7 DIY Ideas For The Home And You

August 06, 2022

Those days are gone when you needed an expert to guide you through and work on your necessities. Nestasia introduces a creative twist through its DIY products with their unique features that make your DIY projects interesting, exciting and easy.

DIY envelopes and gift boxes

Whether one wishes to try their hands on crafting, painting, or intricate doodling, we have made the process more fun and easier for you through some DIY home decor and DIY room decor ideas. There’s no expertise or any training as such needed for trying and experimenting on our DIY tricks and suggestions. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

DIY Gift Boxes

1. DIY Paint by Numbers 

Painting can be an extremely cathartic experience that can be an act of self-care and emotional wellbeing. Painting enables you to enter a world of your own through the scenery that is created on the canvas. The DIY Paint by Numbers activity allows you to separate yourself from the daily stresses and worries of life, uplifting your mood with your creation. 

Beach Sunset DIY Paint By Numbers Kit

You don’t have to be a seasoned artist to create masterpieces for gifting and wall decorations. The paint by numbers consists of a canvas with the outline of the painting and divided sections that have been numbered. One simply needs to match the numbered colour with the section. Each painting has been paired with the required acrylic colours and also consists of paint brushes. 



The DIY Paint by Numbers kit is a fun family activity where multiple people can coordinate and put their brushes in to complete the painting. The DIY painting activity is extremely beneficial to children as it increases concentration and coordination. From wide backgrounds to fine details, painting with our kits is an extremely useful and therapeutic activity.

 Breakfast Tea DIY Paint By Numbers Kit

Whether you prefer to paint descriptive still life art, scenic cityscapes and blue seasides, or vibrant floral bouquets, the DIY painting kits by Nestasia have been assorted to suit the tastes of each individual. With smooth brushstrokes and filling in the minimal details in the painting, the result is a stunning completed painting.

Seaside Boat DIY Painting By Numbers Kit

2. DIY Doodle and Ink Art

You don’t have to be an accomplished painter or even know how to draw if you want to get started with doodling. Doodling can be considered one of the most de-stressing activities and has several cognitive and emotional benefits. When younger, teachers often reprimanded us for doodling behind books but gradually, with proper research, several benefits have come to light.

DIY Mandala with Glass Pen

Nestasia with its range of Glass Pens encourages the creative mind to run free. The glass pens have been elegantly designed with sturdy borosilicate glass that keeps it feathery light and easy to hold. Inspired by the age-old quills, the glass pen boasts the dipping ink method for writing, making it a sustainable stationary option. The glass nib of the pen features swirled grooves for longer ink retention and the pointy tip ensures precision.

Bling Glass Dip Pen With 4 Ink Bottles

Use the glass pen as a creative tool to make intricate mandalas. As the glass pen set comes with varied colours of glittery ink bottles, one can create intricate sketches with contrasting colours. Mandalas symbolise a state of mind that one would like to achieve and holds a prominent significance in various cultures.



The geometric intricate beauties are easy to draw with the glass pen with just a simple dip of the tip. To give your creative side a home, use the hardbound notebooks and leather journals to house those drawings.

 Sakura Glass Calligraphy Pen With Ink Bottle

3. Wall DIY

The work of decorating the walls in your home can undoubtedly be a complicated task. You may want to use just the right amount of creativity to avoid making the wall seem odd or “too much”. Whether it’s experimentation with wall colours or putting up wallpapers, it may not always be enough for a room to pop or stand out. The good news is that Nestasia has a few DIY wall decor options that will help you create a corner or a space that completely matches your vision.

 DIY Wall Decor

Decorate your wall with a kaleidoscope of dainty butterflies. Arrange the butterflies to your heart’s desire as a flock or scatter them around on different walls. The DIY decorative stickers with their availability of varying colours enable one to mix and match shades. If you are feeling a bit more creative and want to go ahead with an experimental DIY idea - place a butterfly sticker flat on the wall and use it as a stencil for spray painting on the wall. 

 Black Foil Butterfly 3D Wall Stickers Set Of 12

The butterfly stickers can also be props for a nature-themed decor in a room. Simply adorn the walls with artificial flower or leaf vines and scatter the pretty butterflies all over the wall, and voila! Neverending spring decorates your wall and soothes your eyes and heart with true beauty. Try it for yourself.

 Butterfly Wall Stickers

4. Dining DIY

It’s across the dining table and over delicious food that memories are made. Whether it’s a weekend family lunch or a close-knit evening get-together, the dining is the canvas that you paint with your mouthwatering food and exquisite crockery. So, why not take up the table decor a notch higher for a more impressive setup with a few DIY tricks?

 Lace Doily Cones

The Lace Cupcake Wrappers may dress up those deliciously cherry-topped cupcakes but we’ve got a new trick up our sleeves. The wrappers may be used as glass sleeves to add an elegant touch to the way you serve aperitifs and beverages. The wrappers feature laser-cut filigree designs of pretty butterflies, musical notes and intricate hearts and beautify the setup with their intricate designs.

 DIY cupcake wrappers

The laser-cut filigree also adorns our DIY paper doily cones that are decorative and multipurpose. The doily cones may be used to serve mini fritters or snacks like popcorn during a movie night. One may also whip up their special masala chaat and use the cones as an easier serving option. 

White Lace Paper Doily Cone Set Of 20 

5. DIY Invitations

There are many reasons why DIY greeting cards are a great option. The primary reason is that there’s nothing like a personalised touch and you may customise it as you wish. Cards are a perfect way to convey festive wishes or make someone feel special any day of the year. Put down a heartfelt message in your creative way.

 Blue Filigree Invitation Envelope Set Of 10

Quilling and creating vibrant flowers are a great way to add 3D decor to the cards. One may also draw a colourful mandala on the card with Nestasia’s glass pens to make the DIY card look bright and vibrant. Add a finishing touch to your card the pretty way with the Filigree Invitation Envelopes Set Of 10. The ornamented invitation envelopes are ideal to house formal invitations, wedding invitations, or cards for wishes on birthdays, and anniversaries. 

DIY Filigree Invitation Envelope

6. DIY Gift Boxes

Gifts are the perfect way to make people feel special and a great way to show your appreciation towards those who hold great value in your life. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or housewarming, a gift box is always appreciated. It’s the perfect way to wrap a little surprise and woo the receiver. Nestasia’s DIY paper gift boxes are easy to fold and complete and accompany delicate ribbons to top them off.

 DIY Paper Gift Boxes

The DIY paper gift boxes despite their capacity for delicate and fragile things, hold sentiments of love and care. They bear within themselves the extra thought that it has been made for someone- a beautiful presentation of affection. The foldable DIY boxes feature intricate filigree laser-cut designs that make for an exquisite gifting option. 

 DIY Square Paper Gift Box Set Of 20

To glam up the paper gift boxes, go for a creative DIY craft option by adding embellishments to the box. Paste pearls and beads on the paper or add bright floral stickers. Top your DIY craft off with a personalised note on the box to make them feel extra special.

Red Heart Paper Gift Box Set Of 20

7. Painting Pots and Planters DIY

Ceramic planters by Nestasia are the perfect home for greens and the ideal accents to amp up the interior. However, with extended use, you may seek a change and wish to go more DIY creative on the planters. Well, it’s time to get your paintbrushes ready and colours sorted. Paint the textures and grooves on the planters with your choice of colour and make the planters anew.



The DIY painting of pots is a sustainable way to reuse them and transform the ceramic pots completely, giving them a new look. Opt for bright colour combinations for a traditional approach or go for a black or white colour combination for a monochromatic option. Go for a DIY decor that suits your aesthetic and make your home special the way you desire.

DIY planters and pots

DIY has gradually become popular over the years as the satisfaction derived from completing a task is multifold. It’s a way to put your ideas into motion and create something new. Create your DIY projects with our products and share them with us!

DIY with Nestasia


1. What are the best DIY home décor items for bathroom?

Mason jar storage tumbler, Industrial floating shelf, and glass bottle vases are some of the best DIY home décor items for bathroom.

2. Which colour combination is best for DIY home decor items?

Neutral colours with solid colours or solid colours with a splash of metallic can be a great colour combination for DIY home decor items. 

3. What are some best ideas for DIY room decor for kids' bedroom?

Some of the best ideas for DIY room decor for kids' bedroom are decorating the room with themes that amuse them, like their favourite hero or cartoon characters, video games or movies, cozy tent bed, honeycomb ball.

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