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The year is coming to an end, and a whole new year lies ahead, unfolding new experiences and opportunities for everyone. Embrace the arrival of a brand-new chapter by celebrating the amazing men in your life - whether it is your supportive father whose hand you gripped firmly to take your first steps, your loving boyfriend who goes out of his way to support you in your endeavours, or your husband who makes every possible effort to manage work and run the house like clockwork. Although the year changes, our loved ones remain patient with our midnight cravings, temper tantrums, and indecisiveness when it comes to ordering food. This New Year, celebrate these special men with Nestasia’s exquisite New Year Gifts for men. We have handpicked only the best New Year Gifts for him so that you can cherish the love, patience, and consideration they shower on you year-round. 

Different Luxurious New Year Gifts For Men Available at Nestasia

  • New Year Gift Ideas For Husband

Laptop Bags

The right laptop bag can be a godsend for a working professional, which is why you should check out Nestasia’s collection of laptop bags. Perfect for on-the-go professionals with a keen eye for refined aesthetics, our laptop bags are not only fashioned from sustainably sourced eco-friendly materials. Featuring secure enclosures, shock-absorbent cushioned padding, roomy main compartments, and multiple easy-to-access small compartments, our laptop bags and laptop sleeves are a harmonious blend of form and function. Hurry up, as the perfect New Year present for your husband awaits. 

Desk Planters

Plants not only boost productivity but also jack up the air quality, making them lovely workspace companions for your husband’s workspace. A touch of green can be quite refreshing and promote creativity. Our stunning desk planters will fit like a glove on your husband’s home or office desk. Whether you go for a swing planter that gently rocks back and forth or a graceful marbled stand planter, find the perfect receptacle for your husband’s succulents and other houseplants. 

Travel Mugs

We all need a cup of coffee in the morning to get that extra boost of energy and be prepared for whatever comes our way. If your husband is a coffee connoisseur, perhaps our premium-quality, spill-proof travel mugs will win his approval. Our stainless steel coffee mugs will ensure that his beverages remain fresh, whether he is on his way to work or plopped down in his office chair. Shop today and end your search for the perfect New Year gift for him. 

  • New Year's Gift For Boyfriend

We understand how important it is to find a good New Year gift for your boyfriend, which is why our all-inclusive collection provides you with stylish and practical gifting solutions. We believe that picking the right New Year gift for your boyfriend should be a piece of cake, considering the countless hours you’ve spent with him not to mention, our wonderful assortment of gifts. 


If there hasn’t been a single moment when you’ve seen your boyfriend without a cup of tea in his hand, perhaps a teapot is a worthy investment to surprise your boyfriend this New Year. Whether he prefers a punchy masala chai with a hit of ginger or a refreshing rose tea, our durable and heat-resistant teapots will allow him to fix himself a fresh cup of tea anytime he wishes. 

Duffle bags 

Whether he is hitting the gym or packing essentials for a weekend getaway with the boys, our spacious duffle bags are just what he needs. Apart from being highly fashionable, our roomy duffle bags offer enough space for everything that he otherwise crams into his backpack - charger, water bottle, car keys, and more. With comfortable shoulder straps and handles that are soft and supple on the skin, our duffle bags can also be worn for extended periods without any discomfort. 

Floor Mats 

Despite being reminded hundreds of times, boys tend to step out of the shower without drying their feet, creating a muddy mess on the floor. This New Year, cross two hurdles with one leap with our colorful and durable floor mats. Our floor mats can be placed in the entryway as a welcome mat or used just outside the bathroom floor to catch drips, serving as a stylish and practical gift item for your boyfriend. 

  • New Year's Gift For Dad

No matter what you get your old man, you can be sure it’ll bring a smile to his face. Step into a New Year with the man who has always been there for you, whether it was tucking you into bed with your favourite bedtime stories or cheering you on for every school or college event. Celebrate your father with Nestasia’s exquisite collection of New Year gifts for your dad.

Photo Frames

Something as simple as an elegant photo frame can be a great gift for your father, allowing him to take a walk down memory lane. Available in different colours, shapes, and designs, our extensive photo frame collection is here to help him revisit old memories and make room for new ones. You can also place cherished family photos, snaps, and glimpses from your childhood for a personal and sentimental touch. 

Decor Objects 

Our decor collection is a goldmine for picking out items to gracefully adorn one’s home. Whether you are seeking abstract pieces or items that can be used to strike up interesting conversations, our decor objects cater to various themes and decor styles. It is important to choose decor objects that will resonate with your father’s taste or something that can be associated with an event or experience, weaving a tale of connection. 


Lighting candles, soaking in the soft glow, and being enchanted by the aromatic scents is the ultimate way to relax and unwind after a long day. Explore our collection of scented candles, taper candles, and decorative candles to elevate his home decor to new heights. Our elegant candle stands and votives with intricate metal cutwork are no less captivating, creating an intriguing interplay of light and shade.

Explore Other Categories Online On Nestasia 

  • Stationery 

From office desk organizers to keep your workspace spick and span to premium-quality spiral notebooks where you can jot down important dates, briefs from meetings, and upcoming projects, our stationery item collection is a stunner. We also have the best planners so that you can stay one step ahead of the planning game and keep track of daily activities. 

  • Corporate Gifting 

Explore the widest range of corporate gift items for your colleagues, employees, and business partners. Celebrate their steadfast commitment to their work day in and day out with our corporate gifts for colleagues. Has your work bestie been planning to take that much-needed vacation? Gift our stylish and utilitarian travel accessories! You can also explore premium-quality laptop bags, lunch bags, and desk organizers. 

  • Wedding Gifts 

There is nothing that compares to the grandiosity of big fat Indian weddings. To celebrate the extravagant event and the beautiful journey the lovely couple is about to embark upon, find a gift that conveys your heartfelt wishes. Explore a range of exquisite embossed glassware, elegant dinner sets, and other home decor items that can be used to adorn their new shared space. 

  • Anniversary Gifts 

Anniversaries are all about reigniting the spark in your relationship, revisiting old memories, and celebrating the indestructible bond you share. From trendy tote bags, makeup pouches, and colourful scarves, our anniversary gifts for her will put a smile on her face. We also house a variety of anniversary gifts for him - from useful laptop bags, roomy duffle bags, desk planters, and sporty water bottles. 

  • Birthday Gifts 

Discover a curated collection of exceptional birthday gifts for him and her at Nestasia, designed to elevate the art of gifting. From exquisite glassware, premium laptop bags, and chic stationery for him to versatile tote bags, and elegant slings for her, our selection offers a blend of style and functionality. 

  • Christmas Gifts

Nestasia presents an enchanting array of Christmas gifts, meticulously crafted to celebrate the essence of the joyous season. From exciting presents for kids to thoughtful offerings for men and women, our curated collection encompasses the spirit of gifting. Discover exceptional home decor, delightful hampers, and exquisite accessories for friends and family. 

  • Scarves

Beyond being a stylish addition, scarves have stood the test of time, symbolizing refined elegance and grace. Discover a world of endless possibilities as you explore versatile ways to drape, tie, or adorn your ensemble with these chic scarves.

Why Choose Nestasia To Buy Premium New Year Gifts For Men Online? 

Whether you are looking for exquisite decor, trendy travel accessories, or cosy soft furnishings, Nestasia is your one-stop shop. We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to mindfully handpick items that will surpass your expectations. Underscoring our regard for quality, Nestasia’s products are of stalwart build and have been expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Timely deliveries and unparalleled customer service are also at the heart of our mission, so that we can “make home beautiful” for everyone. 


What gifts do guys want for the New Year?

Men appreciate thoughtful and functional gifts for the New Year. To find the right gift for your man, you have to dig deep and consider items that he’s been wanting for a long time. Hobby-related gear, subscription services, books from his favourite author, a relaxing spa appointment, or antique items he’s fond of are great finds. 

What is the 5 Gift Rule for men?

The 5 Gift Rule suggests giving men five meaningful and intentional gifts - something they want (maybe a PlayStation), something they need - perhaps a lunch bag, something to wear such as cufflinks, something to read, and something for an experience - getaway, tickets to a concert or a spa appointment. 

How can I surprise my man on New Year’s Day?

To surprise your man for New Year’s Day, you can arrange for a romantic candle-lit dinner or getaway. If he is a people person, you can host a special get-together with his close friends and family. 

What gifts do you give to men on New Year’s Day?

This New Year, consider items that align with their hobbies and interests. This could include tech gadgets, grooming products, books by their favourite authors, or some activity they might enjoy, whether it is bowling, ice skating, a quick getaway, or tickets to a comedy show or concert. You can also opt for handmade cards and DIY items to add a personal touch. 


Product Name Price
Square Shaped Round Photo Frame White 5"x5" Rs.550
Folding Picture Frame Black 11"x5.5" Rs.995
Premium Round Photo Frame Navy Blue 5"x5" Rs.550
Set Of 3 Decorative Picture Frames Blue Rs.1950
Sunshine Blue Picture Frame For Room Decor 7.5"x6" Rs.630
Minimalist Rectangle Photo Frame Set Of 3 White Gold Rs.1950
Dual Toned Photo Frame With Gold Rim 7.5"x6" Rs.630