2 Grid Insulated Leakproof Stainless Steel Bento Box Blue 800ml

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Food-safe & BPA-free
304-grade stainless steel
Warm water insulation
2 separate compartments
Detachable stainless steel tray
Airtight PVC lid
1 set of spoon and chopsticks included
Lid with clip locks on 4 sides
Removable silicone gasket
Detachable small bowl with airtight lid
Steam release vent
Leak-proof lunch box
Lightweight & durable design
Easy to clean
Ideal for gifting
Size & Details
Size: Lunch box- 20cm L x 14cm B x 5.5cm H (without lid), With lid- 8cm H
Bowl- 9cm D x 4cm H, Capacity- 150ml
Spoon- 16cm L x 3.5cm B
Chopsticks- 16cm L

Capacity- 800ml

Colour: Pink, brown

Material: Stainless steel, PVC
Products included
1 lunch box with a set of spoon and chopsticks

Product Introduction

Our 2-grid lunch box can be your perfect companion for a delightful mealtime experience! Offering top-notch features, the tiffin box guarantees food safety, thanks to its BPA-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. Made from 304-grade stainless steel, it keeps your meals warm and fresh, making every bite a treat. The convenient design includes two separate compartments and clip locks on all four sides, ensuring a spill-proof lunchtime adventure. Its removable silicone gasket and small bowl with lid add versatility, while the lightweight and durable build makes it ideal for everyday use. Embrace convenience and style with our leak-proof lunch box with compartments!


  • Food-safe & BPA-free
  • 304-grade stainless steel
  • Non-toxic
  • Warm water insulation
  • 2 separate compartments
  • Detachable stainless steel bowl
  • Airtight PVC lid

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the clip locks secure enough to prevent leaks?
Absolutely! The lunch box is equipped with clip locks on all four sides, ensuring a tight and secure seal. These locks create a robust barrier against spills and leaks, making it perfect for carrying soups, sauces, and other liquids without any worries.
The warm water insulation feature is designed to maintain the temperature of your food. Simply fill the bottom compartment of the lunch box with warm water before placing your hot food in the upper compartment. The stainless steel construction and sealed design help retain the heat, ensuring your meals stay warm and delicious until it's time to indulge.
The lunch box is designed to handle a wide temperature range, making it suitable for storing both hot and cold dishes. Whether you want to keep your soup steaming hot or your salad refreshingly cold, our lunch box is up to the task.
Yes, the lunch box is designed with two separate compartments, allowing you to pack different meals or snacks in each section. This design not only prevents flavours from mixing but also enables you to have a diverse and well-balanced meal in one container.
Simply disassemble the various parts, including the silicone gasket and small bowl with lid, and wash them with warm soapy water. Ensure all components are thoroughly dried before reassembling.

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