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Serving Tray For Kitchen

Serving trays are a must-have serveware in every household. They are versatile utility products. Trays are multipurpose and can be used as a serving tray, wine bottle holder or glass holder, cutlery tray, trinket holder, dessert tray, or as a platform for the table centerpiece. Trays have an elegant design and beautiful prints that make them ideal as food trays.

One can use trays to serve drinks and beverages, snacks, and desserts. Display it as a centerpiece on the dining table and coffee table, with a flower vase, condiments, and other daily use things to create a beautiful setup. You can even use the serveware to keep it on your bedside with a bottle of water or place your morning cup of tea or coffee in the tray, use the serving tray for evening tea and snacks, or host a tea party with it. For a breakfast-in-bed kind of mood or brunch with friends, the serving trays are a definite essential for every household.

When it comes to any family gathering, you need to present yourself impressively for your love of planning get-togethers. There is almost nothing that cannot be served on a tray. They can hold a variety of food and drinks. With features like easy usage and maintenance, these trays are a modern-day home and dining essential.

Shape and Size of Trays

You can buy trays of different sizes to be used for different purposes. We also have trays available in a variety of designs and shapes ranging from round serving trays, hexagon trays, rectangle trays, square trays, trays with handles, small trays, large serving trays, and much more available in different shapes and sizes.

Trays are available in a variety of shapes and sizes but the basic shapes that are common in trays include rectangles and squares. Rectangles are the perfect shapes for serving trays as they are easy to carry and can hold plates of different sizes. These are the trays one should have and some of the other choices include round serving trays as well as oval trays which are also popular to carry desserts and drinks. Small storage trays are also available to hold trinkets and accessories, which come in shapes like geometric, heart, and star. Our cupcake stands also come in a 2 tier tray-like structure for a beautiful presentation of cupcakes and desserts.

Be mindful of the size of trays you want at your home and as your tableware. Serving trays are designed to help you stay organized and carry around food and drinks. They can be beautiful centerpieces as well if displayed properly with the correct shape and size that goes with the interior design.

Color and Pattern of Trays

The color of the trays should also be taken into consideration. Trays should not always be clean with a plain color but you can play around with multiple colors and designs to make them look very presentable. You can place meals to be served in the food trays or use them as decor so that whatever is served on them looks enticing. The trays could also match the design and colors of your tables or linens.

Ceramic trays and wooden trays come in an array of colors to add a colorful spark to your decor and serveware. Nestasia has got all beautiful and colorful trays like pink, blue, green, white, black, gold, brown, grey, yellow, red, orange, and multicolor for you to choose from.

The designs, patterns, and textures of the serving trays that Nestasia offers are endless with a vivid range of products that will make your entire experience of food serving and decorating special. There are many different patterns like mandala designs, that of the nitori collection, animal prints, cartoon prints for kids, floral, fruits and vegetables, marble prints, leaf patterns, and others. 

Range and Usage of Trays

Traditionally, the platform of trays is shallow and it can be made from different materials. It can be made out of wood, ceramic, glass, silver, brass, resin, melamine, or plastic. One of the trendiest forms of trays nowadays is ceramic trays and wooden trays.

Some of our bestselling trays include those from the nitori collection, left-patterned ones, and colorful trays with mandala and floral designs. Glass trays and serving bowls, trinket dishes, platters, plates with handles, trays with handles, number plates, mirror plates, wall decor hanging plates, and 2-tier trays also make a popular choice among customers. 

Go limitless! Yes, there is no limit to what you can serve in a ceramic or wooden tray. From fruits to salads, food to drinks and desserts, everything finds a place on a tray. You can buy a variety of trays and use different ones to serve different food items, store your trinkets and use them as a table or wall decor. 

Price of Trays

The price point of Nestasia’s trays is sure to suit your budget requirement. We offer a wide collection of trays that can be used for multiple purposes. Each one has different prices as per their usability, design, shape, material, and other factors. Our quality of trays is up to the mark to suit your requirement. Choose from Nestasia’s serveware online and get your desired pieces of serveware at the best prices. We intend to offer only the best products so you get the perfect match and quality products to beautify your home.