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Experience Happiness with Happy Hours at Nestasia  

Welcome to Nestasia's Happy Hours, where luxury home decor and dining essentials meet unbeatable discounts! If you're on the lookout for exquisite home accessories and decor items to elevate your living spaces without breaking the bank, you've come to the right place. Our Happy Hours bring you the perfect opportunity to indulge in a world of style and sophistication, all while enjoying incredible savings.

At Nestasia, we understand the importance of creating a home that reflects your unique taste and personality. Our curated collection of luxury home decor and dining essentials includes everything from enchanting home accessories to stylish decor items that add a touch of elegance to every corner of your abode. Now, with our exclusive Happy Hours, you can transform your living spaces into a haven of beauty and comfort at prices that will make you smile.

Imagine adorning your rooms with exquisite vases, picture frames, and candles, all carefully selected to enhance your home's ambiance. With our Happy Hours, you can discover a treasure trove of home decor gift items that are not only a treat for yourself but also thoughtful presents for loved ones. From intricate wall art to charming decorative pieces, our collection caters to every aesthetic preference, ensuring that your home becomes a true reflection of your style.

Experience the joy of discovering handpicked home decor items and dining essentials that harmoniously blend luxury and affordability during Nestasia's Happy Hours. Get ready to transform your living spaces with elegance and panache, all while enjoying incredible savings on the finest selection of home accessories and decor items. It's time to make your dream home a reality without compromise, thanks to Nestasia's Happy Hours!

Explore the best luxury home and dining collections at Nestasia during Happy Hours 

At Nestasia's Happy Hours, elegance meets affordability in a celebration of amazing home decor items. Here you can browse through our extensive collections of premium home and dinner essentials that redefine luxury living, all available at unbeatable discounts. Dive into a world of sophistication and charm as you explore our curated sections, each offering a curated selection of opulent items designed to elevate your home and dining experiences.

Dining Delights for Every Occasion

Elevate your dining experience with our opulent range of dining essentials available during Nestasia's Happy Hours. Discover an array of plates and platters that serve as exquisite canvases for your culinary creations. Set the table with elegance using our thoughtfully designed bowls, spoons, cups, and mugs. Elevate your hosting game with a stunning selection of dinnerware and glassware that adds sophistication to any gathering. And for those delectable desserts, our cake stands will bring an air of grandeur to your sweet creations.

Revitalize Your Bath Space

Enhance your self-care routine with luxurious bathroom accessories, available at amazing discounts during Happy Hours. Our soap dispensers, part of the bath sets, seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetics, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Wrap yourself in the plush comfort of our soft towels, crafted to caress your skin and elevate your bathing experience. Nestasia's Happy Hours provide you with the opportunity to infuse elegance into your daily routines.

Enrich Your Living Space with Decor Delights

Embrace the beauty of your home with enchanting decor items, now within reach during Happy Hours. Illuminate your space with the warm glow of our candles, or add a touch of nature with our intricately designed planters. Reflect light and style with our elegant mirrors, and keep your space organized with our versatile racks and coasters. Elevate your seating with plush cushion covers, and adorn your walls with captivating photo frames and artistic wall shelves. Our baskets and vases add both charm and functionality, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your home.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

Explore the world of culinary artistry with our premium kitchenware available at discounted prices during Nestasia's Happy Hours. Bake with precision using our high-quality bakeware, baking trays, and cake molds that guarantee delightful outcomes every time. Whether you're crafting delectable cakes or intricate chocolates, our kitchen essentials cater to your culinary ambitions.

Elegance on the Go: Bags and Accessories

Discover a range of bags and accessories that add flair to your on-the-go lifestyle, all at exceptional discounts during Happy Hours. Elevate your fashion with our stylish bags that seamlessly blend sophistication and utility. From lunch bags that redefine mealtime to travel accessories that make journeys enjoyable, Nestasia's Happy Hours offer you the chance to carry elegance wherever you go.

Indulge in Luxurious Comfort

Transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and style with our soft furnishings, available at irresistible prices during Happy Hours. Wrap yourself in the coziness of our blankets and elevate your seating with our luxurious cushion covers. Nestasia's Happy Hours allow you to infuse every corner of your living space with comfort and sophistication.

During Nestasia's Happy Hours, you have the opportunity to explore a curated selection of luxury home and dining collections, with each section offering an array of premium products at discounted prices. Elevate your home with dining essentials, bathroom accessories, decor items, kitchen essentials, bags and accessories, and luxurious soft furnishings, all designed to enhance your lifestyle and surroundings. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your living spaces into havens of elegance and charm at unbeatable prices.

Discover a wide range of home essentials and decor items at Nestasia to smarten up your living space

  • Dining

In Nestasia’s dining collection, you can find every kind of dining essential with which you can truly add a touch of luxury and sophistication to each one of your meals. Starting with our elegant dinner sets, these can help you embrace the joy of sharing delectable dishes with your loved ones in the warmth and comfort of your home. Besides these, our dinnerware collection also includes a varied range of bowls, including serving bowls, soup snack bowls, and section bowls, along with a range of plates and platters. You can find in our extensive collection different types of plates, like dinner plates, snack plates, pasta plates, and more. Complete your table setup with our fine cutlery and glassware, perfect for any occasion. Embrace the joy of dining with Nestasia's exquisite selection.

  • Bath

Who says you can’t have a spa-like experience in your bathroom at home? With Nestasia’s collection of bath accessories, you can discover an extensive collection of bathroom accessories that are the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Now you can truly embrace tranquility as well as be rejuvenated after every bathing experience. Our luxurious bath accessories collection includes exquisite soap dispensers, bath sets, and toothbrush holders that combine utility with a sleek, modern design, thus effectively enhancing the ambience of your bathroom. Transform your bath space into a haven of relaxation with Nestasia's carefully curated bath collection.

  • Decor

With Nestasia's extensive selection of home decor items, which you can find in our Happy Hours section, you can lose yourself in a world of magical possibilities. Explore the uniqueness of each decorative item that has been carefully chosen to enhance your living space. Besides all you can find in our Happy Hours, we curate incredible collections of home decor items, from exquisite candle stands that create a welcoming ambiance in your home to intriguing photo frames that display your cherished memories.

Improve the look of your interior space with stylish mirrors that give the impression of more room and elaborate votives that add a touch of elegance. Explore our selection of carefully chosen furniture items that flawlessly combine both design and utility. Embrace traditional Urli pieces on every occasion or during festivities. Decorate your racks and shelves with expertly crafted baskets, tissue boxes, and vases to add structure and beauty to your room. 

Redefine your walls with a variety of wall decor options, all of which are created to show off your individuality. Explore Nestasia's extensive collection to see how each piece of decor embodies our commitment to balancing luxury, affordability, and creative quality.

  • Bags and accessories

Nestasia takes pride in the extensive collection of our trendy bags and accessories that blend fashion with functionality. In our online store, you can browse through a carefully curated collection of stylish bags that can suit all kinds of occasions and lifestyles. Whether you are looking for fashion-forward tote bags, sling bags, duffle bags for everyday use, or fashionable yet functional lunch bags that you can take to work, we have it all! Not only can you take your style to whole new heights, but you can also find the perfect companion for life’s adventures in our bag collection, which includes travel accessories like travel pouches. We also understand the need for organization and offer you a great range of makeup pouches, jewellery organizers, and scarves that are perfect for complementing your everyday outfits. Step out in confidence with Nestasia's versatile and fashionable bag and accessories collection.

  • Soft furnishing

With Nestasia’s soft furnishing collection, you can create a cozy and inviting ambience in your home. Browse through our exciting range of soft furnishings for your home, which includes elegant throws and blankets, plush cushions, and stylish rugs and carpets. Each one of our soft furnishing pieces is an exquisite blend of style and comfort, matching every kind of design aesthetic. With our soft furnishing collection, you can create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Your soft furnishings combine comfort with elegance to make your living area a sanctuary of peace and beauty. 

At Nestasia, we take great pride in providing a wide range of decor items and home essentials that improve your living experience. Our carefully selected home decor items cover every area of your home, including kitchenware, bags and soft furnishings in addition to dining and bathroom accessories. We offer everything you need to give a boost to the ambiance of your living area, including wall art and decor, indoor planters, wall hanging shelves, kitchen storage, bakeware, lunch boxes, and kitchen utensils. Discover our extensive selection of dinner sets, bathroom accessories, stationery, rakhi hampers and other home decor items and accessories. Shop with Nestasia to elevate your home's aesthetics and transform it into a sanctuary of beauty and functionality. Find joy in decorating and transforming your space with our premium-quality products and delightful designs. Explore the world of Nestasia and reimagine your home decor with creativity and sophistication.

Look at Nestasia's online collection of home decor gifts, hampers, and gift card 

At Nestasia, we take immense pride in offering an expansive assortment of meticulously crafted gift hampers tailored to suit every special moment in life. Whether you're seeking the perfect present for a cherished friend's wedding or yearning to express your love and respect for your father on Father's Day, Nestasia's collection of gift hampers has you covered. Each of these thoughtfully designed hampers embodies a touch of luxury and an abundance of happiness, adding a layer of sophistication to any occasion.

  • Wedding gift hamper

The union of two souls in matrimony marks a joyous celebration of unity and love. Nestasia recognizes the significance of this chapter in one's life and thus presents an exquisite selection of Wedding Gift Hampers. Painstakingly curated, each hamper embodies a symbol of enduring love and happiness. Our Wedding Gift Hampers epitomize careful selection and flawless presentation, housing a treasure trove of handpicked goods that seamlessly blend utility and elegance. From fine tableware to captivating home accents, each component is chosen with meticulous care, ensuring a memorable gifting experience that radiates refinement.

  • Gift cards

The act of giving is an art in itself, and at Nestasia, we understand its profound value. Introducing our captivating collection of Gift Cards, designed to convey heartfelt sentiments on a range of occasions. Within this collection, you'll discover four main categories: Birthday, Best Wishes, Anniversary, and Rakhi. The Birthday Gift Card ensures your loved ones celebrate their special day with joy and style, selecting gifts that resonate with their preferences. For anniversaries, our thoughtful Anniversary Gift Cards make ideal presents, embodying love and well wishes for couples. Our Best Wishes Gift Cards spread good vibes and warm wishes, perfect for any event that calls for celebration. Additionally, our Diwali Gift Cards capture the spirit of the festival, allowing your loved ones to revel in the victory of light over darkness.

You simply cannot go wrong with our Birthday gift card. Our Birthday gift card will ensure that your loved ones can embrace their special day with joy and celebration every single time by picking out the ideal gifts that suit their taste and style. Not only do these gift cards showcase your heartfelt wishes, but they also present the recipient with a wide variety of gifts from our home decor collection.

  • Gift bags 

Nestasia believes that every occasion deserves a heartfelt celebration, and our splendid array of gift bags, return gift bags, and party bags ensures each moment is cherished. Elevate your gifting with our meticulously designed gift bags, exuding luxury and warmth. Show appreciation with our return gift bags, containing lasting tokens of gratitude. Delight little ones with our captivating goodie bags, perfect for birthdays, school events, and festive gatherings. Infuse your parties with flair using our enchanting party bags, adding an extra layer of charm to special occasions.

Don't forget to browse Nestasia's online offerings of rakhi hampers and rakhi cards

Embrace the bond of siblinghood with Nestasia's exclusive Rakhi Gift Hampers. Carefully curated to suit various styles and preferences, these premium hampers express love and appreciation on Raksha Bandhan. Luxurious home décor items are elegantly incorporated, creating a sophisticated blend of festive spirit and heartfelt wishes. Each Rakhi gift hamper offers opulent gift items that pamper your loved ones and foster lasting connections. Discover the art of gifting anew with Nestasia's Rakhi collection, redefining the essence of expressing affection.

Nestasia’s Rakhi gift hampers are meticulously designed and adorned with luxurious home décor items that can lend any setting a sense of sophistication and class. Our gift hampers for couples are sure to impress, as they include everything from decorative accents to delicious treats and even crockery. At Nestasia, we take pride in providing unique and premium quality home décor gifts that capture the essence of Rakhi. Our Rakhi gift baskets are the pinnacle of tastefulness and elegance, making them perfect for fostering long-lasting relationships of affection.

Shop from our superb collection of Rakhi gift hampers right away to start making unforgettable memories for this auspicious occasion with the elegance of Nestasia's home décor gifts. Celebrate Rakhi in style and express your sincere feelings in the most amazing way with hampers that redefine the art of gift-giving.

Why Choose Nestasia?

Nestasia values the essence of quality, practicality, and aesthetics (QPA) in all our merchandise. As a testament to our commitment, we offer an online shopping experience that vividly reflects our dedication to presenting outstanding selections of premium home décor. Uncover ideal presents for your dear ones or yourself as you peruse our extensive array of home accessories available online.

Our meticulously crafted contemporary wall decorations cater to various areas of your abode – be it the bedroom, living room, or kitchen – enabling a complete transformation of your living space. Understanding the significance of creating an environment that mirrors your unique taste, Nestasia presents an assorted compilation of contemporary wall embellishments and accessories, adding newfound sophistication and elegance to your home aesthetic.

Experience the allure of our collection, where each item has been thoughtfully curated to enhance your living space. From antique wall adornments to decorative hangings, wall-mounted accents, and shelf embellishments, we offer an array of wall décor items to infuse your dwelling with a refined touch.

Engage in the joy of adorning your residence with Nestasia's refined home décor choices. We warmly invite you to explore our online store and uncover the myriad ways to transform your dwelling into a stylish and snug refuge from the bustle of life. Revel in life's finer pleasures while elevating your living space with Nestasia. Embrace the artistry and craftsmanship emblematic of our products, and let our exceptional home décor items narrate an elegant story within your space.


What is Nestasia's Happy Hours all about?

Nestasia's Happy Hours is a unique opportunity to explore a world of luxury home decor and dining essentials at unbeatable discounts. It's a celebration of elegance and affordability, allowing you to enhance your living spaces without compromising on style.

What can I find in Nestasia's luxury home and dining collections during Happy Hours?

During Happy Hours, you can explore curated sections featuring a wide range of premium products. Discover exquisite dining essentials, opulent bath accessories, captivating decor items, high-quality kitchenware, stylish bags and accessories, and luxurious soft furnishings.

How can I elevate my dining experience with Nestasia's Happy Hours?

Nestasia offers a selection of plates, platters, bowls, spoons, cups, mugs, dinnerware, and glassware to elevate your dining setup. Our cake stands add grandeur to desserts, enhancing every occasion.

What bath accessories can I find during Happy Hours?

Explore our luxurious bath collection, including soap dispensers and bath sets that seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetics. Wrap yourself in comfort with our plush towels, transforming your bathing routine into a spa-like experience.

How can I revamp my kitchen with Nestasia's Happy Hours?

Explore high-quality bakeware, baking trays, cake molds, and kitchen essentials that help you unleash your culinary creativity. Upgrade your kitchen with premium cookware and innovative kitchen storage solutions.


Product Name Price
Angel Statue On One Knee Rs.995
Matt Charcoal Black Mug 350 ml Rs.350
Eco Chic Laptop Bag Rs.2499
La Fusion Laptop Bag for Men and Women 14" x 10" Rs.2499
La Fusion Vegan Leather Laptop Organiser Bag 14" x 10" Rs.2499
Multipurpose Tissue Paper Box With Compartments Amber Rs.750
Tissue Storage Box With Organiser Green Rs.750