement your home decor.

Want to add some artistic flair to your walls? Browse through our collection of unique wall stickers! Wall stickers are unique decor pieces that offer a simple yet effective way to add aesthetic appeal to your living space. The best part is that our wall stickers are available in various colors and designs, so you can choose one that fits your needs and style. Our high-quality wall stickers are an effortless way to improve your decor because they are simple to apply and remove and leave no residue behind.

Whether or not you are good at organizing, these elegant wall racks are a must-have for your home and wall decor. These wall racks are quite versatile, and they not only help you declutter your space but are also eye-catching.They can be a conversation starter regardless of the room you choose to put them in. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of our exquisite and modern wall racks to add a touch of refinement to any space while storing your personal items in an effortless way.

Using our lovely hanging planters, you can bring the beauty of nature indoors. Whether you choose to have a herb garden for your kitchen or simple and small succulents, these indoor planters are perfect to add a touch of greenery to your interior space. Our hanging planters offer an aesthetically pleasing approach to decorating your walls without having to invest a lot of time or money into having a proper garden.

At Nestasia, we take pleasure in providing a wide selection of wall decor items that meet your individual needs and desires for your home's interior design. Our collections feature high-quality items, original artwork, and a seamless online shopping experience. Our wall décor accessories are certain to inspire and excite you while you redecorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other room.

Things to consider while buying wall decor items 

When choosing wall decor for your home, you must consider several factors to ensure that you are making the best choice. Here are some key factors that you must consider before you purchase wall decor items for your home.

Material Quality: The material of the wall decor that you are choosing can greatly affect its overall appearance in your home. Besides that, the material of the wall decor item that you are choosing will also determine its longevity. Common materials used in wall decor include wood, metal, canvas, acrylic, and vinyl. You must consider your individual style and then decide on the material of wall decor items that would complement your existing decor. Keep in mind that high-quality materials will add a touch of sophistication to your decor and also last longer.

Durability: It is essential that the wall decor that you are choosing can withstand the test of time as well as normal wear and tear without being affected in quality or appearance. For example, wall decor pieces made of metal or acrylic are typically longer lasting than those made of fragile materials like glass. Choosing more durable materials is essential to preventing accidental damage if you have young children or animals.

Maintenance: For wall decor items, easy maintenance is always a plus. If you live in urban areas with a lot of traffic, it is only natural that dust and dirt accumulate on wall decor items over time. This is why it is important for you to choose wall decor items that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or require minimal maintenance.

Sticker Quality: Make sure the wall stickers or decals you are thinking about buying are made of premium vinyl. Wall stickers of poorer quality could easily rip off or damage the paint on your walls. Search for wall decor items that specifically state they are easy to apply and peel off without leaving any adhesive on the walls.

Hold Capacity: Before you choose a wall decor item that is more of a showpiece or an item to be displayed, check the weight/capacity that your wall shelves or display racks can hold. If you overload the shelves, it can lead to potential accidents or damage to your belongings.

Prices: It is important for you to set a budget for your wall decor purchases and explore options within that range so that you don’t overspend. While you should invest in premium quality decor items, it does not mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket. Try shopping when there are sales going on or discounts. You could also shop during the holiday season, as prices are more affordable during this time.

Theme and Aesthetics: Pay attention to the general theme and design of your living space. The wall decor you select should enhance the feel of the room while matching the existing decor.

You can choose wall decor that not only enhances the beauty of your area but also endures the test of time by taking all of these factors into consideration. Always put quality first and select wall decor items that suit your needs and aesthetics.

Some other essentials for wall decor at Nestasia

Nestasia brings to you an exquisite range of luxury wall decor items so that you can transform your living space into an abode of sophistication and opulence. Our collection of wall decor accessories has been exclusively curated to suit every preference and style. From photo frames to wall mirrors and wall accents, we have something special for everyone. Discover the perfect wall decor pieces to elevate the aesthetics of your home.

Photo Frames: With Nestasia’s collection of opulent photo frames with exquisite designs and intricate craftsmanship, you can preserve your most treasured memories. These elegant photo frames are available in various sizes and designs and are absolutely perfect if you want to display your cherished memories and make them a heartwarming focal point in your home.

Wall Mirrors: With our gorgeous mirrors with clear, distortion-free reflection, you can give the interior of your home the appearance of ample space and exquisite charm. Our wall decor collection includes mirrors with unique styles, shapes, and finishes that go well with all kinds of design aesthetics. They are thus both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Wall Accents: Looking to add some flair to your walls? Browse through Nestasia’s extensive collection and pick up one of our eye-catching wall decorations. All of our wall accents and wall decorative items are intricately crafted, adding uniqueness and personality to your living spaces. We have an extensive collection of several wall decor items, from hanging decor items inspired by nature to intricately crafted metal wall decor pieces.

Hanging Photo Frames: Our hanging photo frames are sure to add an artistic flair to your walls. You can put in your most treasured memories and display them, making them a focal point in these customizable and attractive frames.

Shelf Decoration Items: With our shelf decoration items, you can turn your shelves into eye-catching displays. Select delicate statues, exquisite vases, and other one-of-a-kind decor items that suit your taste.

Antique Wall Decorations: Look through our collection of antique wall décor for a touch of classic beauty. These items exude old charm and give your living spaces a feeling of antiquity.

Wall Decor Items for the Living Room and Bedroom: Find the ideal wall décor pieces to match your living room or bedroom. Our wide selection guarantees that you will discover the perfect items that complement your style and improve the ambiance of your home.

Kitchen Wall Decor Items: Our lovely kitchen wall décor items can lend your kitchen a sense of uniqueness. Discover lovely culinary-themed art and wall décor items that honour the culinary heart of your house.

Wall Decoration for Pooja Room: Our meticulously created wall décor items will help your pooja room exude an ethereal and peaceful environment. These items represent spiritual themes and give your place of prayer a peaceful feel.

Find the ideal wall decor accessories to show your distinctive taste and build a truly fascinating home by browsing our enormous collection of wall décor items online. Nestasia brings to you premium, special, and eye-catching wall decor items that will help you transform your home into the home of your dreams. Discover the thrill of using great wall decor items to enhance your living spaces when you shop at Nestasia.

Discover a wide range of home essentials and decor items at Nestasia to smarten up your living space

In Nestasia’s dining collection, you can find every kind of dining essential with which you can truly add a touch of luxury and sophistication to each one of your meals. Starting with our elegant dinner sets, these can help you embrace the joy of sharing delectable dishes with your loved ones in the warmth and comfort of your home. Besides these, our dinnerware collection also includes a varied range of bowls, including serving bowls,soup snack bowls, and section bowls, along with a range of plates and platters. You can find in our extensive collection different types of plates, like dinner plates, snack plates, pasta plates, and more. Complete your table setup with our fine cutlery and glassware, perfect for any occasion. Embrace the joy of dining with Nestasia's exquisite selection.

Who says you can’t have a spa-like experience in your bathroom at home? With Nestasia’s collection of bath accessories, you can discover an extensive collection of bathroom accessories that are the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Now you can truly embrace tranquility as well as be rejuvenated after every bathing experience. Our luxurious bath accessories collection includes exquisite soap dispensers, bath sets, and toothbrush holders that combine utility with a sleek, modern design, thus effectively enhancing the ambience of your bathroom. Transform your bath space into a haven of relaxation with Nestasia's carefully curated bath collection.

It's time to upgrade your kitchen with premium-quality cookware from Nestsia’s collection of kitchen essentials! Have a great cooking experience every time you cook with the high-quality cookware that Nestasia offers. Our premium cookware collection includes cooking pots and cast iron cookware that are not only functional for you to try out every kind of recipe but also make your kitchen look like a piece of culinary heaven. Besides our cookware collection, you can also explore the various kitchen racks, kitchen tools, and kitchen storage solutions like kitchen organizers to keep your kitchen organized all the time. Discover our high-performance bakeware that ensures delicious results and great presentation, which includes deep dishes, baking dishes, and baking trays. Discover a world of culinary possibilities with our premium cookware collection.

Nestasia takes pride in the extensive collection of our trendy bags and accessories that blend fashion with functionality. In our online store, you can browse through a carefully curated collection of stylish bags that can suit all kinds of occasions and lifestyles. Whether you are looking for fashion-forward tote bags, sling bags, duffle bags for everyday use, or fashionable yet functional lunch bags that you can take to work, we have it all! Not only can you take your style to whole new heights, but you can also find the perfect companion for life’s adventures in our bag collection, which includes travel accessories like travel pouches. We also understand the need for organization and offer you a great range of makeup pouches, jewellery organizers, and scarves that are perfect for complementing your everyday outfits. Step out in confidence with Nestasia's versatile and fashionable bag and accessories collection.

With Nestasia’s soft furnishing collection, you can create a cozy and inviting ambience in your home. Browse through our exciting range of soft furnishings for your home, which includes elegant throws and blankets, plush cushions, and stylish rugs and carpets. Each one of our soft furnishing pieces is an exquisite blend of style and comfort, matching every kind of design aesthetic. With our soft furnishing collection, you can create an atmosphere of warmth and ccoziness. Your soft furnishings combine comfort with elegance to make your living area a sanctuary of peace and beauty. 

At Nestasia, we take great pride in providing a wide range of decor items and home essentials that improve your living experience. Our carefully selected home decor items cover every area of your home, including kitchenware, bags and soft furnishings in addition to dining and bathroom accessories. We offer everything you need to give a boost to the ambiance of your living area, including wall art and decor, indoor planters, wall hanging shelves, kitchen storage, bakeware, lunch boxes, and kitchen utensils. Discover our extensive selection of dinner sets, bathroom accessories, stationery, rakhi hampers and other home decor items and accessories. Shop with Nestasia to elevate your home's aesthetics and transform it into a sanctuary of beauty and functionality. Find joy in decorating and transforming your space with our premium-quality products and delightful designs. Explore the world of Nestasia and reimagine your home decor with creativity and sophistication.

Look at Nestasia's online collection of home decor gifts, hampers, and gift cards

At Nestasia, we have meticulously created and curated an extensive collection of gift hampers for every occasion. Need wedding gift hampers to present to your best friend on her special day? Nestasia has got you covered! Looking for special gift hampers to show your love, care and respect for your father for Father’s Day? Check out Nestasia’s Father’s Day Gift Hamper too! All of these gift hampers are part of a collection that can bring a touch of luxe and a lot of happiness to every occasion.

When two souls come together in matrimony, what takes place is a grand celebration of unity and happiness. At Nestasia, we recognize the importance of celebrating this important chapter in our lives with the best of gifts and the sincerest of congratulations. And that is why we bring to you our beautiful collection of Wedding Gift Hampers, meticulously curated to make each gift a cherished symbol of love and happiness.

Our Wedding gift hampers are proof of our careful selection and flawless presentation. Each hamper is a veritable treasure trove of thoughtfully chosen goods that are not only useful gifts for couples but also radiate refinement. Each component—from fine tableware and accents for home décor to fascinating keepsakes—is selected with the utmost care to produce a seamless and wonderful gifting experience.

At Nestasia, we are of the opinion that every wedding is a special celebration of love. With Nestasia's wedding gift hampers, gift-giving is an art. As you see the happiness on the faces of the newlyweds, you know that you have made their occasion truly special. And with every occasion where you pick out Nestasia’s gift hampers, the joy of giving is enhanced. In addition to expressing your affection, our hampers also serve as treasured keepsakes for the lovely couple.

All of Nestasia’s wedding gift hampers are the perfect way to celebrate the joy of love and togetherness. Let your gifts contribute to many treasured memories and serve as a spoken expression of your heart's warmth. Discover our collection of wedding gift hampers for couples and master the art of thoughtful gifting with stunning hampers that perfectly depict the lovely celebrations of love.

At Nestasia, we consider the act of giving just as valuable as receiving a gift. Thus, we bring to you our incredible collection of Gift Cards, which has been created to convey your heartfelt feelings for your loved ones on every occasion. We have curated this collection especially so that you can find the perfect gift and enhance this gesture of love. In our selection of Gift Cards, we have four main categories :Birthday gift cards, Best Wishes gift cards, Anniversary gift cards, and Rakhi gift cards.

You simply cannot go wrong with our Birthday gift card. Our Birthday gift card will ensure that your loved ones can embrace their special day with joy and celebration every single time by picking out the ideal gifts that suit their taste and style. Not only do these gift cards showcase your heartfelt wishes, but they also present the recipient with a wide variety of gifts from our home decor collection.

Anniversaries are yet another special occasion that showcases the love that a couple has for one another. Whether you are trying to make the day special for your significant other or trying to extend your blessings and best wishes to a unique couple, our anniversary gift cards are the perfect gifts for couples.

Sometimes, all it takes for someone to be happy is a heartfelt wish from your side. Our Best Wishes gift card can help you make anyone’s day special with good vibes and well wishes. Not only can these Best Wishes gift cards make someone’s day, but they are ideal for any occasion too, whether your loved ones have gotten a new job or graduated. These gift cards are also perfect if you just want to tell someone that you are thinking of them.

We also have for you our Diwali gift cards, which are the ideal option for sharing holiday cheer since they perfectly encapsulate the spirit of this dazzling event. As they rejoice in the victory of light over darkness, let your loved ones experience the warmth of your wishes on this festival of lights.

Nestasia’s collection of gift cards ensures that you can extend your sincere gestures of love, kindness, and affection, thus making them incomparable gifts. With Nestasia's gift cards, you can commemorate life's great milestones and make each occasion even more memorable.

At Nestasia, we believe that every occasion needs to be celebrated with the most sincere gestures. We can make every one of your celebrations truly memorable, whether you are the giver or. the recipient, with our extensive and beautiful collections of gift bags, return gift bags, and party bags.

Nestasia’s gift bags are absolutely adorable and make the act of gifting extra special. With Nestasia’s gift bags, you can elevate your gifting game to whole new levels. That is because these gift bags have been exquisitely crafted and ooze luxury and warmth. Our gift bags are the ideal companion to go with your gifts along with your best wishes, whether you are gifting your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, housewarming party, or simply showing your appreciation for them.

With our lovely return gift bags, you can show your appreciation for your loved ones who have made every occasion of yours truly special. In our return gift bags, we have curated a collection of gifts that are built to last. Nestasia’s return gift bags can make each one of your occasions special since they are not only visually appealing but also showcase a sense of gratitude.

Who doesn’t love the smiles of little munchkins? If you love the innocent smiles of children, our goodie bags are the perfect option! Surprise the little ones you know with our lovely collection of exciting goodies that they are sure to love. If you want to ensure that your gifts make kids happy, whether it's a birthday party, a school event, or a festive gathering, choose Nestasia’s goodie bags.

Which party is complete without a little pizzazz? None! And that’s why our party bags are here to deliver exactly that. These party bags, crafted exclusively to bring out the festive spirit, provide an added layer of charm and luxury for all your special occasions. Looking for something for a birthday party, reception party, or baby shower? Choose Nestasia’s party bags!

Thus, Nestasia brings to you an exclusive collection of gift bags that can complement every occasion. From party bags to return gift bags, there is something for every occasion to add to the spirit of celebration. With these delightful keepsakes that honour the love and care that go into every celebration, you can help make your special occasions even more unforgettable. With Nestasia's enticing gift bag selection, you can enjoy the satisfaction of giving and receiving gifts.

Don't forget to browse Nestasia's online offerings of rakhi hampers and rakhi cards 

With the exclusive selection of Nestasia’ Rakhi Gift Hampers, you can truly celebrate the bond of siblinghood. Our premium, luxury Rakhi gift hampers are carefully handpicked to suit every style and preference, so that you can gift these hampers to any sibling, keeping in mind their individual tastes and preferences. This makes them the perfect gift hamper to express your love and appreciation for your siblings on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Each one of your Rakhi gift hampers includes luxurious and opulent gift items like home decor, mixed with festive feelings and heartfelt wishes, with the aim of spoiling your loved ones with affection and best wishes.

Nestasia’s Rakhi gift hampers are meticulously designed and adorned with luxurious home décor items that can lend any setting a sense of sophistication and class. Our gift hampers for couples are sure to impress, as they include everything from decorative accents to delicious treats and even crockery. At Nestasia, we take pride in providing unique and premium quality home décor gifts that capture the essence of Rakhi. Our Rakhi gift baskets are the pinnacle of tastefulness and elegance, making them perfect for fostering long-lasting relationships of affection.

Shop from our superb collection of Rakhi gift hampers right away to start making unforgettable memories for this auspicious occasion with the elegance of Nestasia's home décor gifts. Celebrate Rakhi in style and express your sincere feelings in the most amazing way with hampers that redefine the art of gift-giving.

Why Choose Nestasia?

At Nestasia, we understand the value of quality, utility, and beauty (QUB) in all of our products. Thus, we offer an online shopping experience that clearly portrays our dedication to offering excellent collections of premium home decor Discover the perfect gifts for your loved ones or for yourself by browsing our extensive variety of home accessories online. 

With our contemporary wall decor items crafted exquisitely for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, you can truly transform your living space. We, at Nestasia, know how crucial it is to design an environment in your home that showcases your individual taste. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a varied collection of contemporary wall decor items and wall decor accessories that will take the elegance and refinement of your home decor to new heights. 

Explore and admire the exquisiteness of our collection, where each piece has been carefully chosen to improve your living area. We have the perfect wall decor items to give your home that extra touch of elegance, including antique wall decorations, wall hanging items, wall mount decor, and shelf decoration items.

Enjoy the excitement of decorating your home with Nestasia's elegant home decor options. We cordially invite you to explore our online shop and discover the countless ways you can turn your house into a chic and cozy getaway from your busy life. Enjoy the finer things in life while enhancing the appearance of your home with Nestasia. Embrace the artistry and craftsmanship that characterize our products, and use our excellent home decor items to allow your space to tell an elegant tale.


What are the different styles of wall decor available at Nestasia?

Nestasia has a wide selection of wall decor items to suit different interior design aesthetics. We have the ideal wall décor accessories to suit your style, whether you favour a traditional, vintage-inspired appearance or a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Unique wall decor items, antique wall decorations, shelf decoration items, and wall hanging decorative items, besides wall accessories, are all part of our selection. You can choose from a variety of wall hanging decor, room wall decor, and wall mount decor to give your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even your pooja room a unique atmosphere. You can enhance your home with the perfect wall decor items from Nestasia.

What are the different materials used for wall decor?

We take pride in curating the most exquisite collection of wall decor items at Nestasia that feature a variety of fine materials. We use a variety of materials to provide depth and character to our collection, from the timeless appeal of antique wall decorations to the contemporary appeal of modern wall décor items. Find wall decor items made from a variety of materials, including metal, wood, ceramics, and other textiles. Finding the perfect match for your interior design is made easier by the unique feel and finish that each material offers. Our variety of wall decor pieces features the best craftsmanship and material choices, guaranteeing both beauty and resilience.

What is the shipping policy for wall decor items?

Our shipping policy for all items was developed to make sure that consumers have a simple and convenient shopping experience. For all orders of wall décor items submitted on our online store, we provide trustworthy shipping services throughout India. Our team works carefully to process and securely pack your chosen products once you place your order. We make an effort to ship your wall decor items in the time frame that was estimated during the purchase process. Our customer support team is always prepared to help and offer quick information in the event of any delays or problems.

Are there any special care instructions for the wall decor products?

We advise following some basic care tips to preserve the durability and beauty of your wall decor items. Avoid exposing wall hangings and ornamental pieces that are made of sensitive materials, such as textiles or ceramics, to strong lighting or weather. To prevent dirt or debris from accumulating, regularly dust or wipe down metal or wooden wall decor. Use a soft, dry cloth or a mild cleaning solution as needed while cleaning. You can make sure your wall décor accessories continue to enhance your living spaces for years to come by giving them the necessary care and attention.

Do you offer any installation services for wall decor products?

At present, Nestasia does not provide any installation services specifically for wall decor products. To help you select the appropriate wall decor products that suit your needs and preferences, we provide thorough product descriptions and dimensions. Many of our wall decor accessories have mounting hooks or brackets built in to make installation simple. Our customer support team is always available to help with any inquiries or offer installation advice if necessary.

What are the types of wall decoration items at Nestasia?

Nestasia offers an array of wall decoration items to uplift the interiors of your home. The wall decoration collection includes wall stickers, wall hooks, clothes hooks, letters wall decor, hanging racks and shelves, designer wall hanging ornaments, Christmas hanging decor, wall hangers, tube vases and planters, wall hanging plates, peg boards, hanging organizers, buntings, hanging mirror, wall tapestry, and much more.

Can we use a similar wall shelf for the living room and bedroom?

Yes, if you wish you can use a similar wall shelf for the living room and bedroom. But you can even try our other wall shelves that look absolutely stunning and will uplift the entire vibe of the room. Nestasia has every type of wall shelf that can match will all types of interior designs, so you can go with our wide range of wall shelves for your home.

What are the things to consider while buying a wall shelf?

You can consider a few features and parameters like size, material, color, and the number of shelves before buying a wall shelf. The wall shelf should complement the decor of your home. You should also pay attention to how many racks you would need on the wall shelf to keep decor objects, books, or other stuff. The material, whether wood or metal, which one would look good in the space, also becomes an important factor as far as home decor is concerned.

How to decorate a wall plate on a wall?

No wall is complete without art or wall decor. Showcase your decoration skill by creating a collection of wall plates on the wall. Wall plates can be used in the dining room, living room, and even bedroom. You can even make a gallery wall across the staircase wall and above the mantle. Use adhesive stickers or a glue gun to stick the wall plate on a wall.

What are the different types of wall hooks?

Nestasia has a wide range of wall hooks, from simple to designer ones. There are decorative dove wall hooks, designer metal hooks, and hangers for clothes, keys, and decor objects. We also have golden, floral, musical, and transparent wall hooks that can be placed in any nook and corner. The metal hooks are available in attractive shapes like hexagons, clouds, hearts, text, mountain-shaped, geometric, and others.

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Evil Eye Wall Hanging With Beads For Home Decor Rs.750
Evil Eye Pendant Wall Hanging Set Of 2 Rs.720
Boho Chic Macrame Evil Eye Wall Hanging Rs.595
Glass Evil Eye Pendant Wall Hanging Rs.595
Boho Evil Eye Wall Hanging For Home Decor Rs.495
Beaded Evil Eye Wall Hanging Set Of 2 Rs.550
Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Wall Hanging Set Of 2 Rs.750