Decoding A Recent Celeb Home Tour

May 03, 2024

Let’s get a sneak peek into the superstar power couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s nature-inspired holiday home in Mumbai and decode the theme and choice of the interior. “I’m never really on holiday…there’s no plan for how to relax…just being in a state of doing nothing is enough” - said the celebrity cricketer Virat Kohli in his interview with Architectural Digest. His home exudes a balmy beachscape and simplistic interior that truly resonates with his vision of creating a nature-inspired home. The bungalow is located 10 minutes away from Mandwa Jetty and boasts a temperature-controlled pool, customised kitchen, four bathrooms, a jacuzzi, an impressive garden, covered car parking spaces, staff quarters, and more. Let us get into the details of this very plush and pristine holiday home.

Design Elements

1. Space

Knowing the overall size and where doors and windows are located is essential to a seamless design. Space that is filled with furniture is known as positive space, while empty space is known as negative. Striking a balance between positive and negative space makes it feel inviting. The living area of Virat’s holiday home, for example, has very minimal decor allowing ample free space in the entire room. It is a spacious, well-lit area with double-height ceilings. The conversation starter of the living room is an exotic Italian marble wall which is a statement gem of the home. The living room has wood decor elements to lend natural beauty to the space.

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2. Light

Light is a powerful tool that can influence our mood, and our feelings and to an extent, it even influences our physiology. When we look at light as one of the interior design elements, we consider both the natural light and the artificial lighting of a space. Bathed in the glow of natural light streaming through expansive windows and glass walls, Virat’s home commits to sophistication and sustainability, qualities that resonated with his idea of a holiday home. He says, “The most interesting feature is the double-height cut-out ceiling in the living space, as it welcomes natural light. The more light… the better its energy.”

3. Colour

Colour brings a room to life and can be used as a complementary or contrasting element. It is often based on colour psychology to ensure the right feelings of the room are being set. The colours that have been used in Virat’s home are white, brown, beige, green and grey. The choice of colours has been made carefully and meticulously keeping in mind the theme of the entire house i.e. Biophilic. The soft furnishings, such as throw blankets, sofas, beds, rugs and curtains are all bathed in the shade of white and beige, which gives a soothing appeal to the eyes of anyone at home.

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4. Texture

The purpose of texture is to add depth and interest. There are two types; visual and actual. Visual textures are in appearance only, such as marble. Actual textures are both seen and felt, such as velvet. When looking to sell your home, adding colour, texture and patterns is an easy way to enliven a space without the need for major design updates. The unmissable characteristic of Virat’s beautiful home is the use of natural materials such as pristine stones, exotic Italian marbles, raw travertines, and Turkish limestones.

5. Pattern

Using patterns you can add interest and excitement. Patterns are defined as any repetitive decorative element. It’s the little details of the decor element that weaves a beautiful tapestry of an even more beautiful home. The soft furnishings of the living area in Virat’s home, such as the cushion covers, have floral prints and designs that vividly describe the nature-inspired theme of the home.

Inspiration And Takeaways

Creating a biophilic home requires embracing the innate connection between humans and nature to foster a sense of well-being and harmony in our living spaces. Here are a few tips that you can be inspired by if you want to create a minimalistic home just like Virat’s.

  • Incorporate natural elements, textures, and colours into your decor. Incorporate houseplants, which not only purify the air but also bring a sense of vitality and freshness to your home.

  • Opt for furniture made from sustainable materials like wood or bamboo, and incorporate natural fibres such as jute or rattan into your decor. 

  • Maximise natural light and views of the outdoors. It can also help create a sense of connection with the natural world.

  • Use earthy tones and organic patterns inspired by nature to evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity.


Delving into Virat Kohli's home decor has been an insightful journey into the life and style of one of cricket's most iconic figures. From the serene ambience of his living spaces to the meticulous attention to detail in his choice of furnishings and accents, Kohli's home reflects not only his impeccable taste but also his commitment to creating a sanctuary of comfort and elegance. By decoding the design elements and inspirations behind his abode, we've gained valuable insights into the blend of modern sophistication and personal touches that define his unique aesthetic.

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