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Introduction of Candle Holders & Votives

Candles are a wonderful way to make your house appear cosy and stylish. They emit a revitalizing scent into the air, enhancing their smell. Although candles may or may not have a scent, they serve the function of making a home gorgeous and colourful without using any artificial lighting. Candles can smell wonderful and transport you to the idea of being in heaven. No matter where you decide to position the candles, they will ultimately provide a warm and welcoming ambience for both you and your guests. 

Candles are used as accents in interior design to signify affection, festivity, honouring a ritual, and calming the senses. It gives out a warm, pleasant light so that everyone can take in memorable moments. They are widely used for house decoration, stress relief, and mental relaxation. Scents and aromas may help lift moods and emotions, thus scented candles are essential to this process. It softens your environment and creates a welcoming environment for you. Candles can help you relax and create a welcoming, upbeat mood in your house. Candles make it simple to relax and lighten the ambiance around us. Candles have the power to alter the atmosphere in a space.

Collection of Candle Holders & Votives Available at Nestasia

All of our scented candles are blended with premium, natural aromatherapy oils that are meant to promote calm and relaxation. Our fragrant candles' calming aroma will enable you to set up your own at-home spa. It works wonders to provide an overall sense of calm while also lowering stress and anxiety. Nestasia has a range of wonderful candles made of natural ingredients since paraffin-scented candles are hazardous. Our candles' natural scents, which are calming and complement the interior decor, will assist to create a lovely atmosphere and are a great way to relax the body and mind.

Candles are a great way to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home while being a stylish decor element in the home. Even if the candles are unscented, they still serve the purpose of adding beauty and colour to a home without the need for artificial lighting. The candles will ultimately result in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for both you and your guests, regardless of where you decide to place them. Votive candles or glass votives from Nestasia have a convenient and small form, and when used with other living room home decor accessories, they can help you reflect the theme of your home decor product setup.

It's vital to relax and take time for oneself. Make sure to light a candle whether you're having a bath, reading your current book, or just relaxing in silence. Nestasia’s scented candles and jar candles will aid in creating a relaxing atmosphere and positively engage your senses. Opt for a fragrance candle from our wide range of scented candles that reminds you of wonderful times or brings you joy.

The addition of candles and votives can positively influence parties and occasions with their presence. improve the mood by lighting up the ambience, whether it's a romantic date, a wedding, or a weekend party. With the presence of candles, the ambience becomes cosy and guests can easily feel at ease. Candles can also be placed in candle holders or glass candle holders available at Nestasia to elevate and highlight the lighted candles in a decor setup. Candles are excellent ornamental accents. Everyone feels at home thanks to the cosy glow and comforting aroma provided by candles. Additionally, scented candles can also double up as room fresheners, helping to keep the interiors fresh.

Candle holders and tea light candle holder are decorative accents used to hold candles. The candle holders come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, ranging from simple glass votive candle holders, wooden candle holders, metal candle holders, and pillar candle holders to elaborate candelabras made of metal. The primary purpose of a candle holder and tea light candle holder is to provide a stable and secure base for the candle, preventing it from tipping over or dripping wax onto surfaces. Candle holders, tea light candle holder and votive holders can also enhance the visual appeal of candles, casting beautiful flickerings of light and shadow when the candles are lit.

Get some magnificent candle holders, tea light candle holder, votive holders or votives from our incredible choice of candle holders, such as votive candle holders, rustic candle holders, etc. Cluster votive holders together, use a variety of scents as they are extremely calming, or they may be unscented too, and of different heights. When dining table candle holder and votive holder are all in your home, glowing and illuminating, they all will look fascinating.

Votive Candles

Votive candles have a modest shape and, when combined with other decorative elements, can help you reflect the style of your interior. You can use them to line your counters, or you can arrange them with other décor elements like indoor plants and flowers to make table centrepieces. For a more dynamic appearance, you can also combine contrasting hues or brighter and darker tints of the same color.

Modern votive candle holders and tea light candle holders that also include metal candle holders are plentiful in the market, particularly those sold online. The Nestasia collection is also ready to wow you! They come in a broad range of designs and hues to match your home's decor. These votive candle holders and votives, which range from intricate to metallic, can provide beautiful flickering reflections during your special events or everyday meals.

Votive candles will go well with the home decor whether the event is within your home or outside. These candles may be utilized as centrepieces for rooms that are inside, as well as with wall votive candle holders and hanging chandeliers. Hanging votive candle holders may be used to decorate window sills, wall shelves, and practically every other area of the room in addition to gardens and other outdoor areas.

Votive candles are the most straightforward yet practical answer to the question, "How to stylishly adorn the table?" For a captivating appeal, combine them with traditional votive candle holders from our collection and other home accents. Your interest will be piqued by the incredible selection of candle holders, which will encourage you to purchase not just one but several of them.  The glass votives or votive candles by Nestasia have been infused with natural essential oils and have been carefully hand-poured for a beautiful experience when lit.

Glass Candle Holder

Glass candle holders support the candles so they may stand straight and create a unique aesthetic. Your candles will have the support they need to stay in place if you fix them in the proper glass candle holder. For instance, dinner candles can be placed in taper glass candle holders to help them stand upright, giving your dining room table an upscale and beautiful appearance. There are many different sizes, shapes, and patterns for glass candle holders and glass tea light holders or decorative tealight candle holders at Nestasia. Tealight candles usually come in tiny containers, but because of their small size, it is still crucial to place them in glass tealight candle holders or decorative tealight candle holders to adequately support the tealights.

Metal Candle Holder

You don't have to worry about children or clumsy guests inadvertently bumping your candles and causing havoc on the dinner table because tall metal candle holders keep your candles stable. For enhancing your home's décor, you may safely set your candles anywhere in our metal candle holders. To ensure everyone's safety, be sure to place the metal candle holders on a level, flat surface. The metal candle holders which can be used as dining table candle holders are rustproof and heat-resistant, meaning they won’t get too hot even if the candle is burned for a long period of time.

Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden candle holders and wooden candle stand for home are popular decorative accents that can add a touch of warmth and natural beauty to any room. Wooden candle holders are versatile, as they can be used in a variety of settings and for different occasions, such as weddings, parties, and everyday use. One of the benefits of wooden candle holders and wooden decorative tealight holders is that they come in many different shapes and sizes at Nestasia, from tapered candle holders to decorative tealight holders. This allows you to choose a candle holder that fits the size and style of the candle you wish to use. One of the advantages of using wooden candle holders is that they can easily fit your personal style or the theme of an event. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, wooden candle holders are also practical. They help to protect your furniture and other surfaces from the heat and wax of the candle, and can also provide a stable base for the candle to prevent it from tipping over. Whether you prefer a rustic, natural look or a more polished finish, Nestasia has different designs of wooden candle holders and wooden candle stands for home.

Glass Votives

Glass votives which can be used as pillar candle holders or as dining table candle holder and candle stand for home are small glass containers that are designed to hold candles. Glass votives and votive candle holders are a popular choice for decorative purposes, as they can be used to create an ambient atmosphere by casting a warm and soothing glow. Glass votives are best used with small tea light candles or small pillar candles. These types of candles are designed to fit snugly in the votive and won't create a fire hazard.


The use of a votive holder or a votive glass candle holder is to hold and display votive candles. Votive candles are typically broad cylindrical votive candles that are used for spiritual as well as decorative purposes. Votive candles are often made of wax or other materials and are designed to burn for a long period of time. Votive holders or votives come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials at Nestasia. The votives and votive holders available at Nestasia feature stunning forms to beautify the interior. The main function of a votive candle holder is to protect the surface on which the candle is placed from the heat of the burning wax and to contain any melted wax.

The fact that candle holders stop hot wax from dripping everywhere and making a mess is another significant advantage of using our decorative candle holders and votive candle holders. Hot wax can ruin the table surface and other furniture as it’s difficult to remove once the wax has hardened. The wax from a burning candle can drip, but metal candle holders can catch it all without letting it spill. For instance, lighting votive candles in votive candle holders will cause the wax from the candle to be collected in the votive candle holder and there won't be a mess on the table, making clean-up after the party much simpler and more effective.

Candles complement many styles of festive event décor beautifully. Even plain white candles will become opulent ornamental highlights when you use candle holders that go with your theme. Even white pillar candles and taper candles will seem more beautiful if you place them on tall candlesticks. Gold candle holders which also include tea light candle holder will undoubtedly enhance the visual appearance of the candles and provide a sparkling touch to your candle showpieces, whether your candles are monochromatic or coated in glitter and elaborate details.

You have the option to select the ideal candle holders to match your decorations from the wide selection of candle holders and tea light holders available at Nestasia, which includes stunning metal candle holders, wooden candle holders, and gorgeous glass candle holders. For instance, it would be perfect to use wooden candle holders to match your rustic living area. Our lustrous golden candle holders will give your party a luxurious and modern appearance for a modern interior design while the floral tealight holders are perfect to decorate the home during festivities.

Christmas Gifts At Nestasia

The Christmas season is a time for creating lasting memories with the people you cherish the most. We invite you to explore our carefully curated collection of Christmas gift ideas for friends and family. Whether you're looking for unique Christmas presents, traditional favourites, or personalised gifts, we have something for everyone on your list. Our collection features a wide range of products, from classic holiday decorations to trendy accessories, all designed to make your holiday shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

Why choose Nestasia to buy candle holders and votives?

Nestasia has a range of candles, pillar candle holder, glass candle holders, metal candle holders and glass votives apt for all occasions and will grace various setups as mentioned below- 

For The Coffee table: 

We all agree that coffee tables should combine style and functionality in equal measure. When you return home from a long day at work, having a gorgeously designed coffee table with some relaxation necessities is useful. Keep a pretty tray with some flowers, candles, candies, and of course, coffee to add even more flair. Reading a book or other things is the greatest solution. A variety of candles provide a splash of colour to your coffee table in addition to their wonderful aroma.

As The Desk Decor: 

It's quite obvious that the more colourful our office is, the more motivated we are to work; thus, candles are the ideal approach to boost your motivation. For an added touch of beauty, you may either place a few candles in pillar candle holders over your desk or arrange them on a pretty tray at the side of it.

For The Dining Table:

Nestasia’s set of tapered candles feature metallic tones and are crafted of organic wax that is drip-free and does not release any harmful fumes. The long tapered candles are the perfect centrepieces for the dining table to create a soothing glowy ambience. Place these candles on the dining table in candle stands from the collection to create the ideal atmosphere for a candle-lit meal with one's partner or family and friends. The colours of the candles, which are hand-dyed, have been chosen to fit celebratory moods as well as formal feasts. The appearance of the tall, thin candle sticks may be changed based on the type of candle stands or candle holders that are being used, or whether the decorative candle holders are constructed of brass or glass, have a matte finish, or have an antique appearance.

For The Bookshelf: 

As much as you may love reading, you may also want to decorate your bookshelves with candles to make them look full of life. You may arrange them in a group using your favourite trinket collection or you can stack them on top of the books. Try to select candles for pillar candle holders that are similar in tone to the books present on the shelves, or go with neutral candles that may go with any book colour and shelf aesthetic.

For The Kitchen: 

We adore and wish that the warm ambience must be with us when we are preparing food or just setting up for a dinner party; thus, the candles can make this happen. They ultimately provide your kitchen light, turning it into charming décor. Try placing candles on the countertop to improve the overall appearance. Beautiful to think about!

Nestasia’s candle holders, candles, votive candles and votives come in a variety of designs, sizes, colours, and forms, giving you the freedom to individually adorn your coffee tables, corner tables, mantels, or dining tables any way you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate size of a candle holder?

Nestasia's candlesticks and candle holders are made to hold taper candles with a standard diameter of 2.5cm to 3cm to keep the candles securely in position. Our tea light candle holders have a diameter of 6cm that enables the perfect placement of tea lights to brighten up any festive ambiance. The cylindrical tall candle holders can also be used to house votives apart from tea lights.

What are votive candles used for?

Votive candles are available in a variety of colours and sizes at Nestasia and are often used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in homes, restaurants, and other spaces. Votive candles can also be used as part of meditation or relaxation practices. Scented votive candles can be used to create a relaxing or invigorating atmosphere in a room, depending on the type of fragrance used.

What is the difference between a votive and a candle?

Votives and candles are great home decor accents that add a beautiful glow to the surrounding. The difference between votives and candles is that Nestasia's votives or votive candles comprise hand-poured soy wax in cylindrical glass jars, while candles are cylindrical-shaped or block of wax with wicks and do not have any encasings. Votives are typically cylindrical in shape, while candles can come in a variety of shapes, such as tapers, pillars or any other abstract shape.

What is the purpose of candle holders?

Candle holders help contain dripping wax and protect surfaces from heat damage, making candle holders practical accessories for candle use. Candle holders can add to the decor of a room or setting, providing a decorative element to the candles they hold. Candle holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, from gorgeous glass holders to ornate metal candle holders and elegant wooden candle holders.

What is the meaning of candle votive?

A candle votive is a jar filled with wax and has a wick to light the votive candle. Some votive candles come with a lid for protection against dust while some candle votives come without a lid. A candle votive is often used for decorative or practical purposes. Votive candles can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a room, whether as a centerpiece on a dining table or as part of a decorative display.

What are votives?

Votives are cylindrical glass jars or containers that are specifically designed to hold votive candles, small pillar candles or tealights. Votives are often used for decorative or practical purposes in homes or other settings. Votives come in a variety of sizes, and colours at Nestasia, and are made from different types of materials. Votives can be used with or without a lid.

How do you use votive candle holders?

Votive candle holders are cylindrical glass jars that may come with or without a lid. The votive candle holder is made of heat-resistant and non-flammable material so pillared candles and tealights can be placed in the votive candle holders for an extended period. Votive candle holders can be placed as a centrepiece on the dining table or be used for a themed candle-centric decoration.

Can you burn a votive candle without a holder?

Votive candles have wax already encased in a glass jar, hence, votive candles can be burned even without being placed in a candle holder. As a result of the glass encasing, wax won't drip and ruin any surface while burning the votive candles. Nestasia's votive candles feature high-quality glass encasing that does not crack when the votive candles are lit and are also heat-resistant.

How do you clean a votive holder?

To easily clean a votive holder, place the votive holder in the freezer until the wax is completely frozen. Once frozen, the wax should easily pop out of the container. You can also use a butter knife to gently loosen any remaining wax if necessary. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the votive holder. Next, wash the holder with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

How do you refill glass candle holders?

Firstly, take a clean glass candle holder. Then, melt the wax completely. You can also add fragrance or colour to the melted wax. Centre the wick in the glass candle holder and use a wick holder or pencil to keep it straight & in place. Carefully pour the melted wax into the glass candle holder. Leave some space at the top of the holder to allow for the wax to expand as it cools. Allow the wax to cool and solidify completely before trimming the wick to the desired length.


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