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    Buy crockery, plates, bowls, trays, and drinkware, online at Nestasia

    Uplift your dining decor by indulging in a variety of premium dinnerware collections from Nestasia. Choose from a diversified range of crockery which includes soup bowls, ramen bowls, serving bowls, bowls with lids, glass bowls, ceramic soup bowls, dip bowls, dip dishes, cooking bowls, and snack bowls to make your home special. Make a dinner set or snack set by combining the ceramic bowls with plates and platters such as pasta plates, snack plates, platters, cheese boards, dinner plates, and a lot more. Don’t forget to add the right cutlery set as it is key to completing the dinner table look.

    For a festive celebration, lay the table with an exquisite glassware collection of wine glasses, flute glasses, champagne glasses, drinking glass sets, juice glasses, cocktail glasses, or red wine glasses. From modern and minimalist to rustic and cottage core themes, Nestasia’s dining collection is apt for any tablescape. The stylish, unique, and classic crockery designs blend into all varieties of homes and fulfill all your requirements. You can combine ceramic trays with cups and mugs to serve at a high tea party or house party. For parties and gaming nights, or cheese, wine and dine sessions, you can look for drink dispensers and party games to amp up the mood. 

    Want to host a Christmas or New Year party? Our ceramic fondue set and cake stand with cloche will amp up the yuletide spirit. These can be used to serve some great dishes such as broth fondue and dessert fondues like cheese fondue and chocolate fondue, along with a pound of cheesecake. One can keep cooked meat, cheese, and chocolate fondues warm while serving in the fondue sets. The cake stand and cake tray with dome glass can be used for exhibiting cakes at birthday or anniversary events. One can combine the fondue set and cake stand with a tea cup set and glass bowls for an elite high tea party. It is indeed a fun way to cook and relish delicious meals with your loved ones. Choose from a variety of cake stands and ceramic fondue sets online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

    If you love fries and dips, a sectioned plate is a great addition to your collection. A large ceramic serving bowl with a dip bowl is ideal for serving a group of guests with finger food and dips such as mayo sauce, cheese, chutney, and a lot more. Add a couple of dip bowls to your collection and use them as dipping bowls for fruits, marshmallows, crispy treats, dry fruits, and brownies. Enjoy a fun day with family and friends with a gala meal.

    Table decor forms a crucial part of the dining room as it makes the space warmer and welcoming for the guests. Table runners, table mats, and coasters play a vital role in creating an aesthetic that is coherent and appealing. They can help add texture and a pop of colors to your living and dining space. 

    With neutral tones of classic white, natural green, and stone grey, and textures inspired by the ocean bed and sandy beaches, Nestasia’s collection of table mats and coasters are a great addition to your barware and tableware collection to place your coffee mug and wine glasses, as well add style to your space. 

    A wide range of table cloths, table mats, and coasters are intricately hand-sewn and handmade with natural grass, tie-dye technique, marble, and wood to create vibrant products in botanical, floral, leaf, butterfly, mandala, and geometric patterns to enliven the interior. The versatile table cloth and table runners can be placed on your dining table or coffee table, your TV console, or even your sideboard to instantly brighten up a space. Exquisite fine dining dinner sets can be complemented with table mats of muted tones to create a subtle tablescape. On the other hand,  bright solid colored mats will complement the plates and platters with flamboyant designs. Exquisite mats in classic tones of baroque design with white and gold tones can be great additions to your tableware collection to help you lay and style a table like never before! 

    Sabai mats, trivets, coasters, napkin rings, and a range of natural mother of pearl inlay products that are all handmade in varying design patterns like checks, stripes, and naturally dyed shades of white, black, gold, and rose gold- can be mixed and matched to create an appealing tablescape. We have table mats in wood that can be used to do a dining table setup or used as trivets for a table centerpiece. They will lend a touch of luxury to your space.

    Are you fond of finger food, fries, and nuggets? Then, our metal snack baskets in various shapes and sizes will look perfect on your dinner table. The mini-utility cart has the same appearance as the supermarket shopping cart and adds a unique touch to any snack serving made before guests at the coffee table. Just load up the snacking cart with French fries, churros, desserts, salads, snacks, pretzels, and fried cheese balls, and be the one to start the party with all your quirky table accessories there to support your table decor.

    Now you can buy ceramic crockery online from Nestasia and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time. Looking for some gifting ideas for friends and family?

    Worry Not! Nestasia brings you a galore of gifts to choose from in the dining section for presenting at housewarmings, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or any special events.   

    Invest in a premium quality dinner set, crockery set, cutlery set, glassware set, and table mats and coasters for your dining table, coffee table, bedside table, and other tabletop needs to entertain in style. The dining room and kitchen require several essentials like crockery, tableware, table runner, serve-ware, and kitchen utilities which play a vital role in the day-to-day lifestyle of homemakers. Lay out your dining table with interesting bowls, plates, platters, cheese boards, turntable Lazy Susans, spice jars, mats, and table runners to bring in your subtle style or pop of color as per your need. 

    Entertain guests at home for dinner parties, serve snacks, food, and desserts in chip and dip bowls, charcuterie, and cheeses on cheese platters and cheese boards. Build your collection of coasters, glasses, and barware, layout scrumptious brunches on our brunch platters, and Lazy Susan. Hold movie night and gaming nights at home with snack bowls filled to the brim with popcorn. Serve desserts and petit fours on cake stands and single-serve dessert plates with Nestasia’s range of crockery and table runner collections online. 


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. What materials are crockery & dinnerware sets made of?

    When it comes to dining, crockery and dinnerware sets are the most crucial component. The crockery and dinnerware sets by Nestasia have been crafted from the most premium quality materials. The dinnerware is made of ceramic clay that is available in both matte and glazed finishes & is non-toxic & lead-free. We also have glass dinnerware and wooden bowls, & platters that are anti-bacterial & durable.

    2. Does a ceramic dinner set break easily?

    Ceramic dinner sets by Nestasia are traditionally made from clay that is formed and fired in a kiln. Ceramic dinner sets are incredibly robust and can withstand scratches and other common damages, but because of their molecular structure, they aren't unbreakable. There is a good possibility that a ceramic plate will break if it is dropped from a few feet or more onto a hard surface.

    3. What are the best dishes for everyday use?

    The chip-resistant and scratch-resistant ceramic plates and bowls that are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe are the best dishes for everyday use. Nestasia has a wide range of sturdy ceramic crockery to offer in various sizes and colours, that make everyday dining a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. The ceramic dishes are also non-porous, meaning they don't stain easily and are sustainable and material-safe for serving food.

    4. How do I stop my dinnerware from scratching?

    Using metal cutlery on ceramic plates & ceramic dishes can increase the chance that they will become scratched, hence, it's advisable to use wooden cutlery on ceramic plates. Our metal cutlery is given a smooth finish to help you maintain both the appearance and quality of your ceramicware. Stacking plates atop each other in cupboards can cause them to rub and scratch each other. Take care when stacking the plates & aim to do this gently. Try not to clean ceramic plates with abrasive materials to prevent scratches.