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    Home appliances are here to make our everyday work easier. From the moment we wake up in the morning till we sleep, we use a variety of electronic products to make our lives easier and more creative. We enjoy using new products, new experiences, and technology. 

    Small domestic appliances are largely used in households as the user can more effectively perform indoor activities like cooking, cleaning, etc. Such small appliances are very helpful in saving both the time and effort required for these activities. Small appliances are also available in different categories like manually-operated, semi-automatic, and automatic ones. 

    Such appliances are compact and cost-effective and can complete the work in minutes without any hassle due to which the future demand for these electronic products is increasing. Nestasia has some cute-looking and functional appliances that would become your everyday work partner to make your life easier. 

    Shape and Size of Small Appliances

    Home appliances and kitchen appliances come in various sizes depending on their use and function. Some appliances can be very big, but what Nestasia provides are minimal, easy-to-use, electric, and portable gadgets for everyday use. Our electronic products can be easily carried anywhere and can be used at homes, offices, and parties, or you can even carry them anywhere you want to.

    Our collection includes several products that come in different shapes and sizes. Each product is different from the others so their shapes and sizes also differ from one another. However, all these appliances are not very big, they are small appliances to be used at home or you can also carry them anywhere because of their portable sizes.  

    Color and Pattern of Small Appliances

    Nowadays, homeowners are choosing to incorporate classic style and color in all sorts of electronic products. Besides functionality, visual appearance has also become equally important to uplift the whole sense of decoration. The color of the appliances plays an important role in the overall decoration of the house.

    Nestasia’s small appliances are available in pretty and crisp colors like white, pink, green, blue, and gold. These colors match any interiors and give a clean look to the place where they are kept. Small appliances with seamless patterns and designs add a classic touch to your home decor and make it visually appealing. 

    Range of Small Appliances

    Our range of small appliances includes several products for everyday use. There is an array of products that can be used in the kitchen like electric juicers, electric vegetable choppers, portable cup warmers, portable choppers with USBs, and two in one electric mini choppers and whisks, and other minimal home appliances like electric fan heaters, room humidifiers, USB portable table fans, electric mini aroma diffusers, and three in one mirror light organizer. All these products are convenient and can be easily carried anywhere. 

    Usage of Small Appliances

    Small appliances can be very useful in everyday life making your life easier by finishing the work with just the click of a button. Our cute minimal products will surely impress you with their functions: 

    Electric fan heater: A small appliance that has an in-built metal coil that generates a heat wave when plugged in. Also, the fan heater comes with overheating protection technology for your safety. Now, let warm air swiftly into your home on chill nights. 

    Electric juicer: This small and lightweight electric juicer comes with a USB cable that can make smooth drinks and juices in minutes. The juicer has an in-built protection switch to prevent injury from the blade and also an auto-stop technology that makes the juicer stop in 40 seconds of functioning. 

    Electric mini aroma diffuser: This diffuser comes with a USB cable. It comes with an aroma cartridge and can be plugged in to have an exotic aroma anywhere you want. The air diffuser has multi-gear technology that ensures aromatherapy to get rid of all-day stress. 

    Electric vegetable chopper: This electric mini chopper comes with a USB connector and cable which chops vegetables at the touch of a button. It’s a quick way to cut any vegetable in just a few seconds. 

    Portable cup warmer: This USB cup warmer is like an induction plate that can warm any liquid. This warmer has a feature that it automatically stops after 8 hours of heating. It has three temperature settings that work well. 

    Portable USB chopper: This mini portable chopper has a USB charging point that helps in easy grinding. It can be used as a multifunctional chopper for veggies and fruits. It can grind very easily with the touch of a single power button on top of the lid. 

    Room humidifier: This room humidifier comes with a USB cable and LED light, hydrates air, renews air quality, and adjusts room temperature. With a capacity of 1000ml, it can work non-stop for 24 hours without making any irritating noise. 

    Three in one mirror light organizer: This three-in-one product has an LED light, a circular mirror, and a base tray to keep some trinkets or makeup products. It is the easiest way to get ready and can be kept on any flat surface. 

    Two in one electric mini chopper whisk: The chopper has a USB cable for quick chopping of vegetables and even whisking eggs or whipping cream. It has an electric motor that fits into the chopper base for chopping or whisking. 

    USB portable fan: The USB fan has a high fan speed and produces cool wind with a USB connection. The small electric fan has three blades and a portable body that allows you to enjoy cool air anywhere. 

    Price of Small Appliances

    The price point of Nestasia is according to the quality we provide. All our appliances are functional and convenient to make lives easier and finish any tasks in just a few minutes. The products are affordable as per their usability and perform well as per their size. We intend to provide only the best to every home. The prices of our small appliances differ according to their function and you can get all the appliances online from Nestasia.