3 Vibrant Table Setup Ideas Inspired by Fun-Tastic Bollywood Movies

April 05, 2024

Keeping aside the same ol’ traditional table setup styles, how about we take inspiration from some Bollywood flicks! Be it those gorgeous attires we always swoon over, or the sentiments we so relate to, movies always tend to reflect our choices, perspectives, and tastes. So, why not plan and create some alluring table settings for our loved ones at home, and invite them for a lunch or a dinner party? Sounds great, right?

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 Don’t fret! For we have the perfect DIY style guide put together just for you! Perhaps you've seen various table stylings in magazines or on websites, but have you ever wondered, what all goes behind putting together a genuinely great tablescape? Well, you can easily create some exotic, eye-catching table setups at home if you follow some simple rules and apply your imagination (or some Bollywood inspiration!).

A perfectly balanced table setup is like balancing the right amount of salt or spice in your food. Just think about planning to cook something delicious for your family and oops! - by mistake, you put too much salt or spice in it! I am sure that may not be as lip-smacking as expected. Similarly, when it comes to table setups, it too depends upon balancing and applying some simple tricks, which are now within your fingertips! 

If you are someone who loves to host those occasional get-togethers and have a chilled-out weekend at your home, then we are sure you know that a well-organized table setup is as important as the meals prepared. A well-planned table setup is a booster that will not only dazzle guests but be the highlight of a soiree. Yes! A good table setup can truly work wonders, and that’s a Nestasia guarantee. 

When it comes to preparing a dinner table, cutlery and crockery are the first things that come to mind. It’s time to shake those creative bugs and organize the exquisite elements that make up a dinner set, ranging from glassware to cutlery. Colours also play an essential role when it comes to table styling. You can create a well-balanced table setup for your next dinner party by choosing the perfectly aesthetic colour tones that will go well with your collection of dinner sets.

Cutlery Set
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 Be it vibrant hues or somber colours, movie sets and attires showcased in Bolly movies are a fusion of all. And movies have always been a reflection of our lives. Often, we can relate our real-life situations well, to the films we watch. Special occasions always call for get-togethers, and since we all love to watch movies, we at Nestasia, have come up with three magnificent table setting ideas that are inspired by three of Bollywood’s best creations, to jazz up your next dinner or lunch party!

1. Flora Table Set-Up:

Beauty lies in simplicity! If you are someone who loves simple yet elegant décor items, then our Flora Collection is just perfect for you! The table setup suits all, whether it be a weekend dinner, a festive dinner setup, or everyday dining.

Flora Dinner Setup
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A setup that is out of the norm, combining both cool shades of white and blue with a splash of vibrant pink, completely defines the peppy Rani from Queen. It’s time to replace your regular dinnerware collection with our simple yet attractive Flora collection. Grab the exclusive crockery items from our Flora Collection to create a personalized dinner collection. 

Flora Tablescape

This spring, let's dine-in like a Queen! 

This charismatic amalgamation, especially inspired by the character of Rani Mehra from the Bollywood flick ‘Queen’, is undoubtedly designed to jazz up your next dinner party! 

Flora Table Setting

The Flora Collection is so simple yet flamboyant, that it will immediately remind you of Rani, a simple Delhi girl, who later bloomed to become the Queen of her life! While she was on her solo honeymoon trip, she made four new friends of diverse personalities. The trip added colour to her grey days of monotony, and gradually she realized that she can become a happy and independent woman! To get that Queen-inspired look, we thought of combining our simple Flora dinnerware collection with our varied, vibrant, and distinctive crockery items. 

Flora Dinnerware


Serve your favorite main course meals on the white dinner plate with blue floral motifs from our Flora collection, and pair it up with the Flora Deep Dish and the Flora Snack Bowl to create your own personalized dinner set. Serve your guests a cup of warm tea or coffee in the Flora Coffee Mug and use the Flora Snack Bowl to serve your favorite starters alongside it. You can serve the dip of your choice by the side of your favorite snacks on the Flora Dip Bowl, to spice up your high-tea parties a bit more! The snack bowl can also be paired with the uniquely designed Flora Ceramic Spoon, to create a set.

Flora Collection

 To take your dining experience a notch higher, pair the simple yet elegant dinner set from our Flora Collection with the uniquely designed Leaf Platter and Nitori Appetizer Plate. You can serve your favorite snacks and starters on the unique Nitori plate or you can also use the leaf plates with a long wooden tray to serve Asian delicacies like sushi, sashimi, or some yummy spicy kebabs. 

Leaf Platter
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To create the ‘Queen’ inspired table setup, you can pair up the flora dinnerware with two bright Color Plates from our collection, adding a pop of color, like Vijayalakshmi was in Rani’s life. The pink Floral Placemats which can be placed at the sides of your dinner table represent how Rani blossomed into a true Queen by the end of the film. Pair up the crockery collection with the rose-gold Complete Cutlery Set and crystal glassware to give the set up an elegant look.  

Rose Gold Cutlery

 To top it all off, place a Crystal Flower Vase with Pink Artificial Roses and Artificial Leaf Stem.   

Glass Vase

 The pink and white combination is sure to amp up your table décor game! The perfect balance of colors will make the setup look even more appealing. The soothing tone of the Flora dinnerware blends perfectly with the bright-toned mats and coasters from our collection and lends a perfect Queen-ish vibe to your setup.

2. Ombre Table Set-Up: 

Ombre Table Setup

 Vibrancy at its best! A table set up inspired by the liveliness of Sulu from the film ‘Tumhari Sulu’.

Looking for some colorful dinnerware to be a part of your dining table? Our stunning Ombre Collection is just perfect for you! The bright dinnerware set comes with a golden rim, which adds to its elegance.

This Spring season, bring home the exotic Ombre collection and pair them up to create a customized table setup for your next dinner party!

Ombre Plates


Since special occasions demand get-togethers, we at Nestasia have created a colorful table setup to jazz up your parties. Here's introducing an exclusive table set up with the Ombre Collection.

The Ombre Table Setup with its cheerful hues instantly reminds you of Sulochana Dubey a.k.a Sulu, a charming, bubbly, and multi-talented woman! The perfect balance of colors adds to the beauty of the table setting, just like Sulu, who knows how to perfectly maintain a smooth balance between her family and workplace.

Cutlery Set

Use the Ombre Ceramic Dinner Plate from our Ombre Collection to serve your favorite main course dishes. Feel free to combine the dinner plate with the Ombre Appetizer Bowl and the Ombre Snack Plate to create your own unique dinner set! The Ombre Snack Plate is ideal for presenting snacks and appetizers at a lunch or dinner party. Use the Ombre Appetizer Bowl as a dessert bowl to serve ice cream or pudding, or as a soup bowl to serve a hot piping bowl of stew.

Artificial Leaves

 How about you add a twist to the centerpiece of flower bouquets by replacing the florals with a bunch of fresh vegetables? Yes, you read that right. Sulu, a homemaker turned RJ, loves to stay engulfed with her regular domestic chores. She used to carry vegetables to her office and chop them up even when she goes live on air! To add that quintessential Tumhari Sulu-touch to your tablescape, you can create an eccentric table setup where vegetables will take over flowers as the decorative centerpiece.


 Add the Rose Crystal Tumbler Glasses from our glassware collection to your table setting to serve fruit juices or other tempting beverages. The glasses will look great with this vibrant-hued tableware, making them ideal for a festive occasion. To make this vibrant setup even more luxurious, add two gorgeous Champagne Glasses from our glassware collection and also pair the elegant crockery with the Crown Cutlery set and the Antique Cutlery set.

Napkin Ring

 Decorate your dining table with the magnificent turquoise Round Mat and Coasters to enhance the entire look of the table setup. Couple up the green-grey Napkin with the Gold Butterfly Napkin Ring to match up with the free-spirited nature of Sulu, who is born to fly! 

Name Card Holder

 Finish up your table set up with two Name Card Holders from our collection, and you are good to go!

3. Aurelea Table Setup:

Aurelea Table Setup

 An Epitome of Elegance! 

Add royalty to your tabletop with the exotic dinner set from our Aurelea Collection. The elegant white tableware with intricate gold detailing is apt for your upcoming lavish parties and social functions. Inspired by the traditional South Indian wear of white with lustrous gold borders, as shown in the film ‘Meenakshi Sundareshwar’, the Aurelea Collection features plates and bowls of the same hues.

Aurelea Plates

 As special events call for social gatherings, we at Nestasia have created an opulent table setting with the authentic South-Indian flair, particularly for you! Here's a unique table set up with the splendid Aurelea Collection. 

It’s time to fall in love with the perfect imperfection! 

Elysian Bowl

 Meenakshi Sundareshwar is a tale of a newly-wed couple with different viewpoints. The plot concentrates on Meenakshi and Sundareshwar's life, and how they deal with their long-distance love relationship, family concerns, and personal issues. The appropriate balance of colors adds to the beauty of the table styling, just like Meenakshi, who understands how to strike an ideal balance between her in-laws, her workplace, and her long-distance love relationship. 

Aurelea Tablescape
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 Place the banana leaf table runner in the center to start with the authentic South-Indian table setup. Serve your favorite main course items on the Aurelea Festive Dinner Plate, and create your own unique dinner set by pairing the dinner plate with the Aurelia Festive Snack Plate. At a lunch or dinner party, the Aurelea Festive Snack Plate is great for serving snacks and appetizers. Serve sambar vada, medu vada, or any of the South-Indian delicacies in the Aurelea Festive Side Bowls.

Aurelea Bowl


Your delish home-cooked delicacies deserve equally luxurious dinnerware dishes. Pair the side bowls with the Aurelea Soup Spoons to serve a warm bowl of soup. On either side of the table runner, place two Aurelea Festive Soup Bowls and serve mixed vegetables, kosambari, or any salad of your choice. You can also pair the soup bowls with the Aurelea Festive Soup Spoons to serve Rasam.

Aurelea Dinner Setup

 Place the Aurelea Festive Pasta Plate in the center of the table and serve in it a variety of delicacies. To add an unconventional flair to the table, place the dark green Snack Bowl with Gold Rim from our Elysian collection, at the center of the setup. Just like the imperfectly perfect relationship of Meenakshi and Sundareshwar, the green bowl deviates from the gold and white dishes, while equally complementing them. The snack bowl may be used to serve an array of snacks and nibbles of choice.

Aurelea Dessert Plate

Serve Paal Payasam or other desserts in the Aurelea Festive Dessert Plate and pair the dessert plate with golden Leaf Cutlery. Add two exquisite Champagne glasses from our glassware collection and pair the fine dinnerware with the red-gold Antique Cutlery Set to make this magnificent setup even more opulent.

Cutlery Set

 To sprinkle some exuberance to the already luxurious setting, use two golden Leaf Trinket Dishes to serve almonds, nuts, or mouth fresheners of your choice. Set alight the ambiance by incorporating two golden Decorative Metal plates and place scented candles on them for a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one. Couple up two red Napkins with Gold Leaf Serviette Rings to match up with the exotic table setup. To add an extra touch of charm to the décor, let white garlands and fresh red roses adorn the table, and here, we take the final bow!

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Aurelea Soup Bowl



Each of our table settings is distinct in its own way and our creativity completely spells that out! Just play around with colors to create the ideal table setting at home for all your special events! Or better yet, take inspiration from your favorite shows and movies, to style the table with our wide range of tableware. Consider your dinner table to be an empty canvas on which just like a painting, you can create a table setup of your own, that will be welcoming and liked by all. If you are stuck somewhere, feel free to visit our website for more detailed table setup ideas, and do let us know how our movie-inspired table setups have influenced your culinary creative output too!

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