Home Garden Planters

Planters can be used to add freshness and greenery in homes, whether it is indoors or outdoors, on surfaces, tables, desks, and corners, or on the balcony, terrace, or garden. Planters can be used anywhere in the home to add the beauty and charm of plants and flowers.

With a variety of different materials like ceramic, clay, resin, metal, and wood, and designs that range from elegant luxe to colorful cute designs like contemporary chic, our collection of plant pots and flower pots hold many designs which can blend into all different styles of home interiors.

Indoor planters are a great way to decorate your home or office with real or faux plants and flowers. A planter can be of simple terracotta with minimal designs and colors or can be of designer ceramic and metal with intricate textures and patterns that can make the plant look more colorful and fun. 

Shape and Size of Planters

The size of your pots or planters is going to directly impact the growth of your greenery. Herbs, flowers, trees, and vegetables need the right amount of space and soil-to-root ratio. A pot that’s too small will inhibit the growth of your plant. In overly confined pots, plants won’t have enough space or nutrients to thrive. Bigger planters can retain a lot more water, creating an environment that’s likely to welcome pests and lead to root rot.

Choosing a pot for your beloved plant is more than just an aesthetic work, the shape and size of your planter have a direct connection with the growth and appearance of the plant. The planter’s size also determines the level of soil and water that should be within the planter for the right growth of the plant, so choosing the correct shape and size of the indoor planters is important.

At Nestasia, you will find indoor and outdoor planters of various shapes and sizes and get to choose from a wide range of products to beautify your home.  For every type of plant decoration, you can find pots and planters from mini to large sizes. Talking about the shape of the planters, they are available in different kinds of shapes that make them look unique and attractive. 

Colors and Patterns of Planters

When you spend on flower pots, think of it as an investment for your decor. Color is so influential in our everyday lives that it helps to define our experiences and personality. Think of the reds and oranges that create sunsets, the blues and whites that denote peace and tranquility, the earthy browns that are nice on the eyes, and the black that denote professionalism.

Choosing the shape and size of the planters is not enough, you should have the right color scheme to match your decor. Picking that perfect planter color can certainly be tricky as there are many things you need to consider before taking your decision. To start with, you can go with simple colors like white, black, and beige as they go well with all interiors. 

Our colors of planters include blue, pink, white, black, beige, brown, grey, green, red, gold, silver, orange, peach, teal, yellow, transparent, and so on. All these beautiful colors of indoor plant pots and garden planters would surely complement your interior design and make your home a beautiful place. Choose the color that matches your interiors to make sure you have the perfect combination of color palettes. 

Our patterns of planters include exclusive and beautiful prints and designs like marble prints, abstract patterns, geometric patterns, animal-shaped planters, floral prints, solid colors, plain designs, moons and stars, rainbow prints, motifs, bulb-shaped planters, cage-shaped planters, and so on.

Range and Usage of Planters

Nestasia has a huge selection of ceramic pots and planters that comes in a variety of designs and patterns. Some of our planters also come with coasters and stands, so they can be placed anywhere without worrying about the surface getting damaged. Planters can now be found ubiquitously in room corners, on patios, on bookshelves, in the kitchen, and even hanging from ceilings and walls.

Our planters are crafted as ceramic pots, or in metal, and glass material that looks attractive with vibrant patterns and textures that would complement any decor setting. We also have sets of planters that are available in a set of 2, set of 3, set of 4, and set of 5. These planters are great for gifting on several occasions. Many wall planters can also be hung on the wall which makes a perfect wall decoration.

Planters can be used in several ways to beautify your home. They can be used to grow herbs, flowers, and both indoor and outdoor plants. Besides planting a living plant many planters can be used to decorate faux plants and flowers which can be kept anywhere at the home, office, garden, or terrace. If you want to use planters in other unique ways, you can use some of them to serve finger foods and dips, or as a stationery stand and kitchen cutlery stand. The hanging planters can be easily hung on the walls to create a beautiful decoration. Plant stands can be helpful in keeping the planter on the shelves, cabinets, tabletops, and so on. All our planters are perfect for gifting purposes on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, festivals, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so on.

Price of Planters
Our set prices of planters and pots will surely suit your budget requirement. Our cost-effective products are made with the goal of providing the best quality products to your homes. Nestasia’s quality of planters and pots is up to the mark to suit your requirement for home decoration. The set prices of a variety of products may differ depending on the design, texture, pattern, color, shape, and size of the planters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of planters available at Nestasia? 

Nestasia has a wide range of planters ranging from:

What are contemporary planters? 

Contemporary planters are planters with unique modern designs. Like planters raised from the ground with wooden legs and a geometric pot or a pebble shaped pot to hold plants and give height to the decor. These planters then become decor objects to elevate the aesthetics of the home. 

What materials are planters made of? 

Planters can be made of a variety of materials all of which serve a variety of purposes. They can be made of clay, which is porous and allows the soil and plants to breathe better. Planters can be made of resin which allows moulding into different shapes like animals, and vibrant colours that add quirk to any space. Planters can also be made of ceramic which is superior quality hardened clay that looks more aesthetic and becomes a decor piece at home. 

Which are the best plants to add in planters? 

Depending on the size of the planter, plants can easily be selected for it. Small plants and succulents are best for smaller sized planters that one can even keep indoors. Artificial plants are also apt for planters being placed in corners that receive no sunlight. 

Do all planters need drainage holes? 

Nestasia's resin planters all come with drainage holes and easy potting of plants directly into the planter. All other planters without drainage holes can also be used to place a separate pot inside, that can be taken out for watering. Alternatively, a plant can be directly planted inside the pot without drainage holes by placing some rocks at the bottom of the planter to help in draining excess water and avoiding the roots of plants from getting affected. 

Can the planters be used for any other purpose? 

Planters look good with greens and add floral and leafy green freshness to the interiors. But one can get creative with the planters and put them to multiple alternative uses.

  • The swing planters with ceramic bowls can be used to serve nuts and snacks. The swing planters with frames can also be used to place on a desk with a to-do list and small office supplies in the bowl like paper clips and more. The ceramic planters with stand can be used for storing toys, gadgets, remotes, wires and more. The resin planters in vibrant colours can be used as pen stands or party favours with candies and sweets inside them.