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It’s time to give your abode a new look with our wide range of bathroom sets and organizers!

You'll never have to search for more with Nestasia's exclusive range of soap dispensers, glass dispensers, bath sets, towels, and organizers. Nestasia is a one-stop store where you can lay your hands on a varied range of bathroom and storage accessories like soap dispensers, shampoo dispensers, toothbrush holders, toothpaste holders, sanitizer dispensers, glass soap dispensers, bathroom organizers like wall-mounted shelves or racks, and much more.

From hand wash dispenser, bathroom accessories set, towels, and sanitizer dispenser to bathroom organizers and baskets, Nestasia has it all! Our bathroom accessory sets and organizers are crafted in unique designs to take the decor of your bathroom to the next level! The best part about our fantastic collection of bathroom sets and organizers is that it caters to every home connoisseur's taste with a mix of vintage and modern designs.

Nestasia pays keen attention to detail while crafting its products, and we aim to satisfy our customers with the most gorgeous and attractive bathroom accessories or organizers. Our modern range of organizers, soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, towels, baskets, and a wide range of other items are available in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Bathroom Accessories and Organizers:

Not just your living room, your bathroom needs some modification every now and then too. If you love to keep your bathroom organized, our storage products are just perfect for you! 

Bathroom organizers like toothbrush holder or toothbrush stand, makeup brush holder, baskets, wall shelves or organizers, and more, are all available online on Nestasia’s website to help you arrange your bathroom effectively. Storage products are utility-based products that enhance the look of any home or bathroom. If a storage product like a basket is colorful as well as textured and made out of natural materials, it can serve both as a storage space as well as add to the depth of one’s decor. 

Nestasia’s wide range of ceramic bathroom accessories sets is designed to add a modern look to your bathroom and wash basin. Our multifunctional ceramic and glass dispensers come with a rust and water proof nozzle and can be used to store soap, body wash, hand wash, shampoo, or even hand sanitizer. 

Our wall shelves or organizers are apt for storing your ceramic soap dispenser, shampoo dispenser, sanitizer dispenser, glass soap dispenser, hair serums, body lotions, shower gel, conditioner, toothbrush holder, makeup holder, bath towels, soap case and much more. Some of our metal organizer racks come with knob hooks for hanging loofah, bathroom towels, scrunchies, scrubs, bath brush, clothes and more. Our ceramic mini jars or glass jars are apt for storing your additional stock of liquid soaps, shampoo pouches, hand scrubbers, and more. They are designed to lend a refined and contemporary touch to your bathroom. Our ceramic organizers can be used as a bathroom organizer to store toothbrushes, toothpaste, and tongue cleaners or as a makeup brush holder for storing makeup brushes, lipsticks, and other beauty essentials. Creativity knows no bounds. Shake up your creative bugs and use our ceramic organizers as planters or vases to store your mini succulents and greens. They are made to add elegance to the shelves and tabletops of your bathroom, living room or bedroom. They can also be placed on the workplace table to hold your favorite greens. 


Searching for high absorbency towels? Nestasia’s super soft towels are here to rescue you! Our 100% organic, antibacterial, super-soft towels are lightweight and are made with ultimate care. Our towels are made from the finest hand-picked bamboo, cotton yarn, and polyester fibre and are ideal for those with sensitive skin as they lend a soft and soothing touch. Our towels are available in various sizes and colors, to add vibrance to your bathroom ambiance. 

Travel Bag Kit:

Toiletries, towels, makeup accessories like makeup brushes, lipsticks, nail paints,  jewelry, grooming essentials, medicines, sunglasses, travel accessories and a lot more can be stored in Nestasia's specially handcrafted multifunctional solid vegan leather travel kit sets. One can keep their bathroom organized by storing their bathroom essentials in the bag set or travel in style with our passport holders, travel storage bags, and more from our exclusive collection of storage products.

Beauty Accessories:

Embrace your beauty sleep with Nestasia’s exotic collection of eye masks. Our soft eye masks are made of premium quality fabric and are designed to improve your beauty sleep routine. The mask can be used daily for your peaceful sleep at night, a short nap in the middle of the day, or even while traveling and camping.

Every bathroom is distinct in its own way, and should be modified accordingly. Simply add a few bathroom items to give your bathroom a brand-new and fashionable look. Nestasia’s exquisite collection of bath accessories sets and organizers are designed with care to improve the appearance of one's bathroom. Just pick the one from our exotic collection of bathroom accessories sets and organizers, and you are good to go!


1. Which material is best for bathroom accessories?

Ceramics is the ideal material to be used for bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories are prone to come in contact with water, as a result of which ceramics is the perfect material as there will be no rust or stains on the surface. The sturdy ceramic bathroom dispensers, tumblers, tooth brush holders are chip and crack-resistant, and will last for years, even with regular usage.

2. How do I plan my bathroom storage?

The bathroom storage should be planned in a way that declutters the countertop and shelves. Nestasia has a range of wall shelves and baskets that can be used for organizing towels and other bathroom essentials. We also have wooden caddies and multi-tiered organizers that make for the perfect bathroom storage options.

3. How do you organize deep bathroom shelves?

Use our baskets, trays, and ceramic organisers to make the most of deep shelves. To keep your goods organised, try our metal or wooden baskets that have full depth and you can also place the smaller cylindrical ceramic organisers in them. Tissues, larger products that you might later pour into smaller storage containers, and towels are all good options to be placed in deep bathroom cabinets.

4. How do I choose a makeup bag?

A makeup bag is essential for organizing & protecting your cosmetics. Our makeup bags are easy to clean, with a waterproof lining, & protect your makeup essentials. Choosing the right bag is dependent on whether you'll be using it for everyday use or for travel because its size will impact how you want to carry it. Our velvet makeup bag comes in 3 sizes while the satin makeup bags come in 2 sizes, giving you the option to carry the one which is convenient.

5. How do you clean makeup pouches?

The inner lining of the makeup pouches can be cleaned with a makeup wipe or a damp cotton cloth. Our satin makeup pouches and velvet makeup pouches can be cleaned with gentle handwash, cool water and soap, or dry cleaning. It's advisable to wash the makeup pouches with cold water and not wring them when damp.

Bath + Storage Pricing

Product Name Price
Modern Ceramic Bath Set of 2 Blue Rs.895
Ceramic Texture Arched Bathroom Accessories Set of 2 Rs.745
Floral Blue Bath Accessory Set Of 3 Rs.1450
Black Beige Bathroom Accessories Set Of 3 Rs.1450
Bathroom Dispenser Rs.615
Fancy Shampoo Dispenser Rs.806
Maroon Blush Ultra Soft Bamboo Cotton Towels Set Of 2 Rs.849