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Between nailing down holiday plans and finding the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, scooping up the best Secret Santa gifts can easily slip your mind. Raise your hand if you've ever found yourself scouring next-day delivery Amazon gift ideas the night before the exchange, frantically searching for something that doesn’t feel too much like a last-minute gift. Yep, we've all been there. To help you score some thoughtful and great Secret Santa gifts this holiday season without the panic, we picked out Secret Santa gift ideas that are so good they won't end up in a donation bin.

Gift ideas for Secret Santa

Choosing a great Secret Santa gift can be challenging: You’re likely on a fixed budget and may barely know anything about the recipient. The options in the list are perfect for a person you know a lot about or someone you’re interacting with for the first time. Whether you are looking for Secret Santa gifts for her or Secret Santa gift ideas for guys, these gift options qualify to be acceptable, if not great. And while they’re somewhat generic, they’re also delightful—and useful enough not to end up in a landfill on January 1.

We've included a range of one-of-a-kind items as well as Christmas gift items that tap into hobbies and interests: crafting delicious cocktails, cooking, reading, and more. If you need to figure out what they're into, there are also timeless gifts for him and unique options for the woman who has everything.

Secret Santa Gifts for Him

  1. If you are looking for a Secret Santa gift for your brother, father or uncle, a classic Christmas-themed red or green coloured coffee mug would make a delightful present.
  2. If the men in your family are fond of fancy drinks, then gifting fancy glassware is an ideal choice.
  3. Another amazing Secret Santa gift would be a work essentials gift set.
  4. If your loved ones are fond of eating (coz who isn’t), then you can gift them a ceramic Christmas-themed platter for all their yummy snacks.
  5. You can never go wrong with a soft and snuggly throw blanket. Choose from the most uniquely printed throw blankets in our collection of Secret Santa gifts and make your loved ones happy.

Secret Santa Gifts for Her

  1. Whether it is your mom, sister, BFF, or your aunt, a Secret Santa gift such as a ceramic planter with a coaster will make for an ideal gift.
  2. Another secret Santa gift that will put a smile on the face of your recipient is a beautiful and intricately embroidered Christmas wall art.
  3. If your loved ones are fond of decorating their homes, then Christmas decor objects are one of the best Secret Santa gift options to give to them.
  4. This Christmas, gift your loved ones the perfect teacup to sip their favorite tea from in the morning.
  5. Almost every woman loves her kitchen to be organized. Our unique ceramic jars and containers are the perfect fit for making your kitchen look appealing. 

Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues

  1. Get your favourite colleague a beautiful gift hamper from Nestasia this holiday season. An exquisite hamper filled with goodies is everyone’s favourite.
  2. A beautiful wall art is another good gift option for Secret Santa if your colleague is creative and has an artistic inclination.
  3. A jewellery box for your female colleague is another great gifting option this festive season.
  4. A beautiful and high-quality scarf that is hand embroidered makes for a perfect gift option for your work bestie.
  5. If your colleague loves aromatic candles, then Nestasia has the perfect scented candles collection, potpourri and artificial flowers that are sure to become their favourites.

Secret Santa Gifts for Kids

  1. You can opt for vibrant mugs with pretty designs and details as Secret Santa gifts for your kids this holiday season.
  2. If you’re looking for gifts for your daughters or nieces, then beautiful hair accessories will do just the right kind of magic for them.
  3. Christmas-themed whimsical eyewear also makes for an appropriate gift for the kids.
  4. You can also gift them soft Christmas-y pillows and cushions to get into the festive vibe even more.
  5. Get your kids festive snack plates this Christmas to amp up the festivities at home.

Secret Santa Gifts under budget

  1. Shop for aesthetically pleasing ceramic bowls and plates to gift your loved ones this festive season. Not only are they budget-friendly but they are also beautiful.
  2. Choose from a wide range of beautiful wreaths and wall hangings for decorating your home this holiday season.
  3. Dainty decor pieces also add charm to your festivities, opt for angel statues and other kinds of intricate decor pieces for your home to give it a Christmas-y spin.
  4. Ceramic planters are a versatile piece of decor. Not only can they be used for your greens but can also be utilized to keep your essentials safely in one place.
  5. It’s the festive season and what is a festive home without any festive decor? Shop for Christmas-themed wall hangings and ornaments to create a festive vibe at home.

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Nestasia has the best Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. From beautiful Christmas decor objects to exquisite dinner sets in the hues of the holiday season, we have everything you need to create a festive vibe at home. Shop for soft furnishings with festive motifs to add a touch of the festive vibe to the little spaces of your home. Get your hands on some amazing Christmas gift options to make your loved ones feel happy and extra special.


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FAQs related to Secret Santa Gifts

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a festive tradition where participants anonymously exchange gifts within a group. Each person randomly selects a recipient for whom they will buy a gift, with the identity of the gift giver kept secret until the exchange.

What are the rules for Secret Santa gift exchange?

Make sure every person draws one name. (And double-check that everyone’s name got put in the hat—you don’t want someone to be left out!). Set a gift budget for everyone to follow. Stick to the gift budget!

What gifts can be given as Secret Santa?

Think about the things you enjoy in your life that your recipient may appreciate. Whether it's a favourite pair of slippers or some stellar chocolates, decor objects, coffee mugs, colourful AirPod cases, skincare sets, or novelty socks, these Secret Santa gift ideas are sure to be a success.

Who invented Secret Santa?

The tradition of gift-giving at Christmas goes back centuries, but many people credit philanthropist Larry Dean Stewart with inventing Secret Santa as we know it today. He began to give people gifts anonymously at Christmas. This started with giving underprivileged people in Kansas City money in 1979 and continued for many years.

Can we give chocolates for Secret Santa?

A box of chocolates is the perfect gift when you don't know your recipient well or you're short on time. Visit your local chocolate shop and grab an assortment of flavours, so there's sure to be something your recipient will enjoy.


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Sparkling Star Wall Hangings Ornaments Set of 3 Rs.350
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