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Add a refreshing twist to your table decor with stylish and classy long plates from Nestasia. Long plates are sleek plates that are used mainly to serve starters across numerous cuisines. Explore our range of long plates, each of which oozes style flaunting unique designs. The long plates are multi-functional and could be used as a sushi plate, momo plate, nacho plate, and more. It could also occasionally be used as a rice plate. 

Browse through a collection of the choicest long plates to boost your food presentation. We all know how a good presentation adds appeal to the food served. It makes the food pop thereby making it more lively. Needless to mention, it is a very important part of your dining decor. Nestasia thus presents an array of multi-functional starter plates for all situations and occasions. Explore numerous options in terms of shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and textures. Scroll through our vast selection of long plates and order home your favorite. 

Shapes and Sizes

Our long plates are available in varying shapes and sizes. There are long rectangular plates as well as oval long plates. Along with that, there are also some quirky geometrical shapes such as abstract plates, pentagon long plates, corn-shaped plates, nut-shaped stone trays, fish-shaped plates, and leaf platters. The sizes range from small and medium to large. Therefore,  you can choose the perfect product as per your requirements. 

Color and Patterns

The color of your plate can create a huge impact on the look of the food you serve. Thus, all the long plates from Nestasia are designed in colors that help elevate your food. You would find yourself choosing from endless options that range from visually soothing colors to fun and quirky ones. The color options include shades of white, black, pink, blue, yellow, green, and red. There are also various choices for minimalistic plates in eye-pleasing monochromatic and ombre color options. 

Adding on to this, you would also find a variety of pattern and texture choices. These include aesthetic floral and leaf prints, mandala designs, spiral prints, fruit and vegetable prints, polka dots, marble designs, and abstract geometrical designs. 


Our long plates are made keeping in mind their efficiency as a priority. The long plates are heat and dishwasher friendly. This makes heating the food and cleaning the plate easier. However, the long plates with golden rims are not microwave or dishwasher friendly. Some of our platter plates, trays, grill plates, and food boards also come with handles. This makes them easier to hold, serve, and clean.  There are also long plates with sections that make them the best for serving any starters with sides. The separate portion helps to keep the food from getting mixed. 


The price of the long plates matches various budget requirements. The differences in the prices are in accordance with their shapes, sizes, texture, color, patterns, and materials.


Product Name Price
CARA long plate - midnight green Rs.1295
Frore Textured Rectangle Long Platter White Large 11.5 Inch Rs.1190
Ombre Fish Ceramic Platter Large Rs.1110
Rustic Handmade Ceramic Long Plate Grey 10 Inch Rs.1285
Forest Green Gloss Section Plate 12 Inch Rs.1295
Pink Long Plate 9 Inch Rs.500
Dew Blue Long Plate 9 Inch Rs.500