12 Exquisite Lumba Rakhi Designs To Delight Your Beloved Bhabhi

May 25, 2024

Raksha Bandhan, the festival celebrating the bond between siblings, holds a special place in the hearts of millions. Among the various rituals and traditions, tying the sacred thread or Rakhi is central to the celebration. Traditionally, sisters tie Rakhis on their brothers' wrists to celebrate their eternal sibling love.

However, in some Indian communities, there's a beautiful tradition of tying Lumba Rakhi on the bhabhi's (brother’s wife) wrists. This gesture symbolises love, protection, and the strengthening of familial ties. As Raksha Bandhan 2024 approaches, let's explore 12 exquisite Lumba Rakhi designs for your bhabhi and make this festival even more memorable.

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12 Lumba Rakhi Designs To Gift Your Bhabhi On Raksha Bandhan 2024

1. Traditional Kundan Lumba Rakhi

Adorned with colourful Kundan stones and intricate designs, this traditional Lumba Rakhi exudes elegance and charm. The vibrant hues and shimmering stones make it a perfect choice to celebrate the festive spirit.

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2. Pearl-Embroidered Lumba Rakhi

Delicately crafted with lustrous pearls, this Lumba Rakhi adds a touch of sophistication and grace to your bhabhi's wrist. The intricate embroidery enhances its beauty, making it a timeless piece of adornment.

3. Gota Patti Lumba Rakhi

Inspired by Rajasthani craftsmanship, this Lumba Rakhi features intricate Gota Patti work, known for its vibrant colours and mirror embellishments. It's a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style, sure to captivate your bhabhi's heart.

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4. Quilled Lumba Rakhi

Quilling artistry transforms this Lumba Rakhi into a masterpiece of creativity. Crafted with meticulously rolled paper strips, it showcases intricate patterns and designs, adding a unique and personal touch to your bhabhi's Raksha Bandhan celebration.

5. Silver Filigree Lumba Rakhi

Exuding timeless elegance, this Lumba Rakhi is crafted from fine silver filigree work, known for its intricate and delicate designs. Its exquisite craftsmanship makes it a precious keepsake, symbolising the enduring bond between sisters-in-law.

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6. Embroidered Silk Thread Lumba Rakhi

Vibrant silk threads intricately embroidered to create stunning patterns make this Lumba Rakhi a visual delight. The vivid colours and detailed craftsmanship of this design reflect the festive spirit, making it a cherished gift for your beloved bhabhi.

7. Zardosi Lumba Rakhi

Rich in tradition and opulence, this Lumba Rakhi features intricate Zardosi embroidery, embellished with sequins, beads, and metallic threads. Its regal charm and exquisite detailing make it a symbol of affection and admiration for your bhabhi.

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8. Floral Motif Lumba Rakhi

Celebrate the beauty of nature with this floral motif Lumba Rakhi, adorned with intricate floral patterns and embellishments. The refreshing design and vibrant colours evoke joy and happiness, making it a perfect expression of love for your bhabhi.

9. Peacock Feather Lumba Rakhi

Inspired by the majestic peacock, this Lumba Rakhi mesmerises with its intricate feather design and vibrant hues. Symbolising beauty and grace, it's a meaningful gift to adorn your bhabhi's wrist on Raksha Bandhan.

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10. Beaded Tassel Lumba Rakhi

Chic and stylish, this Lumba Rakhi features beaded tassels that sway with every movement, adding a playful charm to your bhabhi's wrist. Its contemporary design and vibrant colours make it a trendy yet timeless accessory.

11. Mirror Work Lumba Rakhi

Reflecting the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship, this Lumba Rakhi showcases exquisite mirror work, known for its dazzling effect and intricate patterns. Its radiant beauty symbolises the bond of love and protection between sisters-in-law.

12. Personalised Lumba Rakhi

Add a personal touch to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations with a customised Lumba Rakhi featuring your bhabhi's name or initials. Whether engraved, embroidered, or hand-painted, a personalised Rakhi creates a lasting impression, symbolising the unique bond you share.

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This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate the cherished bond between sisters-in-law with these stunning Lumba Rakhi designs. Whether traditional or contemporary, each Rakhi reflects love, admiration, and the promise of protection. Choose the perfect Lumba Rakhi to delight your beloved bhabhi and make this festival truly memorable.

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