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Making a delicious treat is no longer just about the taste. It’s equally important to present the dishes in style and Nestasia’s range of bakeware is here to encourage novice bakers and equip seasoned perfectionists. The joy of baking increases with Nestasia’s range of baking trays, grill plates, and pudding bowls that have been each crafted of high-quality ceramic. Whip up baked goodies in style, be it a fluffy chocolate cake, caramelized custard, tangy red sauce pasta, or classic baked cheesy chicken.

The ceramic baking dishes by Nestasia feature an array of shapes and sizes to suit the baker’s choice of dish. From small bakeware items like ramekins and casseroles for single servings to large bakeware items which include baking trays, baking pans, baking bowls with handles, we have an array of products to suit all your needs. Nestasia’s microwave safe plates easily fit into the oven and ensure that the heat gets evenly distributed, enabling the food to be cooked equally from all sides.

To suit the unique aesthetics of each individual, Nestasia features the bakeware in various hues and patterns. The pastel-hued ceramic baking dishes and baking plates will beautify cupcakes with colorful icings and toppings while the vibrant patterned oven dishes inspired by Mandala and Bohemian art not only make for convenient bakeware but stunning serveware as well that amps up the tablescape.

The range of bakeware by Nestasia features grill platters, ramekins, baking bowls, baking trays, baking dishes, cake stands, 3-tier and 2-tier cupcake and cookie stands, pie dishes, oven bowls, baking pans, cake plates and cloches. Our baking trays, baking bowls, and oven dishes are stunners at multitasking; hence they can be used as not just bakeware but also as salad bowls, snack dishes, noodle bowls, fruit bowls, and a lot more. The exquisite ceramic dishes come with the advantage of baking and serving at the same time. 

The small ramekin bowls can be used for baking individual servings of cupcakes, muffins, soufflé, and a lot more. Ramekins can also be used for setting mousse, jelly, custard, etc. The ceramic ramekins can also be used to serve small snacking items like peanuts, dry fruits, nuts, mouth fresheners, and condiments. The ceramic baking dishes with lids are perfect for someone who loves baking one-pot recipes like pasta, macaroni, and cheese spaghetti.

Nestasia’s pie dishes, baking pans, baking trays, and grill plates are ideal for anyone who likes staying intoxicated with the fragrance of freshly baked bread, cakes, and muffins. For people who are fond of savoury items more than desserts, the grill plates seamlessly fit in a lunch or dinner setting where grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, grilled cheese, and other grilled food items are being served.

Apart from ceramic baking dishes, Nestasia has a varied range of moulds that feature unique floral shapes and varying geometrical shapes that may be used to make cake decorations and toppings. The cartoon-shaped moulds featuring iconic cartoon characters are sure to be a hit among children and can be used for decorating their birthday cakes. 

If baking and decorating cakes is your passion, then we have your back with the array of bakeware for a perfect baking and cake decorating experience.   

Product Name Price
Ceramic Baking Dish With Handle Yellow 650 ml Rs.795
Ceramic Casserole Dish WIth Double Handle Pink 650 ml Rs.795
Rectangular Ceramic Baking Dish With Handle White 650 ml Rs.795
Premium Ceramic Baking Dish Green 650 ml Rs.795
Matte Baking Pan with Handle Rs.800
MERRY Ramekin with lid Rs.390
Ceramic Baking Pan Rs.365