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Giving gifts to kids is more than the mere act of gift-giving; it’s an impactful way of appreciating the innocence of the little ones! These unique kids gift items not only bring smiles to their faces, but also nurture their emotional growth. Nestasia, a renowned home decor and lifestyle brand, understands the significance of these moments, and offers a thoughtfully curated assortment of gifts for kids, each designed to celebrate their childhood spirit. Let’s explore Nestasia’s unique collection of kids' gift items to make their occasions memorable.   

Explore premium gifts for kids online on Nestasia

  • Birthday Gifts For Kids

Selecting the right gift for kids on birthday has always been a difficult task. If you’re struggling to find the right birthday gift for your child, dive into Nestasia’s enchanting world of birthday gifts for kids, where possibilities are endless. Our collection of unique gifts for kids comprises everything from charming showpieces and drinkware to vibrant crockery, stationery, and much more. Make your child’s special day even more memorable with Nestasia’s exquisite collection of gifts for children, which is a perfect blend of fun and functionality.

  • Surprise Gifts For Kids

Surprise gifts have a special way of bringing smiles and a touch of magic to any occasion. Whether it’s your kid’s birthday or you just want to surprise him for scoring well in exams, the element of surprise adds an extra dimension to the gift-giving experience. Are you in search of some surprise gifts for kids? Then, check out Nestasia’s collection of unique presents for children and pick the ideal gift that resonates with your child the most!

  • Return Gifts For Kids 

Giving return gifts to kids is the perfect way to express gratitude and make the little ones feel special. Nestasia’s wide assortment of kids' gift items includes everything from cute drinkware, and stationery to crockery, ensuring that every child leaves with a smile on their face and a treasured memento in hand.

  • Diwali Gifts For Kids

While searching for perfect Diwali gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget about the younger members of your family, who have always been an important part of your life. Nestasia’s collection of Diwali gifts for kids comprises unique gifts for children that are thoughtfully crafted and will brighten up their festivities. Explore our assortment of kid’s gifts online and find your perfect pick!

  • Christmas Gift For Kids

Make your little ones’s Christmas even more magical with Nestasia’s thoughtful collection of Christmas gifts for kids. From adorable crockery and drinkware to charming showpieces and stationery, our assortment of unique presents for kids has got you covered.

  • New Year Gifts For Kids

If you’re looking for some unique kids gift ideas this New Year, don’t forget to explore Nestasia’s collection of exclusive presents for children, thoughtfully combined to ring in the New Year with joyful memories they'll cherish. From vibrant crockery and drinkware to beautiful showpieces and stationery, our assortment has everything that will resonate with your child’s tastes and preferences.

Discover gifts for kids of all ages online on Nestaisa

At Nestasia, we understand that every child deserves a special gift that will spark joy and ignite their imagination. Hence, we have come up with an extensive collection of presents for kids that cater to children of all ages. Whether you’re searching for gifts for a toddler or a teenager, our collection includes everything you desire. 

Explore other categories on Nestasia

  • Bathroom decor

Get ready to improve the overall look of your bathroom with Nestasia’s exquisite bathroom decor items that are a perfect amalgamation of style and utility. Crafted from premium quality materials, our collection of bathroom accessories includes bathroom sets, soap dispensers, captivating wall art, plush floor mats, and so on. Each decor item from the collection exudes timeless elegance, making them an ideal addition to your home decor.

  • Stationery

Do you want to give a new look to your workspace? If yes, then you should explore Nestasia’s collection of stationery items that are not only stylish but also known for being extremely functional. Give your stationery items a new home with Nestasia’s magnificent collection of desk organizers, expertly crafted to house your stationery essentials. But that’s not all; our collection also includes stylish notebooks and DIY painting kits of various designs that will surely steal your attention! 

  • Corporate gifting

Take your corporate gifting experience a notch higher with Nestasia’s exclusive corporate Diwali gift collection, expertly curated to leave an everlasting impact on your colleagues. From an exclusive collection of tableware, candle holders, and artistic showpieces to unique gift hampers, our assortment of corporate diwali gifts for employees includes everything to suit your taste and preferences. Explore our collection and find your favourite pick!

  • Diwali gifts

This festive season, get ready to amaze your loved ones with exquisite Diwali gifts and gift hampers from Nestasia. Our meticulously curated assortment comprises everything from majestic dinnerware items, cookware, kitchenware, and decor items to exclusive gift hampers, that will add charm to your festivities. 

  • Gift for brother

The festive season is all about surprising your loved ones. If you agree with us too, then our exclusive collection of exciting gifts for brother will surely attract your eyesight. From tableware and bakeware to travel accessories, our collection has everything to impress brothers of diverse tastes and preferences.

  • Gift for sister

Nothing can be more satisfying than surprising your loved ones with exclusive gift items that are expertly crafted to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Nestasia’s collection of gifts for sister is here with plenty of goodies, that will make your sister feel cherished and valued.

  • Gift for father

Our fathers are the last ones in the family to demand a gift from us, and if you’re looking for a perfect gift for your father this festive season, then you should definitely check out Nestasia’s unique collection of gifts for father to find the perfect gift for the man who has always been your inspiration. From glassware and travel accessories to drinkware and dinnerware, our collection has it all!

  • Gift for mother

Thinking of what to gift your mother this festive season? If yes, then Nestasia is here to help. As a renowned home decor brand, we have come up with our exclusive collection of gifts for mother that are not only unique but also extremely versatile and functional. Choose from our diverse assortment of home decor items and select the ideal gift that matches your mother’s taste and preferences.

  • Birthday gifts online

Birthdays have always been special to us. If you’re seeking birthday gifts for yourself or your loved ones, then don’t forget to check out our diverse assortment of birthday gifts online. From unique beauty accessories, organizers, and drinkware to travel accessories and decor items, our collection has everything you need.

Why buy presents for kids from Nestasia?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your kid, look no further than Nestasia. Nestasia is your one-stop shop for purchasing premium and unique kids' gifts online, as we offer a perfect amalgamation of quality, utility, and beauty ino our wide range of kids gift items. Each item in our collection is meticulously chosen to ensure it not only adds joy to the kids’ lives but also serves a purpose. Explore our collection and bring home your favourites today!


What is the best gift you can give your child?

The ideal gift for your child depends on their age and interests. Personalized items, like custom artwork show thought and care. Books suited to their reading level and hobbies encourage learning and creativity. Experiences, such as event tickets or family outings, create lasting memories. You can also gift toys, subscription services, or gifts related to their passions. Gift cards, tech gadgets, clothing, and DIY projects are also thoughtful options.

When do I have to give a gift to my kid?

You don't have to give a gift to your child at any specific time, as there are no strict rules governing gift-giving. Gifts are typically given on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or other significant life events. However, it's important to remember that gifts should come from the heart and not be given out of obligation. 

What gifts do children love?

Children's gift preferences can vary, but popular options include toys, art supplies, books, outdoor gear, and electronics. Fashionable clothing and accessories, subscription services, personalized items, and memorable experiences like theme park tickets are also well-received. Gift cards allow older kids to choose their own presents, while handmade or DIY gifts can hold sentimental value.


Product Name Price
Piggy Miniature Decor Yoga Showpiece Set Of 6 Rs.2590
Dino Decor Rs.1715
Yellow Dino Decor Rs.1575
Bunny Fairy Vase Rs.1190
Black Astronaut Diver Glass Vase Rs.1230
Winsome Figurine With Balloons Rs.2400
Yoga Girl Showpiece Rs.790