5 Showpieces To Inspire And Motivate You

December 16, 2022

A home is a representation of who you are. Every item of furniture or decor in your space may be made uniquely yours by adding a personal touch. And, there can be no better way of adding a personal touch than incorporating elements that inspire you and motivate you to be a better version of yourself. The room decoration items not only display your taste and beauty to the fullest extent but tell a unique story about your place.

Nestasia’s home decor showpieces have been crafted to cater to all aesthetics, interests, hobbies, and professions. The decor items not only create a statement home interior but can also motivate daily activities. When it comes to interior design, something as simple as a showcase may have a significant influence. 

Showpieces and decorative accents can easily enhance any corner. Showpieces can be anchors for other, more prominent design elements when appropriately positioned. They can adorn those empty shelves and give them an element of finesse and elegance that continue to provide daily inspiration. We have curated a list of decor objects that will surely inspire aficionados and enthusiasts. 

1. Positivity With Angel And Monk Showpieces

Implement an aura of positivity and tranquility in the home with our angel and monk showpieces. The praying angel showpieces have been crafted with the ultimate precision to represent spirituality and divinity, helping one to connect with themselves at a deeper level. The stark white resin sculptures exude peace and serenity with their presence. 

The serene expressions of the angel showpieces inspire one to find inner peace which becomes a struggle with the busy daily lives. The form of the angel showpieces provides the promise of hope and happiness to the houses where it is placed. The decor pieces emanate timeless beauty, purity, and charm thanks to their handcrafted touches.

The monk showpiece of Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment, balance, and inner peace and is told to invite a positive life force. Placing these statues at different places in the home can positively impact your mental health and harmony. The Buddha statues sit in a Lotus pose with hands on their lap and eyes closed. 

The Buddha statues, which come in a variety of hues are thoughtfully sculpted and serve as fantastic pieces of decor in anyone's surroundings, radiating a sense of serenity and quiet around the house or office. Along with wonderfully beautifying the surroundings, the showpieces create a peaceful and harmonious addition to anyone's life.

Where to place the angel or monk showpieces?

The angel decor objects or the Buddha showpieces can be used to enhance the pooja room design, or be placed near the entrance of the home. The monk Buddha showpieces can also be placed in the garden if you often take an early morning stroll there or prefer meditating surrounded by the beauty of plants and flowers. The handcrafted clay monk showpieces can be placed as a centerpiece on a floating shelf to garner attention and can further be surrounded by artificial plants and flowers placed in our planters.

2. The Essence Of Yoga

Inspiration plays an important role in helping you find a deeper connection with your practice. Our yoga-inspired showpieces feature different yoga asanas that increase your quality of life by helping you get into the valuable practice of yoga. The benefits for mental health practicing yoga can lead to improved sleep patterns and enhanced well-being, greatly improving your quality of life. The strengthening and flexibility as a result of yoga can also improve mobility and function.

Our glamorous gold-coloured yoga showpieces in different yoga and meditation asanas and expressing profound soul searching with their body language are a peaceful addition to one's living space, drawing inspiration from the tranquillity that yoga brings into one's life and the surroundings. In an abstract shape with a modernistic and artistic element, the stunning home decor items portray tranquil yoga postures that are sure to inspire one toward a healthy lifestyle.

Our Piggy yoga decorations for home are as adorable as they are motivational. The resin piglet showpieces in distinctive yoga stances can be bought individually or as a set of 6. The cutesy figurines will surely motivate you for a daily dose of exercise that can help keep the mind healthy and the body fit.

How do I decorate the Yoga showpieces?

Place multiple showpieces of yoga asanas and pair them without incense sticks and cones to create a soothing ambiance for yoga and meditation. You can also place the decorative showpieces on floating shelves or in a corner near the place where you practice yoga.

3. Eat. Pray. Cook.

Eating is essential. But if you master the art of cooking, you won't need any recipe books. Anyone can cook, but a chef is someone who, through their uniqueness and creativity, adds something additional and special to a recipe. Additionally, there are no restrictions on what a chef can accomplish.

You liven up every celebration as a chef or an expert home cook. It's time to feel special since everyone demands you and your own cooking technique on any occasion, whether formal or informal. Your presence gives gatherings their flavour and fervour. As they now have a chef to brag about, you have a fantastic opportunity to win over your family and friends.

As a professional chef or an aspiring chef, there can be no better way to decorate the kitchen than with our Chef decor objects. Whether there’s an aspiring cook, home chef or professional baker in your family, our quirky and fun Chef showpieces will definitely amp up their cooking game. These chef gifts are also ideal gifting options for the holiday season, birthdays, or any special occasion.

Where can I place the Chef decor showpieces?

Place the resin chef decoration showpieces as a decorative element in the kitchen or as a centrepiece on the dining table. The decor piece can be used as a photography prop while clicking Instagram-worthy pictures of any cooked dish. If you often create Instagram reels of the cooking process or create vlogs, the Chef room decoration items can also be used as decor props then to add a pop design to the room.

4. Inspiration For Athletes

Our Athlete showpieces are here to inspire you to go for a healthy lifestyle. Sports and athletic activities improve mental health, reduce stress, and have several proven health benefits. Getting involved in athletics provides a way of thinking and living that removes boundaries and creates room for creativity and enjoyment. The resilience, confidence, and hunger for risk-taking traits that are necessary for advancement are also fostered by this approach to life. Athletes are unmatched in their capacity to triumph despite hardship even if they face those who might discourage them.

Our athletic showpieces combine modernistic and minimalistic styles to be a chic as well as an inspirational addition to the home. Motivating one to make sports a part of their daily lifestyle, whether it’s a customary morning routine or an occasional few hours, the target is to stay fit and our athlete showpieces are here to inspire one to reach that goal.

On which occasions can the athlete decor be used as gifts?

Our athlete decor objects make great birthday presents for a sports enthusiast. They can also be given as encouraging gifts for those who wish to pursue sports or gifts for children to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. 

5. Good Music. Good Vibes.

Music is a positive aspect, a silver lining whenever we feel low. Whether one is an aspiring musician or simply loves bopping their head to a catchy tune, music has been known to heal minds and help one feel relaxed. Whether you want to feel motivated to do a challenging task, or feel relaxed after doing one, music has the potential to do it all.

The golden-toned room decor items feature elegantly sculpted musical notes. The subtle beauty of the home decor items will make the home decor look gorgeous and fill the air with positivity and happiness. Music energizes and motivates us when we need it. It may calm our worries, cheer us up when we're tired, and inspires us to keep going when we're feeling down.

Can the musical note showpieces be used for gifting?

Gift the musical notes decor pieces to a professional musician in your family or someone who lists down music as their favourite hobby. The musical notes decor items can also be used for festive gifting for living room decor and to add a vibrant element to the home interior design.

With the decor objects that inspire, elevate yourself and your home with elements that are motivational and also beautify the space. Do you have any similar inspirational decor items in mind from Nestasia’s collection? Let us know!

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