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Christmas Gifts For Kids

Nobody loves Christmas more than children, and you may have already started searching for Christmas gifts online to make the little ones beam with joy. Fret not, our collection of Christmas presents for children is here to give Santa a run for his money. We have mindfully handpicked the ultimate Christmas gift items to create magical memories for your children and unforgettable smiles for you. 

Quirky Christmas Accessories

Christmas is incomplete without your little munchkins goofing around, and our quirky Christmas accessories are here to help. Imagine your little girl prancing around in an adorable fuzzy reindeer hair clip or showing off her vibrant red “Merry Christmas” eye frame. Surprise your kids with our cute Christmas accessories so that they can flash these around while engaging in the festive frenzy. 

Glass Jars

Kids undoubtedly love candy. However, their obsession with candies and snacks often ends up with your house turning into a war zone, with wrappers flying everywhere and creating a huge mess. A nifty glass jar with an adorable lid is the perfect Christmas present, which will help instill good storage habits, allowing your kids to keep their snacks fresh and organized. 

Christmas Ornaments

If there is one-holiday activity that is at the top of your child’s Christmas list, it is definitely decorating the family Christmas tree with classic baubles, candy canes, reindeer figurines, and a mandatory star or angel topper. This Christmas, let your children go wild with their unfettered imagination and gift them our premium Christmas ornaments. From jingle-ready wreaths with Christmas bells to checkered wall hangings, we have it all.


Put an end to your search for Christmas gifts online, and browse through our extensive assortment of colourful mugs. From mugs boasting intriguing star and heart-shaped handles to snowman themed cup set, our adorable mugs will be a fun way for your children to enjoy their favourite health drinks, milk or hot chocolate. 

Decorative Mirrors

Whether they are getting ready for a school day or an evening stroll in the park, a heart-shaped hand mirror can be of paramount help. We all know how important it is for young and impressionable girls to always try to look their best. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your daughter, our decorative mirrors are a go-to option. You can also check out a heart-shaped table top mirror, which can be conveniently placed on the dressing table so that she can be ready in a flash. 

Photo Frames  

Time never stands still, and seeing your child growing up like a weed surely resonates with this sentiment. There is nothing more special than revisiting old memories and reminiscing the days gone by, and we are sure you’ll agree. This Christmas, consider gifting your child an elegant photo frame, and allow them to safely tuck away treasured memories or have a blank canvas ready to adorn it with new ones. 


Apart from improving the air quality, plants create a serene indoor environment. Whether you choose our swing planters that rock back and forth, or stand planters that are ideal for tabletops, a touch of green will create a visually pleasing atmosphere for your kids, and foster a positive mindset. 


We have just dropped our Christmas-inspired cushion cover collection, boasting typical Christmas colours, checkered patterns, and prints. These cushions can serve as a great addition to their bedroom ensemble. You can also check out our cosy reversible knitted throws so that your children can nestle in them to escape from the biting cold that’s about to ensue.

Snack Plates 

Our festive snack plates are a great way for your kids to enjoy their favourite snacks without getting crumbs everywhere. Whether it is a flaky croissant or some crispy fries, our festive snack plates are perfect for savouring delicious treats in a mess-free manner. 

Explore our collection and create delightful Christmas memories for the little ones, who have been sitting in anticipation of Christmas the entire year. 


Product Name Price
Acorn Cotton Christmas Table Decor 10 Inch Rs.355
Merry Christmas Eye Frame and Hair Accessories Set of 5 Rs.705
Christmas Tree Party Frame And Hair Accessories Set of 5 Rs.639
Fluffy Reindeer Hairpin Off White Rs.155
Plaid Christmas Ball Ornament Set Of 2 Rs.495
Sustainable Floral Wreath Garland Blue Rs.950
Natural Eco Flower Wreath Garland Rs.895