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Celebrate The Bond Of Love With Unforgettable Rakhi Gift Hampers

There is nothing more special than the love for and from a sibling. Sneaking out on lazy summer afternoons to chase after the ice cream truck, helping each other finish school projects just in the nick of time, and having each other’s backs after breaking all the rules - that’s siblinghood for you. Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is a popular Hindu festival that pays homage to this special bond, honouring a sister’s unconditional love and affection towards her brother and his reciprocation with a pledge to protect his sister from all evil. Love, protection, and blessings are the tenets of this special occasion. 

Throughout history, multiple mythological and historical events tell tales of Raksha Bandhan, which is Sanskrit for, “the bond of protection, obligation, and care.” However, most tales are not limited to biological siblings but speak of universal fraternity. Be it the Mahabharata references of Krishna and Draupadi or the story of Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun, every legend reinforces how love transcends blood, uniting people from different backgrounds and bringing them closer. Keeping true to this sentiment, the modern-day stance on Raksha Bandhan surpasses biological ties, extending people’s hearts to those they love and cherish by celebrating this day with them. This goes for cousins, friends, and other acquaintances.

On Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a protective amulet called Rakhi around their brother’s wrist and light a diya or earthen lamp to perform aarti. This is followed by the sister applying some roli-chawal on her brother’s forehead to shower him with blessings. This symbolic gesture represents a sister’s eternal love and understanding towards her brother. The brother then presents the sister with a small token of appreciation and ends the ritual on a sweet note with some traditional sweets or dry fruits, pledging to protect and honour her.

At Nestasia, we recognize the importance of having the perfect offerings at your disposal while you celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your loved ones. We’ve curated a range of heartfelt Rakhi hampers to make your moments more special. What sets our Rakhi gift hampers apart is the mindful inclusion of practical essentials. That’s right! Each Rakhi hamper comes with the finest decor and lifestyle offerings, expressing your love and consideration for your loved ones’ well-being. Every hamper comes with a set of ornamented Rakhis, traditional roli-chawal bottles, a pack of crunchy dry fruits, and a product of your liking from our extensive home decor and lifestyle range.

Explore A Curated Selection Of Rakhi Gift Hampers At Nestasia

Searching for a Raksha Bandhan hamper online can be quite a task. There are a lot of criteria to consider - the quality, package, and above all, whether the hamper will suit your sister or brother’s taste. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Explore a variety of curated Raksha Bandhan hampers online here at Nestasia. Buy Nestasia’s Rakhi hamper online and celebrate your loved one today! The best Raksha Bandhan hamper online is just waiting to be picked out! Buy Rakhi gift hampers today and delight your brother or sister. If you’re looking for hampers for Rakhi, we have some great choices for you. Our curated hampers for Rakhi include both Rakhis and daily essentials to make your celebrations more meaningful. 

1. Happy Meal Rakhi Gift Hamper For Kids

We’re sure you know how much your baby brother or sister loves chowing down on your mother’s culinary delicacies. Well, here’s the ultimate Rakhi gift hamper to make the little one beam with joy! The Happy Meal Rakhi Gift Hamper For Kids comes with a stainless steel insulated lunch box to carry and savour home-cooked meals. The tiffin box also comes with a handy spoon and chopsticks so that he or she is fully equipped to dig into the food. We’ve also included a cool blue sipper bottle for enjoying refreshing beverages. The adorable horse charm Rakhi cherishes all things innocent, whimsical, and childlike, making their faces light up with delight. How dare we let down the foodie without adding something to munch on? We haven’t! We’ve also tucked in a pack of delicious dry fruits. That’s not all. The assortment is completed by a traditional roli-chawal set that lets you perform the rituals with ease. 

2. Corporate Boss Rakhi Hamper For Brother

Put an end to endlessly searching for Rakhi hampers online and find everything here at Nestasia. When it comes to finding the right Rakhi hamper online, this is about as good as it gets. Here’s something your workaholic brother will appreciate! Our corporate boss Rakhi hamper features a sleek and embossed tone-on-tone black laptop bag that is perfect for his daily grind. The spacious and padded bag with multiple compartments is a dream come true for the busy bee. But don’t get too excited just yet! Tucked inside this special hamper there’s a set of 2 beautifully crafted colourful Zardosi Rakhis. Accompanied by a traditional roli-chawal set and a special pack of mixed dry fruits, this hamper is a great way to celebrate your hardworking brother.

3. Elephant Whisperer Rakhi Lumba Gift Hamper

Looking for Rakhi hampers online? It’s your lucky day! We’re sure your bhaiya and bhabhi have set some pretty high standards for you, romantic relationship-wise. Celebrate these special love birds with our Elephant Whisperer Rakhi Lumba Gift Hamper. The Rakhi gift hamper comes with a regal showpiece showcasing a white elephant with its trunk raised and donning a blue creased saddle cloth with ornate embellishments. Believed to bring good Vastu, this elephant showpiece will shine in their loving home. The Rakhi hamper also features an enchanting Rakhi for your bhaiya and an embellished Lumba for your bhabhi. Enhanced by a dry fruit blend for indulgence, a traditional roli-chawal set, and a classy box, this hamper is meant for the go-to support system in your life.

4. Festive Gift Hamper Set Of 5

Whether you’re seeking Raksha Bandhan hampers for brother or sister, this hamper is a safe bet. We’ve got the perfect Rakhi hamper online, curated to celebrate the undying bond of love between you and your sibling. If your sibling is fond of hosting, this is just the hamper you need. The Festive Gift Hamper includes a silver serving tray with ergonomic handles, a set of vintage mint jars, and a set of peach jars both with an opulent gold lid with a sophisticated fleur-de-lis motif. This curated hamper is perfect for tending to guests and serving snacks and sweets for special occasions.

5. Terracotta Kulhad Rakhi Hamper For Bhaiya Bhabhi

Looking for something desi for your sibling this Raksha Bandhan? Well, your prayers have been answered. Our Terracotta Kulhad Rakhi Hamper For Bhaiya Bhabhi is the perfect way to celebrate these two loving and kind human beings. Crafted from rich and mineral-rich clay sourced from the Ganga basin, these terracotta tumblers have porous cooling effects for every beverage. These tumblers come with a sturdy stand to optimally hold and display them for various occasions. The hamper also contains a set of pearl-embellished Rakhi for your bhaiya, a Lumba for your bhabhi, a delightful dry fruit blend, and a traditional roli-chawal set.

6. Shivling Incense Diffuser Rakhi Gift Set

Allow your siblings to delight in the serene ambiance created by our jaw-dropping Shivling Incense Diffuser. The trickling smoke fountain creates an ethereal aura wherever the incense diffuser is placed, while the aromatic terracotta incense cones emit a heavenly fragrance that clouds one’s space. Complemented by a set of 3 Moli Rakhis, a reusable roli-chawal set, and a packet of mixed dry fruits for a hint of sweetness, this exquisite gift hamper is just what you’re looking for.

Buy Rakhi Hamper Online At Nestasia

At Nestasia, your satisfaction is our priority. Whether you’ve planned ahead your order timely or need the Rakhi hamper desperately just in the nick of time, we have the right delivery plans for every situation. For time-bound requirements, you can opt for Express Delivery and get your order delivered in 3-4 working days, tops. We also have Standard Delivery where the order will make it to your doorstep in 7-8 business days. Hurry up and use code: MAKEHOMEPSECIAL and get an additional 5% off on your purchase. Browse today and buy Rakhi gift hampers for your siblings. We have a massive collection of online Rakhi hamper for brother and sister alike.

Explore Other Rakhi Gifts At Nestasia To Surprise Your Brother Or Sister

1. Unique Rakhi Gifts 

Need something to go that extra mile and a gift hamper for Rakhi/Raksha Bandhan gift hamper is simply not covering it? We’ve got you! Cute coffee mugs, fashionable scarves, tote bags, travel accessories, and more - shop to your heart’s content and surprise your loving sister with our delightful gifts. For all the picky brothers out there, we have a lot to offer as well, whether you’re looking for wall art to brighten up his home or a lovely planter to add some greenery to his surroundings. We also have assorted Raksha Bandhan hampers for brother and sister so you might want to check out those too. If you are exploring Rakhi gift hampers for brother online, we have a ton of hampers and gift items to cater to your needs.

2. Lumba Rakhi

Open your hearts to your sister-in-law and gift her our enchanting Lumba Rakhi sets. Each set consists of a meticulously crafted Lumba for her, a traditional roli-chawal set, a dry fruit blend, a heartfelt wish card, and a classy box to top it all off. Express your love and show her that it’s nothing short of the love for a sister.

3. Rakhi Sets 

Whether you’re celebrating with siblings near or far, our Rakhi sets symbolize the true essence of Rakhi. From intricately woven threads with charming embellishments to delectable dry fruits to share sweet moments, each set features a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

Why Choose Nestasia

1. Premium Quality

At Nestasia, we are committed to excellence in craftsmanship, ethically sourcing only the finest materials to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality and durability. We mindfully curate our collections to offer distinctive designs so that you can elevate your home decor and every occasion with grace and elegance. If you’re looking for the perfect gift hamper for Rakhi, you’ve struck a gold mine.

2. Unique Designs

We offer an exclusive range of Rakhi gifts that blend functionality, craftsmanship, and traditional values. From timeless Zardosi Rakhis to simple Moli Rakhis, we’ve incorporated classic motifs with modern aesthetics to ensure that each piece is essentially a work of art. Drawing inspiration from cultural heritage and contemporary trends, we’ve created our Rakhis to be both distinctive and meaningful to make your celebrations truly exceptional.


1. What kind of gifts do Nestasia’s Rakhi hampers include?

Our Rakhi hampers include functional and aesthetic items. From whiskey glasses for the life of the party to eye-catching decor accents for avid homemakers, we’ve thoughtfully incorporated home essentials to make your Rakhi gift truly stand out. 

3. Is there a suitable Gift Hamper for Rakhi for sisters?

Certainly! When it comes to impressing your sister, we have plenty of options for you. You can check out the Spa Retreat Raksha Bandhan Gift Hamper for pampering her, the Leaf Platter Rakhi Lumba Gift Hamper for tastefully presenting her snacks and culinary delights, or the Retro Book Lover Raksha Bandhan Gift Set if she’s a bookworm - the choices are plenty. Finding online Rakhi gift hamper is a task made easy now!

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Rakhi Hampers Pricing

Product Name Price
Gold Tray Rakhi Lumba Gift Hamper Rs.2065
Silver Lotus Raksha Bandhan Hamper Rs.1375
Delightful Snacking Rakhi Hamper For Bhaiya Bhabhi Rs.2175
Retro Chic Lumba Rakhi Gift Hamper For Sister Rs.1950
Astro Boy Rakhi Hamper For Kids Rs.1634
Kitchen Wizard Rakhi Lumba Gift Hamper Rs.1075
Divine Swastika Rakhi Hamper For Bhaiya Bhabhi Rs.995