5 Dining Room Trends For 2024

January 12, 2024

Step into the future of dining as we unveil the top 5 trends that will redefine your dining room in 2024. Uncover the latest in kitchen interior design, dynamic colour schemes, and multifunctional furniture. Explore how these trends are reshaping dining spaces, and creating immersive experiences. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality, elevating your dining area to the forefront of contemporary design. Welcome the future of dining room decor into your home!

Dining room decor

Top 5 Dining Room Trends For 2024

1. Statement Lighting

Statement lighting has been a popular decor trend in dining room interior design for the past few years and it’s here to stay in 2024. Installing the right light fixtures, from modern, oversized chandeliers to sleek pendant lights, statement lighting can create an interesting focal point, transforming the entire ambience of your dining area. It offers the perfect blend of functionality and artistic allure.

Statement lighting

2. Scandinavian Tableware

The versatility and understated style of Scandinavian tableware offer a minimalistic simplicity in terms of its design, and it remains a favourite dining room trend even in 2024. From neutral-toned crockery and table linens to simple cutlery in classic styles - Scandinavian dinnerware and tableware exude comfort. Featuring only one or two earthy colour schemes, it imbues your dining area with a sense of warmth.

Ceramic dinner set

3. Vibrant Paint Choices

To complement the trend of Scandi tableware, vibrant paint choices for the dining area will be prevalent in 2024. Say goodbye to boring white dining room walls, and get ready to welcome vibrant, moody colours. Think emerald greens, ruby reds, and deep blues paired with shimmering metallic accents and luxurious fabric. These vibrant colours and opulent accents in the dining space are perfect for balancing the minimalistic simplicity of Scandinavian dinnerware.

Vibrant green wall paint

4. Return Of Upholstery 

Upholstered dining chairs and furniture have been all the rage back in the 70s and the 80s. However, homeowners eventually became a bit sceptical about using upholstery furniture in the dining space, especially if they had pets or kids since cleaning upholstery was a hassle. However, with the rising popularity of performance fabrics in the furniture industry, upholstery has made a strong comeback in recent years. Upholstered dining chairs in different patterns and textures can add visual depth and character to your dining area.

Upholstered dining chairs

5. Curved Furniture

Experts predict that curved furniture will be the talk of the town in 2024 for dining room decor. Dining chairs with curved backs and padded seats can infuse your dining area with a soft and sophisticated feel. Additionally, dining tables with circular or curved bases will be perfect for adding a sculptural element to your dining room interior design. Furniture with curved lines and circular bases will add visual fluidity while maintaining the functionality of your dining space.

Curved furniture


In 2024, dining spaces are expected to undergo a transformative evolution, embracing trends that redefine both form and function. From the allure of statement lighting to the timeless simplicity of Scandinavian tableware, the vibrant burst of colour choices, the return of upholstery, and the graceful curves of furniture – these trends collectively shape a dining experience that is not only visually appealing but also thoughtfully curated for modern living.

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