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New Year Gifts For Family

The holiday season is incomplete without festive decor, lavish meals, exciting gifts, and night outs, and the year ahead is incomplete without…you guessed it - family. As the year draws to a close and a brand new year awaits to welcome us with new opportunities, promises, and experiences, it is time to celebrate the bonds that matter most. No matter where you are in life, the one thing that remains constant is family. Whether it is your loving mother blasting up your phone when it’s getting late, your father cracking the lamest dad joke for the nth time, your sister borrowing your clothes and never returning them, or your brother constantly fighting over the TV remote, these ordinary moments weave tales of a strong connection. Whether you are seeking personalized keepsakes or festive surprises, our handpicked selection will surely make the New Year memorable for your family. 

Photo Frame 

From flowy and graciously curved nature-inspired lattice borders that add an elegant touch to chic and minimalist marvels with clean lines to add a bit of refinement, our stunning collection of photo frames presents you with the option to gift something decorative as well as practical. Apart from serving as a captivating adornment, catching a glimpse of cherished memories helps revisit those moments, and refreshes the mind. 

Flower Vase

Fresh flowers not only add an aesthetic cheer to whichever room they adorn but also create a serene and focused environment, which may be conducive to creativity and productivity. A beautiful flower vase can be a great New Year present for your family members, particularly your mother, who we’re sure has a knack for fresh floral arrangements.


If you are looking for something that combines style and practicality, our glassware collection is perfect for your gifting needs. From embossed water glass sets to elegant stemware for champagne, our extensive collection goes with every occasion. Whether your mother is hosting a lavish Sunday brunch or your brother is insisting on a backyard barbecue over the weekend, our generous drink dispensers will come in handy for serving punches, lemonade, and other beverages. 

Soft furnishings 

Winters are perfect for lazing around and soaking up the soft rays of the sun in the afternoon and knitted throws and blankets are a must-have for keeping oneself snug and warm in this leisurely pursuit. Handcrafted from high-quality materials, our throws and blankets excel at rendering the best comfort. Our new and versatile reversible throws double up into two distinctive looks, adding an element of surprise to one’s cosy time. You can also check out our exquisite cushion cover collection, which consists of playful festive prints, classic checkered designs, and furry edges. Be sure to invest in our soft and comfortable handwoven rugs, which will not only elevate the aesthetics of any space but also offer a touch of luxury underfoot. 

Candles stands & Votives

From regal crown candle holders to tall luxury candle stands with shimmering gold accents and luminous beads, our candle stands are perfect for gifting this New Year. Their robust build, durability, and reusable nature will allow your family members to adorn their homes with the soft glow of their favourite candles for years to come. Our brand-new metal votives with intricate cutworks and holiday-inspired designs are also great New Year gift options for your family. 

Decor Objects 

If any of your family members are ardent decor enthusiasts, our resin decor collection is here to save the day. Housing a wide range of showpieces in different colours, themes, and shapes, Nestasia’s assortment of unique decor objects is a catch for all decor enthusiasts. From chef figurines to add a pinch of style to your kitchen countertops to abstract marvels that can be integrated into a variety of settings, our extensive collection gives you the option to explore and find a piece that resonates with your near and dear ones. 

Dinner Set 

Every family is incomplete without a loud and lively family dinner, with everyone talking over each other, and spending a few moments in the company of those who matter most, which is why you should consider checking out our luxurious dinner sets. Our dinner sets feature colourful prints and patterns, accommodate generous portions, and turn ordinary meals into a lavish dining experience, making them a worthy investment for a New Year gift for your mother, father, brother, or anyone else in your family. 

Why Choose Nestasia?

Whether you are looking for exquisite decor, trendy travel accessories, or cosy soft furnishings, Nestasia is your one-stop shop. We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to mindfully handpick items that will surpass your expectations. Underscoring our regard for quality, Nestasia’s products are of stalwart build and have been expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Timely deliveries and unparalleled customer service are also at the heart of our mission so that we can “make home beautiful” for everyone. 


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