Empress Cast Iron Ultra Smooth Frying Pan 10 Inch

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The multipurpose 10-inch cast iron shallow frying pan is non-stick, has a sleek appearance, and enhances the taste of the food cooked in it. The round cast iron pan with a flat bottom is a healthier alternative to non-stick Teflon skillets. The cast iron cookware is sturdy and durable, allowing it to tolerate extreme temperatures. The pan may be used on the kitchen stovetop, oven, grill or induction.

The handles on either side of the pan allow ease in handling the cookware. Use the pan for searing seafood, making breakfast pancakes, or baking cheesy pizza as a pizza pan. It's advisable to avoid harsh scrubbing of the cast iron cookware as it may strip off the seasoning. To get the most usage out of fry pan, oil it after each wash.


  • Healthy Cooking
  • Naturally Non-Stick
  • Adds Iron To Food
  • Enhances Taste
  • Super Smooth Premium Quality
  • Flame & Oven Cooking 
  • Toxin Free
  • Pre-Seasoned (Cooking Oil)
  • 100% Natural Cast Iron

    Nestip: Use the pan for baking delicious chocolate sheet cake.

    Size: 25cm D x 3cm H
    With handle- 32cm L

    Color: Black

    Material: Cast iron

    Products included: 1 pan

    Style: CI31NSI05

    More Information

    Product Introduction

    Here’s presenting an array of Cast iron cookware that is naturally non-stick and is capable of inducing adequate amounts of iron to your food. Our cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned and crafted with the best quality raw materials to make them durable. Due to the cast iron build of the cookware, one has to put in little to no oil while making a dish. The cookware can be used on both stovetops, ovens, and induction ovens, and its durability will make the non-stick cookware last for years to come.


    • Naturally non-stick & pre-seasoned
    • Naturally adds iron to your meals
    • Excellent heat retention capacity
    • Durable and is unlikely to break
    • Cleaning/ maintenance is minimal
    • Suitable for preparing all cuisines

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should you choose cast iron?
    • • Cast Iron cookwares are super versatile. One can cook nearly anything with cast iron.
    • • It’s virtually indestructible and will last for years.
    • • They can be placed over an open flame, on a bed of embers, or into the oven at home.
    • • Cast iron can be heated to extremely high temperatures.
    • • Cast iron has great heat retention & radiation capacities.
    • • The non-stick seasoning can be endlessly restored.
    • Nearly every new cast iron pan you purchase will come “pre-seasoned” from the manufacturer. But in case yours doesn’t or has worn out, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. There are 5 really simple steps in this:
    • • Clean – scrub the pan with warm soapy water. It’s okay to use soap since you’re preparing to re-season the cookware.
    • • Rinse and dry – Rinse the pan off and dry it, it’s important to get the pan as dry as possible.
    • • Oil Rub – once dried, rub a small amount of cooking oil into the pan with a paper towel.
    • • Bake – once covered in oil, place your cast iron in the oven at 450 degrees F for one hour or heat the pan on flame.
    • • Cool – turn the oven off and let it cool completely, remove, and there, your cast iron cookware is freshly seasoned.
    • Cast iron cookware is super easy to maintain and store. You just need to avoid a few things so that the seasoning doesn’t wear off quickly:
    • • Excessive scouring and/or using really harsh detergents while cleaning will lead to scraping off the seasoning.
    • • There’s a chance of water corrosion if you don’t dry the pan after washing it.
    • • Cooking highly acidic foods for extended periods of time will lead to the removal of seasoning.

    It is always advisable to preheat the cast iron cookware before cooking so that the heat spreads evenly. Also, one should always use gloves and mittens while taking out a heated cast iron pan from the oven.

    One should always avoid using plastic spatulas. Metal ladle and silicon spatula are the best options. Avoid cooking acidic foods in the cast iron cookware, anything with fat would be perfect for cast iron.


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    Best quality and service

    Very well packed and quality as promised, Excellent product

    Rekha Taunk

    Empress Cast Iron Ultra Smooth Frying Pan 10 Inch

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