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Candles have been used for years as a light source for illuminating home interiors with their soft glow. Gradually, with the development of everything, candles have also evolved to present a sensory experience that transcends the visual factor. Candles have gone beyond just being light providers and are also incorporated into celebrations, festivities, elevating dining experiences, and many more. Candles have the power to alter the atmosphere with their light, as the flame has a warm tone and a soft glow that’s extremely soothing to the eyes.

Some of the different types of candles available at Nestasia include scented candle votives, tapered candles, tin candles with lids, and various creative-shaped wax candles like fruits and cubes. Tapered candles make for beautiful dining table centerpieces, while scented candles can be incorporated into home decor, a meditation space, or bathroom decor. There are several ways to use candles and with their decorative build, the attractiveness of these candles increases multifold.

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Explore the different types of candles available at Nestasia for your home decor. The versatile candle design and candle scents serve a range of purposes and can be incorporated into any home decor aesthetic.

1. Scented Candles

Soy wax-scented candles have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their natural and eco-friendly properties. Soy wax fragrance scented candles online at Nestasia are made from soybean oil, which is a renewable resource that's biodegradable and sustainable. Soy wax scented jar candles also burns cleaner than traditional paraffin wax, meaning that they don't release harmful toxins into the air.

In addition to their natural properties, soy wax scented candles, which can be used as decorative candles, also come in a variety of colours, sizes, and scents. Floral scented candles are popular for their refreshing and calming aroma, which can help create a soothing atmosphere. In addition to floral scents, soy wax-scented candles or jar candles also come in a variety of other scents at Nestasia, such as fruity, spicy, or woody scents. Some of the non-floral scents include vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus. Whether you're looking for a small candle to place on your bedside table or a large candle to light in your living room, Nestasia has a range of scented candles for you.

The scented candle gifts set at Nestasia include scented candle votives, which come in different sizes and varying colors, from bright red and yellow to soothing pink and white coloured decorative candles. Scented candles have been known to have stress-relieving effects. The soft, warm glow and soothing aroma can help lower stress. Candles are often associated with mindfulness practices like meditation, and taking a few moments to breathe and relax while enjoying the scent of a candle can help to ease tension and promote relaxation.

By incorporating scented candles and decorative candles into your daily routine, you can enhance your mood and improve the atmosphere in your home. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, freshen up your living space, or promote better sleep, there is a fragrance that can help you achieve your goals. It's important to choose high-quality candles and take the time to savor their gentle glow and comforting fragrance in order to create a peaceful and relaxing environment that supports your overall well-being.

2. Taper Candles

Tapered candles are decorative candles that are wider at the base and narrower at the top, with a conical shape that tapers to a point. The decorative candles online at Nestasia are typically made of natural wax and are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Tapered candles are used as decorative candles, such as on dining tables, in candle holders, or as part of a centerpiece. Long candles or decorative candles can add a touch of elegance and ambience to any space and are often used for special occasions, such as weddings or holidays. One of the benefits of tapered long candles is that they can burn for a long time because they are made of high-quality wax. The tapered candles can also be easily extinguished and relit, making them convenient for use on multiple occasions.

The tapered candle gift set comes in a variety of colours to suit all occasions. The metallic coloured decorative candles come in vibrant colours of gold, silver, red, and green to beautify any space with a festive element. The subtle and light-coloured long candles which come in colours of white, light pink tones, and beige tones are apt to set up a minimalistic ambience. The long candles which are decorative candles are made of high-quality natural wax to not release any harmful fumes while burning. Buy the candles online at Nestasia to add a classic and versatile option for adding warmth and charm to any space.

3. Jar Candles

Jar candles are decorative candles that are poured into a glass jar or container. Nestasia’s jar candle with hand-poured candle soy wax which is melted and poured into the jar and comes with a wick placed in the center of the wax. The wick is typically made of cotton for a smooth burn without disruptions. Jar candles, which are fragrance candles and scented candles online, come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and shapes. The jar candles at Nestasia are scented candles and contain naturally concocted essential oils. The scented jar candles can create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in your home and can be especially nice during the colder months or when paired with tea light candles, long candles, and other decorative candles.

The primary advantage of using jar candles is that no candle wax will drip on the surface where the candle is kept; hence, there’ll be no extra burden of cleaning the tabletop or mantle top. Jar candles tend to burn for a longer period of time compared to other types of candles. This is because the wax is contained within a jar, which helps to protect the flame from drafts and ensures that the wax burns more slowly and evenly. Since jar candles are contained within a glass jar or container, these decorative candles are safer to use than long candles. The glass helps prevent the flame from coming into contact with nearby objects, and it also catches any dripping wax. With the heat-resistant jar of glass jar candles, the candles can also be easily picked up and placed in a different location. The jar candles with lid help prevent the candles from gathering dust while retaining the fragrances of the scented candles for a longer duration.

Nestasia’s jar candles which are also fragrance candles come as a scented candles gift set or candles gift set for gifting on any and all occasions. Choose a scent that you know the recipient will love, or opt for a decorative coloured jar candle that matches their home decor. For a minimalistic home decor theme, a transparent or translucent scented candles gift set can be gifted while those who prefer things more colourful, can go for a bright red, purple or yellow scented candles gift set.

4. Decorative Candles

Nestasia has a range of decorative candles to enhance your home decor and elevate the decorative quotient of any room. The decorative tapered candles can be used for festive decorations like Christmas, Diwali, Halloween or other regional festivities. They can also be placed in candle stands on dining tables or at the center table as the centrepiece or the main attraction of gatherings and parties.

We have decorative candles with quirky shapes to elevate your home decor to new heights. These candles provide sensory as well as visual pleasure. We have decorative candles with unique shapes of oranges. The orange-shaped decorative candles have been handcrafted to look extremely realistic with their textured peel and imperfect spherical shape. Moreover, the candles have a soothing orange fragrance that enhances the decorative element of the candle. We also have lemon-shaped candles with a citrus fragrance to complement the decorative candles’ shape. The candle has a stunning and realistic build to infuse the ambience with citrus scents.

5. Tin Candles

The tin candles are hand poured wax candles which are encased in airtight tin jars. The jars with lids feature intricately patterned surfaces that add a pop of colour to tin jar candles. The tin candles can also be used as accents for home decor with their patterned surfaces. The candles have a soothing fragrance that spreads throughout the room creating a soothing atmosphere. 

Explore home decor and gift items now offered at Nestasia

Choose a range of home decor items available at Nestasia to elevate your home interiors. Choose from several gifting options and gift hampers online to make gifting an easy feat.

1. Home Decor Items

Choose from a wide array of home decor items available at Nestasia. Opt for decorative items like candles and votives, dressing table mirrors and wall mirrors, table lamps, furniture, urli bowls and platters, showpieces, photo frames, flower vases, tissue boxes, storage and organizing baskets, decorative and stunning artificial flowers in varying styles of flowers from roses and orchids to hydrangeas and sunflowers. The decor section also includes indoor planters, wall art which is printed and framed wall hangings, wall decor accents which include wall hooks with decorative elements, wall shelves and wall buntings among other things. The decor collection also includes dried flowers consisting of dried grass stems, naturally dried fragrant potpourri and dried flower reed sticks which come with various scented oil options.

2. Dining essentials

Nestasia’s dining essentials include components that elevate the dining experience in totality. The dining section includes a range of drinkware, including cups, mugs, tea sets, jugs, flasks, and glass drinkware including glass tumblers and stemmed glasses. The dining collection further includes bowls available in different sizes, patterns and shapes, plates and platters which include dinner plates, snack plates, serving platters and many more. To lay the table in style, we have stunning table linen including table mats, table covers and dinner table runners. The accessories not only beautify the table surface but also protect the surface of the dining table. The dining section further includes dinner sets, cutlery and cutlery holders, cake stands and serving trays. 

3. Kitchenware

Nestasia kitchen section includes tools that elevate the kitchen experience, from cooking to storage. The kitchen collection includes cooking utensils like bakeware bowls & trays, cookware like cast iron utensils and cooking pots, kitchen storage jars, racks, cooking tools and aprons.

5. Bathroom Essentials

Nestasia has a range of bathroom essentials to help you create a spa-like haven and ensure that comfort comes first for you during your bathing rituals. The bathroom accessories consist of liquid soap dispensers, bathroom sets, and toothbrush holders. The section also has comfortable plush bamboo blend towels and super absorbent pure cotton Turkish towels. The bathroom section comprises vibrant colours to add a pop of colour to the bathroom decor. 

6. Stationery Items

The stationery items in Nestasia’s collection include DIY crafts with creative painting kits and wall-hanging photo frames for your Polaroid clicks. The stationery section also includes fun keychains, a variety of notebooks, planners, and notepads in various sizes & patterns, USB fans and heaters which are portable & can also be placed on the desk. Desk organizers are also included in this collection which includes pen stands, file holders and various types of stationery organizers.

Check out different Christmas gifts at Nestasia

Children are truly a godsend and the living embodiment of innocence, and there is nothing that matches their joy during the holiday season. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for kids to make the little ones beam with joy, look no further. Our collection of premium Christmas gift items or Christmas presents is here to make the festive season extra special for these adorable munchkins. Imagine how thrilled they'll be to find a medley of exciting Christmas presents under the family Christmas tree.

Why Choose Nestasia?

If you’re searching for the perfect place for buying candles, Nestasia is the perfect destination for you. With a wide selection of candles & a variety of scented candles, we are sure that you’ll find your perfect pick. Here are some reasons which make Nestasia the perfect destination for buying candles online -

Thoughtful Selection: Nestasia offers a wide variety of candles, all of which have been carefully chosen to suit a range of tastes. The assortment is evidence of our dedication to offering options that suit every taste, from aromas that recall nostalgia to contemporary combinations that awaken the senses.

Best Quality: The highest-quality candles are delivered by Nestasia with pride. Each candle burns evenly, gives off an alluring smell, and exudes elegance thanks to the hand-poured wax, exquisite craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Aesthetic: The candles that Nestasia sells are excellent design items in addition to being sources of fragrance. The beautiful designs, such as the printed tin candles or bright colour scented candle votives, improve the aesthetics of any area and lend it a sense of class.

Perfect Gifts: Nestasia candles make excellent presents that exude class and thoughtfulness. Our candles are ideal for bringing a touch of coziness to your gestures, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event. For ease of gifting, our fragrant candle jars come packaged in gift boxes.


Are the candles made from natural or paraffin wax? 

Nestasia's candles are meticulously crafted from natural soy wax, embracing eco-friendliness and quality. Unlike paraffin wax, our candles burn cleanly, emitting captivating fragrances without harmful toxins. Indulge in enchanting scents while contributing to a greener world—one flicker at a time.

Can I find decorative candle holders or accessories?

Yes, Nestasia has a beautiful selection of candelabra, votive holders, and ornamental candle holders to enhance your candle lighting experience. We have a variety of styles in our collection to suit any aesthetic. Our accessories match your decor perfectly, whether you want detailed candelabra for a classic style or simple candle holders for a contemporary look. Improve the aesthetics of your candles as well as your living area with our carefully picked selections, which bring a touch of class to any setting.

Are the candles safe to use around pets and children?

Yes, Nestasia prioritizes safety in every aspect. Our candles are designed to be safe around pets and children. Crafted from natural soy wax, they produce minimal soot and toxins compared to paraffin candles. This reduces the risk of air pollution. Additionally, our candles are housed in jars, preventing accidental contact with the flame. However, it's essential to exercise caution and supervise when candles are lit. 

Do you have a variety of candle fragrances to choose from?

Certainly, Nestasia takes pride in offering a diverse and captivating range of candle fragrances to cater to every preference. Our collection encompasses an array of scents, from soothing florals to invigorating citrus notes and everything in between. Whether you're seeking a calming aroma to unwind or a refreshing scent to enliven your space, our selection has something for everyone. Each fragrance is thoughtfully curated to ensure a delightful sensory experience, enhancing the ambience of any setting.

How do you decorate your house with scented candles?

Enhance your home's ambience with scented candles strategically placed to exude both visual charm and captivating aromas. Elevate your dining experience by positioning scented candles as a stunning centrepiece on your table, or add a touch of magic to your mantel with an arrangement that beckons warmth and tranquillity. Create intimate moments by clustering candles in decorative holders or lanterns on side tables or in outdoor spaces. Embrace the changing seasons by swapping scents to match the time of year. Whether adorning your bookshelf, infusing your bedroom with serenity, or transforming your bathroom into a personal spa, scented candles offer a simple yet impactful way to craft an inviting, sensorial haven.

How long does a scented candle last?

The duration of a scented candle's life varies based on factors such as size, quality, and burning conditions. To optimize longevity, allow the initial burn to reach the container's edges, trim the wick before lighting, and avoid burning for over 4 hours. Keep candles away from breezes, store them in a cool spot, and extinguish them when about half an inch of wax remains. 

Can I use scented candles every day?

Certainly, incorporating scented candles into your daily routine can enhance your living space with captivating aromas and a cozy ambiance. However, it's advisable to strike a balance to prevent overwhelming fragrances. Opt for high-quality candles made from natural waxes to ensure clean burning and minimal toxins. Consider varying the scents based on different times of day or occasions. Keep the area well-ventilated and adhere to safety measures, placing candles away from flammable objects and never leaving them unattended.

What are candles made of?

The candles available at Nestasia are made of natural soy wax. Soy wax is a type of wax which is made from soybean oil and is a favoured choice for eco-friendly candles. Soy wax burns cleanly and has a longer burn time than paraffin wax. A candle made of soy wax will also do no harm to the environment or release any harmful fumes that may affect the user.

What is the best candle to buy?

Pillar candles and scented candles are the best candles to buy. These types of candles tend to burn for a longer time than other types of candles, such as taper or tea light candles. This means you can enjoy their warm glow and scent for a longer period of time. Pillar candles and votive candles are designed to be more stable than other types of candles, such as long candles. This means the candles are less likely to tip over or drip wax, making them safer to use.

Which wax is best for candle making?

Soy wax is considered the best option for making candles. Soy wax is made from soybeans, a renewable resource which makes it a more sustainable choice than paraffin wax. Soy wax candles burn more cleanly than other waxes and also produce less soot. Soy wax has a lower melting point than some other waxes, which means the candles burn more slowly and last longer. Soy wax is also a vegan and cruelty-free option.

Which candles are safe?

Soy wax candles are safe to use and are often preferred over paraffin wax for candle making because it is a natural and renewable resource that does not contain any artificial additives. In contrast, paraffin wax is derived from petroleum oil, which produces harmful by-products when burned. Soy wax candles are considered to be a more eco-friendly and healthier alternative to paraffin wax candles, as they are non-toxic and do not release harmful chemicals into the air.

What are tea light candles used for?

Tea light candles are a versatile type of candle that is often used for accent lighting. Unlike taper candles, tea light candles do not drip wax, making them a convenient and mess-free option. Tea light candles can also be used for decorative purposes, such as being set afloat on the water to create a stunning visual effect. Due to their small size and low level of light, it is common to burn multiple tealights at once to achieve the desired level of brightness.

How many hours does a tea light candle last?

Tealights come in many different sizes which has a significant impact on how long tea light candles burn. In general, most tea light candles are designed to burn for between 3 and 6 hours. Tea light candles have a relatively short burn time and are usually burned in one session. The burn time of a tea light candle can also vary depending on factors such as the quality of the candle, and the environment the tea light candle is burned in.

What is the difference between votive and tealight candles?

Votive candles are usually taller and wider than tea light candles. Votive candles typically burn longer than tea light candles. A votive candle can burn for 10-15 hours, while a tealight candle usually burns for 4-5 hours. Votive candles are constructed with wax poured into glass jars while the tea light candles are wax with a metal encasing.

What are the benefits of fragrance candles?

Fragrance candles are often used for aromatherapy purposes, as they can release essential oils and other fragrances into the air when burned. Different fragrances can also have different effects on the mind and body. Fragrance candles come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, making fragrance candles a popular choice for adding a decorative element to a room. Fragrance candles are also a thoughtful and practical gift.

Are scented candles good for you?

Scented candles which are made of soy wax can be a good option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and have a pleasant fragrance in their home. Each fragrance evokes a different emotion or soothes each individual in a different way. Scented candles have scientifically been proven to release stress while helping with mental health.

What is a jar candle?

Jar candle is a type of scented candle that is poured and contained in a glass jar. The soy wax is melted and poured into the jar along with a wick, and then left to solidify. Jar candles can come in various sizes and shapes and are often used for decorative and aromatic purposes, and can be found in a variety of scents, colours, and designs at Nestasia. Because the jar provides a protective barrier around the candle, jar candles tend to be convenient and safer to use.

Is it okay to leave candles on overnight?

It is generally not recommended to leave candles burning overnight or when you are not present in the room. Candles can pose a fire risk if left unattended for an extended period of time. A candle flame can ignite nearby objects, such as curtains or furniture, and can also start a fire if it burns down too far and the wax drips onto a flammable surface.

Do jar candles ever run out?

Yes, jar candles do eventually run out. The burn time of a jar candle depends on factors such as the size of the jar, the type of wax used, and the length of the wick. However, most jar candles will burn for between 20-60 hours. As the candle burns, the wax will melt and the wick will slowly burn down. To maximize the burn time of a jar candle, you can trim the wick before each use, burn the candle for no more than 4 hours at a time, and keep the candle away from flammable objects.


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