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Home Platters
Chip and Dip Plate Nitori
Rs. 490
Ceramic Wooden Texture Platter
From Rs. 1,050
Ceramic Wooden Texture Round Platter
Rs. 1,190
Platter Dish
From Rs. 650
Cheese Board
Rs. 1,450
Platter Stand
Rs. 2,750
Rs. 200
Snack Platter
Rs. 2,590 | Rs. 2,790
Salad Bowl Set
From Rs. 1,890
Square Bowls and Wooden Trays
From Rs. 160
Bowl Platter
Rs. 2,250
CHICERAMIC marble serving plate - small white
Rs. 795
Black Marble Dinner Plate
Rs. 1,850
Rs. 300
CHICERAMIC Ceramic marble pattern Platter-Small
Rs. 850 | Rs. 1,150
CHICERAMIC marble plate with wooden handle - L
Rs. 1,250
Rs. 355
CHICERAMIC Ceramic marble pattern Platter-Large
Rs. 1,195 | Rs. 1,550
Heart Long Plate with Handle
Rs. 1,590
Red Triangle Plate Large
Rs. 1,250
Rs. 200
Rectangle Marble Platter White
Rs. 1,150 | Rs. 1,350
Painted plate
Rs. 850
Rs. 80
Food Board
Rs. 910 | Rs. 990
Fish Dishes Black and White
From Rs. 790
Dinosaur Dishes Fiesta
From Rs. 750
Rs. 320
Pentagon Serving Plates
Rs. 830 | Rs. 1,150
Rs. 200
MAGNIFIQUE square wood and ceramic cheese plate board
Rs. 1,750 | Rs. 1,950
MAGNIFIQUE round wood and ceramic cheese plate board
Rs. 1,950
Marble Round Serving Platter
Rs. 1,750
Rs. 130
Floral Baking Dish Long
Rs. 820 | Rs. 950
Marble Serving Platter White
Rs. 1,750
Round Marble Cheese Board White
Rs. 1,350
Marble Round Serving Platter Black
Rs. 1,750
Rs. 200
Rectangle Marble Platter Black
Rs. 1,150 | Rs. 1,350
Rs. 270
Floral Baking Tray
Rs. 820 | Rs. 1,090
Round Marble Cheese Board Black
Rs. 1,350
Rs. 100
Hexa Plate With Handle
From Rs. 1,095 | Rs. 1,195
Rectangle Floral Plate with Handle
Rs. 1,490
Rs. 130
Square Floral Plate with Handle
Rs. 1,720 | Rs. 1,850


Range of Platters

A platter is essentially a flat dish or a large plate or tray used for serving multiple food dishes. Over time platters have evolved into different types like food platters, serving platters, cake platters, section platters, tiered platters, cold platters or charcuterie and more. The platters are further divided into mezze platters, crudité platters, cheese platters or cheese boards, cake platters, bread platters to serve cake that are also called cake plates, bread platter, chip and dip platter, fondue platter, meat platter or charcuterie, dessert platters and so much more. While the authentic ones are wooden platters, some modern platters are ceramic platters, plastic platter and some that are rotating platters. Nestasia houses a variety of ceramic platters ranging cake platters or cake stands, wooden textured platters, flat board platters, cheese platters, platter stand, snack platters etc. 

Shapes of Platters

The uniqueness of Nestasia lies in the varieties and quality of the products. Platters at Nestasia come in various quirky shapes like coral platters shaped like sea coral and shell, leaf platters shaped like a range of leaves, number plates shaped like numbers, flat platters, round platters with sections, square platters with sections, long rectangular platters, triangular platters and so many geometric shapes that one can think of. 

Colors of Platters 

Platters are all about making food look aesthetically more pleasing. Hence, platters that have solid hues are preferred so that the dish being served can be elevated. Nestasia has a range of classic white platters and black platters  to colorful blue platters, pink platters, yellow platters, grey platters, marble finish platters in black, white and grey or even wooden platters with the natural color of wood. One can play around with the color of the ceramic platters to suit the table setup, party theme or even as per the food being served in it. 

Usage of Platters

Cake Stand: A cake stand or a cake platter stand or cake tray is essentially a plate attached to a stand that elevates the plate. A cake stand is used to display a cake or is used as a cupcake stand or simply a dessert stand for displaying any type of dessert. Some may also look for a cake stand with dome or a cake stand with a lid that keeps the cake or desserts covered, away from the flies and dust. That cover is popularly called a cloche that completes the look of a cake platter. 

Meat and Cheese Platter: A cheese and meat platter is also popular as charcuterie or charcuterie platter. Charcuterie is the art of preparing a platter with cold cooked meals especially meat served with cheese and dips. A cheese platter can also be a veg platter that does not contain meat and is also popularly served with wine for a wine and cheese party. Cheese platters are served on cheese boards with or without handles. A cheese platter is served with a wide range of cheese like aged cheddar or gouda, soft goat cheese or brie, firm mimolette along with some flat breads or crackers and dips. The secret to hosting an evening dinner with wine is a good cheese platter from Nestasia with some aged wine. 

Fruit Platter: It is quite obvious that a fruit platter is a large plate with a pretty display of a range of colorful and juicy fruits rich in fiber and vitamins. Any plate can be turned into a fruit platter by adding fruits to it. However a fruit platter is ready to serve when one can answer questions like, ‘what fruits are good for a fruit platter’ or ‘how do you make a good fruit platter’. The answer to these questions simply lies in the choice of fruits that are selected to be added to the fruit platter. The types of fruits can vary as per the seasons and availability but should be a good mix of berries, melons and some tropical fruits. A fruit platter is then completed with some skewer sticks or fruit forks along with a chocolate dip. One can choose from Nestasia’s range of plates and can make a fruit platter out of any of them. 

Price of Platters

Nestasia’s collection of platters range from INR 350 to INR 450 that can go upto INR 6000. The prices of the platters range as per the size of the platters, the material of the platters and the number of products included in the platter. Some platters on discount can also be found under the sale section on the website.

Size of Platters

Nestasia not only houses different shapes of platters but also ensures variety by providing various sizes of the same platters. The platters range from a 2 inch platter like the number plates to a 12 inch platter like the cake stands.