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Mandala Ceramic Dinnerware Collection

The Mandala collection is the perfect blend of dinnerware and art. Nestasia's Manadala dinnerware collection is inspired by the art, "Mandala" that is a blend of ancient art and modern culture. 

The dinnerware is made of ceramic plates and bowls, each with a different colour scheme and design. One can choose from the range of bowls and plates and make a customized dinner collection of the Mandala design, that suits and represents their taste. The Mandala collection also gives a choice of buying sets of plates or bowls. Different shades of blues make up for the majority of the collection with some hints of red, green and white.

The collection of crockery consists of round dinner plates, snack plates, pasta plates or plates that have a shallow depth, trays or long plates that can be used as serving plates or platters, side bowls as well as bowls for serving. The best feature about the Mandala collection is not just the design, but, the characteristic of being microwave safe. All plates and bowls from the dinner collection can not only be used for serving but can also be used for baking in the oven, OTG or microwave. 

Whether you like a traditional look for your dinner setting or a Boho touch, the Mandala dinner set collection is the perfect choice. Host Asian or Oriental dinners or use the ceramics for a regular dinner setting. 

Product Name Price
Mandala Ceramic Snack Bowl White 400ml Set Of 2 Rs.715
Mandala Ceramic Snack Bowl Blue 400ml Set Of 2 Rs.790
Pop Mandala Snack Bowl Orange 400ml Set Of 2 Rs.715
Mandala Diamond Baking Dish With Handle Green Rs.550
Mandala Ceramic Multicolor Baking Bowl With Handle Rs.550
Mandala Ceramic Abstract Baking Bowl With Handle Rs.540
Mandala Green Criss-Cross Baking Plate With Handle Rs.590