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Mandala Ceramic Dinnerware Collection

Enhance your Dining Experience with the Stunning Mandala Dinnerware Collection at Nestasia

Whether you're hosting a formal dinner or enjoying a casual family meal, the Mandala Dinnerware Collection brings a touch of sophistication and cultural richness to every occasion. Elevate your dining experience and make every meal a celebration with Nestasia's beautifully designed mandala dinnerware set. We have a huge collection of mandala snack plates that will cater to all your dining needs.

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Mandala Dessert Plate Set Of 2

Our Mandala dessert plate set of 2 is a piece of art. Serve your favourite dessert on our beautiful mandala dessert plates that are made to enhance the presentation of your desserts. The dessert plates have intricate detailings and designs on them, they come in vibrant colours like green and orange with leaf and floral motifs on them.

Mandala Dish Set

Shop for an elegant mandala dish set from Nestasia to add a pop of colour to your existing dining collection. 

Mandala Blue Ceramic Baking Plate With Handle

This stunning piece features intricate mandala designs in a captivating blue hue, bringing a touch of elegance to your kitchen and dining table. deal for both baking and serving, this versatile plate is perfect for presenting your culinary creations with flair.

Mandala Snack Bowl Set Of 6 With Chopsticks

Enhance your dining experience with Nestasia's Mandala Snack Bowl Set of 6 with Chopsticks. Each bowl in this exquisite set features a beautifully detailed mandala design, adding a touch of cultural elegance to your table. Perfectly sized for snacks, appetizers, or side dishes, these bowls are as versatile as they are stylish. The included chopsticks complete the set, offering an authentic dining experience. Crafted from high-quality materials, our Mandala Snack Bowl Set combines durability with aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen. 

Mandala Yellow Diamonds Square Snack Plate With Handle

Brighten up your snack time with Nestasia's Mandala Yellow Diamonds Square Snack Plate with Handle. This unique plate features a vibrant yellow diamond mandala design, infusing your table setting with a burst of colour and artistic flair. The convenient handle adds a practical touch, making it easy to serve and enjoy your favourite snacks, appetisers, or desserts.

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Dinner Set

Set a memorable dining table with Nestasia’s premium quality dinner sets. Ranging from minimalistic designs to vibrant colours and bold prints, our dinner sets are suited for all tastes and preferences. Made with high-quality ceramic material, our dinner sets are durable. The dinner sets generally comprise dinner plates, serving bowls, snack plates, snack bowls, and platters.

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Why Choose Nestasia?

At Nestasia, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive and unique designs that stand out. Each product is crafted with creativity and attention to detail, ensuring that our collection is both stylish and functional. Our extensive range of products caters to all your home and lifestyle needs. Whether you’re looking for sophisticated dinnerware, stylish handbags, or charming décor items, Nestasia has something for everyone. We are committed to sustainability and offer a variety of eco-friendly products, including our vegan quilted wallets and eco-conscious serving bowls. Choosing Nestasia means supporting environmentally responsible practices.


What is mandala dinnerware?

Mandala dinnerware refers to a collection of plates, bowls, and other dining pieces that feature intricate mandala designs. The intricate and colourful designs make them visually striking and can enhance the overall dining experience.

What type of repeat pattern is the mandala?

Mandala patterns are known for their detailed and symmetrical designs, often incorporating floral, geometric, and abstract elements. 

How to care for & maintain a mandala dinnerware set?

Use a soft sponge or cloth and mild dish soap to clean your mandala dinnerware. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or harsh chemicals that can damage the intricate designs. Although some mandala dinnerware sets may be labelled as dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended to preserve delicate patterns and ensure longevity.

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Mandala Pricing

Product Name Price
Mandala Ceramic Snack Bowl White 400ml Set Of 2 Rs.715
Mandala Dessert Plate Set of 2 Rs.490
Mandala Appetizer Plate Set of 2 Rs.490
Mandala Snack Bowl Set of 2 250 ml Rs.450
Mandala Snack Dish Set of 2 Rs.490
Mandala Dessert Bowl Set of 2 Rs.450
Mandala Long Dish Rs.590