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For people who want to put a personal touch while decorating their homes, choosing DIY home decor items is the best way to go. In fact, DIY room decor can include anything and everything, from gorgeous wall art decor to seasonal DIY Christmas ornaments. No matter what a person’s preferences are, DIY decor can help them add their personal style to their home interior design. With Nestasia’s assorted range of DIY home decor items, it can be possible for anyone to turn their unique and innovative craft ideas into reality. Not to mention, these DIY room decor items from Nestasia offer the opportunity to get creative and experimental with designing and decorating the house. 

Not just home decor, DIY gift ideas have also become quite popular as people are more inclined to choose personalised gift hampers over any ordinary package from an ordinary gift store. Keeping this in mind, Nestasia offers DIY lace paper doily cone sets that can be used to gift chocolates, candies, or small orchid blooms as a gift hamper. The laser cut-out top rim of these white, paper doily cone sets offers these DIY gift items a gorgeous and sophisticated look, making these cone sets ideal for arranging candies, chocolates and pretty little flowers in a personalised gift hamper. The gorgeous white colour of these cones can beautifully highlight the vibrant shades of small orchid blooms. On top of this, since these lace cones are reusable, anyone can use them as a DIY home decor item after receiving them as a gift. 

When it comes to DIY gift ideas, very few gifts can compete with delicious home-baked cupcakes. In fact, cupcakes can be an ideal housewarming gift for new neighbours. Nestasia’s collection of DIY cupcake wrapper sets can be perfect for arranging some mouthwatering fresh cupcakes in a gift hamper. These exquisitely crafted cupcake wrappers can easily hold standard 2-inch cupcakes and can be an ideal for serving freshly baked cupcakes on any special occasion. Available in different designs and colours, these cupcake wrappers are perfect for taking DIY gift ideas to a whole new level. 

Furthermore, DIY room decor is incomplete without DIY wall decor. Whether it’s about redecorating the living room or looking for the best housewarming gift, choosing a gorgeous wall art decor item is always a safe bet. Nestasia offers a range of DIY paintings to get one’s creative juices flowing. These DIY paintings come with a complete set of paint brushes, acrylic colours, and a canvas, allowing anyone to create their very own wall art decor by using these paintings as a reference. These paintings can offer innovative DIY crafts for adults and kids since everyone can participate in an interactive and fun family activity. 

Not to mention, it’s possible to create stunning framed wall art pieces to amp up the interior home design using these DIY painting collections from Nestasia. Whether it comes to creating new DIY fall decor or gifting a framed wall art to the loved ones, it doesn’t get any more creative and innovative than these vibrant DIY wall decorcpaintings. 

It’s also possible to create aesthetically pleasing DIY wall decor using wall stickers of different patterns and designs. When it comes to DIY room decor, wall stickers are effective in adding an attractive visual element to any room. Nestasia’s 3D butterfly wall stickers can be the perfect pick to liven up an empty living room space and add some aesthetic appeal. Decorate the bedroom walls using these 3D wall stickers and pair them with other DIY decor items, like the DIY paintings mentioned earlier, to spruce up the entire place. 

DIY craft ideas for adults and DIY room decor are incomplete without creating a wall art celebrating the precious memories and moments of one’s life captured in photos. A bedroom wall dedicated to someone’s most favourite polaroid photos is the best way to celebrate their life. Nestasia has the cutest wooden picture hanging clips to create a DIY wall decor featuring some memorable photos to stir up one’s inner nostalgia. 

Along with wall decor, maintaining the decor of the coffee table in a living room is equally important to maintain a cohesive home interior design. And what better way to decorate the coffee table than to use some DIY decor items? That’s why Nestasia offers some candy glass decor pieces, which can add the sweet essence of childhood nostalgia when decorating a coffee or side table. Place this set of glass candies in a glass bowl and use them as the centrepiece on the table. 

Beside home decor items, DIY gift boxes are also quite popular, especially during the holiday season when everyone’s busy looking for the perfect gift box for their loved ones. While traditional gift boxes have become more of a cliche, DIY gift boxes are quite the raging trend. Nestasia’s stunning range of DIY gift boxes with ornamental patterns can be ideal for presenting personalised gifts on any festive occasion. On top of this, since these are reusable paper boxes, one can use them as a jewellery box to present jewellery pieces, such as earrings or finger rings. 

When talking about gifts for the festive season, it’s hard not to mention DIY Christmas decorations and Christmas craft ideas. In fact, Christmas-themed art or craft pieces can be an ideal gift for this festive season. Homemade Christmas ornaments are popular during the holiday season because people prefer to present memorable and personalised gifts to their loved ones to make them feel special. Moreover, DIY Christmas ornaments can be an excellent way to add a personal touch while decorating the house to celebrate the holiday season. Nestasia offers some fun and adorable DIY Christmas decorations and ornaments to make the festive season even more festive. From a DIY wooden Santa LED house to a DIY snowman sleigh, these homemade ornaments from Nestasia can be the perfect DIY home decor items or gifts for Christmas. 

Whether it’s about redecorating the house or finding the perfect gift for that special someone, check out the wide range of DIY decor and gift items that Nestasia has to offer.