Home Decor Candles + Votives

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    Candles are a wonderful way to make your house appear cozy and stylish. They emit a revitalizing scent into the air, enhancing their smell. Although candles may or may not have a scent, they serve the function of making a home gorgeous and colorful without using any artificial lighting. Candles can smell wonderful and transport you to the idea of being in heaven. No matter where you choose to position the candles, they will ultimately provide a warm and welcoming ambiance for both you and your guests.

    Candles are used as accents in interior design to signify affection, festivity, honoring a ritual, and calming the senses. It gives out a warm, pleasant light so that everyone can take in memorable moments. They are widely used for house decoration, stress relief, and mental relaxation. Scents and aromas may help lift moods and emotions, thus scented candles are essential to this process. It softens your environment and creates a welcoming environment for you. Candles can help you relax and create a welcoming, upbeat mood in your house.

    Get some magnificent candle holders or votives from our incredible choice of candle holders, such as votive candle holders, rustic candle holders, etc. Cluster them together, use a variety of scents as they are extremely calming, or they may be unscented too, and of different heights. When they are all in your home, glowing and illuminating, they all will look fascinating.

    For The Coffee table: 

    We all agree that coffee tables should combine style and functionality in equal measure. When you return home from a long day at work, having a gorgeously designed coffee table with some relaxation necessities is useful. Keep a pretty tray with some flowers, candles, candies, and of course, coffee to add even more flair. Reading a book or other things is the greatest solution. A variety of candles provide a splash of color to your coffee table in addition to their wonderful aroma.

    As The Desk Décor: 

    It's quite obvious that the more colorful our office is, the more motivated we are to work; thus, candles are the ideal approach to boost your motivation. For an added touch of beauty, you may either place a few candles over your desk or arrange them on a pretty tray at the side of it.

    For The Bookshelf: 

    As much as you may love reading, you may also want to decorate your bookshelves with candles to make them look full of life. You may arrange them in a group using your favorite trinket collection or you can stack them on top of the books. Try to select candles that are similar in tone to the books present on the shelves, or go with neutral candles that may go with any book color and shelf aesthetic.

    For The Kitchen: 

    We adore and wish that the warm ambiance must be with us when we are preparing food or just setting up for a dinner party; thus, the candles can make this happen. They ultimately provide your kitchen light, turning it into charming décor. Try placing candles on the countertop to improve the overall appearance. Beautiful to think about!

    Candles and votives are like best friends- never complete without each other. Where there is candle, there should be a votive. Whether it's a special dinner date or a vintage-themed interior, they all crave ornamental votives

    Votive candles have a modest shape and, when combined with other decorative elements, can help you reflect the style of your interior. You can use them to line your counters, or you can arrange them with other décor elements like indoor plants and flowers to make table centerpieces. For a more dynamic appearance, you can also combine contrasting hues or brighter and darker tints of the same color.

    Modern votive candle holders are plentiful in the market, particularly those sold online. The Nestasia collection is also ready to wow you! They come in a broad range of designs and hues to match your home's decor. These votive candle holders and votives, which range from intricate to metallic, can provide beautiful flickering reflections during your special events or everyday meals.

    Votive candles will go well with the home decor whether the event is within your home or outside. These candles may be utilized as centerpieces for rooms that are inside, as well as with wall votive candle holders and hanging chandeliers. Hanging votive candle holders may be used to decorate window sills, wall shelves, and practically every other area of the room in addition to gardens and other outdoor areas.

    Votive candles are the most straightforward yet practical answer to the question, "How to stylishly adorn the table?" For a captivating appeal, combine them with traditional votive candle holders from our collection and other home accents. Your interest will be piqued by the incredible selection of candle holders, which will encourage you to purchase not just one but several of them.