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    Bakeware forms a large part of Nestasia’s kitchen and dining section. From grill plates, ramekins, baking bowls, baking trays, baking dishes, cake stands, cupcake stands, to pie dishes, oven bowls, baking pans, cake plates, and cloches-have a collection that something for everyone who loves to bake. 

    Our bakeware collection is available in endless shapes and sizes, from tiny bakeware items like ramekins and casseroles for single servings, to big bakeware items which include baking trays, baking pans, baking bowl with handle, and a lot more. From colorful bakeware, to luxurious bakeware items-we have it all.  

    The baking bowls and oven bowls are stunners at multitasking; hence they can be used as not just baking bowls but as salad bowls, snack bowls, pasta bowls, noodle bowls, fruit bowls, and a lot more. These bowls come with an advantage of baking and serving at the same time. 

    Ramekins are small bowls which can be used for baking individual servings of cupcakes, muffins, soufflé, and a lot more. Ramekins can also be used for setting mousse, jelly and custard etc. We have also have ramekins with lids and without lids- forming an ideal bakeware collection which is available in popping colors. These ramekins can also be used to serve small snacking items like peanuts, dry fruits, nuts, mouth fresheners, and condiments.  

    Our tiny casseroles are available in the bakeware section with lids. The casseroles are perfect for someone who loves baking one-pot recipes. They can be used for preparing individual servings of cupcakes, muffins, oats, soufflé, and a lot more. They can also be used for serving as noodle bowls, pasta bowls, fruit bowls, and snack bowls. 

    Nestasia’s pie dishes, baking pans, baking trays, and grill plates are ideal for anyone who likes staying intoxicated with the fragrance of breads, cakes, muffins, and a lot more. For people who like savory items more than desserts, our grill plates seamlessly fit in a lunch or dinner setting where grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, grilled cheese and other grilled food items are being served.  

    If baking and decorating cakes is your passion, then we have got your back with the bakeware collection that has cake stands, cupcake stands, and cloche with plate for a perfect baking and cake decorating experience.   

    Some of our bestselling bakeware products are listed below: 

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    Ceramic Casseroles 



    Grill Plates 



    Ceramic Dish with Handle  



    Round Grill Plates