Sparkle and Shine: Everything You Need To Know About Glam Style Decor

May 14, 2024

Excess of all things considered extravagant? Now you’re talking our language honey. 

It’s glam time beautiful reader, and no, not the typical hair and make-up routine that requires us to stay seated in a hair for hours on end type. We’re talking about glam interior design. The ability to decorate with a “go big or go home” or “more-is-more” attitude and somehow come out making it look elegant AF. Is that even possible?! Well, yes of course it is. The real question you should be asking yourself is - how?

Sparkle and Shine: Everything You Need To Know About Glam Style Decor

What Is Glam Interior Design? 

The quintessential understated overstatement, glam interior design is classified by its minimalistic approach to grandeur to do one thing - pamper the soul. With a neutral colour palette as a base, luxuriously plush textiles used as upholstery, and audaciously bold metallic accents and artwork that brings the drama, you’re able to create a space that celebrates extravagance while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Types Of Glam Interior Design:

Much like retro interiors that are subjected to particular decades, each with its characteristics, glam interior design has its variations as it’s not defined by a specific era, but rather an aesthetic. Because of this, there are two main glam styles: 

  1. Hollywood Glam, more commonly known as Hollywood Regency is heavily inspired by notions reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s. Think art deco patterns and clean geometric lines, vintage furniture pieces, and as many intricate details as possible to bring the glitz to the glam. 

  2. Modern glam has a more minimalistic approach than we are all used to seeing. You know, sleek clean lines, modern furnishings that have gold accents, mirrored accessories, and let’s not forget a fur rug.

Key Characteristics:

Let’s get into the deets of glam interior design. 


When you strip any room that is considered ‘glam’ down to its very core, you’ll find everyone’s favourite neutral colours. We’re talking creams, greys, whites, and blacks. These neutrals serve as a very important base that can develop into two extremely intriguing yet widely different aesthetics - soft and sweet or bold and dramatic. 

Soft and sweet typically entails pastels, baby pinks, soft blues, and greens that can be layered to give off this ultra-feminine, soft girl aesthetic. On the other hand, bold and dramatic uses deep, rich jewel tones like reds, purples, and emerald greens that create the grandeur behind luxury. 

Textiles, Fabrics & Other Materials: 

As you can imagine, glam-style materials involve all the big guns that personify what truly opulent wealth is. When you look at a glam interior, you’ll immediately be struck by the richness and allure of the materials used.

Sparkle and Shine: Everything You Need To Know About Glam Style Decor

Soft furnishings typically include ultra plush fabrics with luxe finishes like velvet and silk, which are another core element of glam interior design. Think silk chaises with a damask print, floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains that drape to the floor in a pool, and fur rugs that invite you to sink your toes into their luxurious softness. They’re the type of textile that looks very touchable even in photographs and gives the room that luxe, glamorous appeal that it demands. 

On the other hand, hard furnishings use materials like marble countertops to convey a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication, glass doors for a touch of modernity and lightness, and polished metal hardware that lends a glamorous sheen.   

Patterns & Textures: 

When it comes to glam style, there is one golden rule to follow in terms of patterns and textures. The bigger the better. This is where references to Old Hollywood and Art Deco patterns that we mentioned earlier come out. 

Sparkle and Shine: Everything You Need To Know About Glam Style Decor

Whether that happens to be tufted sofas and chairs and fireplaces with clean lines and geometric motifs that pay homage to the Art Deco architectural era or quatrefoil wallpaper and damask crown mouldings, the idea is to create focal points that make a bold statement. 


Glam interiors depend on that something luxury that mirrors bring to the table… well in this case space. Not only does it offer a room a totally glamorous shine, but it creates the illusion of more space, which is always a plus no matter the interior design style or size of the room. 

Sparkle and Shine: Everything You Need To Know About Glam Style Decor

The Lighting:

Lighting, without a doubt, is the one element that can make or break your look. Especially when it comes to glam interior design. Glam interiors pay close attention to very specific types of lighting ornaments - chandeliers.

Sparkle and Shine: Everything You Need To Know About Glam Style Decor

Magnificent and breathtaking in its own domain, chandeliers establish the regality and grandeur of the room. Whether adorned with cascading crystals that catch the light or boasting sleek, geometric designs with metallic accents, they cast a soft, flattering glow that accentuates the lavish textures and sumptuous furnishings, transforming an ordinary space into a palace of indulgence. 

The Details:

It always boils down to the finer details to really differentiate one interior style from another. And when it comes to glam interior design, the details are what the entire show together. It’s about creating a fine balance between extravagance and refinement. Statement pieces like oversized wall art, chic ceramic vases, and metallic sculptures add drama and glamour, while subtle touches like embroidered throw cushions or gilded photo frames add an extra layer of elegance.

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