All About Our Party-Ready Barware Collection

May 04, 2024

What’s a party if everyone’s not a little tipsy? We know you share the sentiment! Whether you’re finally breaking open a time-tested red wine or looking forward to a fun night of mixing up some cocktails, we have just the right tools for you. Straight from the bar counter to your hand, our collection of bar accessories will put you on top of your bartending game. So, put on your dancing shoes, take out your favourite glasses, and let’s get this party started!


5 Bar Tools You Need For Your Next Party

1. Stirrers/Bar Spoons

Mix it up with our amazing collection of stirrers and bar spoons! An integral part of any barware, a stirrer helps you stir your cocktails in a quick and smooth circular motion. Whether you’re making a classy Manhattan with brandied cherries or 007’s signature Martini (we know, he takes it shaken, not stirred), a stirrer helps you stir the ingredients to the right dilution without breaking down the ice.

Bar Spoons

Discover the best tumblers for your cocktails.

2. Ice Filter/Strainers

We know you want your drinks to be just like you - smooth. This is where our strainers come in handy. Place them over the mouth of a shaker or mixing glass and keep ice and other unwanted ingredients from ending up in the finished drink. Our strainers have small holes through which the drink passes, leaving behind ice and other items in the shaker.

Ice Filter

Explore our coasters to keep your surfaces drip-free.

3. Straws

Ditch your ordinary plastic straws and go for our metal and glass straws instead. Apart from the environmental factor, these reusable alternatives are chic, non-toxic, smooth to the touch, and incredibly easy to clean. They also provide a clean and neutral taste to your drinks. As for your glass straws, the transparency helps you see if they are clean - inside and out.


Serving punches just got easier, thanks to our drink dispensers.

4. Bottle Openers

Our colourful wooden bottle opener from our acclaimed Banjara collection is perfect for cracking open a cold one with the boys if you know what we mean. Unapologetically desi, these handpainted bottle openers will add some charm to your next party. Oh, and the best part - you can use them as fridge magnets after you’re done getting sloshed.

Wooden Bottle Opener

5. Wine Racks

Unlike most wine connoisseurs, our wine racks don’t discriminate. Here to stylishly house your cherished wines - reds and whites, our wine racks are designed to organize your wines efficiently in a safe and undisturbed environment. Sparkling wine and champagne are best stored horizontally, and our wine racks have been constructed to ensure that the wine is held close to a horizontal position instead of upright.

Wine Rack

Last Words

Celebrate the art and science of mixology with our extensive collection of party-ready bar tools. From clear glass straws to sip pretty to the best ice filters for luscious and smooth cocktails, we have everything you need to turn your party into a classy and sophisticated affair.

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