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Introduction to Buy One Get One Offers and Deals

Welcome to Nestasia's spectacular "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" extravaganza! Get ready to elevate your home decor with our unbeatable deals on a diverse range of products. At Nestasia, we believe that a beautifully curated home speaks volumes about its inhabitants, and our exclusive collection of cups, mugs, crockery, table mats, cookware, kitchen essentials, wall decor, cushion covers, soap dispensers, towels, and other home accessories is here to help you achieve just that.

Step into a world of aesthetic delight, where style meets functionality, and indulge in the art of homemaking like never before. Our BOGO Sale allows you to shop guilt-free, doubling your happiness with every purchase. Whether you are revamping your kitchen, adding charm to your living spaces, or seeking unique gifts for loved ones, Nestasia has something special in store for everyone.

Each product is meticulously crafted, showcasing exquisite designs and high-quality materials that blend seamlessly with modern aesthetics and classic tastes. With our BOGO Sale, creating your dream sanctuary becomes affordable and effortlessly chic. Embrace the spirit of nesting and upgrade your home decor with Nestasia's irresistible "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale." Explore our handpicked collections and let your home radiate warmth, comfort, and style like never before. Don't miss this limited-time offer to transform your living spaces into a haven of elegance and personality. Happy shopping!


Cups, Mugs + Drinkware

Discover Nestasia's unmissable "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" on a stunning array of cups and mugs, tea cups, tea mugs, tea sets, tea kettles, teapots, glass jugs, water bottles, and thermos flasks, designed to elevate your sipping experience while adding a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

Immerse yourself in the art of brewing and beverage enjoyment with our thoughtfully curated collection of drinkware. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur, a tea lover, or someone who values the perfect hydration companion, Nestasia has the ideal companion for your daily rituals. Indulge in the rich aroma of your favourite coffee blend or savour the delicate flavours of your preferred tea leaves in our exquisite coffee mugs and tea cups. Experience the joy of cozying up with our stylish coffee mugs and tea mugs that effortlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.

For tea enthusiasts, our tea sets, tea kettles, and teapots are the epitome of elegance, offering a delightful tea-drinking experience. Stay hydrated in style with our versatile glass jugs and water bottles, perfect for serving refreshing beverages or carrying your hydration essentials wherever you go. Keep your drinks hot or cold on the go with our efficient thermoflasks, ensuring your favourite beverages are always at the perfect temperature. Take advantage of Nestasia's exclusive "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" to upgrade your drinkware collection and redefine your home decor with a touch of class and functionality. 


Embrace the joy of dining with Nestasia's irresistible "BOGO Sale" on an exquisite range of bowls, specially crafted to elevate your culinary experience and add a touch of elegance to your home decor. Explore our diverse collection of snack bowls, soup bowls, serving bowls, ramen bowls, section bowls, dip bowls, and bowls with handles, designed to cater to every dining occasion. From indulging in delicious snacks to savouring hearty soups, our bowls are the perfect companions for your gastronomic delights.

Serve your guests in style with our elegant serving bowls, while our ramen bowls and section bowls provide a delightful way to enjoy Asian-inspired cuisines and keep your meals organized. For dips and sauces, our dip bowls are a must-have addition to your dining setup. Crafted with precision and finesse, our bowls exude both aesthetics and functionality, making them a perfect fit for any modern or classic home decor. Don't miss out on this exclusive "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" at Nestasia and give your dining experience a luxurious upgrade.

Plates + Platters

Celebrate the art of dining with Nestasia's captivating "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" on a delightful assortment of plates & platters, designed to elevate your culinary experiences and adorn your home decor with style and grace. Indulge in our wide selection of dinner plates, snack platespasta plates, ceramic platters, dessert plates, and section plates, meticulously crafted to suit every dining occasion. Whether you're hosting a lavish dinner party or enjoying a cozy meal, our plates & platters add an exquisite touch to your table settings.

From serving delectable entrees on our elegant dinner plates to relishing delicious desserts on our charming dessert plates, each piece is a testament to fine craftsmanship and design. Entertain with flair using our sophisticated serving platters, and enjoy perfectly portioned meals with our practical section plates. Embrace the joy of dining with Nestasia's BOGO Sale, as each purchase doubles the enchantment and elegance in your home. Hurry and seize this limited-time offer to enrich your dining collection with Nestasia's premium plates & platters. Elevate your dining experience and home decor today!

Table Linens

Transform your dining experience with Nestasia's captivating "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" on an exquisite range of table linen, designed to add a touch of sophistication and charm to your home decor. Explore our diverse collection of table mats, table runnerscoasterscloth napkins, and trivets, thoughtfully curated to elevate your dining space with elegance and practicality. From casual meals to formal gatherings, our table linens enhance your table settings, reflecting your unique style and personality.

Protect your table with our stylish table mats and coasters while adding a pop of colour with our vibrant table runners. Our trivets ensure safety and functionality while serving hot dishes, and our napkins and napkin rings add a finishing touch to your dining aesthetics. Revamp your dining space with Nestasia's BOGO Sale, where each purchase brings home twice the beauty and utility. Enjoy this exclusive offer and elevate your dining decor today!

Dinner Set

Elevate your dining experience with Nestasia's captivating "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" on stunning Dinner Set, designed to infuse elegance into your home decor. Explore our thoughtfully curated collection of dinner sets, each comprising meticulously crafted plates, bowls, and matching accessories. 

From casual dinners to special occasions, our dinner sets blend style and functionality, making every meal a delightful affair. Embrace the art of dining with Nestasia's BOGO Sale, where each purchase doubles the beauty and charm of your table setting. Limited-time offer, so don't miss this opportunity to bring home twice the sophistication and grace with Nestasia.


Toast to elegance with Nestasia's captivating and enchanting Glassware collection. Discover a delightful range of exquisitely crafted glassware, including wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, cocktail glasses, and more. Elevate your beverage enjoyment and home decor with our stylish and functional glassware. 

Each piece reflects sophistication, enhancing your dining and entertaining experiences. Don't miss Nestasia's BOGO Sale, where every purchase doubles the allure of your glassware collection. Raise your glasses to this limited-time offer and embrace the art of fine living with Nestasia.

Bar Tools

Unleash your inner bartender with Nestasia's sensational and stunning array of Bar Tools. Elevate your home bar experience with our premium-quality cocktail shakers, strainers, muddlers, and bar spoons. Crafted to perfection, our bar tools blend style with functionality, making every cocktail creation a masterpiece. 

Whether you're a seasoned bartender or a home enthusiast, Nestasia's bar tools collection is a must-have addition to your home decor. Don't miss this exclusive BOGO Sale, where each purchase doubles the excitement and craftsmanship of your mixology journey.


Experience dining elegance with Nestasia's alluring and exquisite Cutlery collection. Explore our meticulously crafted knives, forks, spoons, and serving utensils, designed to elevate your dining experience and complement your home decor. From everyday meals to special occasions, our cutlery exudes sophistication and functionality. 

Each piece is a testament to fine craftsmanship and style, enhancing the charm of your table settings. Don't miss Nestasia's BOGO Sale, where every purchase doubles the beauty and grace of your cutlery collection. Embrace the art of dining and upgrade your home with Nestasia's exclusive offer.

Snack Baskets + Stands

Elevate your snacking experience with Nestasia's delightful range of Snack Baskets and stands. Explore our thoughtfully designed collection, perfect for serving delicious treats with style and convenience. From charming snack baskets for casual gatherings to elegant stands for hosting parties, our selection exudes versatility and functionality. 

Elevate your home decor while delighting your guests with our exquisite snack displays. Don't miss Nestasia's BOGO Sale, where every purchase doubles the appeal and organisation of your snack presentation. So, elevate your snacking setup with Nestasia today!

Cake Stands

Indulge in the art of dessert presentation with Nestasia's exquisite collection of Cake Stands. Elevate your home decor and showcase your sweet creations with our beautifully crafted cake stands, designed to add elegance to any occasion. 

Whether it's a birthday celebration or a tea party, our cake stands are the perfect centrepiece. With a blend of style and functionality, each piece elevates the charm of your dessert table. Get the best of Nestasia's BOGO Sale, where each purchase brings home twice the sophistication and allure of your cake display.


Elevate your home decor with Nestasia's captivating "Buy 1 Get 1 Sale" on an enchanting range of Decorative Trays. Discover our thoughtfully designed collection, perfect for adding style and functionality to your living spaces. 

From serving breakfast in bed to organising your vanity, our decorative trays exude versatility and charm. Crafted with precision, each piece reflects Nestasia's commitment to elegance. Spruce up your home decor with Nestasia's exquisite decorative trays today.



Unleash your culinary creativity with Nestasia's exclusive BOGO Sale on an exceptional Bakeware collection. Explore our meticulously designed baking dishesbaking trays, and moulds, tailored to elevate your baking experience and adorn your home decor. 

From casseroles to cookies, our bakeware combines style and functionality, ensuring your creations look as delightful as they taste. Each piece embodies Nestasia's commitment to craftsmanship. Transform your kitchen and elevate your culinary creations with Nestasia's premium bakeware.


Elevate your culinary journey with Nestasia's exquisite Cookware selection. Explore our meticulously crafted cooking pots and cast iron cookware options, designed to elevate your cooking experience while enhancing your home decor. 

From savoury stews to gourmet masterpieces, our cookware blends functionality with style, reflecting Nestasia's commitment to quality. Each piece embodies culinary excellence. Don't miss this exclusive BOGO Sale, where every purchase doubles the artistry and efficiency in your kitchen. Transform your cooking and enrich your home with Nestasia's premium cookware.

Jars + Containers

Organise your kitchen in style with Nestasia's limited-time BOGO Sale on a versatile range of kitchen Storage Jars and Containers. Explore our meticulously designed airtight glass jars, elegant ceramic jars, and charming spice jars, curated to elevate your culinary space and home decor. 

From pantry essentials to spices, our storage solutions blend functionality with aesthetics, showcasing Nestasia's dedication to quality. Each piece adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen and elevate your organisation with Nestasia's premium storage jars and containers.

Lunch Boxes

Elevate your on-the-go meals with Nestasia's stylish array of Lunch Boxes. Explore our thoughtfully designed collection, perfect for adding convenience and elegance to your daily routines. From work to picnics, our lunch boxes combine functionality with modern aesthetics, reflecting Nestasia's commitment to quality. 

Each piece is crafted to make your meal a delightful experience. Get the best of our limited-time BOGO Sale to double the efficiency and charm of your lunchtime adventures with every purchase. Upgrade your dining on the go with Nestasia's premium lunch boxes.

Kitchen Racks

Discover functional elegance with Nestasia's BOGO Sale on Kitchen Racks. Elevate your home decor with our stylish and versatile racks, offering the perfect blend of form and function. Organise your culinary space while adding a touch of charm. Crafted to complement various lifestyles, our racks maximise storage without compromising aesthetics. 

Choose from a wide range of designs, from rustic to modern, tailored to suit your taste. Buy one and get the second one absolutely free, enhancing both your kitchen's efficiency and aesthetic. Don't miss the chance to upgrade your home organisation with Nestasia's “Buy 1 Get 1 Sale.”

Kitchen Tools

Revamp your culinary experience with Nestasia's exclusive BOGO Sale on premium Kitchen Tools and utilities. From sleek utensil sets to innovative gadgets, our collection blends style and practicality seamlessly. Elevate your cooking game with ergonomic designs that cater to every need. 

Buy one handpicked item and enjoy the second with unbeatable savings. Discover the perfect fusion of fashion and function at Nestasia's BOGO Sale, transforming your cooking haven into a sophisticated space. Don't miss out on this opportunity to redefine your kitchen's allure.


Experience the ultimate decor transformation with Nestasia's BOGO Sale! Amp up your space with our premium home decor collection featuring showstopping Decor Objects, captivating Wall Decor, elegant Vases, modern Indoor Planters, and chic home accents. 

Redefine your home's aesthetic with our curated selection. Buy One, Get One (BOGO) - double the elegance for every choice you make! Elevate your lifestyle with Nestasia's exquisite decor. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to renovate your home with sophistication and charm.

Bags + Accessories

Explore our diverse bags and beauty accessories collection, featuring an array of stylish Bags, travel pouches, makeup pouches, luxurious Scarves, and elegant Beauty Accessories. Elevate your ensemble with our meticulously curated selection. 

With our Buy One Get One offer, embrace versatility and style effortlessly. Redefine your fashion game and accessorise your life with Nestasia. Don't miss this chance to indulge in chic sophistication and practical beauty. Discover the perfect blend of function and fashion in our BOGO Sale while sticking to your budget.


Elevate your home decor and lifestyle with our exquisite collection, featuring stylish dispensers and plush towels. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, designed to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury. Indulge in our carefully curated range, where every item showcases expert craftsmanship and elegance. 

With our BOGO offer, it's the ideal opportunity to adorn your bathroom space to maintain impeccable cleanliness and hygiene while enjoying fantastic savings. Elevate your bathroom experience with Nestasia – where beauty and utility intertwine seamlessly.

Cushion Covers

Experience ultimate comfort and style with Nestasia's irresistible BOGO Sale on cushion covers and soft furnishings. Elevate your home decor game with our exquisite collection, featuring a range of textures, patterns, and colours that breathe life into your living spaces. 

Transform your couch or bed into a cosy haven with our meticulously crafted cushion covers that perfectly blend aesthetics and comfort. Dive into a world of plush fabrics and intricate designs, all while enjoying our Buy One Get One offer. Refurbish your home with Nestasia – where sophistication meets comfort in the most delightful way.

Rakhi Gifts At Nestasia

At Nestasia we offer an exquisite assortment of exclusive Rakhi gifts online. Elevate your Raksha Bandhan festivities with our thoughtfully designed range of Rakhi gift hampers, ensuring an indelible celebration. Our assorted Rakhi Hampers are meticulously crafted to cater to a variety of preferences, comprising not only delectable treats but also exciting presents, guaranteeing a truly unforgettable festive occasion. 

Whether you're in pursuit of the ideal Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sister, brother, or sister-in-law, Nestasia presents an array of impeccable gift hampers and Rakhi gift card selections to elevate this event into a truly extraordinary experience.

Why choose Nestasia?

Redefine your living space with Nestasia, the epitome of home decor and lifestyle excellence. Choose us for unparalleled quality, utility, and beauty (QUB). Immerse in curated selections that fuse aesthetics and functionality seamlessly, creating spaces you adore. Discover meticulously crafted pieces that stand the test of time, enhancing every corner with purposeful design.

Embrace utility through versatile products that adapt to your needs, transcending mere decoration. Experience the symphony of beauty in each detail, capturing your unique style. With QUB as our foundation, Nestasia crafts not just products but lifestyle companions that enrich your world holistically.


1. What does buy one get one free mean?

A marketing tactic known as "buy one, get one free" (BOGO, also known as "2 for 1”) allows buyers to buy one item and receive a second similar item for free. In essence, it's a promotional strategy where you get twice as many items for the same price. The complimentary item may be the same as the paid-for item, or it may be a comparable or associated item of equal or lower value.

2. What products are included in the BOGO Sale at Nestasia?

Nestasia offers a diverse range of premium items in the BOGO Sale section, including dinner sets, home decor, stationery, bathroom accessories, soft furnishings, and kitchenware. Our BOGO collection includes cushion covers, cutlery, glassware, bar tools, table linens, crockery, dinnerware, and more. The sale is a chance to acquire Nestasia's top-notch products, like bowls, plates, platters, cups, mugs, decor showpieces, and other dining and home accessories at reduced prices, making it a valuable shopping opportunity.

3. What are some examples of dinnerware?

Dinnerware refers to the assortment of dishes and utensils used for serving and eating meals. Common examples include dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, dessert plates, and saucers. Additionally, dinnerware sets often include matching items such as cups, mugs, and various types of glasses for beverages. The design and material of dinnerware can vary, ranging from traditional ceramic to more contemporary options like glass, stoneware, or even melamine for outdoor dining.

4. What is the most common material for crockery and dinnerware?

Porcelain and ceramic are the most common materials used for crockery and dinnerware. They are popular due to their durability, versatility, and ability to hold intricate designs. Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is fired at higher temperatures, resulting in a finer and more delicate finish. Both materials are widely used for plates, bowls, cups, and other tableware items. They come in various styles, colours, and patterns, making them suitable for both casual and formal dining occasions.

5. How can I elevate kitchen storage space using kitchen racks?

Install wall-mounted racks to hang utensils, pots, and pans, freeing up cabinet space. Utilise vertical space with open shelves for easy access to frequently used items. Magnetic racks can hold knives and metal tools, while spice racks keep seasonings organised. Over-the-sink racks create extra workspace, and under-shelf baskets optimise cabinet storage. Choose versatile designs that blend with your kitchen decor, effectively increasing storage capacity and creating a more organised and efficient cooking environment.


Product Name Price
Place Card Holder Rs.315
Heart Starter Plate Small Blue Rs.415
Green Strawberry Ice Cream Bowl 400 ml Rs.315
Large Heart Starter Plate Blue Rs.670
Square Plate With Wooden Handle Rs.950
Fresh Fruit Plate Small Rs.265
Chrome Red 11 Piece Pasta Set Set For 2 Rs.3080