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Cupid called, and he wants you to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may need to do more than blast his phone with an adorable couple of comic posts that you both relate to. From hogging up the bed space and cornering you until you almost fall off to covering you up with a warm blanket every time you fall asleep on the couch, we are sure you don’t mind your boyfriend being the midnight blanket-stealer. After all, we are sure he makes up for this by sitting patiently through sudden bouts of rage, tantrums, and indecisiveness about what you want to eat. Let’s be real - your boyfriend is probably the only person with whom you’ve swapped food orders hundreds of times without him losing his cool, and that has become almost an unspoken rule at this point. To cherish the special man in your life with whom you envision a lifetime of love, laughter, and tolerating each other’s quirks, explore Nestasia’s handpicked assortment of Valentine’s Day gifts. We are sure these offerings will put a huge smile on his face and go on to become cherished keepsakes. 

How To Choose The Right Vday Gift For Your Boyfriend?

Whether you go all out with a grand gesture or opt for a sweet little token of love, we are sure that the mere fact that you put in effort to celebrate his presence as your partner will melt his heart. If you are keen on making Valentine’s Day a memorable experience that will remain etched in his heart for years to come, you have to think outside the box. While considering presents, we often forget to think beyond material items. You can plan a special dinner with a flower petal trail leading up to the dimly lit dining room with ambient music and two glasses of rosé. You can consider hobby-related gear. If you’ve seen your man all hyped over a camera lens that produces crystal-clear images or an acoustic guitar he has been eyeing. If he is into binge-watching and always promises to come to bed after “one last episode,” getting him subscriptions to popular streaming platforms will also make for a fantastic present. The key to finding the perfect present is tailoring it according to the taste and preferences of your boyfriend.

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Boyfriend


In the realm of gifting, candles are an underrated gem. Candles are major stress-busters, and evoke a depth of feelings that are difficult to put into words. Do you ever get a whiff of something that instantly takes you back in time or creates an association with a place or memory? Candles have the magical ability to prompt this feeling. This Valentine’s Day, consider investing in scented candles to create a peaceful and relaxing retreat for your boyfriend after a long day at work. Long characterized as having a masculine edge, you can go for warm and woody fragrances with a hint of spice. You can also go for an exuberant and uplifting sea breeze scent that brings out a salty and beautifully complex smell one experiences when standing on the shore. Check out Nestasia’s collection of exquisite candles and live in his room with warmth and light. 

Photo Frame

Imagine tucking away some highlights from the countless memories you have made with your boyfriend and gifting a sleek and slender photo frame. Whether you place snaps and glimpses from your first date, your first ever vacation, or a recent click at your favourite restaurant where he’s sitting with a poker face because the food hasn’t arrived, all of it will make him HAPPY. From vintage-inspired designs with floral swirls to foldable photo frames that exude refinement, we have it all. Shop today so that your boyfriend can keep memories close to his walls and you close to his heart. 

Indoor Planters

House plants are known for improving quality and creating a focused and serene environment. Lush green accents bode well for any living room, tabletop, or home office, which is why a glazed ceramic planter will lend a clean and pristine look to his home and serve as a reminder of your consideration for his well-being and productivity. If you are looking for something that stands out, our hanging planters are perfect for adding nature’s spark to dull walls and livening up any room. Whether he is a seasoned plant parent or just looking to uplift his workspace, our planters will certainly steal the spotlight.


Whether he enjoys the sweet and nutty notes of bourbon or prefers a glass of the subtle citrus notes of champagne, our glassware collection is here to redefine indulging in fine spirits. If your boyfriend is a wine connoisseur, you cannot miss out on our stemmed champagne flutes, which make swirling the wine a breeze. To capture the rich aroma and peppery notes of whiskey, our textured whiskey glasses come in generous sizes to stir, swirl, and sip a full-bodied single malt. If he cannot start his day without a glass of orange juice in the morning, our glass tumblers are soon to be his favourite and take him the healthy route. Explore our collection today and surprise him with a stylish and practical gift on Valentine’s Day.

Laptop Bags

For most working professionals, it is crucial that their laptops remain in good condition, and the bumps and clashes in a packed metro don’t help either. If you are looking for a practical gift for your man that combines striking aesthetics, Nestasia’s stunning laptop bags check both boxes. Our bags come with eco-friendly and sustainable construction, cushioned laptop sleeves, roomy interior, easy-to-access compartments, and secure enclosures, serving as the ultimate receptacle for his laptop and office essentials. 

Throws & Blankets

We are sure you are probably fed up with your boyfriend stealing your blanket at night, which always ends with you curling up into a ball after putting up with the cold. We hope you do not hold it against him and gift him a warm and cozy blanket so that he can get all snug next to you without leaving you freezing. A comfortable blanket also signifies warmth, and our knitted throws are here to render just that. Check out our collection of soft throws that not only feel soft against the skin but also make those extra minutes in bed worth it. 

Planners & Notebooks

With tons of paperwork stacking up, projects due, and personal errands to run, it is always best to plan ahead. A set of good quality planners and notebooks can be a great Valentine’s Day present for your boyfriend, showing your consideration for his organizational needs. From penning down thoughts and important appointments and keeping track of his activities to making cute little doodles, notebooks offer endless creative possibilities. From vibrant colors to subdued grey pocket notebooks, our diverse collection has something for every personality. 

Bath Set

There’s nothing that can be as relaxing as a nice grooming session and shower, and a comprehensive bath set can be a complete game-changer. Our bath sets harmoniously combine functionality and aesthetics, offering a seamless bath experience. Our toothbrush holders can accommodate more than just a toothbrush and keep his shaving cream, razor, and epilator in one place. Our soap and shampoo dispensers come in handy, offering a smooth dispensing experience during every shower. From speckled stone textures that exude an earthy aura to smooth finishes that blend in with modern interiors, our bath sets go beyond function and uplift one’s bathroom aesthetics.

Explore Other Categories Online On Nestasia 

  • Christmas Gifts

We are officially about to enter the season of giving, and with that in mind, you want to take advantage of our collection of Christmas gifts. From jingle-ready Christmas decor to quirky Christmas gifts for kids to make them beam with joy, our assortment caters to all the special people in your life. Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for that special woman in your life or looking to extend the joy of the season to your colleagues, our one-of-a-kind collection of coffee mugs, scarves, photo frames, indoor planters, lunch bags and many more is here to overwhelm you with choices. 

  • Bathroom Decor

Explore premium bathroom decor online at Nestasia. Although accessorizing your bathroom may not be a priority, the importance of nifty bathroom accessories is truly understated. From soap dispensers to effortlessly dispense liquid soap, body washes, shampoo, and lotion to toothbrush holders that can accommodate items that normally circle the sink and create a mess, it is a part of our vision to create a clutter-free bathroom where all your health and skincare products are neatly and hygienically stored. Our collection of towels excels at softness, absorbency, and durability, making them an equally worthy investment for your bathroom.  

  • Modern Platters

Food platters are an essential part of any dining experience and come especially handy when you are hosting a lively dinner party or sharing your culinary creations on a Sunday brunch. Check out Nestasia’s collection of modern ceramic platters, where some designs come with handles for easy carrying and serving. Our classy wooden platters are not only robust but also perfect for serving tasty hors d’oeuvres such as samosa, finger sandwiches, and potato wedges. 

  • Modern Dinner Plates

Our carefully crafted plates cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for every individual. Whether you're hosting guests or enjoying a family meal, our visually appealing and aesthetic plates set the right mood for any occasion. From formal and casual dinner plates to starter plates, pasta plates, and more, our extensive range offers a perfect balance of practicality, durability, and style.

  • Premium Bowl Sets

At Nestasia, we understand that mess-free snacking requires generous bowls, which is why you will find expertly crafted ceramic serving bowls, soup and snack bowls, ramen bowls, and section bowls at your disposal. From section bowls that separate different food groups and preserve their flavours and textures to ramen bowls with enough depth to hold the steaming broth, flavourful noodles, and crispy toppings. 

  • Premium Cutlery Sets

Is there anything more satisfying than the smooth glide of a knife or a fork that effortlessly pierces into your food so that you can relish your food without a care in the world? Nestasia’s cutlery collection consists of the unsung heroes of the dining table - soup spoons, forks, and metal chopsticks, offering you a seamless dining experience. 

  • Table Mats 

We all yearn for neat and clean table surfaces, and table mats are a must-have for anyone wanting their tabletops to look as good as new. Consistently protecting your tables from spills, stains, and heat damage, table mats also serve as stylish additions to your dining ensemble. Whether you are in search of round tablemats, dining table placemats, or stylish mats for your coffee tables and sideboards, our online selection caters to every taste and budget.

  • Soft Furnishing

From cozy knitted throws and blankets to comprehensive bed covers that completely transform the look of one’s bedroom, our soft furnishing collections excel at providing the best comfort. Shop today and get snug!

  • Valentine’s Day Gifts

Celebrate the special person in your life with our Valentine’s collection. Whether you are seeking a functional gift or special decor pieces that will go on to become cherished keepsakes, explore the greatest collection of home decor items to find the right pick for your Valentine. 

Why Choose Nestasia To Buy Premium Valentine's Gifts For Boyfriend Online?

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, affordable prices, and timely deliveries, we've got all your gifting needs covered. Our thoughtfully curated collections redefine home aesthetics, emphasizing quality, utility, and beauty. Whether you're looking for exquisite decor, essential soft furnishings, elegant dinnerware, trendy travel accessories, or other must-have items, each piece is meticulously designed to elevate your living spaces.


Should I Give My Boyfriend Something For Valentine's Day?

Whether or not you want to give your boyfriend something for Valentine’s Day entirely depends on your relationship dynamics. However, if you both enjoy celebrating holidays and exchanging gifts, a thoughtful gift can be a lovely gesture. 

What Should I Make For My Boyfriend For Valentine's Day?

A handmade present can add a personal touch and make a great Valentine’s Day present. Whether it is a homemade meal, a scrapbook of memories, or a personalized gift basket, tailor your creation to something he would appreciate. 

What Should A Girl Do For Her Boyfriend On Valentine's Day?

There are numerous ways to celebrate your man on Valentine’s Day. You can plan a surprise date, create a memory book or handmade card, or plan a cozy movie night with blankets, snacks, and the whole world. You can even consider pampering sessions, adventurous outings, or subscription services.


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