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    Small Plates

    Range and usage of Small Plates:

    A small plate is essentially a plate that is a 4 inch plate or a 4.5 inch plate or a 5 inch plate. The small plates are also referred to as dessert plates or favour plates or sharing plates in some countries. The concept of small plates came from the idea of having small portions of food for healthy eating. Small plate is now used to describe a type of cuisine which involves the preparation of food in small portions, served on small plates. The expression is used in two main culinary contexts – either for the style of serving several small courses of food at a meal instead of two or three large courses, or as a generic reference to small but appetizing dishes familiar in many world cuisines. Small plates are used for serving individual portions of desserts, Tofu, Sushi, Momos or any such appetizer. Small plates are also used as dip bowls or chutney bowls as they have a shallow depth. Small plates can be used to serve sides like wasabi, chilli oil, butter, parmesan cheese, sauces, chilli sauce, dips or any other condiments that are served to enhance the taste of appetizers.  At Nestasia, we house a range of small plates with different sizes, colours as well as shapes. Each of our small plates cater to different age groups and table settings that makes our collection of small plates versatile. 

    Shapes of small plates:

    Nestasia specialises in providing tableware that are unique and appealing. Our collection of small plates include geometric shapes like round small plates, hexagon small  plates  or square small plates and a range of quirky shapes like flower shaped plates, vegetable and fruit shaped small plates, heart shaped small plates, cloud shaped small plates, cactus shaped small plates, fish shaped small plates, tree shaped small plates, leaf shaped small plates, raindrop shaped small plates and also a range of animal shaped plates. One can easily pair these small plates and make a small plates set that can be used for serving a variety of condiments while hosting guests.  

    Colours of small plates:

    Small plate dining or micro dining leans towards a modern setting of presenting plates in an aesthetic manner. Hence, the color of small plates becomes an important element while choosing these plates for presentation. Nestasia’s collection houses a range of single tone small plates like the pink small plate, blue small plate, white small plate or the black small plate from the VERA collection or a range of pop colors like the yellow small plates, green small plates, orange small plates, red small plates or even multicoloured small plates. While the colourful small plates can be used for a fun and quirky setup, the small plates with single tones or pastel shades can be used for a more aesthetically pleasing formal table setup. 

    Prices of Small Plates:

    As the name suggests, small plates are priced at affordable prices or low prices that start from prices as low as INR 150 and go up to INR 650 depending on the size and volume of the plate. The plates are already at a discounted rate that are up for grabs at the steal prices. 

    One of the key things about the small plate concept is that it encourages the consumption of smaller amounts and hence fewer calories,  but doesn't compromise on taste. Small plate dishes are characteristically tasty and carefully presented – think prawn tempura, sushi, tender and delicious flavoured pieces of meat or vegetables. Buy small plates online from Nestasia’s website and create your own set of small plates.